I can't honestly say that I've had many bad relationships with men or that I dislike them in any way. It's just that when I saw Ellie for the first time, my heart absolutely fell for her.

We were both in college at the time. I was 22 and just about ready to graduate that May and she had just turned 20. At that time, she was living with her folks and I had just gotten my own place.

I was a taller-than-average blonde, standing about 5'7", a slim waist and high breasts, with piercing blue eyes and light, wavy hair. As I was standing in the shower that morning, the thought of Ellie came into my mind. She was a beautiful girl: dark hair, dark eyes, maybe around 5'2" or 5'3" and a little wiggle when she walked. My wet hand ran down my stomach and I started to finger my blonde pussy. I didn't want Ellie so much to serve me as I wanted to serve her. I wanted to lick her sweet little pussy and make her wet; this was my first venture into a lesbian way of thinking, and I was enjoying every moment of it.

The problem was, I wasn't sure if she was bisexual or straight. I knew she loved men, but did she like girls as well? She didn't look like a lesbian, but superficiality tells articles instead of novels.

A surprising lecherous old man point-of-view showed itself in me for the first time. I wanted to make her my slut. I wanted her to be with me, to be mine, and I wanted to see her take a man. That's where the thoughts of my ex-boyfriend, Lee, came in.

Lee was quite a bit older than myself (in his mid-forties) and sexy as they can get. He and I didn't really connect on an intellectual or emotional level, but on a sexual level everything was white hot. He knew how to make a woman tick, how to turn her on; He was the first man who ever gave me an orgasm in bed.

Though I wasn't sure if Ellie liked girls, she and I were good friends on a platonic level. We chatted about men, the wire of bras, and the pain of menstruation and birth control. Every weekend we would order some food in and pig-out while watching an old movie or TV show. She was much more naïve than I was, though only a couple years younger, but it made me want her even more. She had no idea that I had been sneaking glances at her little ass or her tight tummy. She would eat the Chinese take-out or the pizza we ordered every week and blab her head off about God knows what, while I envisioned her naked and eating her out. I wondered what kind of pussy she had? Was it dark and hairy? Or clean and smooth? I knew I wanted my women smooth and I knew -- from experience -- that I liked my men hairy and rough.

Though I had sexual fantasies about this young woman, sometimes the fantasies also included my ex-boyfriend, Lee. He and I remained friends after the break-up (with an occasional dirty night here or there), but for the most part we hung out at arcades, played card games, and drank quite a bit (which inevitably lead to the hanky panky).

The alcohol reveries I had while I sat in class that day made me believe I had a plan for Ellie and I.

That night was a Friday night and I invited Ellie over for some (supposedly) innocent fun: a nice pizza and we'd watch her favorite TV show. I had other -- dirtier -- things in mind for us though.

After we finished our pizza, I suggested we get out a little bit of wine. She was hesitant, as she was not yet old enough to drink, but I coaxed her into it, telling her to relax and it was just me; good old innocent Vivian.

We started to drink and found ourselves at my kitchen table with a deck of cards. We had decided to play poker. But with one drink after another, we got a little tipsy and it turned into strip poker. She was very delicate when she stripped after each tiny loss: first her watch, then a ring her father had given her, then her belt. Meanwhile, I was losing as if it were a passion and I was down to my skirt, panties, and a bra.

"Okay, beat this," I put down my cards after she called. "Two pair. Jacks and threes."

She threw down her cards, feigning a hissy fit and laughing. "A pair of sixes. Here I go again." As she had no jewelry or accessories left to take off, she pulled her top off, exposing her tight jeans and bra and just the waistband of her panties. I gulped down more wine out of nervousness like a whore swallowing cum. Her tits were trapped in her bra, but the top of them swelled over the edges. I could tell she was breathing more deeply and heavily now, but I wasn't sure if it was out of nerves or excitement or possibly both.

We played another hand. God must've blessed me that night because I scored a straight while, she again, threw down her cards with a pair of queens. Her jeans came off and I -- probably a little more than tipsy at this point -- searched her young body for any signs of hair on her pussy sticking out from the edges of her panties. I saw none. Her tummy was tight and smooth, and she saw me checking her out. She giggled.

"Viv, come on, deal. It's just a game."

I sat there staring at her, mesmerized by her youthful glow and beauty. I couldn't help myself. My pussy was coating the inside of my panties and I just wanted to see if this cute little thing was wet for me. Bold from the drunkness, I gently took her hand and guided her onto my lap. She sat down sideways onto me. She hiccupped and softly put a hand to her chest, laughing.

"C'mere, sweetheart," I said to her, very delicately cupping her chin and bringing it down to my lips. I kissed her very sweetly and her reaction surprised me: she kissed me back. At first our mouths were shy and searching -- it was the first girl-on-girl kiss for me, and I was sure it was for her too.

"Oh, Viv," she moaned into my lips as she kissed me more deeply. My legs -- that were once crossed -- fell open and we became more heated.

Hesitantly and not wanting to scare her away, I slid my hand down her tummy to where her cotton panties snugly held her pussy. I felt in between her legs, and, to my delight, I found that she was wet and getting wetter for me. I rubbed her little slit up and down, teasing her hole over the fabric.

I always thought that if I got her in to this situation, she would be shy and conservative, but she was anything but. She cupped my breasts and slid one of my bra straps down to my bicep, allowing one of them to be freed. She held my tit in her hand, cupping it, fondling it as we made out passionately.

"God, Ellie," I rubbed her. "You're so wet, baby."

She grinded her hips into my hand and seemed eager for girl-on-girl sex. I urged her to get off my lap for a minute and I lead her into my bedroom and lied her down on the bed. She undid her bra on her own and I helped her out of her panties. Intuitively, she let her knees fall apart. Slut. I loved that she was my whore to do with as I pleased. I undressed quickly and kneeled at the foot of the bed, dragging her openness towards my mouth. Her pussy was smooth and waiting for me. I could see little droplets of glistening desire shine from the lamplight.

I fondled her pussy lips and softly, sensually began to kiss her pinkness, looking up at her occasionally with brazen eyes. She paid no attention to me as she played with her tits, her head rolling back and forth, deeply moaning. After so many kisses (her pussy now stained with my lipstick), my tongue began to lap up her delicious juices. They tasted so sweet, so innocent, just like a virgin's would -- and yet I knew she was far from innocent.

I got up on the bed with her and slowly pushed one finger into her wetness. She squealed a little bit and we giggled into each other's mouths, our faces aligned with one another. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, kissing me with renewed hotness, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

"Baby, your pussy tastes so sweet," I whispered to her. "Did you know that?"

She didn't answer me, so instead, I pulled my finger out of her and held it to her lips. She most agreeably opened them to me, sucking on my finger, tasting her delicious sweetness that I had tasted just a few minutes before. She gobbled up my finger as if she were sucking a dick. Her eyelids were lowered, focusing on my finger as she gave it head.

Our hands touched each other's pussies and tits, playing with one another, experimenting, kissing, giggling. She touched my hole and dragged her finger up my tummy, wetting my abdomen with my juices. She then kneeled before me and licked the juices up off my stomach, lapping them up like a cat licks up milk.

We looked into each other's eyes for a minute, taking each other's bodies in, our fingers intermingling. We teased one another with our sultry looks and she cuddled up in my arms, and we lied then breast-to-breast, pussy-to-pussy, laughing, completely drunk and naked, and void of all inhibitions. She looked down, eyeing my pussy which I was now rubbing, and she teasingly ran her hands along the curves of my hips to my thighs, finally back up to my aching cunt...when the phone rang.

I cursed under my breath and picked up the phone from its cradle. "Hello?" I asked very crankily.

The person on the other end inhaled sharply. "Hey baby, are you busy tonight?" It was Lee.

I was looking forward to seeing where this might go. I told him that Ellie was with me, but that we'd love his company. He said he'd be over shortly, and she continued where she left off.

Her hands rubbed my pussy, which was soaking at that point. God, how I had longed for her touch, for her lips and here she was, masturbating me and slipping a finger into my moist slit that was ready for her. Teasing me, she withdrew her finger and crawled on top of me, spreading her legs over my face, her beautiful wetness, once more, aligned with my lips. I couldn't help myself. I wanted that pussy. I began to eat her out, rubbing her button of a clit with my thumb, and I held her hips as she humped my face like a cock. Her little body tensed up and I knew that she would be cumming soon -- and soon, she did.

Gently, her juices flowed over me like a river, into my waiting mouth. I gobbled them up like a cumslut. Her body shook as she came on my face, little "ah, ah, ah's" escaping her lips as she rode me. I never saw anyone so precious as this beautiful woman.

She knew when she was done though, and her legs split once more, lifting her body off me. I really didn't care if I got off -- I just wanted this little slut to get off, and I accomplished that.

As we lied there in each other's arms, there was a knock on the apartment door. It was Lee. In the midst of our lust, we had forgotten all about him...

Please stay tuned for "Pleasure Confessions: Ch. 02!"

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