main rentry !

easy read !

xiaosheng or chaoxiang. my pronouns
are she/her along with other neopronouns.
i am 17 years old, intersex (tma) and poc.
blasian and arab, as well as a muslim.

did system with autism & other disorders.
my special interests are ice age, IT (2017),
milgram, amnesia memories & honkai star
rail. i am insanely obsessed with shin from
amnesia and blade from honkai. do not say
you like them or my special interests more
then i do, i will probably go bonkers

do not interact with me if you hate any of
my friends and if you like dream smp just
consider suicide already. other than that,
i tend to block anyone/everyone i dislike.

before you interact, i make "insensitive
jokes", such as things like suicide, self
harm, my own trauma, my own ethnicity,
my religion & my identity. i do not think
before i speak so please be patient with
me and tell me if i say something wrong.
i do not understand social cues and i do
need so i physically cannot read your
embarrassing typing quirks.

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. old sys urls :: thefatuis , muukusu , firewizard , believeinlove , kishikeisei , amnesia-memories , prisoner000 , idoIhina , akaneaoiz , poeticvulgarity

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