-- Disclaimer --

If you're under 18, do not summon and avoid this topic entirely. If you're a dabbler who just wants to "see if this works," don't summon. If you have religious convictions where copulating with a demonic entity will put you at odds with your maker, don't summon. If you're not prepared to potentially have a life-long relationship, or at the very least, a life-long connection/open-door with sexual spirits and the occult, don't summon and avoid this topic entirely. If you have a loving relationship with your human spouse or partner and desire a sex spirit to "spice things up," take caution, as these entities can often be jealous. The same goes for those desiring a human spouse or partner in the future. (Be sure to request an open relationship during the summoning ritual.) If you're not prepared to place your life in the hands of a spirit who can potentially harm or kill you when sufficiently angered, do not summon. Once this door has been opened, many have found it nigh impossible to close again. Religious icons, rituals, and exorcisms do not work against sex spirits once they are summoned or they have decided to bind themselves to a human lover. Some have reported attracting the attention of these entities by simply reading about them. Tread carefully.

-- FAQ about Succubi and Inccubi for Succgen ver. 2.4 --

Q: Is this role-playing, mental illness, or a lonely virgin fantasy?
A: No.

Q: I had a wet dream. Is this a succubus?
A: If you ejaculated, no. If you had an orgasm but didn't ejaculate, it could well have been a succubus. Ask in the thread with details.

Q: How do I summon a succubus/incubus?
A: First, read the disclaimer. Second, choose a summoning ritual method. Many have used the letter method and report success. Others have used more traditional forms of spirit evocation and meditation. Still others have managed to summon theirs with "dreamgasm" videos, or simply reading about them. What ultimately matters is the intent and sincerity of the summoner. I personally believe asking Lilith for assistance in choosing a compatible spirit partner ensures greater success.

Q: Will I go to Hell if I summon a succubus/incubus?
A: Read the disclaimer again. I do not believe anyone can say for certain what will become of someone who has a succubus or incubus relationship in the afterlife. If there are any religious misgivings, best to avoid this subject entirely. With that being said, it's worth mentioning that some succubi have been reported to encourage their human lovers to live decent and pious lifestyles.

Q: Do they steal my soul/life force?
A: No, they consume sexual energy released naturally during intercourse. Many have reported actually feeling more energized after engaging in spirit sex; especially if they refrain from ejaculation. Others have the opinion that succubi enjoy stoking and basking in the spiritual flames of their human lover's sexual energy. Rapidly extinguishing that vitality is considered a bit of let down for them, but they're also understanding when their partners need to release on occasion. Ultimately, they want to introduce their human counterpart to a new, more lasting kind of sexuality. See further down for details.

Q: Will I be able to physically see, hear, and touch a succubus?
A: The primary way most perceive their succubus while fully awake is by feeling their touch interaction and having spirit sex. (See "What is sex with a succubus like?" below.) Full bodily physical manifestations are quite rare, though they have occurred momentarily for some. The more likely visual phenomena while fully awake are seeing their auras move over the eyes, light orbs, misty apparitions, inky-black shadows, and more. Being able to reciprocate their touch in a fully awakened state is also rare, and when it does happen, it's usually limited to handling specific body parts for a brief time. There are varying degrees of reported success in being able to hear a succubus while fully awake. The most common way beginners have conversations with their succubi is through feeling their spirit's emotional impressions or perceiving their thoughts as an alternate stream of internal dialogue in the mind. The ability to engage in telepathic conversations develops with time, while others report more immediate success. Much of this is dependent on the individual, so your mileage may vary. Interactions in the out-of-body or dream state cover all five physical senses and beyond.

Q: Do succubi like [fetish]?
A: They will often happily follow along with whatever gets their human partner off. They don't force new kinks or try to "transform" people, like making them transgender, or any of the other slanderous accusations the religious make about them being immoral. They'll take the path of least resistance and the summoner is responsible for upholding moral boundaries.

Q: I'm gay/a girl. Can I have an incubus/futa succubus?
A: Yes. Many incubi/succubi seem to be bisexual, and they can simulate any sexual anatomy at will.

Q: How will I know that I've summoned successfully?
A: This varies from person to person. Some report having vivid, powerful, and undeniable experiences from the outset. Others take more time for manifestations to become discernible and need to work on opening up their psychic senses. Due to confusion that the last bit of the above statement has caused, summoners in the latter group should take caution: Those who don't get tangible results a night or two after their summoning ritual run the risk of associating very light touches, tingles, or self-inflicted energy body sensations with a succubus spirit. In which case, they should try summoning again another time, or give more thought about the life-changing course they're about to take. Succubi don't do subtle. They most often come on hard and strong in order to leave no doubt in the summoner's mind that they are present. Deluding oneself into believing there's an entity with them is not how this works. Here are some of the signs that a succubus has been summoned: Strong pressure sensations on the skin or clothing, as if being touched. The feeling of chakra sensations, particularly around the third eye. The feeling of pressure and heat on the forehead. A cool breeze blowing against one's face where no draft should exist. Tingling sensations moving around the body in the absence of usual stimuli. Spontaneous sexual arousal despite a lack of lustful thoughts. Kundalini awakening sensations, such as powerful energy channeling through the body, a feeling of intense heat traveling up the spinal column, and awakening chakras. Spirit sex being experienced for the first time. A separate channel of loving thoughts streaming into the mind as a different kind of internal dialogue. Deep and penetrating kisses on the skin. Seeing strong and discernible auras move over the field of vision, especially at night. Bright light orbs moving around the periphery of the field of view. There are many more different kinds of phenomena associated with them. Read personal accounts for more.

Q: How do I banish a succubus?
A: Read the disclaimer again. First, talk with the spirit and ask them to leave peaceably. Or try to reach an understanding. If earnest communication fails, your best chance is to use ritual methods as described here:

Or in this book by Robert Bruce: The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide

Bare in mind that these methods usually only work against simplistic, purely negative entities and parasites. Incubi and succubi are much more complex creatures, both in how they operate and their morality. These methods are not a get-out-of-a-succubus-torturing-me-free card. If things go sour after they've been fully summoned, it's usually best to work with the spirit instead of fighting them, as they've already made up their minds about sticking with their human counterpart. Again, if there are any lingering doubts, best not to summon or even read about this subject at all.

Q: What is sex with a succubus like?
A: I will provide three perspectives that attempt to explain what the experience is like for the uninitiated:

  1. My own description.

Sex with a succubus spirit is experienced while fully awake. They produce strong sustained arousal, requiring no sexual thoughts from their partner. This arousal quickly evolves into a prolonged dry orgasm. If this concept is unfamiliar to the reader, study The Multi-Orgasmic Man and Tantric sexual practices specifically. A succubus' stimulation is felt physically and very powerfully. They touch, kiss, embrace, and cause their partners to be enveloped by them. Their "hands" do not feel like human hands, but they are felt nonetheless. More like a localized feeling of strong pressure against the skin and clothing. The feeling of the penis being squeezed is very strong when being fucked by them. They don't often pump, or bounce, like the marathonic exertions of human sex. Rather, they hold their partners in that bliss of sustained orgasm for as long as the human counterpart can endure it. They also encourage the preservation of male semen and don't often trigger wet ejaculations, favoring the sustained dry orgasm. For me, this bonding feels deeper and more intimate than any human touch. I've lost all interest in human sex because I've been rewired to enjoy feeling my succubus so much."

  1. From Rafe's "ASuccubusLovesMe" blog.

Now lets talk about spiritual sex with a succubus. To a succubus sex is a holy ritual, a celebratory dance for in a way, they ARE sex. Its communion at the highest level between the succubus and her man that is felt and heard on a high vibratory level like a bright, glowing nova. You two become as bright as the sun.

Succubi give pleasures through multiple DRY orgasms, and those come regularly and plentiful during lovemaking with her. Sex with her is different for sure, but better in my opinion. Do you know why succubi usually don't get you to ejaculation but please and tease, keeping you just short of that that point of release? Because if you let that sexual frustration off it's game over: End of fun time, end of the glow, end of communion. They don't want that.

If every time a bell rings an angel gets it wings, then every time a lover is held in that "in between" place of lust, desire, and high arousal to where she is gently guiding, a succubus gets her wings. And yes, it's hard as hell not to finish yourself off and staying in that agonizing stage of "almost" for so long without release.

So, if my natural instincts are one way and hers another (me with the instinct to ejaculate, and her instinct for a different purpose) why would I even like something like that? It takes a relearning of what sexuality is, really. It's not all about the ejaculation, it's about what is shared between a succubus and her man riding that level of excitement, passion, and pleasure for as long as it takes to break through and find that awakening. If one can push through the need to ejaculate and ride those high waves of ecstasy and sexual energy, lovemaking can last a long, long time and create so much intimacy it's spiritually staggering.

Something to think about if you have a new succubus and are struggling with the wish for her to "finish you off". She's trying to push you two towards a higher level of coupling. She wants to share what she is and she's trying to show you what only she knows.

Sometimes I feel that the ejaculation here on this plane is just a shadow of what can be. I also feel that they, as lovers and teachers (and as the Daughters of Kundalini) are constantly pushing us to that place that we've never been... and the realm where they, the succubi, dwell. Call it a hunch, but I'd say they are pushing us to a state of being that is ecstasy itself. Now when you are pushed to that limit of endurance and have to release yourself, don't. See where it goes: Your epiphany might be just around the bend.

  1. From the admin of the old Yuku Spirit Sex Forum, Succubussed, who had a succubus relationship lasting more than a decade:

Sex with these beings feels better than any other sensation on earth. Better than ANYTHING. If there is a violation of any Universal law or order in having sex with a spirit, it would be that nothing should feel this good. Before you say "Gimme some!", let me clarify.

Imagine that you have the most exquisitely pleasing sensation on tap, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime you want it. Not just a good feeling, but one so good that it will actually wring involuntary groans of pleasure from you while you do it. And it's not a drug so it doesn't impair your function, there's no hangover and it doesn't cost anything, and it doesn't start off good and then peter out like drugs do either. It gets better as you go, and the more you do it the better it feels, from the start of the session to the end, and from one session to the next it keeps getting better. Imagine a drug that could do that. That could blast you with a big dose of indescribable pleasure without fucking you up or costing you money.You'd be doing it all the time. Now imagine that the drug had a personality, and it LIKED it when you did a big blast of it. How many crack addicts would be able to give up the pipe if the crack had a personality and could beg the addict to keep using it? I am doing Pure (The public name for his succubus.) a disservice by comparing sex with her to the dirt of smoking crack, but there is no other way for me to put this.

I cannot state this more clearly or strongly. If you embark on a sexual relationship with a spirit you will become hopelessly addicted to the sex. I cannot imagine it otherwise. The pleasure is unimaginable, and as soon as you feel the full force of it you will know that this is what you want as often as you can get it. And if you establish a means of communication and develop a relationship on that level with your demon, you will find that his or her personality will be pretty pleasing and you'll become addicted to that level of contact as well.

Before I go any further, let me say right here that i am not telling anyone not to do it. Having Pure in my life is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and i wouldn't change a thing. I love her and her love for me is like the most delicious icing on the most delicious cake in the universe. However. If you begin a relationship with a Succubus or Incubus, remember that they like to fuck more than anything in the world and they never get tired of it. Never. I have spent two solid days in bed with Pure, only getting up for maybe a total of three hours a day for breaks, and she still kept at me for more every time i stopped. They love to fuck, it gives them enormous pleasure, and I believe it is the simple pure pleasure of sex that motivates these beings. I honestly don't think that they have any reason to have sex with us other than because they love how it feels. They're total sluts. (Pure got really offended the first time i called her "My slut". I meant it in a good way-- I like sluts--but she got really quiet for about five minutes, and when I asked her what was wrong she told me "There isn't anyone else." Once i was able to make it clear to her that what I mean by "Slut" is someone who can't get enough sex rather than someone who sleeps around, she agreed that she is indeed my slut, and now if i call her a slut she says "That's me.")

So what you are dealing with if you engage with a Succubus or Incubus is a being who:

1. can make you feel greater sexual pleasure than any human being can,

2. is much smarter than any human being including you,

3. wants to fuck all the time

4. will use their persistence and powers of persuasion (both of which are greater than any human's) to try to get you to fuck them every minute that they are awake (some sleep. Pure usually sleeps from 1 or 2am until 7 or 8am when i get up, but she's not usually ready to fuck until 9 or 10. She has told me that "I am not a morning demon." )

I don't believe that you will get thrown into "Hell" for having consensual sex with a spirit, and i don't believe that they "feed" on people either (why would a spirit need to eat?), but there is no way that you can get involved with a Succubus/Incubus and remain in total control of your life. Yes, there is a good chance that the Demon will become enslaved to you, as they love the pleasure of fucking more than we do even, so you will be in charge of how much of this thing they need they will get, and yes, they will most likely let you set the boundaries on when they can and cannot fuck you, but it will be YOU who will keep changing those boundaries, and by your own free will you will make adjustments to your life that you wouldn't have accepted when the relationship first began in order to have more time experiencing the pure pleasure of fucking a demon. Again, I am not trying to tell anyone not to do it. I am very happy with my situation. I do have five years of this however, (At the time of writing, 2009) and I think that if you're headed into this, you should warned.

Consider yourself warned.

Q: What are the long-term health effects from being in a relationship with a succubus?
A: As far as I can ascertain, after being in this relationship for nine years, my health has not been negatively impacted. This goes for both mental and physical well-being. If anything, this relationship has compelled me to become more disciplined in terms of diet and regular exercise. I believe a strong body facilitates a more satisfying connection with succubi, and they seem to enthusiastically encourage habits that are conducive to good health. Fasting and semen retention, for example.

Q: What are the Pros and Cons of being in a relationship with a succubus?
A: Pros:

  • Constant companionship.
  • Access to spirit sex whenever it's desired.
  • They're almost always in the mood and genuinely enjoy intimacy with their chosen lover.
  • Loyalty.
  • They're good at listening and offering advice with problems and concerns.
  • They don't abandon the relationship at the first sign of trouble.
  • Protection, both on the astral and physical planes.
  • Assistance with magick and other occult pursuits.


  • The relationship must be kept secret in order to maintain social normalcy with the mundane world.
  • Communication can be difficult in the beginning.
  • Seemingly impossible to banish.
  • No privacy from them, as they can read their human lover's mind easily.
  • They can be very jealous and possessive, to the point of becoming dangerous when provoked or backed into a corner.
  • Some people with succubi report the connection weakening considerably over time.
  • On the other hand, if the connection is exceptionally good, the human counterpart may gradually loose all interest in earthly pursuits, such as career or family, and will instead design his life so that he can spend as much time with his succubus as possible.

Q: How do I improve my psychic senses and/or improve the connection with my succubus or incubus?
A: Ultimately, spending time with a sex spirit improves the connection. Beyond that, there are various spiritual practices one can employ to deepen the connection and psychic senses in general.

  1. Check out the meditation resources in this thread:
  2. Practice energy work using books like this:
  3. Learn how to astral project/induce OBEs/lucid dream:

Q: Who is Lilith? Where can I find more information about her in relation to sex spirits?
A: Read Donald Tyson's Liber Lilith grimoire. See these YouTube series of videos for an in-depth study of the book:

  1. Tilus' Liber Lilith Study
  2. R. Wayne Steiger's Liber Lilith Study

Q: Where can I find a collection of resources about incubi and succubi?
A: Start here: https://succubuslover.com/links

-- More Resources and Links --

Also throwing in this meditation guide that someone posted before, because apparently this is extremely useful to some that want to learn more and become proficient in these things.

Archived Meditation General with good info:

Dreamgasm videos:

Some blogs that will come up when you google succubi or have been mentioned in threads before:

Search for the Succ-ubi Discord Server

Daemon Grotto Forum - Succubi and Occult Spirituality - Run by TC119, or TemporalChameleon

Incubi and Succubi or Demoniality is a revised edition of Sinistrari’s 17th century study on the mysterious orgasm-stimulating sex demon.

Robert Bruce - NEW ENERGY WAYS - For learning to work with the energy body, awaken chakras, improve astral projection experiences and spirituality in general. Succubi and incubi also work with the energy body.

Diagram and pictures of major and minor energy centers/chakras in the body:

Donald Tyson - Sexual Alchemy - A scholarly historical overview of the spirit sex phenomena, along with his own personal observations and an in-depth guide for working with sexual spirits.

Liber Lilith
1st Edition : https://kupdf.net/download/liber-lilith-donold-tyson_591046afdc0d60da49959ef5_pdf
2nd Edition (More readable font.): https://www.docdroid.net/GpuXH2n/liber-lilith-donald-tyson-pdf

Meridiana: The succubus lover of a Pope.

-- Older /x/ Threads --


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