It was a crisp Sunday morning as the sunlight washed through the partially open blinds to fill the room. Amy was already awake and thinking how nice it was that her husband was still in bed with her since the custom for years was that he slipped off downstairs by himself long before now. She lay there twirling at her hair while she stared at Josh replaying the last several days in her head. This was the fifth day since they had been with Sara and each day after work the two snuck up to the bedroom to strip down and fuck. Amy could feel herself grinning as she recalled her boldness on Friday of unbuttoning her blouse at work, taking a selfie of her chest in the see through red lace bra she had picked out, and texting it to Josh. Her pussy began to tingle as she remembered that evening how quickly he whisked her upstairs, hiked her skirt up, lifted her ass onto the dresser and buried his cock in her with all her clothes still on.

Amy felt her nipples tingle as she replayed the voracity that Josh fucked her with that day. She thought how sexy it felt to know he needed her that bad that he just shoved her panties aside because he couldn't wait to take them off. Her hand wandered up to palm her breast through the tee shirt she had slept in. She thought about the forceful way he rammed his tongue in her mouth and the handful of hair he clutched to hold her head against the wall. Without a bra under her shirt she could easily feel her nipples begin to poke against her fingers. Amy felt happy for the first time in a long time with a new energy to know that her husband could lust after her like this again.

With everything going through her mind Amy was already a little horny as Josh began to stir. With this renewed confidence she continued to massage her tit rather than get shy and pretend she wasn't. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes Amy leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. Josh smiled as he noticed the hard nipples protruding in front of his face and the hand massaging her breast.

"Good morning. I see you and the twins are up early this morning," Josh said as he made eye contact down at her chest with a wink.

With a quick chuckle at his playfulness Amy cupped both her full globes and whispered, "well now that you mention it they probably both need some attention."

Josh responds, "I'd be happy to help with that" as he slips his hand under one of hers to cup her tit.

As Amy lay still with her hand over Josh's feeling him caress her nipple she can't help but feel further emboldened to get something off her mind that she's been wrestling with. All week she avoided a discussion about Sara to not risk a disruption their newfound sex life. While Josh continued to tease her hard nipple Amy sighs deeply as she tried to work up the courage to say something. Not wanting there to be any more secrets, she announced that she has a confession. Josh swallowed hard, suddenly very unnerved about where this is going. He stops massaging her tit as Amy stammers trying to find the right words to say.

She stops herself and tells him, "Ok. Look. I'm not sure how to explain all this simply enough so it will be easier if I just show you."

Amy slips out of bed and makes her way over to the corner of the room where she left her work bag. Despite the anxiety that has filled his body, Josh can't help but admire how sexy his wife looked wearing nothing but a white tee shirt that just barely covers her butt. As she bends over to dig through the papers her bare ass peeks out and Josh, not wanting to appear nervous, whistles his appreciation for the peep show. Amy pulls out her laptop and turns back towards the bed. The more serious look on her face caught Josh's attention as he sat up straight and pushed his back against the headboard in anticipation of what was next.

She settles back on the bed next to Josh, snaps open the laptop, and powers it up. Josh is very anxious now as he tried to interpret Amy's mannerisms to guess what she is up to. With the sound of the processor starting up in the background she takes a measured breath and forces herself to continue to take this new confident approach she's had the last week. She begins clicking at the keys as Josh prompts her to explain what is going on.

Amy looks Josh in the eye and hesitantly says, "Well, before the other day with the three of us together I sort of knew something had been going on with you two."

Josh's stomach quickly tightened for fear this was going to be trouble for him. He watched as Amy placed the laptop on his stomach and pointed the screen towards him. All sorts of things rushed through his mind from expecting this to be their banking website and showing she had cleaned out their accounts to thinking it could be revenge and showing herself with another man. Josh's hands began to shake a little as he grabbed on to the computer to steady it.

Amy explained, "Things have been really good this past week and I just don't want there to be any secrets between us. I just felt like I needed to let you know that I knew what was going on and I never confronted you about it or asked why. As difficult as it was to discover this I can see now it's really helped us in the long run. In the beginning I wasn't sure if it was true and I needed proof for myself and I wanted you to know what I had been doing."

With that she pressed one final click on the keyboard and the camera footage of Sara giving Josh a blowjob popped on the screen. They both watched in silence for a minute or two, reliving how Sara licked and sucked him. Josh was still uncertain about where this was leading so he remained quiet waiting for his wife to react in order to get a better read on her intentions. He studied Amy's face as she stared intently at the screen with her eyes glued to Sara's head bobbing up and down on his cock.

With her focus still locked on the screen she whispered "I'm sorry. I just didn't realize that you were missing something like this so much."

Amy leaned in and slid the laptop further down between Josh's knees and made sure he could still see video. She peeled the covers down to his thighs and dropped her face down to nuzzle her cheek against his dick through his boxers. His cock began to stir as he felt her warm breath against his crotch while her fingernails graze up and down his bare thigh. With the images of Sara sucking him off in the background and the view of Amy's bare ass below her shirt as she lay across the bed with her face in his lap it did not take long for Josh to get hard. She pulled his stiff rod through the fly of his shorts and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. He rested his hand on the small of her back while she pressed her cheek on his belly and teased the tip of his cock with her tongue.

Very calmly Amy slowly swirled his head before sucking it just inside her mouth. Josh slipped his hand farther out to caress her bottom. He remained a bit in shock to consider that his painstakingly tame wife was blowing him while they watched a recording of him and Sara. As Amy cupped his balls and pushed her mouth farther down his shaft, Josh slipped a finger from behind to probe for her moistened slit. She spreads her thighs slightly to allow him better access to push his middle finger inside her pussy. Amy freezes for a few seconds to inhale deeply as she absorbs Josh penetrating her. He gyrates his finger gently inside while his palm grips firmly on her ass.

They both are still noticing the computer screen in front of them as it shows Sara taking Josh deep in her mouth and slowly drawing her way back up. As she watched his facial expression in the video Amy pulls her mouth off of him and pauses.

"It looks like you really liked what she did there didn't you?" Amy questioned.

With that she slid her lips over the head of his cock again and swallowed as much of his shaft as she could take. Once she felt him on the back of her throat she flicked and swirled her tongue against his rigid dick as she very slowly pulled back off with her mouth making a popping sound as she gave a final firm suck to his tip while Josh groaned his approval. Amy repeated the same process garnering an even more pronounced reaction from her husband.

Satisfied as well with her second effort when she pulled off him this time she purred, "Mmmmmm, is that how you like it baby? Do you like it when I suck you in deep like that?"

A rush of fire flooded Josh's cock. The more intensely his cock throbbed in response the faster he pumped his finger in Amy's moist pussy. As she slowly rocked her hips back and forth against his probing hand, Amy reached out for the keyboard. She scrolled the video and stopped at the scene with Josh fucking Sara doggystyle and spanking her. After a brief pause to absorb the action on the screen Amy turned back to nuzzle against Josh's neck.

Her tongue swirled against his ear and she whispered "I want you to do me just like that."

Hearing that request come from his wife's lips pushed Josh quickly into another level of lust. He grabbed the laptop and put it up on the pillows against the headboard as he hopped to his knees. Josh clutched the back of Amy's head with one hand and took her leg with the other as he forced her down on her stomach. With a handful of hair he held her down while his mouth kissed and nibbled on her bare ass. The feel of his teeth grazing against her creamy skin had Amy groaning against the sheets. He palmed both her cheeks and spread them to slide his wet tongue up and down her crack as his wife's back arched with pleasure.

Josh tugged at Amy's hair to pull her head back to give her full view of the computer screen as he straddled just below her ass. With the tip of his hardened cock poking at her bottom he opened his palm and swatted her bottom. The jolt of Josh's firm hand evoked an approving moan from Amy. The image of his wife watching him thrust in and out of Sara from behind further emboldened him. This time as Josh slapped her ass he growled "Do you want to be fucked hard like that?"

When his hand struck her bottom again she tensed her body and commanded "Fuck baby, that's it. Harder. Spank me harder."

Josh's cock dripped pre cum on the back of her thighs as he absorbed the surprise of his normally shy wife talking dirty to him. He continued to slap her ass methodically as she slid up to her knees. Before she could speak again Josh slipped two fingers in her mouth as she instinctively swirled her tongue on them as if it was his cock. With her ass sticking up proudly he stung her cheek again with his palm. As it struck Amy sucked hard on his fingers to muffle her gasp. Feeling that his fingers were nice and wet he pulled them from her mouth. She rose up on all fours as Josh pressed his moistened finger against her asshole and traced circles against it.

Amy's body locked as she drew in a deep breath and held it while she soaked in the new sensations to her ass. She barked back at him, "I may have let you spank Sara's tight little ass, but you need to spank mine harder and let me know this is the one you own."

Josh stung her backside with a few more crisp swats before pausing to swirl his fingertip against her asshole again. Amy grunted as she felt his finger push into her tightened muscle while she reached up under herself and pushed her fingers inside her aching pussy. This time Josh left his finger to tease his wife's ass while he slapped at her ass with his other hand. Her legs trembled as she pumped her fingers in her dripping slit.

With more aggression in his tone Josh growled, "Is that hard enough for you baby? This is my ass to spank whenever I want."

A wave of lust coarsed through Amy and she felt as though she was going to explode from hearing Josh talk to her that way. While she rammed her cunt feverishly he gave his wife one more good hard spank that shook her ass cheeks. Amy could feel the fire in her pussy and knew she needed him inside her now.

Her body quivered as she whimpered "Josh I'm ready to cum. I need your cock in me NOW!" Amy pulled her hand away and braced herself up on all fours again. "Get your dick in my pussy baby" she commanded.

Without hesitation he grabbed the base of his rod and pushed it quickly in her soaked canal. Amy squealed as it drove deep inside. Josh grabbed her hips and immediately started driving his rigid cock in and out as hard as he could. The pressure in his balls was building rapidly as he realized in this moment he was fucking his wife while they watched him fuck Sara's petite little body the same way.

They were both on the brink as the sound of flesh slapping together filled the room each time Josh's hips rammed against her bottom. His shaft pulsed in anticipation as Amy clutched the sheets. They gasped for breath trying to keep pace as her pussy clenched his member. With two more hard thrusts Josh could feel the streams of juice spurting from his dick. His wife's body quaked as she begged him to keep fucking her while she convulsed and exploded on his cock. They continued to ram into each other until Josh collapsed on her back and they fell to the mattress.

They rolled over onto their backs while they tried to catch their breath and recover. Amy draped her arm and leg over Josh and gently pecked him on the cheek as she enjoyed the afterglow of the powerful orgasm she just had. While he enjoyed the tingling after effects of his spent cock, Josh needed to uncover some curiosity that had developed.

"So that was pretty interesting" he mused out loud with a curious tone.

"Yes it was" replied Amy. "But what specifically do you mean?"

"Well it seemed pretty odd that you set up to watch that video while we did that. I have to ask if there is a story behind that or something I'm not getting?" he questioned.

Amy stared quietly at the ceiling to collect her thoughts. She had been sorting through some feelings and had tried herself to figure out how to make sense of things. With this rekindled connection with her husband she wanted to be as honest as possible.

"I take it you mean that I seem to be OK with including Sara with all this right?"

With a big smile and a slight laugh Josh replied, "well, you'd have to agree that's pretty shocking."

Amy took a breath before she responded. "Well, let me do my best to explain what seems to be in my head. It's been forever since our sex life has been this intense and all of this caught me off guard as well. I have been very confused about my comfort level with how Sara has been included in all this and I've whittled it down to a few possibilities that I'm not sure I knew were even possible for me. Is it just as simple as me just enjoying the freedom of touching another woman that added to the excitement? Do I have some secret exhibitionist streak in me that I enjoy being watched? Or do I really have some hidden kink that I get turned on by a feeling of dominance from allowing another woman to share you?"

Josh lay silent for a few minutes to process all that he just heard. Amy could see the quizzical look on his face as if he was trying to figure out a complex math problem. He turned to her and whispered, "There may be a way we can start to figure this out. Just give me a couple days and I may be able to help you."

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