CHAPTER: 1 -- The Haunted Past!

It was 3rd February 2007. I just could not sleep for the whole night owing to the noise echoing from the neighbouring room.

"No... Not there... Pleaseeeeee..." She was grunting with pain.

"Don't worry... Once completely inside... You'll like it!" He growled.

"Please... I've never done it there... Never... On top of it... I don't want to ditch my boy friend!" She begged.

"One night stand has its own sweetness my dear! I'll cherish this night throughout my life my love!" He said ignoring her pleas.

"Aaahhhhhh... It's paining! Not there! If you're hell bent...Pleaseeeeee... Fuck my cunt... Not my ass!" She was gritting her teeth with pain.

"I always love taking the anal cherry of a girl without any lubricant! The friction of the raw skin on skin is damn arousing!" He said giving a heed ear to her painful grunts.

"That way you are going to spoil me forever! He had taken my virginity! And this too was reserved only for him!" She said finally to gain some sympathy from him.

"I intended to spoil you! FOREVER! The first day I saw you with HIM! He took your pussy virginity! And I your anal cherry! Equation neutralised."

"But why are you hell bent to do me unnaturally? I never knew a couple of glasses of Vodka would land me here on your bed in this condition!" Was the final voice of her in submission in humiliation?


Then there were moans and grunts... "Aaahhhhhh..." and "Ooohhhhhh..."; "Uuuffffff..." and "Uuummmmmm..."! And finally a painful and prolong sob... Losing of her anal virginity in the most painful way to a near stranger!


Despite I was heavily drunk... My ears stood up like a canine! What the fuck I'm hearing! THE BET! That means -- the guy in the adjoining room was not my roommate; but one of his acquaintances! And the girl under his constant assault was none other than the one for whom I'd a long cherished crush! My sweet-heart! I can easily die for her cute smile and the way she look seductively at me -- virtually kills me every day! Every moment!

A few drops of tears rolled down my eyes! Why the hell on earth I made a silly bet with my roommate's acquaintance? That was the biggest blunder of my life ever! Little realising the fact that my college days SILLY BET would land someone I loved dearly, into such a mess! I cursed myself! But it was probably a bit too late.

Yes that night's episode had put me into such a shame that... I had absolutely no guts to face my beloved girl friend again... Time was probably the best healer... I thought the best way to face the current situation was to wait and watch out... After impatiently waiting for a full week... I could gather some courage... And went over to her house in one of the evening... Only to find a big lock on the main door! The entire family had left the city... And no one had ever heard anything about them again!!!

CHAPTER: 2 -- 9th March 2017

Subhashish (nick name Subh) came near the 'Wall Calendar' at the back of the entrance door. He had purposefully put the calendar at that place, so that he could look at that numerous times during the course of the day. The year was 2017. Month was March. Date was 9th. He had circled that particular date with bold red maker. It was a very important day in his life. Probably most important date, which he was anxiously waiting for the past twelve month.

He was desperately looking at his watch might be six time in last half an hour. Looking at his smart-phone, for a SMS, WhatsApp or a miss call. He was supposed to get the call at 9.00 AM sharp. And it was not even 8.30 AM. But his desperation had taken better of him. And he was all eager to get a call. His anxiety had increased his heart beats to a much higher level and in consequent effect his perspiration was beyond control.

While wiping the sweat with his white hanky, he saw the embroidered red rose at the corner with a bold 'S' depicting the first letter of his maiden name. A droplet of tear rolled down from his left eye on to his beard cheek. The hanky was a gift from his beloved wife Manisha to him along with many other lovely gifts including a mind-blowing blow and a marathon 'Cow-Girl' fuck session on his last birthday on 8th May 2015. That night Manisha had rendered him all her three holes -- labelling herself as his 'THREE-HOLE-SLUT-WIFE'! And for the first time she had given away her anal-cherry to him!

Theirs' was an arranged marriage. That time Manisha was working as a CSA (Customer Service Associate) with a reputed Indian Airlines; and Subh was working as a Software Associate with a Noida (a satellite city of Delhi) based Software Company.

Subh and Manisha got engaged on 3rd February 2014 and got married on 9th March 2014. Between these 33 days -- Manisha lost her virginity so also Subh. They must have fucked more than hundred times and probably tried out all possible positions and places. And fucked like rabbits.

Post marriage both of them had an active and healthy sex life with more than ten sessions a week. Everything was good and romantic in their life like any other newly married couple's life until the fateful day!

CHAPTER: 3 -- 9th March 2016

It was 9th March 2016. Their second marriage anniversary. Subh had planned things in a great way for his wife of two years -- Manisha. He would drive from Noida and she would drive from International Airport Delhi to meet at -- Connaught Place, almost central to both their working place. In a hurry Manisha, didn't change her uniform as she bumped into the parking lot of the inner circle of the posh hotel -- Le Meridian, where Subh had booked a table for two on the pool side corner.

Manisha pulled the large vanity bag from the side seat of her car as she hurried towards the restaurant. She looked at her watch, it was half past eight. That means Subh would be reaching any time. In brisk steps she stepped into the restaurant and looked around. To her disappointment, Subh was already in and was occupying a chair on their designated table. She was mildly surprised to see another man seating across with his face towards Subh and his back to her.

Manisha was in double mind. Whether she should first go to the table to wish Subh and his friend and then go for the change; or should she first change her dress and then come over to the table. That was when Subh waved at her with a smile. With no options left, she slowly walked towards him.

Reaching the table she extended her hand towards Subh's friend and said, "Hello, I'm Manisha."

"So, you're Subhashish's better half!" I exclaimed and stood up shook hand with her and said, "I'm Dev... Dev Das! Subh's best friend." Purposefully I lingered my hand a few more seconds on Manisha's soft and smooth hand.

She probably felt a bit uncomfortable to my hard squeeze, thus reluctantly I let go her hand, not before, brushing past my thumb over her upper palm. She looked at me with a hesitant look, when I broke the ice,

"Please be seated Manisha." I said as pulled the side chair for her. As she settled in, I resumed back on my seat. As I and Subh were sitting opposite to each other, Manisha sat in-between us. An advantageous position for both me and Subh.

"Manisha, Dev and I are friends since our school days in AJO High School (Alfred James Olenbach High School, Phulbani, and Odisha, India)" Said Subh.

"Really?" Asked Manisha in a surprised tone.

"Yes, and today he is a successful Entrepreneur with more than ten companies under his Conglomerate!" Said Subh.

"WOW!" Exclaimed Manisha as she looked at me with a pair of scanning eyes.

She had already seen my 6'6" stature -- which was a cool 10" more than her husband and my body mass of 250 pounds, about 100 pounds more than her husband. I was gym fit whereas he was bit bulky. I go to gym four days a week religiously -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I've a chiselled face, whereas Subh had an oval face. I've a long neck, whereas he had a short neck. I's almost six-pack, whereas he's stockily built.

From her look I could make out the level of satisfaction oozing from her gaze! I looked at Manisha's deep navy blue knee length airlines uniform clad body...

She was a dusky beauty! She was 28 years old, with a height of 5'5" and a weight of 105 pounds. Looks slim, with a boob size of 34" 'C', waist of 28" and hips of 36".

She had slim hands, long and slender legs. What were striking about her were the million dollar smile and a heart shaking facial expression. Manisha had long and straight hair, falling below her envious buttocks. Her eyes were big and beautiful with thick eyebrows, even after manicure, suggestive of the hair under her armpits and around her pubic bush. Her lips were thin and nose was sharp. Her dusky skin was extremely smooth and had a shiny glow about it!

As I looked at her eyes, she was still lingering her roving eyes over my attire and accessories. I was wearing a Reid & Taylor designer suit, an Arrow shirt, a Zodiac tie, a pair of Hush Puppies shoes, with an Omega wrist watch, and completing the dressing with a Mont Blanc fountain pen. She was impressed. It was natural for a woman of class to be happy to see a man of 'CHOICE'! That to if she is from airlines -- she became more choosy -- as she sees tons of rich, sophisticated, good looking guys all along. And if she had a happy and satisfactory look in her eyes means -- I've made my marks!

I's mighty happy. That was when she asked very casually,

"What're the types of Companies under your Conglomerate?"

"Well, it ranges from 'Multi-Cushioned-Restaurants' to 'Specialty-Restaurants', from 'Quick-Service-Restaurants' to 'Branded Cafes' -- totally we've 88 food-joints in Delhi and NCR. Added, we have 58 branded footwear and garments outlets." I said as a matter of fact.

"What would be your annual turnover?" Asked Manisha with a hitch.

"Well, as on 31st March 2016, we would be closing the year with a tentative turnover of 3000 million rupees, which means a gross profit of 1800 million inclusive of GST, depreciation and amortization." I briefed.

"Incredible!" Manisha literally bubbled with joy. I could see a tinge excitement in Manisha's eyes, face and body.

My cell phone buzzed. I saw the name and pick up, "Yes Mr. Banerjee. I'm in the specialty restaurant. You may come in." I said and hanged the mobile.

"Anything important?" Asked Subh.

"Yes. The bank manager wanted to meet me." I said non-chantly.

"But why do you require bank loan?" Asked Manisha quizzically.

"I don't require bank loan. It's the other way round. The bank people wanted about fifty million rupees to be deposited in my 'Current Account' for the March ending balance sheet."

"That means you are lending money to the BANK?" Asked Manisha with saucer eyes.

"Indirectly you're right." I said with a smile.

I could feel the way Manisha was grinding her ass on the soft cushioned of the chair that she was visibly excited -- not only excited mentally but also physically!

And the night was still young...

Mr. Banerjee came. Saw me with Subh and Manisha. Maintaining decency he refused to sit or to have anything. I signed the relevant documents. Pulled out the multi-million cheque from my inside coat pocket signed it and handed over to Mr. Banerjee. He shook hand with me smiled and departed.

CHAPTER: 4 -- There Is More To Life Than 'Long Island Ice Tea'!

I ordered three 'Long Island Ice Tea' for us. In the mean time we started chatting with each other. Manisha intended to change her uniform. I said "NO"! With an authoritative tone! She looked at me with a surprise!

I said, "No need to change, she was as such looking beautiful in her uniform!" She blushed a bit -- enhancing her beauty to the next level! My idea was to look at her slender legs below the knee length skirt. As she was sitting, her skirt had gone up a bit. I glanced at her freshly shaved legs and lower thighs. I got a hard-on by just looking at her smooth legs.

At 30 I was still unmarried and an eligible bachelor. Because till now I had never come across a girl as cute as Manisha. And that was a honest statement.

The waiter came back with our order -- three 'Long Island Ice Tea'. The name was misleading and was a misnomer to both Manisha and Subh. Who had absolutely no idea that it was an alcoholic drink! A potent drink with an alcohol content of 7.5 oz! The concentration of alcohol is approximately 22 per cent or equivalent to four beer bottles! Thus unless one is an alcoholic, two 'Long Island Ice Tea' are good enough to make a person drunk, unless alcoholism is at play!

Manisha took a sip and instantly liked its taste to confirm, "What taste! What flavour!" She said in ecstasy and then added, "To be honest with you Mr. Dev -- This is the first time I'm trying this drink -- And to be frank it's an instant hit with me!"

I smiled and looked at Manisha -- her thin glossy lips had a sublime sensuality and the big eye-liner eyes had an unspoken excitement. Subh was enjoying his drink and there was a hint of intoxication in his eyes. Purposefully I avoided talking to him If he started to blur even a bit, Manisha was cleaver enough to gauge the cause. Which I did not intend to happen at that moment of a time. So I immediately ordered another round of the same 'Long Island Iced Tea'.

I engaged Manisha with small talks to avoid her looking at Subh. As we gradually engrossed in our talk, I realised somewhere in-between that Manisha had totally forgotten about Subh. As if he does not exist for her at that moment of time. Her eyes were on my Mont Blanc limited edition pen, the Omega wrist watch, the Ray-Ban photo-chromatic eyewear... Even she did not miss my diamond-studded tie-pin, emerald-studded cufflinks, Lecoste genuine leather belt and the Hush Puppies shoes. She was probably measuring my status inside her smart mind. Then she looked at me... Into my eyes! Her drooping eyes were trying to read my mind!

Thankfully the waiter came with the second round of 'Long Island Iced Tea'. This time there was also a plate of 'Chicken-Drum-Stick', a 'Mixed-Non-Veg-Sizzler', and a plate of 'Tandoor-Jumbo-Prawn'. Manisha's eyes became saucer. So also Subh. I served a decent portion of all delicacies on to all the three plates. Without much ado we started enjoying the drink as well as the food. In the middle of the guftugu (talk) Subh asked, "Hay Dev, by any chance is this an alcoholic drink?"

"Very much." I replied. Manisha looked at me, part shocked, part disbelief. The effect of liquor was quite evident on her pretty face. The alcohol had dulled Subh's senses. He was trying his best to behave normal. Thus, he was speaking less, to avoid the slur in his voice, and listening more. I looked at Manisha's abreacted face and said, "Do you know Nisha?"

"What do you call me?" Asked Manisha with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Nisha! I found it as an apt nick name for you. Your physical assets and mental aptitudes."

"Do you know what is the meaning of Nisha?" Asked Manisha.

"Yes Nisha means Night." I said and continued, "You are as mysterious as night." Saying so I extended my right hand on to the black stocking clad lower thigh of Manisha. She looked down. Saw my hand on her thigh, but did not object. Rather she looked at Subh. He was totally blank and lost in his own world of oblivion. She turned her face to me and said, "Really? So you do agree that I'm mysterious! Right?"

"Koi Shaq?" (Any doubt?) I countered and continued, "Let the time and situation come, I'll show and prove -- how mysterious you are."

Manisha giggled, which added to her charm. I squeezed her thighs with my hand. She moaned in a low voice while finishing her second round.

"Do you know one thing Nisha?" I continued the talk where I left it some time back.


"What is the alcohol content in a glass of 'Long Island Iced Tea'?" I asked as my hand slowly crept up her thighs a millimetre a second!


"It has 15 ML of Rum, 15 ML of Gin, 15 ML of Tequila, 15 ML of Cointreau (Orange Juice), 10 ML of Lime Juice, top with coke and garnish with orange slice and spring of mint." I said, while my hand was dangerously close to her thigh joint! I could feel her body shuddered. She looked down at my hand disappeared inside her navy blue skirt. Then looked over at Subh's face. Happy to see he was lost in his own world.

"You mean to say each glass of 'Long Island Iced Tea' has 45 ML of liquor? I've taken two glasses means 90 ML of RUM-GIN-TEQUILA?" Manisha was in absolute awe! Then she gave a smile, which said it all! 'I knew why you ordered this particular drink!' -- Was her expression with a sarcastic smile?

"How about a last top-up drink? To conclude the great anniversary night with a good note." I said and asked, as I squeezed her thigh joint.

"I don't mind." Said Manisha with a gasp, without evening looking or asking for Subh's approval.

"Can I order my favourite day closure drink?" I quizzed Manisha, while the tip of my middle finger brushed across her panty clad outer labia! From the soft touch and light feel I could guess that this dusky beauty was probably possessing a pair of long and thick labia.

"My pleasure." She confirmed.

I called the waiter and ordered for three 'Spirytus Vodka'.

"Are you sure Sir?" Reconfirmed the waiter.

"Yes." I confirmed again and added some fresh-cream eggless choco truffle pastries along with that.

The waiter first looked at me, then at Manisha, gauged Subh's condition and left with a smile.

I was back to my job and pushed my hand at the thigh joint. Her panty was pushed further in and I could feel the profusion of pubic hair! She bite her lips and put her hand over mine. I looked at her face. Her expression had an appeal. She was probably feeling both aroused as well as excited. I gave a strong squeeze on her panty clad pussy before retreating my hand from below her skirt with disappointment.

The waiter came with the drinks and the pastries. He served us, looked at me, gave a smile with many meaning. I smiled back and looked at Manisha. She took a sip was trying to get a feel of the taste, then asked, "Hay Mr. Dev -- What's the constituent ingredients of 'Spirytus Vodka'?"

"Well, Vodka as such is a strong liquor. 'Spirytus Vodka' with a whopping 95 per cent abv. Is the strongest commercially available spirit in the world?"

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