The trees swayed as the wind kicked up their thirsty leaves. It was dark now. Past midnight by Lacey’s guess. The temperature had dropped a lot since they had entered the club hours earlier. Her and Antonio were leaving now making their way through the crowded parking lot. The only lighting was a street light that flickered, littered with swarming bugs. Under it Antonio’s BMW was parked in the VIP section.

"Do you own this place? I heard the way Candy and Domino talked to you earlier. Antonio Richards. Richard’s Treasures. Are they one in the same or just a coincidence? Not only that your car is parked in the VIP section" She looked at him waiting for a response.

He hesitated, she wondered if he would answer. Why was he so secretive? Especially with all they had done together. With intimacy like they had some insight on personal life was expected.

He opened the passenger door for her and helped her in the car. He wasn’t going to answer her. She figured she would just let it go. Walking around he got in and closed the door. He sat there for a minute and took a deep breath. "Yes. Please understand Lacey I kept my identity a secret to protect you. Not that you are in any danger or anything but clubs such as this one sometimes have questionable reputations surrounding them. There is a lot about me you don’t know. It may be better if it stayed that way." He said no more, just started up the car and left the parking lot. It was a nice ride. Pure Silver BMW convertible with midnight leather interior. The engine purred with its 360 horse powered V8 motor. He left the top up tonight due to the approaching storm. Sticking her hand out the window she let the rain drops sting her hand as he speed down the deserted streets.

The night had been torturous, exhilarating at the same time. She was exhausted from all the continuous foreplay. Her body hummed with anticipation, with ravaging need to be filled and released. He kept the bullet on after the girls had left. It wasn’t full blast but it was there and it reminded her every time she moved in her seat. She notices Antonio looking at her out of the corner of his eyes. She takes the opportunity to get revenge. She smiles and moves her hands along her legs, higher still till she reaches the lower hem of her dress. Following the fading lines Domino made earlier she digs her nails along them. Brightening them once again. She moans and lays back farther in her seat, raising her dress and spreading her legs as she does. Closing her eyes she runs her hands along her body. Across her belly, over her neck, chest, her aching tits. Paying extra attention on her tits she rubs them and tweaks the nipples, eliciting moans from herself and Antonio.

"Stop Lacey! I’m trying to drive here." His voice was husky, laced with barely contained control. Pay back was a bitch.

She ignored him. Gently not to hurt her dress she pulled down the neckline till her pale skin glowed under the lacey cups of the bras. Licking her fingers she traced her rosey nipples. Hardening them into tiny little buds. She moaned as her blood sizzled from her self pleasuring.

Any other time she would have gotten her hands slapped for even thinking about touching herself with out his permission. But with him driving, she had momentary control of her body.

She pinched and rolled them till they stung and throbbed. Her clit awakening as she tortured her nipples. She moaned and gasped as she squirmed in her seat. Moving her hips in a rhythm that had his eyes fixated on her. Growling he reached in his pocket and flicked the switch with his thumb. She screamed as the sudden flood of vibrations hit her. Jolting her off the seat she cried for more. "Please Sir, More. I want more!"

He was speeding now, heedless of any state troopers or law officials. They were only about a block or two from the Inn.

She continued. Touching, feeling, scratching. Rubbing and pinching every exposed inch of skin visible to his demanding eyes. He moaned, his breathing heavy as he rubbed his thick erection through his pants. The other hand struggling with the efforts to steady the fancy car. Boldly, disobediently she reached her fingers under the hem of her dress. Slowly, to judge his reaction she inched towards her moistening pussy. His eyes continuously darted over watching, demanding more. Passionate lust filled there dark depths, a fire burning so deep the oceans would never extinguish. It seemed like forever passed, slowly inching forward, finally she touched. Arching forward she pressed harder. She melted into the seat. Liquid trickled down her legs, pooling on the seat below her. Closing her eyes she increased her tempo. She touched and massaged every inch of her tender flesh. Licking her fingers she watched him as she slid them inside her tight passage. Watching as his cock bounced under his rough hand, licking his lips as she pulled them out and sucked her juices off her fingertips. He was hardly even looking at the road as he approached the parking lot of the Inn.

She wiggled the bullet around inside her. Crying and moaning when the vibrating toy nudged against her Gspot sending electricity sparking off her skin. She wanted him inside her. She needed him inside her. He had tortured her all night long and all she could think about was him continuing it. She wanted to be so sore she couldn’t even sit tomorrow.

Throwing the car in park he got out and was opening her door before she could even sit up. Roughly grabbing her up by her arm he threw her against the car. Fisting her hair he pulled her head back till her neck cramped and her chin pointed at him. "You are going to pay for that Lace!" He kissed her then. Fiercely, uncompromising. She was in trouble. She was breathless when he finally released her. Still fisting her hair he almost drug her into their room. Kicking the door closed with his foot he pushed her up against the wall. Reaching back he unzipped the dress. She let it slide to the floor, shedding it like snake skin. He didn’t waste any time. He bit hard on her left nipple while pinching the right hard between his thumb and finger. She screamed and pressed into him. She went to wrap her arms around him but he would have none of it. Grabbing her wrists he held them tightly above her head with his large hand. He grabbed her throat and kissed her hard. Leaving her mouth he kissed and licked lower till his mouth settled on the hard pink pearls. On and on he licked and bit till her legs shook and sweat streamed between her cleavage. Snaking his hands lower he settled between her legs.

Flicking open the corset she jumped and moaned. "Please Sir! More, Please give me more Sir!" He did.

He tugged on the ring glittering from her clit. Her cries making his painful erection dance against her lower belly. Bringing his two fingers to her mouth she opened and eagerly sucked on them. Tracing her tongue around the tip she teased and licked like it was his cock. Growling he shoved the moistened digits inside her. Moving them till they embraced the vibrating bullet. Pressing it forward till it hit home base. She screamed and her knees collapsed. Bracing his knee against the wall he supported her weight on it. He continued his tortures. She screamed and thrashed her hips. Fisting her hands still held tight by his. She cried and screamed. Begging and pleading for release. "Please Sir, let me cum! Please, please, please. I’m so close. Pleassse!" Shudders shook her body, sweat poured. Her liquids covering his knee, still she didn’t cum. She knew better.

"You are not asking me correctly Lace. You know how to ask me properly. I might think about it if you ask me the right way. I‘m removing my hand. Don’t lower yours!" The torture continued. Releasing her hand he reached down and undid his pants freeing his engorged cock. Pinching her nipple he licked and bit along her neck and ears.

"Please Sir. May I cum now? Please Sir I cant hold…"

"Yes Lace! Now! Cum for me now!"

She did. The room spun, went black as her body gave way to the strength of the orgasm. Liquid flooded from her pussy, clit jumping and pulsing with the wave of the intensive release. He held her tight while she withered and screamed. While her climax was peaking he pulled the bullet out, picked her up and slid his hard cock inside her tight hot pussy. Furiously he fucked her hard against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist. He held her throat tight as he pumped in and out. He licked and bit on her ear, her neck. Digging deep with his nails he scratched along her chest, down further till he was pinching her hard pointy nipple. She screamed as another orgasm racked through her. Soaking his cock and balls. The fluid running off his sack, dripping onto his pants and shoes he still wore. He held her ass, spreading her legs so he could fuck her deeper. He was relentless. Pushing in deep, stabbing her cervix over and over with his head. He dug his fingernails into the tender flesh of her ass, she cried and squirmed beneath his exquisite treatment. He slapped her ass cheek. Light at first, then harder when she screamed and cried from the harsh pleasure. Grabbing the bullet that still vibrated at full speed he held it against her twitching clit. Another orgasm slammed into her so hard she lost her breath a couple seconds. She was going hoarse from all her vocal efforts. Still he held it in place despite all the thrashing and bucking she did.

Bracing her back with his arm he held the bullet in place and walked carrying her to the bed. The metal on metal clicking as the made their way to the bed. He laid her on the bed. His cock never leaving her pussy he braces her legs over his shoulders and drives deep. She screams digging her nails deep into his shoulders.

He slaps her hard on the ass. Grabbing her by the throat he looks her in the eyes. " Where are your hands supposed to be? Did I tell you to move them Lace!" The cruelty of his action was softened by the lust in his eyes. She obeyed as his fierce fucking continued without mercy. He drove into her time and again. Her nipples rubbed against the rough lace, sending shivers through her body. The leather corset stuck and clung to her wet skin. Leaning forward he braced his arms on the bed, forcing her knees to her shoulders. Picking up the tempo he drove harder and faster. She felt another orgasm building as his cock thickened and jerked. Moaning and gasping he grabbed a hand full of her hair, fisting hard. Driving in hard he filled her to the brim with every inch of him, growling he came hard. Filling her clenching pussy with his hot load. Lacey’s orgasm hit her just as he let loose his hot load. His hard cock jerking and pumping hot liquid inside her. She closed her eyes as the bed spun. She was on a cloud floating above them into the rainy night. He continued to move, relishing how her tight channel milked every ounce of his cum.

He collapsed on top of her, both of them struggling for precious air. Seconds passed into minutes. Euphoria engulfed them, choking out the world around them. Finally he rolled over onto his back. Bracing his head on his hands he closed his eyes. Their bodies relaxed, humming with relief they fell asleep. For hours, maybe minutes, she couldn’t tell.

A phone rang, dragging them from their blissful retreat. Getting up he retrieved his cell from pants. She sat up in the bed wrapping herself in the sheets and watched him talking. She couldn’t hear the conversation but the look on his face didn’t bode to well with her. He looked agitated, worried almost. Closing the cell he grabbed his clothes and walked around the bed to stand in front of her. Leaning forward he gently grabbed her chin. "I have to leave, something urgent requires my immediate attention. I wont be back tonight. I had a wonderful evening. You were phenomenal tonight and I have never been prouder." Leaning in he kisses her deeply, gentler then before. He retreats leaving her shivering in his wake. " The room is covered till tomorrow at eleven in the morning. You are welcome to stay. I left a twenty for your cab fair on the table by the door. I hope you enjoyed your night and your new clothes. You looked remarkable in them and I cant wait to see you in this again." He scanned her corseted body once again, approving arousal in their depths.

She blushed at his visual scrutiny. "Yes Sir I had the most wonderful evening ever. Every muscle hurts and I love it. Thank you Sir for the best night of my life." She giggled and he smiled. Laughing with her. Kissing her on the forehead he heads to the bathroom, dresses and leaves without another word.

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