Nothing fancy but appropriate for dinner. Stella was making some awful French course again, at least she is off of her Hungarian Cuisine kick.

Ming-Lee came through the front door and immediately stumbled dropping text books and loose papers all over the foyer's marble floor. I stooped to help her and spied Ming starring straight at my bare legs. I pretended not to notice as I helped her pick her school work up. I was even so brazen as to let my hand brush against her chest when putting a rather large book back in her arms for her.

Flustered and obviously quite embarrassed Ming ran upstairs to bathe and dress for dinner before Stella could scold her for being tardy. 40 minutes later she came back downstairs wearing a very striking red oriental dress, not too short but above the knee. It was not cheap or sleazy by any means, but it did hug every curve of her slim body. Ming had also let her hair down and retired the bamboo pins for the evening.

As she stood there in the early evening light I realized how exotic and beautiful she really was. her hair was long and jet black...almost touching her waist. Her skin was flawless, like a porcelain doll. I had never seen Ming wear cosmetics before but I noticed a hint of eye shadow and a red lip stain as striking as her dress. Even Stella complimented Ming on how wonderful she looked. "I didn't know you had that kind of woman in you child!" Stella proclaimed light heartedly while placing the platters laden with food on the long dining table. Ming simply smiled and bowed her head down.

We ate an uneventful dinner of which I hated every single bite. I don't know how the French can eat this stuff, give me a medium rare T-Bone and a baked potato any day. What is quiche anyway? Spinach moosh is what they should call it. I playfully flipped a broiled pea at Ming hitting her in the cheek. She giggled like a child and flung a cooked flat noodle at me in revenge. The slimy thing stuck right to my forehead! My jaw dropped open and we stared at each other.....then together we laughed so hard and long Stella just shook her head and cleared the table.

Ming and I continue to hold our sides and laugh while tears welled on our eyes. In her usual overbearing fashion Stella ejected us from the dining room and suggested we go upstairs where we could act like children behind closed doors. We did just that, running up the grand stairway like clumsy football players laughing the whole way up.

Feeling naughty and wanting to get in a whole mess of trouble I dragged Ming to my room to show her a secret. I asked her if she could keep a secret and she said she would never tell a soul. I locked my bedroom door and brought out a silver flask from under my bed ruffle. Jacob, the son of the head man at our stables, had given it to me yesterday afternoon explaining it was some of his Grandmother's peach brandy and it was about damn time I tried a drink or two.. I hadn't brought up the nerve to try it yet but I was feeling to close to Ming I thought we were better off getting into trouble together rather than separately.

I twisted off the cap and held the open bottle to my nose. It smelled wonderful! Almost like candy. I parted my lips and took my first sip....mmmmm it went down so smooth and tasted wonderful. It did have a bite at the end but nothing like Daddy's stinky old cognac. I handed it to Ming and she tipped her head back taking a really big drink! She stopped and looked at me, her cheeks were puffed out like chipmunks. I fell back on the bed laughing so hard I thought surely I would pee in my panties.

She swallowed and said, "That is so sweet! Like dessert.". Over the next ten minutes Ming and I finished the flask off, down to the last drop. We were feeling very silly and our legs were like rubber. It hit me again that I really had to go to the bathroom. Jumping off the bed I giggled, "Be right back Ming, I have to pee so God-awful bad!". I danced my way to the bathroom feeling great and loving the quirky feeling the peach brandy had given me. Ming said while I was doing that she was going to change into some night clothes and would be right back as well.

I knew what she was doing before my conscious mind could kick in. My bathroom is right across from the rug hanging on my wall. I knew she could see in there if I left the door open. I had never felt so wicked and dirty ever before in my life! As she left to change I walked into my bathroom trying to come up with a game plan. I stood with my back to the doorway and picked up my pearl handled hand mirror. I pretended to play with my hair while I was really watching the rug and the little hole next to it. Sure enough I saw a slight movement and knew she was watching me.

I lifted my dress and pulled my panties down to my ankles, then decided better of it and kicked them off completely.I was wearing no bra as the strappy dress prevented it leaving me completely naked save for the dress I had lifted over my chest. I decided to see if I could scare her, oh I was feeling so naughty!

I stepped forward to the toilet, knowing full well she would not re-enter my room without knocking....and also knowing she would not knock until my little show was over. I sat as one normally does but changed my mind. I stood straight up straddling the seat. I was facing the doorway and the hole in the wall but I never looked in the direction. I began to pee standing up while I held my dress up to my armpits. I really had to go so it came out fast and hard.

It trickled a bit down the insides of my thighs but I didn't care, that's what the bidet was for. I finished peeing and then straddled the bidet to clean myself up a bit. I wasn't clearly visible to her know so I took this time to really clean up. I don't know why but I kept having this feeling something big was going to happen and I wanted to be prepared.

I toweled off in plain view and pulled my dress back down, as expected there was a knock at my door and I told her to come in. Ming had changed into a tank top and panty set, both made of pale pink silk with dainty flowers dotting the fabric here and there. Feeling rather bold I exclaimed I had better change into something more comfy too as I now felt odd and over dressed.

I stepped into my closet being careful to leave the door open a crack and stripped my dress off. I stood there naked knowing I was partially visible and grabbed the first nightie I saw. Simple, short, sating and pink it was perfect. I was so giggle and rubbery feeling I almost fell over trying to get it on over my head!

I came out of the closet to find Ming jumping on my king size Victorian canopy bed and laughing very loudly. I joined her and the two of us held hands and jumped on the bed laughing till our side split for what seemed like forever. I dropped to a sitting position gasping for breath and feeling very dizzy.I was having a wonderful time. Ming continued to jump and giggle and actually started calling me a baby! As I looked up to her to defend myself I caught a brief glimpse of what was underneath Ming's top, that combined with her wearing nothing else but panties I had a very good idea of what her body looked like. Lean and sinewy.

She kept taunting me, my heart was pounding and I wasn't sure why. It could have been from the physical exertion or the tingling that was happening between my legs. Whatever the reason I lost control of myself and tackled her! I think she thought I was play wrestling but when I pinned her down and sat on top of her she knew I meant business. She struggled with suprising strength and proclaimed she "would never be taken alive" while laughing and snorting like a common tavern drunk.

I pulled her her hands over her head so I could pin them together using only one of my own hands. I was being very forceful but I was getting very excited. I was sitting on top of her and she wiggled and writhed like a stuck fish. I was not going to let her up. She bucked like a bronco and that's when I couldn't hold it any longer. I took my free hand and placed it around her throat. She froze. I bent down and put my mouth over hers. Her lips did nor part so I parted them with my tongue.

I felt her wet soft tongue welcome mine and her body movements returned. No longer was she bucking but moving her hips while spreading her legs wider. I knew what I wanted to do. I firmly told her not to move and opened my nightstand dresser and pulled out several pairs of stockings. I swiftly tied Ming to the four tall posters on the corners of my bed. Now that I think about it she did not struggle at all. I tore off my own clothes and stood there naked.

I took the scissors from my vanity table and cut her shirt off. I left her panties on but not without noticing a spot growing in the center. Ming never spoke a word, only breathed and moaned. I got on the bed and lay between her legs looking at the wet spot in her panties. I touched my finger to it and Ming jumped as though I electrocuted her. Her hips began thrusting and moving and she moaned even louder, when she spread her knees farther apart I knew what she wanted me to do.

I licked her through her panties, right where her wet spot was. Her whole body arched and she moaned loudly. I took the scissors and cut her panties off exposing her bare pussy. I don't know if shaving is customary in China, or if she just got the idea from spying on me, but I was happy to see she shaved her pubic hair as completely as I did. Just like the fine Roman paintings and sculptures I have always admired.

I licked her pussy lips and found them to be very wet and very sweet tasting. Ming-Lee tilted her pussy up to my face and huskily whispered "More, more!". I was burning between my legs and even though I didn't know what I was doing I knew I liked it and I wanted more. I explored every inch of her dripping pussy with my mouth and tongue. I slid it in her hole as far as I could while she humped and fucked at my face.

I sucked her swollen clit as I slid a finger into her hole. Her whole body started to shake and I knew what was happening, she was going to cum! i finger fucked her faster and sucked her clit harder and her whole body tensed up as she began to cum. "Oh yes, suck me harder!" she croaked as I did just that. My face was soaking wet and her pussy was swollen and dripping when her spasms subsided.

"Now me." is all I said as I sat on her chest again, this time facing the other way. I saw this in one of my Daddy's naked women magazine's and they called it a "69 position" or "dual cunnilingus" in my Mother's Kama Sutra book. Either way I liked the way it looked and have been wanting to try it for some time now.

I was shaking and tingling and wanted to cum very very badly. To this day I do not know what came over me but I was going to make Ming-Lee give me an orgasm. As she lay there spent and still drawn to all four bed posts I backed up and squat over her face. I waited for her to balk or complain but she did not. She stuck her tongue out and strained her head to try to reach my sopping pussy.

I could stand it no longer, I sat down and ground my bare pussy into her face and mouth. I rocked back and forth every few seconds letting up so she could breathe. I could hear her slopping and sucking at my cunt and I fucked her face even harder. I sat on my heels and reached around to spread myself for her. I commanded her to stick her tongue straight out. I sat down letting her tongue slide into my tight little ass. I had never felt anything like that! I scooted forward so her tongue was in my pussy and her nose fucking my ass. I was soaking her cheeks and I was going to cum.

"Suck my pussy hole now!" I choked as I felt it start. I began to shake and then the first waves hit. I started sliding my wet cunt all around her face as I clenched up and began to cum. She slid her tongue out and licked everywhere she could reach. I came on her face soaking her even more. It ran down here cheeks and her neck even reaching her hair. She slurped and sucked both of my holes making me feel dizzy and weak.

After a brief rest I got up and untied her. "Mmmm, where can we get more candy wine?" Ming asked me as she washed her face in the bathroom. "Not too far from here as a matter of fact. I know a cute boy that has some right now.". "What are we waiting for?" Ming asked as she looked around for something to put on. I offered her a sweater and a pair of jeans that fit her nicely. I dressed similarly and downstairs we went.

We walked across the back courtyard hand in hand whispering and giggling like the schoolgirls we were. I knew Jacob would be there getting the next mornings feed ready. Would he be ready for us? ......


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