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I usually take my showers in the evening. I have my own bath so I can do so at a leisurely pace. That way I can be a little personal with myself. I got some soap that wouldn't harm me if it happen to get in a little far in some orifice so I could be reckless in a slow way while washing. It is amazing how much some parts need to be rubbed carefully with my fingertips so they get nice and clean and then rinsing takes the same kind of slow care. I kind of like it when it makes me hornier too.

I was just finishing soaping up a little so my fingers would glide along smoothly and was slipping down past my patch of pubes towards my clit when mom opened the door and said, "Mind if I take a shower with you? Mine is ok and working great. I just thought we could shower together."

I almost turned around so she couldn't see that much of me but didn't. I've seen mom nude before when I was much younger and she was changing and she's seen me many times. I hoped she thought I was washing rather than rubbing down between my legs.

"Sure mom. What brought this on?"

"I don't really know. Just a thought."

Mom was starkers. She came in and got some of my special soap which she didn't know was special soap but it was the only soap I kept in the bathroom. There was plenty of room. The shower head was a rain type large square thingy on the ceiling so you could step aside and back under when needed. Mom soaped up and started. We rubbed occasionally but didn't elbow each other to death. Mom washed my back and down on my buns too. She did push in my butt crack a little but not that much so I did her the same when I washed her back. She opened her legs when I got low. Probably a normal reaction with dad when they showered together.

It was surprisingly good and kind of sexy. When she opened her legs my fingers slipped right down in her butt crack and I felt the bottom. I don't know if I got her butt button but I was at about the right place. She did squeeze her butt on me. Once our boobs got together and our nipples rubbed around. I got a little more horny and wanted it to go on a little longer but we finished up and she said 'thanks' smiling the whole time. She obviously enjoyed herself, so did I.

She said, "If you don't mind I'll stop in again."

"Sure mom," I said. "Anytime at all."

Mom and I have about the same figure and height. She's not slim and I'm not either and neither one of us is large. She calls it baby fat we never lost. At least we do have indented waists so we aren't overweight. Mom is 44 and pretty spry. I'm almost 19 and I do exercise on the bike and treadmill. Well, me and dad mostly and that way we get to talk a lot. Dad's a sweetie. He's very personable and talks my language. He keeps up with word changes because he works in advertising so it's easy for him to understand me.

Over the next few days Dad didn't mention mom and me showering together so I didn't either. It was up to mom to mention it to him if she wanted. Mom showed up to shower with me less than a week later. When she came in she flicked the light switch from high to low. It was more subtle and seemed more private when the lights in the shower were on low. I do that a lot. We washed each other about like before. It seemed more personal with the lights low and her fingers seemed to go slower and I guess mine did too.

I'm sure I got her butt button when she opened her legs this time. I felt the irregular circle and dip inward and I got down pretty low and felt a change in skin so I got her ridges but retracted quickly. What I really liked was when she finished up with my buns she reached both hands around and soaped my boobs and nipples with her hips pushed against my buns. That was a few moments to be relished and I did. I was starting to feel horny thinking about our showers.

I started to wear a few sexy duds when dad and I were exercising like some split leg short shorts that offered a shot up the inside of my thighs to my crotch and some tight leggings type pants that pulled into my butt crack and tight in my crotch. To me it was a wonderfully sexy atmosphere around the house. Sometimes I stopped wearing pants and found ways to rub around when nobody was looking. Dad never mentioned a thing about me wearing revealing clothes.

He once said, "You see outlines of me in my pants, no reason you can't show outlines in yours."

It took a while to get used to letting it all hang out but we finally quit worrying about it. I think he wore tighter paints for me since I gave him some excellent outlines of my crotch and with my thighs opened up too. Sometimes he was a little more prominent. It was an 'ah hah' moment. Lying on my back pumping small weights up with my legs on either side of the bench with dad riding the bicycle pointed my way and watching me pump my hips up every time I lifted got to be a habit so I started lifting at a slower rate, pumping my hips seductively. No mistaking the speed. We seemed to ignore each other on purpose.

The next time mom came over to shower with me she flicked the lights low again and we chatted and soaped and started washing or more like rubbing. Mom was starting on the top of my back and said, "Peggy, I thought you might enjoy a little more personal attention than normal and that's why I started showering with you. If it's having the right effect would you mind if we did a little more?"

Ahh. That was it. I thought about it and said, "I do enjoy the attention. I wouldn't mind giving it a try if you'd like."

I had no idea what she had in mind but I couldn't just say no. How bad could it be and it may be way good. She kept rubbing the top of my back and I was washing my stomach and boobs and hips. She went on down to my lower back and eased herself around to my side so I was edge on to her. Her mons was right into my hip. Her fingers started down my buns and butt crack and I felt her other hand curl over to my pubes. She went in my butt crack with a single finger and her hand in front went down over my clit towards my pussy.

I opened my legs a little. Her finger in back found my butt button and she started rubbing it around and around while doing the same with my pussy, not hard or fast. The heel of her hand rubbing my clit. After a while she started pushing at my butt button and her fingers got on my clit and started a more meaningful massage. One she knows how to do. Being nude and wet in a shower with another nude woman was a pretty erotic event. My pussy got in the mood and started squeezing and my butt started feeling very good and my clit was ramping up pretty fast.

I already peed before I got in the shower but I started feeling a little bit helpless and just as an orgasm let go I peed a little again from squeezing and mom slipping a finger just barely in my butt button with her fingers on my clit. I don't think she knew I peed and the shower water covered it anyway. She was relentless. She kept it up until I was done and I couldn't stand it anymore. I remember making some kind of sounds but didn't care. I felt like I was rode hard and put away wet.

Mom was around in front of me by then with her arms around my waist and mine around her neck. She had her mons against mine and our boobs were squashed together. We held on to each other like that for a little while and slowly let go. It was one of the best orgasms I've had lately. She gave me a sexy kiss right on the lips and we finished up. I lay in bed for the longest time with my fingers active between my legs thinking about that orgasm. I had another and it was a good one too. Maybe that was what she was doing, helping.

Five days later she showered with me again. Normal washing like the first one. When we were about done she said, "How about you dry me really good all over and I dry you good all over? When we get nice and dry we can jump in your bed for a little while. See if we can find something to do."

I really didn't want to turn down orgasms from mom. She obviously knows how to do stuff so I said, "I'd like that. What about dad? Won't he wonder where you are?"

"Serge knows where I'm at."

"Does he know what we're doing?"

"Sure, I thought he might like to enjoy thinking about it. It'll make him horny for me, or us."

Then she giggled like a little girl. When we got to my bedroom her gown was on one of the chairs and her cell phone was on the table next to it. We got in bed and started hugging and rubbing breasts and legs and just everything. It was very sensuous. Mom was taking me for a sexual ride. She said, "How would you like to have some very mild intercourse?"

That was very surprising because mom knew I hadn't had intercourse. I didn't have any dildos or anything like that, just a small silver bullet for my clit. She did say very mild and we both seemed really ready for some good sex so I was quiet for a moment then said, "I do feel like doing something. We could give it a try."

She said, "Lube?"

I reached in my bedside table and gave her my small tub of petjel. She turned me over on my stomach and slipped a pillow under me down low and spread my legs. I soon felt her fingering me with the lube. Right in my vagina. She was actually going to do some intercourse on me. I really wasn't all that sure about this but didn't want to tell her no so I kept quiet. She slipped on top and we adjusted some. I was sure open but she didn't have a dick so I was wondering about this. She thrust her hips into my buns a few times and that alone was thrilling, very sexual.

She said, "Ok, here we go."

She started a slow thrust and then I felt her slipping her hand down between us to my pussy and a finger went in and out with her thrusts. I guess it was a little intercourse after all. After a few times she used two fingers and it felt a lot better. Actually her fingers were going in fairly far. It was very, very satisfying. She was kissing around on my neck and her hips thrusting into my buns were spreading them each time. Then she started using three fingers and it got really good.

I started thrusting backwards when her fingers went in and felt her hand jamming into my ridges and my clit got activated and going. No question about it, I was getting mini fucked. All of my modesty disappeared and I went with it. I fucked the pillow and mom's fingers coming and going. All my nerves were getting jammed and spread then retreating. I held off as long as I could and at the last possible second I said, "MOM!"

She didn't stop. My orgasm just exploded and I felt like I was twerking my mom. She mini fucked me straight through it and slowed down when I did then stopped. She slipped off and I turned over and got the pillow out and grabbed her around the neck and held on. My hips were almost spent. She rubbed me down my side and up and down my back. I finally recovered and could talk normally.

"Are you going to tell dad about this?"

"I was but not if you don't want. We tell each other everything so there's no surprises."

"Well he never mentions anything about this stuff so if you want it's good. I just don't want to be embarrassed."

"Perish the thought. That's something I don't think he would ever do. He keeps things like this super private except from me and I do the same for him. Peggy, is this too much? Invading your privacy like this and all the sex. I thought you might enjoy a change and a bit of extra enjoyment. There can be more if you'd like. If it's a bit over the edge just say so. Ok?"

"It's fine mom. Life is strange for all of us right now. Might as well have a good time. Thanks for caring."

Mom went to bed and I went to sleep.

When Cheryl went to bed she snuggled up against Serge. He was usually anxious to hear of her exploits with Peggy. Some were cute and some were fun and some were erotic and got him hard. She described in detail giving Peggy a little intercourse while she was on her stomach. Serge got excited at that. Peggy could tell because she had a hand around his dick.

She held up her cell phone and said, "She's very sexy. I got this before I got on."

Serge looked and there was a clear sharp picture between Peggy's opened legs showing her butt up higher and wide open and her ridges spread out with her wet pussy open and waiting. He squeezed his dick muscles and pushed himself up higher.

Cheryl said, "That's unmistakable. You were pushing in our daughter weren't you? Let's fuck. You can think about Peggy and her sweet pussy."

She knew Serge usually started going down her butt crack then curling up under her clit before slowly and teasingly moving down to her pussy. She knew he would be thinking about Peggy the whole time after seeing the picture. It went just like she thought it would and Cheryl thinking of his dick in Peggy made her orgasm much, much better.

Mom came over twice more in the next 10 days or so and we did about the same. She turned herself loose on my boobs and nipples the second time and that was an adventure right there. Sucking on a boob and fingering my clit at the same time. I almost peed some again. I vowed not to drink anything a couple of hours before my shower for a while. Three days went by then everything changed around.

I was in the shower with the lights on low. Mom got me used to that and I liked it that way. I was just getting warmer from the water and starting to soap and dads' voice said, "Peggy."

I jerked around and no dad. He was outside. I said, "I'm in the shower dad."

"I know," he said. "Mom decided to go to sleep early. She's just a little tired from gardening. She suggested I should see if you'd like to shower with me instead so I thought I would ask."

My brain went into hibernation right there. I was stumped. Mom suggested it and he's here so I really didn't want to run him off. I said, "If you would like I wouldn't mind. Sure."

"There's one other thing. On the way over I got hard and it won't go down. I don't know why. I suppose it's obvious why so ignore that statement. Would it still be ok?"

"Sure dad. I won't freak out or anything. Come on in."

The door opened and in came a totally nude dad with his dick sticking out and maybe up a little. He was truly excited. I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was like some human sword sticking out with a blunt tip. It was quite long and a little fat. I couldn't tell if he was circumcised or not and mom has never said. There was no foreskin on top. It was streamlined with a few ripples up and down. The head was something else. It was mesmerizing. It wouldn't stay still enough for me to get a good look.

Dad looked at me for a moment and said, "I suppose we should ogle each other so we're more comfortable being nude."

He held out his arms a little and slowly turned around giving me a good look. His butt was slim and seemed muscular and his waist was not quite straight down. I really liked dad's butt. He had a slightly indented waist like mom and me. His hips seemed to point down to his dick. It was now higher than it was coming in the door and I could easily see his balls hanging down. I almost reached for them. He did have foreskin. It was jammed under the head. He smiled the whole time. Finally he let his arms down and waited.

I lifted my arms slightly and breathed my boobs up and slowly turned around being sure to open my legs without it being too obvious. I had a pretty big vulva and my ridges were like a couple of mountain ridges and ran down a ways. There was a lot to play with. He couldn't see my pussy but my pubes patch and bare from there down probably got his dick up high. When I finished turning around he said 'thank you' and stepped under the water and reached for a bar of my soap.

I turned around and ran my hip right into his dick. I said, "Sorry."

He smiled and said, "That'll happen all the time showering together. You won't hurt me."

With that he shoved his dick one way then the other a few times. We both laughed at his antics and kept soaping. Being nude in the shower with dad with him being hard was academic. I wasn't thinking high sex thoughts with dad. It was erotic for sure but still. We were wet and out from under the water.

Dad said, "Cheryl says I'm supposed to wash your back and buns and slowly get you excited. Get me excited too but that's already happened. If you don't want to that's ok and do you want me to do it like mom described it or do it more from a male perspective. She already said you had some rip snorting orgasms so I'm kind of under the gun here to match her. Whatever you'd like."

I hadn't considered that. If he's going to give me orgasms then it isn't going to be academic, it's going to be sex. When you have a hard dick level with a pussy it isn't all that easy to keep them apart I would think. Who would want to. I really didn't want to deny dad anything but it wasn't him instigating it, it was mom, but I almost understood. I wasn't afraid of sex, I just hadn't yet. I probably should have fucked Henley when he wanted to. All dad is talking about is orgasms.

I said, "Orgasms are us. I guess you have your methods so let's do yours. I'm sort of new at interplay. Sometimes could you describe how you have sex with mom? What you do and what it feels like. What the first time with her was like. Whatever you'd like to say."

Dad was quiet and didn't answer any of that. It was ok. He was thinking about it. We were soaping up and he started on my back. He went slow and worked around my sides to the side of my boobs and back then down towards my butt. When one finger started down in my crack I opened my legs a bit. He got near the bottom and spread both hands out on my buns and rubbed me thoroughly. I felt his fingers hit my ridges several times. He wasn't shy with me. He moved around to my side like mom did and his dick wound up sticking out across the front of my vulva down low while he fingered my butt button.

He got his fingers down between my thighs at my pussy and fingered me while letting his dick get under his palm which pressed it right into my ridges and clit then he started thrusting it over and back. He was curled more around in front of me now but not full on. I let a hand slide down and got his dick where it came out of his body and let him thrust through my fingers. We stayed in place and that went on for a long time. I had my eyes closed then he kissed me. He thrust his tongue between my lips every time he pushed his finger up my pussy.

He was getting a finger in my butt at the same time and I let all my muscles go and let it happen. He bent over and got one of my nipples with his lips and I started thrusting up into his finger. His palm kept shoving his dick head against my clit. Dad was working almost every critical sex place I had at the same time. He eased us under the warm water coming down and that put me over the edge.

He started thrusting faster across my clit and I got out some sounds and had a long orgasm because he kept going and he grunted and jerked his dick back and forth and we finally slowed down and let the water wash us. I wasn't totally sure but I think my dad had an orgasm in my shower while fingering my butt and my pussy and kissing and sucking on my nipples while I was holding his dick when he was thrusting it over my clit. I didn't get to see his semen flushing down the drain but I wouldn't have gotten pregnant. There had to be something very serene about all this but I wasn't sure what it was.

Dad said, "How was that? I guess mom's directions were ok."

I put my arms around his neck and let his reclining dick nestle between my legs. No way was that by mom's directions. Dad does it differently.

He said, "I'm not supposed to do that until the third or fourth shower but I figure she already broke you in so why not. I might as well try for the later instructions. Wanna dry each other off and climb in bed and snuggle? I hear a guy can get hard again after snuggling. Mom told me about giving you some mini intercourse. I thought you might like to feel what a hard dick is like against your vagina door. I could knock a couple of times or ring the bell or sit on the porch and watch. There are all kinds of things we can do and all kinds of things we can talk about and not do."

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