Yes, rear entry is great, and it's essential for a sissy to be taken that way from time to time, from behind like other female animals as the bitch she is. Other positions have advantages too. But missionary position for mating with men is the favorite of Julie and many other sissies. Yes, porn sites often show sissies mounted from behind, but that's more a gay thing than a sissy thing.

  1. Missionary position is the traditional position for marital copulation. Sissies are prefeminist women, and dream of a committed long-term relationship with a man that might lead to marriage. Mating face to face is what committed couples do to reinforce their bond.
  2. When a sissy lies on her back and raises and spreads her legs to expose her naked pussy to a man, it is the ultimate sign of sexual surrender. It is an unmistakable offering of her pussy for a man's use.
  3. Missionary position has many variations depending on how far back the sissy bends her legs, the height of her pussy above the supporting surface, whether the man is kneeling, standing, squatting, or lying on top, and so on. So it shouldn't be boring.
  4. Most people sleep on their backs. Thus missionary position is natural mating position for sissies when they sleep with a man, both before they go to sleep and when they wake up in the morning.
  5. A sissy mating in missionary position can embrace her man by wrapping her arms and legs around him to show him she belongs to him and is there for his needs.
  6. Many people orgasm better with legs and arms extended and hips and knees straight. The sissy can raise her legs with knees straight ("to heaven" as they say in classic erotic works), but straightening the legs is easier for the man in missionary position since he can support himself on just his arms and feet as he leverages his body, thrusts deep into the sissy, and spurts his seed in a whole-body orgasm. Steel-toed boots are great for this, one advantage of construction workers.
  7. Most sissies masturbate with dildos to train their pussies to associate penetration and thrusting with their orgasms, whether ordered to or not. Lying down with their legs bent is one of the easiest positions to masturbate and thrust at the same time. This position is close to missionary position, and orgasming in it trains the sissy's body to associate the position with deep sexual pleasure.
  8. The man can see his sissy's face closely in missionary position. He can see the effects of his every stroke in her expressions and grimaces as well as in her whimpers and moans (and Julie, like most sissies, is quite responsive). For most men it is boost to their ego to see how much sexual pleasure they can give someone, and especially for married men for whom sex with the wife is routine.
  9. A man leaning over the sissy lying on her back gets a good view of the sissy's makeup, which helps him see her as a female that is trying to be attractive for him. Julie particularly likes wearing eye shadow during copulation because sexually aroused females tend to narrow their eyes and show off their engorged lids. Mascara and blush also can be too subtle at conversational distances and can look better in closeup. And with a sissy's feet up, the man can admire her painted toenails.
  10. In turn, the sissy can see her man's face and see what her pussy is doing for him, and it makes her deeply happy to please her lover. His facial expressions at the moment of his climax in particular are intensely erotic for sissies. They give her strong feelings of fulfillment, especially if he has inseminated her bareback. As submissive females, sissies want so much to sexually satisfy their men. Seeing his face during his orgasm makes her feel all warm inside.
  11. The sissy may be able to see her man thrusting into her in missionary position, unlike in many other popular positions, and may be able to see his cock too depending on the variant. Sissies are fery aroused at the sight of dominant male thrusting.
  12. The man can kiss the sissy as they mate in missionary position, something difficult in the rear-entry positions. Most sissies enjoy plenty of kissing because it says a man loves them, and it stimulates the receptacle with which they warm up their man's cock. Open-mouth kissing during mating is a special thrill since his tongue in her mouth means penetration in two orifices at once.
  13. Sissies like to mate with most of their clothes on since clothes are important to their femininity. Most clothes are best viewed from the front, and in missionary position the man can enjoy them from that perspective. In addition, buttons and fasteners are more often in front and the man can unfasten the sissy as necessary, use her, fasten her back up again, and send her on her way with no external signs of her use other than a dazed look in her eyes. This is desirable in a semi-public setting like an office where the man is the boss and the sissy is his employee. Julie is happy to see that button-front dresses are coming back into fashion.
  14. Most sissies are like Julie and have an inner clitty on the upper wall of their pussy when they lie on their backs. Many men's cocks curve upward, and during mating in missionary position such cocks rub well against the sissy's inner clitty, helping her to orgasm anally or semi-anally, a desirable goal of intercourse with a sissy.
  15. The man gets a good view of the sissy's outer clitty in missionary position, and can observe its reactions, and, if generous, may choose to play with it to try to give her an orgasm. If on the other hand her man prefers that she not orgasm, or if he has chastised her to prevent it, he can enjoy her while knowing that there is no question who has the cock in their relationship, who penetrates whom, and who usually orgasms.
  16. Many sissies like Julie love wearing stockings during mating. In missionary position, the man can fondle and admire her stockings while holding her legs at his preferred height and degree of spread. Better yet, the sissy can wrap her stockinged legs around her man, or put them over his shoulders, and give him the special slippery feel of nylon against his skin as they mate, and show him how sissies are special since genetic girls don't wear stockings much anymore.
  17. Missionary position is referred to by sexologists as a "male-superior" position because the male is above the female. But all us sissies are submissives who consider males as sexually superior too: He should decide when, where, and how we mate.
  18. Missionary position is well suited for restraint of the sissy even without bondage, either by holding her down with the weight of her man's body, holding her elevated legs tightly, or pinning her arms at her sides or over her head. By doing so, a dominant man makes it clear to the sissy that she has no choice about taking his cock, and she isn't going anywhere until he has decided he is through with her. If the man has chosen to copulate bare with her, there is an added thrill for the sissy of knowing that she will probably take his seed whether she wants it or not.
  19. If a dominant man wants to impose more serious bondage on a sissy in missionary position, gynecological tables provide ideas about how stirrups can elevate and spread a sissy's legs while she lies on her back, allowing her to maintain missionary position for long mountings, though a sissy's legs need to be back further than a genetic woman's. Restraints can be tied or locked around a sissy's legs to fasten her to the stirrups, her waist can be tied to the table, and her arms can be tied over her head so she's not going anywhere. Stirrups can be improvised in several ways, or spreader bars used on her ankles, or ropes can be tied to her ankles to pull up her legs to get the same effect. The bondage leaves her pussy and outer clitty unprotected from manipulation and abuse. Sissies are natural role players, and this kind of bondage works well in medical, blackmail, defloration, and gang-bang scenes. Bondage is also useful if a sissy has shown reluctance regarding men of certain races, ages, or body types, as the dominant can arrange to mate her with members of that type while the sissy sees exactly who is ravishing her without being able to do anything about it, learning that her holes must be available freely to all men.
  20. After her man's orgasm, a sissy can comfortably remain in missionary position for a while. The man can lie on her, and kiss and hug her while they are still sexually united, to thank her for being a good bitch for him. Once the man withdraws, he may be able to admire a nice anal gape for a while, and see the just-fucked look in her face. If he has inseminated her, he may be able to see his seed leaking out, always a satisfying confirmation of his masculinity and her sissyhood. Then she can remain on her back for a few hours to absorb his seed like a good bitch, which will include a little testosterone to make her a little more horny tomorrow.
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