We kiss as if there is no tomorrow. Your womanly lips can heal mother Africa with one sweet blessed touch.Hold me tight my love.Do you feel the Eco system of nature traveling through raging waters breaking through your rocks of suppressed inhibition. Lay back baby it is time,I caress her hand as if she is preparing for birth,Yes the birth of a Orgasm, It is said do the fear and the traditional man that they don't venture in such waters. That will be know more my love for a new age of the Darklover.

I lay my queen down in the hot arid environment and my hands pace her leg chambers open as I enter the hot musty fumes of her erotic jungle, I scale my hands down the tender walls of her theigh's feeling the lake currents traveling through to the grand lake that contains the wild fiesty Afrocuntis vaginal fish. Now I must comb through the black fur terrain with gentle precision folding each black bush gliding my hands down the landscape only to now enter the opening to rapid Congo river.

I see a small canoe and hop right in, The mist of her river splashing like a cool breeze across my face,as the rapids twirl and flip me,she truely is wet and wild today,Her river had a deep intoxicating smell the fueled the fire in my blood stream.My finger paddled and paddled with virgorous ferocity.Driving my canoe in different directions.

I cast my pole into the lubercating waters with my saliva tounge bait,and flung it high and deep and in seconds a powerful contracting PC bite.It turmoils my line as it rumbles with my jaw muscles to keep it in tact but I can't and that's what I want the wildest top of the line Filets. With more man force I whip the line and suck and suck it onto my mouth canoe. With great victory I raise The Afrocuntis Filet.I will feast tonight.

Heading back to her soft lands I rest myself,licking my lips at the meal to savior. I just can't wait, but first let me pick some or black berrys from her tree's to add spice to the meal, now with some blackman pepper heat my meal is so ready.The Afrocuntis pussy smells divine and oh so fine. I spit her pussy with my tounge down the middle to get to the meat, I suck on her brown velvet vulvar skin laced out side the tender meat. I suck it and peel it back till it stays spiked up and open.

I then squeeze the outer vulvar lips, to mix up the raw pink flesh,as my tounge dives hard and deep into her vagina, my finger pokes in and out to scoop the crevis of pink goodness into my mouth,Her Lubercation soothes my black skin texture and her ripened healthy bacteria boosted my immune system and caused my erection to grow and fester.

My hands spank the black vaginal meat with power taps as it squirts more and more juices, her orgasmic fatty acids oils aided my nutrients,and caused me to eat that wet pussy more and more,so delicous so good,her hips buck as she gets tounge fucked. Then I make my way under the hood and stroke the muscle like clitoris,stroking and stimulating stroking and stimulating,what keeps happening the taste makes suck and slirps harder,my queen and twirls uncontrollable,make me fucking cum my Darklover: muching and gently crunching. Yes no's and stops,not until you fucking pop. I shake up her vaginal meat. Then I feel a rupture cumming as I pressed more and more for it,The love and hate look on her face told me I enter a point of no return and this was only the begining,cum cum my Black delicous slut cum for your big black lover

The cream emerges from the hood and I blend the blackerry juice with the mother milk cream.OhhhHHH Fuckkkkfuch shit I'm coming baby and ahahahah juices explode in my mouth with a fruit milk texture,black berry yogurt mix,oh shit that pussy was wonderful as he smooth downs her release.He eats up the rest like a champ.She knows her king and would her Filet to him when he liked. So good wonderful black pussy never the same.For my first was here and now I settle into my adult homes.I love you my black queen.

Now cum smother face with your pink blackish flesh,lay on top baby and rock and rock your powerful woman hips away,let your syrup fall deep down my throat till it heals my stomach pains,flaps of that juicy ass engulfed my face,slapping against my facial beef,plopping up and down griding that black heaven pussy into my lips.I pushed her up and told her u better fucking implant your your taste into the fibers of my mouth, then I blew smoke up her pussy magical smoke.

Now on all fours like a well built stallion.Let my nose sniff around your body beef. Then smother my face in your fresh nasty ass deep into your pussy,making this my personal territory.

slashing my tounge like a wild animal getting to that black nectar,she cums again bucking back.she lays down with me over her back, saying how much I love her and whispering that I have something big for your lips,my Black Queen-Darklover

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