My name is irrelevant. I am never addressed by name online. I am a fuck toy for a handful of female Dominants online. They all are different in their own ways, but one thing they have in common is that they enjoy using and degrading me.

I am 5’5, with blue eyes, and medium length reddish brown hair. I have 48DD sized-tits that are completely real. I am in no way skinny. My belly is fat, and my ass is round.

My cunt is shaved smooth. It has been since I was about fourteen. That was twelve years ago. I am twenty-six now, and I still have no desire to have a patch of fur between my legs. That’s real women’s liberation. I don't want it, so I don't have to have it.

My desire to be degraded and humiliated has nothing to do with any self-loathing on my part. It is just… something I crave. It’s something that gets me off and makes my panties wet. It may have taken some time to accept that because it seems taboo, but I am what I am, and that’s okay with me.

I have always enjoyed being used by other women online, long before I turned eighteen I liked other girls to tell me what to do sexually. I always seemed to want to spread my legs for other girls who were bossy. It made me horny.

After I turned eighteen, I found myself drawn to older women… in their thirties, forties… there were even a few women in their fifties that enjoyed younger women.

Over the years, my buddy list on my chat messenger has been edited, but I do currently speak with a number of women on a regular basis, most of whom I’ve been talking to for over a year or so, although a couple are newer. It has long since been established that I am submissive lesbian – as far as my sex life goes – who isn’t looking for a serious relationship, but I will gladly spread my legs for those who I find to be compatible in the sexual aspect of my life.

My exploits vary in setting – public or private. I do enjoy the looks I get when I go out while dressed indecently, and it usually results in having to rub my pussy in the car while I drive home until I can fuck myself properly.

I will say now, that every situation in my life has been consensual, even if it falls under the category of deviance according to society’s standards. But fuck them. They probably aren’t getting laid.

My Mistresses call me many different degrading names.

Slut, bitch, fat whore, cow, cow slut, pig or piggy, pig-slut, udder slut, cow whore, pee slut, piss whore, fatty, submissive slut cunt, pussy slut,
fuck toy…

My large breasts are referred to as udders, fat bags, cow tits, teats, milkless fat sacs, jugs, melons… I’m sure there are more. Some of them require that my udders are tied in my scarves, making them feel swollen and heavy.

One of my Mistresses told me to buy breast enlarging pumps for my udders so I can get on all fours and pretend to milk myself like a real cow. I have to moo for her while I fuck my pussy on my hands and knees.

I have a few Mistresses that insist that I call them ‘Mommy’ or ‘Mama’.

One Mommy is nicer than the other two. I take pictures for her or get on my webcam and let her degrade me. Sometimes she makes me beg her to wet my panties like a dirty little girl. And then, after I do, I suck my wet panties dry while I beat my pussy with a hairbrush or a wooden spoon. She is not as cruel, even while telling me what a fat dirty bitch I am. She makes me soak my panties with cum. She tell me what a good fat cow I am for her, and makes me whine while I rub my clit, and say how much I like being used by her and pleasing her so she can cum.

There is a lesbian couple that have me call them ‘Mommy and Mama’ – they are both over ten years older than me – and they are very strict with me during our sessions. I am to only wear tight little panties like a good girl for them. That is all I am allowed to wear when I talk to them.
They call me their dirty little fat girl slut. I spend my time on all fours while I talk to them.

They also force me to be their piss-whore. I have to pee myself while I tell them how much I want them to pee in my mouth while they beat my fat girl pussy. They call me their dirty ‘piss princess’, or they make me tell them that I am their fat, submissive incest slut, or lesbo whore.
They tell me that I am lucky that such beautiful women will use me because I am such a fat cunt. I tell them thank you and that I love them.

Occasionally, they have people over and they show their friends pictures of me and let them degrade me as well.
Today I have been used twice on my webcam.

I am currently sitting at my desk in a pair of my old jeans that are now way too tight. I can’t even zip them. And I am wearing a skin colored, lacy camisole along with a silk pair of small panties, and my udders are tied up.

I am rocking my cunt against the chair, dripping wet in my panties from being used.

I love being used like the slut I am, and it pleases me to please my Mistresses.

It pleases them to make me behave like a whore.

And my pussy gets soaked, my nipples tighten, and all I want is to hump something hard…

I think I’m going to use my vibrator now…


If you want to hear more, let me know.

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