1. Online Auction

Chloe woke after only a few hours of sleep, she had been sleeping for weeks so her body was rested, she had been worn out from Ben's fucking her after she awoke from her coma. She was in her Master's bed and Ben was lying on his back, his mouth open, snoring loudly. Chloe noticed his erection and slid under the covers to wake him with her normal morning fellatio. She wanted it to be extra special for him, jealous of his attention and fondness of his new temporary slave Alexis. She licked, sucked and swallowed with renewed fervor and purpose hoping he would enjoy it and forget all about what's her name. She heard him moan with pleasure and he threw back the covers to look down at her as she took him deep into her throat. Ben couldn't even speak, he was overcome with the sensations and shot his load straight down her lovely throat.

"Aaaaah, I missed this," Ben said after he finished ejaculating, stroking Chloe's hair as she came up for air. She cleaned him and brought him back to full hardness. She took him back into her throat as if trying to get him off a second time.

"Someone's eager this morning."

"Yes Master."

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

"Permission, Master."

"Climb aboard and get your own, slave."

"Thank you Master," Chloe said as she sunk down onto his fully erect member, moaning with pleasure as it filled her channel. It didn't take her long, she only bounced up and down a few times before she came, moaning and crying out with bliss as her orgasm blossomed. She collapsed onto his chest and kissed his neck and jaw as she came down from her climax. "Thank you Master, it's so good to be back with you. I think my pussy might have shrunk a little, not having been used by your huge cock, Master."

"It does feel a bit tighter than normal," Ben said as he began thrusting into her, the silky folds of her tight tunnel felt so heavenly and he was nearing another climax when Chloe collapsed onto him. She sat up and began to ride him, lifting herself up and dropping down onto his massive member.

"Oh god Master, are you sure you haven't gotten bigger?"

"I don't think so, but I haven't measured in a few weeks."

"Aaaahhhhh, ooooohhhhhhhh, I'm cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggg," Chloe cried as she reached another blissful climax, drawing out Ben's second orgasm of the morning as he sprayed her insides with his seed. She collapsed onto his chest again and Ben kissed her softly in the afterglow of their coitus. "Thank you Master."

"You're very welcome my beautiful slave, I'm beyond ecstatic to have you back," Ben said as he hugged her tightly and Chloe snuggled into his warmth, hugging him also. She was back where she belonged, she was home. As Ben's softening cock slid out of her, Chloe slid down and cleaned his organ of their combined juices, licking and sucking him clean. Ben climbed out of bed and plodded off to the bathroom to relieve himself.

"Do you need to go?"

"I don't know, maybe, Master."

"I'll come get you in a minute," Ben said as he washed his hands. He walked back into the bedroom, his cock still half hard and released Chloe's collar from the chain. She gave his cock a playful squeeze before going into the bathroom and plopping down on the toilet. She was able to pee, but not very much and assumed she was still a bit dehydrated, though her pussy was not dry and she certainly felt able to go again if Ben was, his half erect cock after two orgasms suggested he might be. She wiped herself and washed her hands before heading back to the bedroom.

"Kira's cooking brunch, go see if you can help her."

"Yes Master," Chloe responded, though she really wanted to go back to bed with Ben, she knew she also needed to eat and went to the kitchen to find Kira cooking scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and French toast.

"Good morning, or should I say, good afternoon, sleepy," Kira greeted Chloe with a smile and then a hug before turning back to her cooking.

"Is there something I can do to help?"

"Sure, you can start the coffee maker and set the table, I'll heat some water so you can have tea."

"Thanks Kira," Chloe said as she set about doing the tasks she was given. Soon she sat in her normal chair, feeling rather tired, looking at Kira, nearly a mirror image of herself.

"Feeling a little tired, Chloe?"

"Yes, Kira, I'm not sure why."

"The doctor said you probably would for a few days."

"I can't get over how hot you are."

"I look just like you, of course I'm hot, and so are you."

"Thanks Kira, I never thought of myself as being hot, just my big tits that men seemed to love, but seeing you, looking so much like me, I now understand why it was so easy for me to pick up men."

"I didn't, but that was because I didn't wear makeup very much and I certainly didn't wear tight fitting clothes. When I first got my big boobs, I was wrapping them in bindings to hide them because my tops didn't fit anymore, or if they did, they were so tight. That comes from my Mom, she didn't want me to show off my hot body to anyone, she said a boy should like you for your face and your mind, pffftt, yeah right, like she never showed off her body. I've seen some of their old pictures, she showed off her tits as best she could in the tops and dresses she wore."

"Good morning, Kira," Ben said as he came up from the basement with Alexis on a leash. He indicated the chair she should sit in and chained her to it before releasing her arms.

"Good morning Master Ben, breakfast is ready," Kira said as she set out the food on the table.

"Thank you Kira."

"You're welcome Master Ben, I enjoy cooking and breakfast is pretty easy."

"Where's James?"

"He was still sleeping when I came out to start cooking Master Ben."

"You mean he doesn't chain you to the bed?"

"No Master Ben."

"And you don't wake him up with a nice blow job every morning?" Chloe asked and Kira's mouth fell open in shock just as James sleepily walked out into the kitchen.

"Did you say you wake Ben every morning with a blow job?" James asked.

"Yes Master James," Chloe replied.

"Why don't you do that?" James asked, looking at Kira.

"I'm sorry Master, I you didn't tell me to," Kira responded with fear.

"I didn't tell Chloe to do it either, she just started doing it automatically on her own," Ben explained.

"You could learn something from her, slave," James said looking at Kira.

"Yes Master, I will wake you every morning by sucking your big cock, would you like me to do it now before you eat?"

"Naw, just sit down so I can chain you to your chair and then we can eat."

"Yes Master," Kira said and sat in her chair. James locked her into it as Ben locked Chloe down and they sat and began to pass the food around like a normal family breakfast, except the three women were chained to their chairs. Alexis softly moaned, just enough to be heard.

"Something wrong, slave?" Ben asked.

"No Master, I was just thinking how crazy this would look to the average person. Three women sitting here naked and chained while the men sit clothed and we're all acting like this is normal," Alexis explained.

"For us it is normal," Kira said perkily.

"They are the Masters, we are the slaves. We are thrilled that they want us so much that they keep us chained and unable to run away, even though we don't want to," Chloe added as she took a bite of her pancakes.

"It's so amazing, you are like a family sitting here, I wish I could be a part of it, but I understand that my Master is not interested in keeping me," Alexis noted glumly.

"I am a one woman man and I have Chloe, the best and most beautiful slave in the world. If I didn't have her, you would remain my slave. This afternoon we will take some pictures and start a discreet online auction for you," Ben expounded.

"Where will the money go, Master," Alexis queried.

"Where would you like it to go?" Ben asked.

"Can it go to help needy children or help them get adopted, Master?" Alexis requested.

"A very worthy cause slave, you have chosen well, it will be done."

"Thank you Master."

"Now that is not normal conversation around a breakfast table," Ben joked.

"True Master, and women don't normally almost have an orgasm having a normal conversation," Alexis admitted.

"Speaking of having an orgasm without permission, I'm going to have to punish you for that too, you masturbated yourself to a nice orgasm before you went to sleep last night," Ben said looking sternly at Alexis who gasped in disbelief.

"You saw me?"

"Yes, and you did not address me correctly."

"Sorry Master, I didn't realize you had cameras set up down there. I should have known, and even if you didn't, I should have just obeyed."

"You will be punished accordingly. You like to orgasm, I'll make you beg me to stop making you cum and whip you," Ben stated and Alexis looked at him fearfully and then squeaked and moaned piteously, clenching her thighs together.

"Oh god, I'm sorry Master, I just came again without permission. I knew you were a nice guy, I had no idea you could be so masterful, ungh."

"Did you just cum again?"

"No Master, I held it this time, I'm sorry Master, please punish your disobedient slave," Alexis begged and Ben grinned at her.

"Maybe I should have Chloe discipline you," Ben suggested.

"Oh yes, please Master, thank you," Alexis responded looking relieved.

"Do you think that she will be kind and easy with you because she is a woman?" Ben asked.

"Of course, Master, she is a woman, she understands me better," Alexis replied.

"Yes, but she also knows your weaknesses better than I do also," Ben noted and chuckled.

"You won't be cruel with me, will you Chloe?" Alexis pleaded and Chloe giggled.

"You will be punished as my Master has directed. You are a slave, and slaves in this house obey without question or they are punished. Master is correct, I know a woman's body better than he does, I despise disobedient slaves, they give those of us who are obedient a bad name. As he said, you will beg to stop being forced to cum, and then you will be whipped. Though I can't swing a whip as hard as my Master, I will not spare you or go lightly, you will know yourself punished when I am through with you," Chloe admonished.

"Yes Mistress, thank you," Alexis humbly spoke, bowing her head in submission.

Soon breakfast was finished and the slaves were released to clean up as the men retired to the living room to watch a game on television.

"Are you really going to punish me, or was that all just bravado for Master Ben?" Alexis asked.

"Oh, you will be fully and truly punished. Chloe is a sweetheart and an amazing slave, but she would never willfully disobey her Master and is an amazing example of what a slave should be," Kira responded before Chloe.

"Kira is correct, you will be punished according to my Master's orders, let's get finished here so I can take you down to the basement and get it over with," Chloe answered.

The slaves finished the cleanup and headed into the living room, Alexis lagging back, wondering why they were going into the living room. Chloe and Kira knelt in presentation before their Masters and Alexis followed suit, hesitantly but a stern look from Ben made her quickly copy the other slaves' kneeling position.

"Master, may your slave ask a question?" Chloe requested.

"Yes," Ben answered.

"Master, would you like me to punish Alexis now, or should we take pictures for her auction first and then punish her? There will be marks on her body after I am finished with her," Chloe posed the situation to Ben.

"Good idea, take the pictures first and then punish her," Ben said.

"Yes Master, should I use my cell phone or yours?"

"Mine," Ben replied, handing her his phone.

"Yes Master," Chloe said, taking the phone and heading down to the basement with Alexis following apprehensively along behind her.

Chloe led Alexis to the center of the open area, under the hanging winch chain and removed her collar. Chloe then began to take pictures of Alexis in ordered positions, from kneeling presentation, standing as well and everything in between. After half an hour and dozens of pictures, Chloe went to the cabinet and pulled out a set of black leather cuffs and collar, locking all of them on Alexis, then had her pose again in similar poses. Soon Chloe connected the wrist cuffs with just a padlock and continued. Next she grabbed a black leather strap and wrapped it around Alexis' elbows, forcing them together until they touched and taking pictures of this as well as more from the front, revealing how the new bondage affected the position of her shoulders and her now most prominent tits.

Alexis was now in full slave mode, her pussy juicing at the thought of being sold and that her buyer would see all of these pictures. Her juices trickled down her thigh and Chloe made sure to capture this with a picture. Chloe added a leash and moved Alexis so she could wrap the leash around one of the bondage devices, out of the picture, but it would appear as if her Master were holding it. They took several with this as well before Alexis interrupted Chloe.

"Mistress, I'm positively gushing, shouldn't we wipe me up a bit?" Alexis asked.

"No, your new Master will want to see that you're a wanton slut who juices well," Chloe replied. Now let's get you out of this stuff and then string you up to be measured," Chloe ordered, removing all of the bondage and using the suspension cuffs on Alexis' wrists before locking them together and to the winch chain. Chloe went to the wall and pressed the up button, pulling Alexis' arms high above her head, then Chloe walked over and began to measure Alexis in much the same way as she had been measured months ago. When she finished, Chloe put the tape measure away but did not release Alexis arms, instead she added leather ankle cuffs and spread her legs wide, attaching them to the rings recessed into the floor. Chloe brought over 'The Dominator' which she herself had ridden a few times. It had never failed to bring her to countless orgasms.

Chloe set up the device on a stand and adjusted the height until the fake cock was slightly inserted into Alexis' dripping pussy. She didn't start it up right away, double checking and adjusting so that it couldn't accidentally slip out of Alexis' slippery tunnel. Alexis moaned when Chloe forced the dildo in just a half inch more, she was already so close, the posing and her mental state had aroused her beyond even her expectations.

"It's kind of small," Alexis complained.

"It will get bigger," Chloe chuckled. "What's the biggest cock you've ever taken?" Chloe asked.

"Our Master, he's the biggest ever, it's so huge, oh god, I came harder than ever on his massive cock," Alexis replied.

"It's my personal biggest and favorite, too bad you won't get to ride him again," Chloe chided, "you'll have to settle for this fake one." Chloe started up 'The Dominator' after programming it to become as large as Ben at ten inches, setting it to force Alexis to orgasm as much as possible and count how many. Alexis moaned appreciatively and tried to thrust her hips but was unable to assist in any way because of her bonds. Chloe knew this and stood in front of Alexis, suddenly caressing her lovely full globes. Alexis' eyes shot open in surprise and moaned again, enjoying the added sensation.

"You are one hot bitch, I was always jealous of you blonde haired bimbos with your big boobs, taking away all the men's attention," Chloe said as she toyed with Alexis' nipples causing her to moan again, nearing her first climax.

"Thank you Mistress, but you are the hottest woman I have ever seen. Thank you for giving me your touch it feels incredible!" Alexis said just before she cried out with her first orgasm, thrusting her hips what little she could. Chloe laughed and stepped back to watch as the device did not allow Alexis time to cool down, which Chloe already knew from her own experience. "Oh, Oh, OH GAWD! AAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" Alexis screamed out as her second peak overtook her, much faster than she was ready for, her body ablaze, her opening so sensitive after her first one. This continued through several more, Chloe watching the beautiful blonde writhe in forced bliss, trying to catch her breath enough to plead for it to stop.

"Please, please Mistress, no more, please, just whip me, but make it stop!" Alexis begged when the counter hit eight, but Chloe just shook her head.

"Not yet slave, I'm not convinced you really want a whipping," Chloe said flatly.

Oh -- Oh, Oh -- god! Please Mistress, I'm begging you, make it stop. I'll lick you, I'll suck your tits, I'll lick your ass, or whip me please, but please don't let it make me cum again," Alexis begged but Chloe made no move to release her. Alexis cried out once more, lost in the throes of another orgasm as her body responded to the perfect stimuli of 'The Dominator', she had truly been dominated by its overwhelming action.

"Please whip me, Mistress, please, please, please, oh god, please whip me Mistress, I need to be punished for being a dirty little cum slut and cumming without permission," Alexis begged and Chloe turned off the device.

"Pathetic, I once had thirty five orgasms in a row while riding this beast, it's amazing," Chloe informed her and Alexis' eyes went wide with fright.

"Th -- Thirty f -- five?" Alexis asked incredulously.

"Yes, but I'm a pain slut, I just went into the pain and then into orbit, after about a dozen I was in subspace and had no idea how many more I achieved, I was lost to the world, just floating on a sea of orgasms."

"That's incredible, how many did I have, Mistress?"


"I'm sorry Mistress, I'm such a pathetic excuse for a slave, please whip me. Teach me how to be a good slave," Alexis begged.

"You did pretty well for a slave who's not into pain. My Master bought this back when he was in college for his first slave. He said the most she ever made it to was four. I've had over thirty every time and I sometimes cum a dozen times when my Master uses me."


"I love being a slave and a cum receptacle. I try to make it as good as I can for my Master and that has always equated to amazing for me too."

"A -- A c -- cum receptacle, that's a pretty vulgar way of putting it. It's also a very low way of looking at yourself."

"I'm a slave, I have no self-respect. I am my Master's property, nothing more. I have no aspirations other than to be as pleasing to him as possible."

"Oh god, you're right, that is the perfect response. A slave is not a person, she is just a thing, a piece of property for his use. Unnggghhh," Alexis moaned spiking her own arousal with her own words and thoughts.

"Now for that whipping," Chloe said and took a position behind Alexis. Chloe shook out the whip and took a couple of practice swings before landing one perfectly across Alexis' ass cheeks. Alexis gasped and panted then suddenly screamed as the pain registered in her consciousness.

"Oh god, please stop Mistress! Oh god, I can't take it! You'll kill me, please stop!" Alexis cried out. Chloe ignored her and placed a second stripe just above the first on Alexis' lovely ass, causing her to cry and shriek in pain, at first nothing was intelligible.

"Oh please Mistress, oh god, my ass is on fire, please, please, I can't take anymore," Alexis pleaded. Again Chloe added another stripe just below the first, which was starting to turn red. As before, Alexis screamed and cried out in pain, then hung in her bonds, sobbing.

"Please, I'll do anything, please don't whip me again, Mistress," Alexis begged as tears streamed down her face.

"Do you want to go back on 'The Dominator'?"

"No Mistress, not that, anything but that."

"Then you will be whipped," Chloe announced and struck her again another stripe not overlaying any of the previous marks on Alexis' backside, who cried out, but this time did not beg or plead, just hung there taking her punishment.

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