I stood out on the side steps of the church for a few minutes to clear my head. The snowfall and wind was building and could end up being a pretty good blow. The weather had called for an Alberta Clipper to come through but it was ahead of schedule since it wasn't supposed to be here until after midnight. I came outside because I had started to cry as I saw Marisol in her wedding dress. The Ivory color not white because well at 40 with two grown kids definitely not a virgin. But she was still beautiful with her black hair, brown skin and almond eyes. Her mother would have loved to have been here but she passed away 3 years ago thanks to cancer. So now it's just me to give her away. She was more beautiful than her mother who was a looker. A cross of her Mothers Puerto Rican ancestry and her fathers Korean genes. No Marisol wasn't my child by birth but since she was five I have been the only Dad she has known.

Josie and I met when we were in the Army. I was a young military police patrolman at 18 and was 10 years older than me. I had a hard time paying attention to what she was saying because I got swallowed up in those big brown eyes. She kind of resembled Jennifer Lopez but her face wasn't as round. I was in love. She was always a little self conscious about our 10 year age difference but I didn't mind and it took her 6 months of my efforts before she introduced me to Marisol. The first time I saw the little bundle of energy I was in love again.

I was sent to Korea for a year and during that time we wrote letters and called on holidays. No cellphones or internet then, Skype and Zoom were a thing of science fiction. Josie had been transferred while I was gone but I was able to get transferred to her base when I came back. I had a little over a year left in the Army by the time I got back and I had one mission to marry her. I had never planned on making the Army my life just do the 1 hitch and do my duty. Long story shortened Josie and I married and Marisol was with us.

So here we were, me with the only person on the planet I loved and about to give her away to a man that was adequate. I wiped my eyes and stepped back inside as the church secretary came down the hall way. She grabbed my sleeve and told me the minister was running late because of the snow. I asked her to inform the groom and I would tell Marisol. I knocked on the door to the little office that doubled as her dressing room. As I entered my breath was stolen again as I saw the vision of loveliness standing looking out the window.

Growling she said, "Michael wanted the damn Christmas Eve wedding in this New Hampshire Church." sighing she finished, "I wanted to elope to the Caymans."

I told her about the late minister and she rolled her eyes. A trait that I had one time hated when it was directed at me and since adulthood found it cute.

I started to leave but she reached over and put her hand on my arm and said, "No, stay."

Turning toward the window she asked, "Lock the door please I don't want Michael trying to wander in before the wedding, you know bad luck and all.

As I locked it I asked, "Why didn't you use the minister from this church?"

Curling up one side of her mouth Marisol pouted, "He is a friend of Michael's family it was his his mothers idea." Sighing she added, "Hell all of this was his mother's idea."

I could tell her nerves were building and there was no reason to leave since my duties were simply to get her down the aisle and keep her calm until then. Everything else was being ramrodded by Michaels mother. Marisol asked me to sit and I did on the armless chair in front of the desk. Walking over she tried to sit on my lap like she often did when she was sad or upset. Nothing new, she had been doing it since she was 5. We had grown closer since her mother had died she had been doing it more frequently since then. The train and width of the dress proved troublesome but she finally worked it out by hitching the hem of the skirt above her waist giving me a view of the lingerie she had bought to go with the dress; the cream colored thigh high stocking, the Ivory garter belt with small red roses framing the cream colored satin thong covering her most private area. As she settled on my lap and the dress dropped back covering her and me it was time for me to remind myself once again that she wasn't just any beautiful woman, she was my little girl.

This wasn't the first time Marisol stirred the primal urges within. When she was 18 and the summer she graduated from high school I had walked in on her while she was nude laying on the bed. Her D cup breast standing proud with the nipples tightened like rosebuds with her eyes closed her fingers dancing in her ebony bush she was a wonderful example of eroticism. She had been laying on the bed with head phones on. Probably thinking no one was home, her door had been only partially closed. I quickly backed out. In anger I chastised myself for the swelling that occurred in my pants.

There were other times she had been careless and she had shown me her breasts while breastfeeding, her blouses had gapped showing her breasts, short skirts riding up while she bent over showing her heart shaped ass encase in satin, silk, or bare with a thong, and a few times she had walked out the bathroom nude after a shower surprising them both. Seeing her mother and her standing side by side in thong bathing suits caused my cock to swell. Hell, just one of them would draw men like flies to bullshit.

After Josie had died Marisol made a habit of sleeping over some nights and sometimes would crawl into my bed and snuggle like she did when she was a child. Except this time when I woke in the night it wasn't a child laying next to me it was warm full figured comfortable woman that was pressed against my back or finding my cock against her ass. Many nights I didn't sleep fighting the urges that built from the warmth of her body, the pressure of her curves and the scent of her femininity. There were more than a few times in her adult life that I had to find my way to the bathroom to release tension. As tempting as this woman who looked like a mix of Jennifer Lopez and Tia Carrere was I was still in love with her mother. I would also never do anything to damage the relationship we had built.

Marisol sighed and slide her veil to the side and laid her head on my shoulder careful not to smudge her make up. Down the hall I heard the organ playing "Away in the Manager" probably to entertain the few guests. Most were family friends on both sides but a few were parishioners who stayed over from the Christmas Eve Service that had ended a few minutes before.

I put my arms around her and closed my eyes trying not to notice the warmth of her bare ass on my lap through the thin material of my tuxedo trousers. I could hear her breathing softly in my ear and we sat quietly while the Christmas carols played through the church. She kept shifting in her anxiety and the sliding of her thighs and ass against me was overpowering my fatherly instincts. To my horror I could feel the beginnings of a major hard on building. If this kept up it was going to be a diamond cutter. I felt a drip of something warm and wet on my neck and I realized that she was crying.

I patted her back softly asking, "Hey, why you crying, it's supposed to be a happy day?"

She broke out in sobs that shook her whole body and rubbed her large breasts against my chest. I didn't know what to do so I just patted her back and held her while she cried. After a few minutes her sobs quieted but her body still shook occasionally.

Then she took deep breaths and whispered, "I don't want to make the same mistake again."

Confused I asked her, "What mistake?"

She spoke so softly it was almost too quiet to hear, "I'm not in love with Michael."

I was surprised she and Michael were so good together I needed to know, "But you said you loved him."

Marisol pulled back slightly and looked at me like mother looking at a child that didn't get the point before telling me, "I love Michael, I'm not in love with Michael, Hell I wasn't in love with Eddie either, I only married him out of jealousy."

Taking another big breath she finished, "Probably why the marriage only lasted 4 years."

I was a bit confused, not in love, jealousy, I guess it showed on my face and she half laughed before informing me, "You're clueless aren't you, you have no idea what I'm talking about?"

I shook my head no and in answer I got her soft lips pressed against mine, I felt her warm breath flowing between her parted lips and her tongue softly tracing the edges of my lips before I reacted and parted them softly.

As our kiss broke she leaned back, eyes still closed and whispered, "You Danny, I've been in love with you forever, I used to get so angry at Mom because she had you and I couldn't."

Opening her eyes and looking into mine Marisol informed me, "I tried so many ways to offer myself to you but I realized you wouldn't do it, you loved Mom to much but I knew you loved me, so for awhile it was so confusing."

Leaning forward her mound found its way onto my now rock hard cock with only a bit of satin and linen separating them. "Forehead to forehead eye to eye she asked me, "Haven't you ever noticed my choice in men?"

Seeing no answer was coming she curled up one side of her mouth in that little smile that used to melt my heart and still did before letting me know, "Eddie, Michael, both tall blonde blue eyed, just like you Danny."

She leaned in and kissed me again this time I wasn't as slow on the up keep our mouths opened, our tongues danced and our breaths rasped together. Marisol ground against me, my cock obvious to both of us.

Breaking our kiss she reached down under her dress and grabbed my fly growling, "I'm not waiting anymore, Oh God."

Her hands were quick and nimble as my fly was open and since I don't wear underwear, all 7 inches slid out of the opening. With one hand she guided the tip of my drooling tool under the edge of her thong and across the lips of her pussy, all I felt was smoothness. I felt the tip dip into a tiny crevice and felt a bump as she jolted as if shocked for a second before raising to insert me into her.

She bit her lower lip as she worked the head in little circles around in the opening of her vagina. She was tight and I wouldn't just plop right in. Rubbing my cock against her opening and rocking her hips she worked the lubrication leaking from both of us allowing me to work my way in. Marisol began rising up and down working me deeper each time.

As she did she would whimper, "Finally, Oh soooo good."

At first I was in shock, not believing this was real, my little girl working my cock into her molten cunt. I just held on to her back and let her go. Marisol was alternating between rocking back and forth and raising up and down still working the rest of me into her. Her hand had left my cock since it was buried securely in her and was working her clit over.

The last women I had sex with was my wife and that was over 4 years ago. My emotions and my body were battling for control of what was going on. Finally with about 1 inch left of me to go Marisol raised up and looked me in the eyes before plunging down.

She grunted and our pubic bones met, my cock completely buried in her cunt. Marisol pushed her legs out putting all her weight on our joining, causing her to settle just a little bit more until I bumped her cervix. Her eyes flew open and her body began to shake.

Marisol fell forward with all her weight on my crying into my ear. "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, soooo goood, sooo good,' as she came over and over the waves washing over her like the tide.

That pretty much washed away any reservations I had and my body won out as I felt the first jet of semen shoot up my cock into my baby. I grunted and my body shook as I fired 4 more slightly less powerful streams into her as I could hear the organ "Playing Oh Come All Ye Faithful". Marisol reacted to my spurts with little tremors of her own. After her body stop twitching, and mine stopped quivering we sat there joined. My cock softened a little but the tightness of her cunt kept me mostly hard. Marisol pulled back and looked into my eyes and I saw the glow of love in her eyes. She kissed me again and we traded soft wet clicking kisses until we were jolted by a knock on the door and the secretary saying the minister was here.

Marisol's face went pale and she shook her head no, I pulled her back to my chest and held her before whispering, No you don't have too."

She pulled back again kissing my cheek and I sighed before saying, "I guess I need to go out there and tell everyone the wedding is off."

Marisol, her eyes wet with joyous tears said softly, "Just this one."

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