Erica's hand trembled slightly as she finished reading the note he'd left for her on the coffee table.

"My kitten, I will be home at 6pm tonight. When I return I want you kneeling, wearing nothing but the blindfold, by the front door. And you will suction the dildo to the floor and use it to edge for me while you are waiting. You will start edging as soon as you see this note and I expect you to be a dripping mess when I walk through that door."

She couldn't help but let out a soft moan at his instructions and she felt a fire of need start at her core. Laid out on the table were all the things she would need - the suction dildo, a black blindfold, and the little key that would unlock her chastity belt.

Looking at the clock, Erica realised it was 5.30. Thirty minutes to prepare and edge before her Master would be home.

Quickly, she stripped out of her clothing and underwear, leaving it all folded in a neat pile on the coffee table beside the items that had been left for her. Then, with shaking hands, she picked up the key and unlocked her chastity belt. It had been weeks since Master had released her from the belt, and her face burned as she felt an almost desperate eagerness to be filled with the dildo. Maybe, if she begged well enough, the dildo wouldn't be the only thing to fuck her tonight.

In her eagerness, she didn't even bother to place the belt on the pile of clothes she'd left. Instead, she let it fall to the floor before grabbing the dildo and blindfold. It took only a few steps in the direction of the front door for her inner thighs to become damp with the nectar that oozed from her, the wetness no longer confined by the belt.

Erica stopped in the hallway, taking a moment to mentally calculate the spot that would give Master the best view of her when he opened the door. When she had it figured out she suctioned the dildo to the floor and lowered into a kneel, one knee either side of the toy cock and her wet folds pressed to the tip.

With a moan, she lowered herself slowly down onto the toy, savouring every moment of being filled after so long of being denied the sensation. Her whole body trembled as pent-up need rushed to the surface, overwhelming her. Instinct almost took over but she fought the urge to fuck the dildo hard, knowing that there was still one more instruction to follow before she could begin.

She brought the silk blindfold up to her face, covering her eyes with it before securing it at the back of her head. The darkness surrounded her, and she welcomed it. It was in this darkness that her Master would consume her and protect her in equal measures, and there was nothing else that she craved more.

Now, with her sight taken, she was free to imagine that it wasn't a dildo filling her. In her mind, it was now her Master's cock buried deep inside her soaked pussy. And with that thought, she began to move her hips, sliding up and down on the large cock. Each time she pushed downwards with her hips, impaling herself on the cock, a loud moan was forced from her lips.

The need between her thighs reached fever pitch almost instantly, and she almost fell over the edge in mere seconds. But she quickly gained control of herself again, slowing to a rhythm that would not make her disobey her Master's rules.

She brought her hands up to her breasts, cupping and kneading them roughly as she kept fucking the dildo. But in the darkness, they weren't her hands. It was her Master's hands reaching up to caress aching flesh. It was her Master's fingers that pinched and tugged on the hard little buds of her nipples, almost causing another rush of pleasure to wash over her.

But even in the midst of her little fantasy, Erica remained constantly aware of the fact that Master would be home soon. That soon she would feel his touch for real. And even as she kept herself on the brink of orgasm, her ears were tuned to the slightest sounds outside, waiting to hear footsteps or the sound of the key being pushed into the lock to announce his arrival.

But the only things she could hear right now were the sloppy sounds coming from her dripping pussy as she moved on the dildo, riding it as hard as she possibly could without sinking into the pleasure that she so desperately craved. Her pleasure belonged to Master, and she could not take it without his permission.

The minutes stretched out, feeling like hours as the need built to a level she'd never known existed. Her whole body burned for her Master. He consumed her mind, body and soul in that moment. She knew without doubt that she'd be willing to do anything just for the slightest touch from him. She belonged to him and she needed him with an intensity that almost scared her.

The sound of the front door being unlocked pulled her back into the present and her face flushed as she tried to imagine the view that was awaiting her Master - a view of his kitten shamelessly humping a dildo and groping her own tits. But she was too needy to be ashamed of how she must look. She couldn't even bring herself to stop the eager movement of her hips. If anything, she started fucking the dildo even harder in her excitement to finally be with her Master.

"Hello, my kitten. Such a good girl for following my orders."

The sound of his voice, and his praise, just made her sink even deeper into her need for him.

"Oh god, please Master. I need you. Please." There was no hiding the sound of desperation in her voice. She wouldn't even know how to try and hide the way she needed him so badly right now.

She heard his footsteps moving towards her and felt his hand gripping powerfully in her hair, guiding her face to his thigh.

"Don't worry, Erica. I'm here now. I've got you."

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