Did you ever work for someone you completely lusted for? I had one like that, and I invented this fantasy case where we could have discovered that we had the same feelings.

Episode 30: Presents for Secretary's Day

Setting: a supervisor's office. There's a wood desk with a front panel and a rolling chair behind it. A PC laptop is on the desk along with papers spread out. There's a box on the end and a magazine on top of it.

Shannon enters the room. She's a secretary, and she's carrying some papers. She wears a dress that comes to mid-thigh. She's 20 or 21. She puts them on the desk and sees the magazine. She looks behind her and then picks it up. It's a catalog of sexy dresses, and she flips through it.

"I caught you" she hears from behind in a mock serious tone. Shannon turns around quickly and sees a woman in her late 20s in the doorway smiling at her. The woman is dressed in a professional skirt just below her knees, a blouse, and a jacket. "I knew it was you who's been borrowing my catalog."

"You startled me, Janice." She puts down the catalog."I just like looking at the dresses in your catalog. It's fun to imagine you — I mean, it's fun to imagine me wearing these."

"Well, this box got here just in time. I got you a present for secretary's day." Janice walks over and opens the box that was on her desk. Janice continues "Honestly, I've known that you like to look through my catalog, so I bought you something from this company."

Shannon takes out the top outfit, and we see that there's another one below it. "Wow, this is for me? It's so sexy." She holds it up to her body. And she glances again into the open box at the desk.

Janice smiles and knows what her secretary is thinking. "Since I was already paying for shipping, I got this for me." She shows the outfit that she ordered for herself. Both of the dresses are sexy and revealing.

"When will I get to see you wearing it?"

Janice laughs. "Never in the office, that's for sure. Can you imagine all the trouble I'd cause wearing this?"

Shannon looks disappointed. "And this is too revealing for me in the office. Maybe we can go clubbing some evening."

Janice shakes her head. "I suspect that we don't go to the same clubs."

"It just doesn't seem fair that I don't get to see you wearing that and you don't get to see your present to me."

She shrugs. Janice stares briefly out the door and tries to hide a smile. All right, if you really want to see how it looks, it's late and everyone else on the floor has left for the night. Close my door, and we can model for each other." Shannon closes the door and the two women start to undress. Shannon has taken off her dress and is wearing a matching bra & bikini panties set. She's placed the dress carefully over the arm of a chair in the corner, and she's looking at the outfit - not putting it on yet. She's standing to the side of the desk. Janice has removed her skirt and jacket and put them in her chair and has just finished unbuttoning the last button. She's behind the desk.

Then there's a knock on the door. The women look at each other in horror. A man's voice calls from outside "Janice, are you there?"

Janice whispers "That's my manager. Hurry, hide under the desk." He knocks again. Shannon scoots under the desk. Janice manages to re-button just the middle button on the blouse. She sits in her chair and moves the box and catalog to the floor behind the desk as the door opens and a man enters. Janice leans over so it's difficult to see that her lower buttons are unbuttoned. She makes unwavering eye contact, hoping he won't look around the room and notice clothes scattered.

"Oh, Janice, I wasn't sure if you'd left. I was just returning this book that you loaned me."

"Just leave it on Shannon's desk, please. I want her to read it."

"I'm glad you're still here, though. I just got a call that the latest posters for our program are on display upstairs, and I want you to come with me to check them out."

"Please, Bill, I'm really not here. I have to pick up a friend at the airport, and I was wrapping up some final business. I promise I'll come in an hour early tomorrow and send you my feedback."

"That's fine. It's not as if there's anyone to make changes this late. Then I'll see you tomorrow."

"Good night."

Bill turns and leaves the room, closing the door behind him. Janice pushes back a little from the desk, and Shannon starts to crawl out. Bill reopens the door, and Janice leans forward again and it pushes Shannon's head into the chair, between Janice's legs. "I noticed that your secretary left her PC on when she went home. That's a violation of company policy, you know."

"Oh, I asked Shannon to run a job for me, and I told her I'd shut down when I leave."

"Just as long as you've got it covered. Good night."

He closes the door. Janice straightens up but motions for Shannon not to move yet. They wait fifteen seconds and then Janice slides out of her chair and sits on the floor next to Shannon. She tells Shannon "I'm surprised he couldn't hear my heart pounding. I was so scared." Shannon crawls out from under the desk and stands up next to Janice. "What would've happened of he'd caught us?"

"Probably nothing to you cause you're just my secretary. But for me? How would this look, me with my employee and both of us nearly naked?" Janice puts a hand on one of Shannon's hips and softly pats her butt twice. Shannon wiggles her butt slightly as if she enjoyed it. "I'd lose my job because the company wants to protect itself from any sexual harassment charges that you might file."

"That wouldn't be fair."

"That's one of my responsibilities as the boss, though."

"I mean, what if I want to be sexually harassed?"

Janice looks at Shannon's panties that are at her eye level. She looks up at Shannon and sees Shannon looking down Janice's top. "Well, you know," Janice gets out, "there are different levels of harassment." She puts a hand back on Shannon's butt. Shannon takes off her bra. They look into each other's eyes silently for several seconds. Janice is still sitting in the chair. Shannon puts her hands on Janice's legs and leans over. Their lips slowly approach each other. "I was wrong. Maybe we do go to the same clubs."

We watch the two women kiss gently at first and then with more excitement as their tongues play together. The kissing becomes more intense, and Janice slides a hand inside of Shannon's panties and is rubbing her. Then she tells Shannon to climb on her desk. Janice clears off the desk while Shannon takes off the rest of her clothes. She lies on the desk and Janice fingers and licks her until she cums. Then Janice removes her clothes and trades spots on the desk and Shannon licks and fingers her. After Janice cums, she sits on the edge of the desk while Shannon has her hands on the desk and they're enjoying long kisses. "Didn't all this start because I bought a dress for you? You still have to show it to me." They both put on the new dress without any underwear and are admiring each other and telling the other how sexy she looks. Seeing each other in the sexy dress has turns them both on again, and they can't resist kissing each other again. As the kissing becomes more intense, they are lifting each other's skirts so they can squeeze each other's ass and then start to finger the other. The fingering speeds up and the kisses stay intense until they've both had another orgasm.

Janice lets go and steps back. She straightens her outfit, and Shannon does the same. They're watching each other and getting turned on again. "All I want to do is take off our clothes again and spend the rest of the night in bed with you." Shannon agrees. "Clean up here and we'll go over to my townhouse."

Shannon gathers the clothes and puts them into the box while Janice puts her desk back together. "Ready to go?" But Shannon doesn't want to wait. She puts a hand around Janice's head and draws their lips together and kisses her. The other hand has lifted Janice's skirt again. But Janice draws back and tells her "it'll be better when I can kiss your whole body in my bed." They gather the boxes, turn off the light, and leave.

Pub: 07 Feb 2021 10:41 UTC
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