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The /&tg/ repo is back! Collection of classic games and mods maintained by /&tg/.

  1. List of games
    1. FPS (first-person shooter)
    2. TPS (third-person shooter)
    3. RTT (real-time tactics)
    4. TBT (turn-based tactics)
  2. Multiplayer games (PvP or PvE, player counts, servers lists, cheaper keys...)
    1. Multiplayer FPS active players count
  3. Resources (downloads, modding, retro gaming, groups...)
  4. WebMs (recording and encoding)
  5. Games downloads & install guides (essential mods, multiplayer co-op...)
    1. FPS
      1. BF2 Project Reality (2015) - MP-only PvP + PvE (free!)
      2. BF3 Reality Mod (2022) - MP-only PvP
      3. Deadly Dozen (2001-2022) - SP-only
      4. Delta Force (1998-2005) - SP-only
      5. Ghost Recon (2001) - SP-only
      6. Global Operations (2002) - SP-only
      7. Ground Branch (2018) - SP & MP PvE + PvP
      8. Hell Let Loose (2021) - MP-only PvP
      9. Hidden & Dangerous (1999-2003) - SP-only
      10. Hideous Destructor (2007) - SP & MP PvE
      11. Insurgency (2007-2018) - MP-only PvP & PvE
      12. Post Scriptum (2018) - MP-only PvP
      13. Project I.G.I. (2000-2003) - SP-only
      14. Rainbow Six 1 & 2 (1998-2001) - SP & MP PvE (free!)
      15. Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (2003) - SP and MP PvE (free!)
      16. Ready Or Not (2021) - SP & MP PvE
      17. Receiver 2 (2020) - SP-only
      18. Squad (2020) - MP-only PvP
      19. SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (1999) - SP-only
      20. SWAT 4 + SWAT Elite Force & First Responders (2005) - SP & MP PvE + PVP (free!)
      21. Vietcong (2003-2005) - SP-only
      22. Zero Hour (2020) - SP & MP PvE + PVP
    2. TPS
      1. Chameleon (2005)
      2. Conflict (2002-2005)
      3. Death to Spies (2007-2009)
      4. Full Spectrum Warrior (2004-2006)
      5. Hitman (2000-2022)
      6. Metal Gear (1987-2015)
      7. SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs PS2 titles (2002-2006)
      8. Splinter Cell (2002-2013) - SP & MP PvP + PvE (free!)
    3. RTT (real-time tactics)
      1. 7.62 High Calibre (2007)
      2. Blitzkrieg, Sudden Strike & Stalingrad (2000-2017)
      3. Commandos (1998-2003)
      4. Desperados (2001-2020)
      5. Door Kickers (2014-2020)
      6. Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 (2007)
      7. SWAT 2 (1998)
    4. TBT (turn-based tactics)
      1. Fallout Tactics (2001)
      2. Jagged Alliance 2 (1999)
      3. Silent Storm (2003-2005)
      4. X-COM: UFO Defense (1994)
  6. Other games infodump
    1. FPS: &tactical-adjacent
    2. FPS: tactical-horror-scifi-etc. hybrids
    3. RTT (real-time tactics)
    4. TBT (turn-based tactics)
    5. RTT/TBT hybrids & others
    6. Made by /agdg/

List of games

/&tg/ is a place for discussing all tactical, and tactical-adjacent, video games (FPS, TPS, RTT, TBT...), including but not limited to:

FPS (first-person shooter)

TPS (third-person shooter)

RTT (real-time tactics)

TBT (turn-based tactics)

Multiplayer games (PvP or PvE, player counts, servers lists, cheaper keys...)

Currently active players count:

Want to purchase a new game for online play but wondering how active the community still is?

Active players

This SteamDB link compares active players count for 10 of the current leading tactical shooters: Squad, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency, Ready or Not, Ground Branch, Zero Hour, Rising Storm, etc.

This SteamDB link compares active players count for 10 of the current leading non-shooters tacticals: Foxhole, Men of War, Call to Arms, WARNO, MechWarrior, etc.

You can easily edit the entries and generate a new link comparing up to 10 games. Alternatively, you can also check similar data and graphs via SteamCharts.

Multiplayer FPS active players count

Manually-edited FPS chart bound to get outdated but should serve as useful reference:

Dead unless &tg wants to try resurrecting them:
America's Army, INFiltration (Unreal mod), Insurgency (Source mod), Iron Front, NeoTokyo (Source mod, community Discord game every Friday nights), Resistance and Liberation (Source mod), RS2: Talvisota, Splinter Cell, Tactical Ops (Unreal mod), True Combat Elite, Vanguard: Normandy 1944...

Multiplayer servers tracking:


GameTracker (a lot of classic shooters)

BattleMetrics (more current games)

Per-game (FPS):

BF2 Project Reality & BF2 WW2 mod Forgotten Hope 2 - BF3 Reality Mod - Day of Defeat GoldSrc & Source - Day of Infamy - Due Process - Hell Let Loose - Hunt: Showdown - Insurgency, 2014 & Sandstorm - Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising - Post Scriptum - Rainbow Six 3 RvS - Ready or Not - Red Orchestra: Ostfront & Darkest Hour - Red Orchestra 2 & Rising Storm 1 - Rising Storm 2 - Squad - SWAT 4 - Tarkov - War of Rights - Wolfenstein E.T. - WW1: Verdun & Tannenberg & Isonzo - Zero Hour

(some trackers missing, report in thread if found)

Cheaper multiplayer keys:


Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare, IsThereAnyDeal or GG Deals to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

Epic Games Store also gives out free games weekly, which sometimes includes tactical or multiplayer games.

Some games also create free weekends events.

Steam profile privacy:

Some may be reluctant to share their Steam profile publicly to join online/co-op sessions. You can just set your public to private. Another proposed solution by more paranoid anons is to duplicate a secondary account via the family-sharing feature.

Resources (downloads, modding, retro gaming, groups...)

Download old tactical classics, free & abandonware, etc.:

/&tg/ repo


GOG (Official)

GOG Games (Unofficial) (Backup)

Old games troubleshooting and improvements:

Emulation Wiki (Emulation guides and list of best emulators for each console)

RetroArch (Emulators)

Vimm's Lair (Emulation ROMs)

CDRomance (Emulation ROMs)

PC Gaming Wiki (PC gaming troubleshooting and fixes)




Steam Workshop

Community groups:

Tactical Gaming community Discord started as a classic R6 modding server but expended and now features communities and mod devs for all the major games like SWAT 4, Ready or Not, Ground Branch, Squad, Insurgency, Zero Hour, etc. Can be useful to ask for players, troubleshoot/guides, follow updates.

WebMs (recording and encoding)

You want to make some .WebM clips of your gameplay footage to share in the threads?

Gameplay recording:

If you are a Nvidia user, you can just use the GeForce/ShadowPlay utility built into your video drivers and customize your hotkeys (default should be Alt+Z to enable the recording overlay).
You can also use a third-party screen recording software like OBS.

WebM for Lazies:

How to use WebM for Lazies to convert your videos:

Download and install the latest build of AviSynth. required

Download and unpack the latest build of WebM for Lazies in folder of your choice (latest version of "WebM for..." tool with VP9 support).

    1. Launch WebMConverter.exe and open your recorded video in it. (you may encounter an error message if the built-in updater is blocked by your firewall)
    1. Be mindful of the 4MB upload limit.
    1. In the Processing tab, you can easily trim, crop, resize, etc. your footage. It's best to keep footage under 30-60 seconds. You can apply some light cropping and resize to lower resolution to reduce output filesize.
    1. In the Encoding tab, set Mode to variable, enable High quality mode. Default CRF value should be set at around 30. You can try raising the value between 30 and 40 or above to reduce filesize output until you get a result under 4MB (upload limit), but this will also reduce video quality. It's best to reduce resolution rather than cranking up CRF too much. Alternatively, you can set Mode to Constant and force Size limit to 3.9MB but quality won't be optimal.
    1. In the Advanced tab, tick the VP9/Opus box. You only need to tick it once as it should remember your choice. VP9 offers better quality output for lesser filesizes, but takes longer to encode.
    1. To make more complex edits, click on the down-arrow next to Trim and select Multiple trim. Use Go to to directly input footage timecode or frame number.

/wsg/, Streamable and Audio script:

Alternatively, if your WebM is too long, too large in size, or contains audio, you can quickly upload it to /wsg/ or Streamable.

  • /wsg/ board: Post webm in /wsg/, then link it in /&tg/. 6MB limit, supports audio.
  • Streamable: Requires quick account signup. 250MB limit, supports audio.

You can also share WebMs with external audio on non-audio boards via this custom userscript (Tampermonkey, a script manager for your browser, is required). Once installed, go in "Tools", "Data" section and input both your WebM video and audio source, then "Create", then "Post". This will upload the audio file to a third-party site and embed in your filename. Plays well with 4chanx.

Games downloads & install guides (essential mods, multiplayer co-op...)

Dead servers, compatibility issues, too many convoluted mods... Older &tactical classics can be a pain to get running on modern systems, or perhaps you're wondering which mod packs are the most up-to-date and essential for the best experience today. We'll also attempt to streamline the multiplayer process and resurrect some online co-op fun for abandoned classics. Games are singe-player-only unless mentioned otherwise...


SP = single-player, MP = multiplayer.
PvP = competitive against other players, PvE = cooperative players against AI.
PvP + PvE if a game/community is primarily-focused on PvP, PvE + PvP if more focused on PvE.
MP games need to be purchased to be played online unless mentioned otherwise.

BF2 Project Reality (2015) - MP-only PvP + PvE (free!)

Free, multiplayer-only tactical mod for Battlefield 2, which inspired Squad and BF3 RM. You do NOT need to own BF2 to play it!

Project Reality (PR) is a multiplayer-only modification for Battlefield 2. Project Reality's aim is to create a more realistic combat environment than standard Battlefield 2, and place a greater emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. Most of the aspects of Battlefield 2 that have the capacity to be modified have been tweaked, or completely overhauled, to reflect their real life counterparts, for increased realism. Ballistics have for example also been audited to reflect those of real weapons, including characteristics such as damage, deviation and bullet drop depending on a weapon systems calibre. 100 player dedicated servers with up to 8 man squads. Over 70 maps spanning 5 unique gamemodes. Many additional features such as deployable defences, thermal vision, logistics and many more. Modern warfare & insurgency but also historic battles such as Vietnam, WW2 and Falklands are featured. Multiplayer-only or you can play with bots. Free.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download:

Download BF2 Project Reality via PR website (download assistant which automates install)

Download BF2 Project Reality via ModDB (manual installer)

2. Track active online players:

Check BF2 Project Reality servers tracker

3. Beginners guides:

Check BF2 Project Reality beginners guide (YouTube)

BF3 Reality Mod (2022) - MP-only PvP

A spiritual follow-up to Project Reality for Battlefield 3, multiplayer-only. You currently DO need to OWN Battlefield 3 and its Premium Edition (all DLCs), as well as EA's Origin to play it. Advice: wait for a sale! Multiplayer-only


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Battlefield 3 (Premium Edition):

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

2. BF3 Reality Mod:

  1. Purchase and install BF3. Run vanilla BF3 game once.
  2. Download and install the BF3 Venice Unleashed Client.
  3. Launch the VU Client.
  4. Sign up and log in with your new account.
  5. Link your origin account to your VU account (Run Origin/EA App in the background).
  6. Create a Player (You can create up to 4 players with 1 account).
  7. Go to server browser and search for RM (You can filter by tag: realitymod).

BF3 Reality Mod project website

BF3 Reality Mod wiki tutorial & beginners tips

Deadly Dozen (2001-2022) - SP-only

Deadly Dozen is a 2001 World War II oriented squad-based first-person shooter developed by nFusion Interactive. As in the film The Dirty Dozen, the protagonists are military misfits sentenced to death or long term imprisonment who are given a chance to redeem themselves by going on dangerous missions. The 12 characters have different specializations: sniper, demolition expert and so on, and the game includes a permadeath feature for members KIA during the campaign. The game was followed by a 2002 sequel, Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater and a 2022 remake, Deadly Dozen Reloaded. Described as a Hidden & Dangerous clone. You can switch between first and third- person. An interesting YouTube review

Deadly Dozen

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Deadly Dozen:

Download Deadly Dozen 1 via GOG

Download Deadly Dozen 2: Pacific Theater via GOG

2. Widescreen resolution:

Deadly Dozen widescreen resolution infos on PCGamingWiki

Delta Force (1998-2005) - SP-only

Delta Force is a 1998 tactical first-person shooter developed by NovaLogic. Delta Force was designed to be a military simulation loosely based on the United States' Delta Force. Diverged from Rainbow Six by focusing on long-distance fights. Objectives typically involve the elimination of a hostile presence in a region, assassinating a high-profile target, destroying military equipment or escorting POWs or civilians to an extraction point. The game features 40 missions with customizable loadouts. The game spawned a series with multiple sequels, including 2003 Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Delta Force:

Download Delta Force via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download Delta Force via GOG

Download Delta Force 2 via GOG

Download Delta Force 3: Land Warrior via GOG
Download Delta Force 3: stand-alone expansion Task Force Dagger via GOG

Download Delta Force: Black Hawk Down + Team Sabre expansion via GOG

NovaLogic then made a multiplayer-only spiritual sequel, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, focused on large-scale maps and servers that could host up to 150 players.

Ghost Recon (2001) - SP-only

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is a 2001 tactical shooter developed by Red Storm Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. Together with Rainbow Six, SWAT 3, and Operation Flashpoint, experts generally credit it with defining and refining the genre. The game spawned 2 expansion packs, Desert Siege and Island Thunder, as well as numerous sequels. The player controls the Ghosts, a squad of Special Operations Forces soldiers organized into three fireteams, and enjoys limited tactical control on the battlefield by issuing maneuver commands and rules of engagement for each fireteam through a command map.

GR Modded

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Ghost Recon Gold

Original vanilla version with its 2 add-ons, 600 MB. For vanilla purists and/or also required to run Heroes Unleashed.

Download Ghost Recon Gold (vanilla) via /&tg/ repo (faster)

Download Ghost Recon (vanilla) via GOG not the Gold version, lacks the 2 add-ons, can't run HU without them

2. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed:

Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is a massive (10GB!) overhaul of the original 2001 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, with more challenging tactical realism, enhanced AI and game systems like stealth and dynamic weather, +300 maps including all the expansions campaigns, +400 weapons and items, modern systems support, higher-res textures, visible weapons scopes, etc. Too many features to list, the developer spent a decade obsessively modding it!

Complete overhaul, +10GB. You do need Ghost Recon Gold (including the 2 add-ons) for this to work.

Download Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed via project website
Download Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed via ModDB

3. Additional mod for customizable first-person + third-person weapon view

Should be compatible with both vanilla and Heroes Unleashed.

Download FPWV mod via
Download FPWV mod via forum thread

4. Community resources & mods:

Visit community website

Another popular mod is CENTCOM, a complete, fan-made expansion pack, featuring a new campaign with 12 new maps and missions, etc., also as a Heroes Unleashed add-on.

5. The Sum Of All Fears

Worth mentioning, there's also a lesser known Sum Of All Fears adaptation spin-off, also made by Red Storm and running on the same engine.

Download The Sum Of All Fears via IGG Games

While we generally don't mention nu-ubishit, it might be worth checking out a few attempts at making the new games more old-school. For instance, there's this first-person mod for Wildlands.

Global Operations (2002) - SP-only

Global Operations is a first-person tactical shooter video game developed by Barking Dog Studios and released in March 2002. The game focused on firearms in a special forces setting, with a mixture of military and counter-terrorist type themes. The game featured a large number of firearms, numbering in the dozens and including a wide selection of handguns and rifles. Many of them could be further customized as well. For example, a C-mag and silencer could be added. The singleplayer and the multiplayer offered different specialities (Commando, Recon, Medic, Heavy Gunner, Demolitions Expert and Sniper) with extra abilities and class-specific weapons. All classes could use all other classes' firearms (by picking them up off the battlefield), but each class might not have the same level of skill with a given weapon (such as less precision). Other features existed as well, including a life-sign tracking device, as well other game items like tear gas grenades, smoke grenades and medkit. A LAW (Lightweight Anti-tank Weapon) could be used, as well as night vision and thermal vision.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Global Operations:

Download Global Operations via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download Global Operations via MyAbandonware

2. Mods:

Global Operations ModDB page

Ground Branch (2018) - SP & MP PvE + PvP

Ground Branch is a tactical first person shooter developed by Blackfoot Studios, currently in early access. The game was conceived by former Red Storm (R6, GR) dev John Sonedecker and is is described as deliberate, calculating and unforgiving, owing large amounts of its realism influence to the tactical realism genre of the late 1990s, and early 2000s. The game is considered one of the most realistic simulation experiences. Multiplayer online co-op focused but can be played solo with bots, still awaiting AI updates. Should also include mods support. Still in early access/getting updates.

Ground Branch

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Ground Branch:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

2. Ground Branch mods:

Visit Ground Branch Nexus page.
Mods support currently still barebones but should evolve eventually.

Hell Let Loose (2021) - MP-only PvP

Hell Let Loose is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed by Black Matter. Players fight in iconic battles of the Western and Eastern Fronts of World War II at the platoon level. Matches are 50 vs. 50 combined arms battles between two teams of Germans, Soviets or Americans. Each consists of multiple smaller rifle squads of six soldiers, armoured squads of three soldiers, or recon squads of two soldiers. Communication is intended as a central gameplay aspect. Each unit may be led by a single officer, who can communicate with other officers and the commander through a "leadership" voice channel. Similarly, there are unit-only and proximity voice channels as well. Each of the two factions fighting will also be assigned a commander, and the commander is in charge of not only the team and squads, but tank deployments, air strikes, and orders, however these orders cost resources. Multiplayer-only. Still getting updates.

Hell Let Loose

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Hell Let Loose:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

Hidden & Dangerous (1999-2003) - SP-only

Hidden & Dangerous is a 1999 tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Illusion Softworks. It is regarded as one of the pioneering tactical first-person shooters. A sequel, Hidden & Dangerous 2, was released in 2003. Squad-based, WW2 setting. Gameplay elements include vocal commands, plan or real-time map control, vehicle usage, equipment selection, ability to take POWs, stealth options which include the acquisition of enemy uniforms, etc. Mission types include, espionage, sabotage, search and destroy, town liberation, prisoner rescue, retrieval of enemy officers and documents, partisan assistance and assassination with a great variety of locales. You can switch between first and third- person.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Hidden & Dangerous 1 & 2:

Hidden & Dangerous 1 (Deluxe/Action Pack edition, includes "Devil's Bridge" add-on):

Download Hidden & Dangerous 1 via /&tg/ repo
Download Hidden & Dangerous 1 via GOG

Hidden & Dangerous 2 (Deluxe/Courage Under Fire edition, includes "Sabre Squadron" add-on):

Download Hidden & Dangerous 2 via /&tg/ repo
Download Hidden & Dangerous 2 via GOG

2. Mods for Hidden & Dangerous 1:

H&D Deluxe 1 Ultimate Mod maintains the original gameplay while fixing most common bugs and adding new content.

Download Hidden & Dangerous 1 Deluxe Ultimate Mod via ModDB (untested, feedback appreciated)

Custom missions repo:

Download Hidden & Dangerous 1 custom missions via H&D fansite

Extract archive content into your "Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe" install directory, overwrite files when asked.

3. Mods for Hidden & Dangerous 2:

Download Hidden & Dangerous 2 DGVoodoo fix (use if game won't start)

Download Hidden & Dangerous 2 Widescreen fix

Download and extract the archive to the game directory, where the exe is located. Check the ini file for available features.

4. Community resources:

Community website

Hideous Destructor (2007) - SP & MP PvE

Hideous Destructor (HDest) is a gameplay mod for the GZDoom source port that vastly changes classic Doom gameplay with complex realism mechanics. Enemies are more intelligent and substantially more threatening, mistakes are more punishing, but the player also has some very potent additions to their arsenal. An interesting YouTube review. Can also be played online co-op. Still getting updates


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Doom IWADs:

Download original Doom files via MEGA mirror

Needed to run the HDest mod. Recommend using "doom_complete.pk3", because that includes Doom, Doom 2, TNT, Plutonia, Sigil, Master Levels, and No Rest for the Living in one file. Tell GZDoom to run that as your IWAD. This has the advantage of being able to find the coach gun (double-barrel) while playing Doom.

2. GZDoom + visual tweaks:

Download GZDoom

  • You may customize the default visual settings (optional):
    • Fix blurry: Options ... Display Options ... Texture filter mode set to "None (linear mipmap)"
    • Bigger HUD and fix squished face: Options ... Scaling Options ... HUD preserves aspect ratio set to "On". Play with user interface scale slider to taste.
    • Make sprites not paper: Options ... Option Search: "billboard" ... Sprite billboard set to "X/Y axis"
    • Possibly more adjustments but that's a start

3. Hideous Destructor mod:

Download Hideous Destructor mod

Get the latest .pk7 file.
Alternatively, you can download the newest commit. Most submods target this instead of stable releases.

4. Some recommended PWADs for beginners:

Maps specifically created for HDest:

General/modded Doom maps:

Total conversion mods mapsets:

  • Ashes 2063 (& Ashes Afterglow) (Review) is an immersive and atmospheric post-apocalyptic stand-alone full conversion mod for DOOM, in the style of STALKER, Fallout and Metro 2033, with side-quests, NPCs, non-linear hubs, etc. and an 80's John Carpenter-inspired soundtrack. It can also be used as a mapset for Hideous Destructor. Provides a good mix of semi-linearity and exploration, combined with intense battles in realistic tactical spaces. Pairs well with DarkDoomZ and Ugly as Sin for balancing the gameplay towards scavenging and stealth.

5. Add-ons resources:

This site can come in very handy if you want to dive into add-ons for the mod, though getting familiar with base Hideous Destructor before messing around here is recommended.

6. Advanced tips:

Courtesy of anon


this is how you get your ass to safety while incapped. turn 90 degrees to where you want to move to, lean in that direction, then turn back around 180 degrees and unlean and repeat. leaning is faked by just moving your whole hitbox and tilting your camera, so doing this allows you to go a lot faster than the normal incap crawling speed.


if you switch weapons while sprinting or jumping, the switch will happen much faster. especially good for heavy weapons with the extra-long switch time like the BFG or vulc, but even small weapons benefit. if you switch to fists during sprinting or jumping, it'll store the quickswap for the next weapon you select after that.

general movement tech

jumping is really good and should be your main source of speed and method of dodging in a fight. sprinting is niche by comparison, it's more stamina-intensive, slower, and the constant speed is easier for enemies to hit compared to the irregular bursts of jumping. you can crouch while jumping to extend your air time. fist lunges are also very good. lunge the moment before jumping to really fling yourself. lunge, release forward movement, and then jump and you can do a high standing jump with significant forward momentum. lunge, forward jump, then crouch and you get super mario 64 long jumps. try to avoid rolling as well, it has its uses for getting even more burst speed and a midair roll can salvage a jump that would've undershot, but it's disorienting and leaves you unable to act for too long to be good for any part of a fight except leaving it.


this isn't exactly tech, but if you're fighting, you want to be stimmed. if you're afraid of overdosing, you can check if you're already stimmed by punching the air. stimmed punching is significantly faster and also thrusts you forward slightly. with more experience, you can identify when a stim wears off by your HP or stamina regen slowing down.

identifying the difference between being hit by a fireball and being set on fire

you don't have to sit and spin every time an imp fireball hits you, regular fireballs have relatively little heat buildup. only the mage imp's special attacks require you to put yourself out.

more on drugs

stims give you near infinite stamina, increased health regen, and a boost to strength that overrides the penalty that severe wounding incurs. one stim lasts for about 3-4 minutes, but if you have blues then the duration is reduced to one fifth, and it burns off a lot of those blues in the process.
zerk can get you out of incap instantly and lets you ignore wounding up to a point. if you're zerked and you aren't regenerating to full health, then you're a lot more fucked up than your max HP would suggest. the strength increase from zerk adds a much more significant thrust to your punches compared to stims, which you can use for controlling your enormous jumps. you can chain multiple zerks if you time it just right and inject just before comedown hits. if you're too slow and go into comedown, you'll need to suffer for a bit before you can zerk again, but you don't have to wait out the full comedown. stims are very important for surviving comedown, if you have two stims you'll make it through just fine even if you're badly wounded.

radsuits and shieldcores

radsuits also provide protection from fire and electric attacks, but get torn by bullets and melee attacks. shieldcores stop bullets and melee attacks dead, but have little effect against fire. use the two together and you can shrug off almost anything for as long as the shield holds out. just be prepared to ditch the radsuit if you're building up too much heat, because it won't protect you forever.

using frag grenades right

enemies try to run away from live grenades, so just directly throwing them or setting up tripwires for an enemy to walk through usually doesn't work like you want it to. cook before throwing so they don't have time to escape, and rig tripwires to be set off by the monster closet itself, or even set the tripwire and then trigger it yourself. you can also take advantage of the fear to buy yourself a few seconds to get away from a nasty ambush, because enemies want to get away from a live grenade more than they want to kill you. they'll only turn and fight if they have nowhere to run to or if they get far enough away.

squeezing into super tight spaces

if you crouch before playing dead, when you get up you'll briefly squish down even further, which lets you get into all but the smallest gaps.

attacking while invisible

most forms of violence will disable the blursphere's cloak, but there's a few loopholes you can take advantage of. you can beat enemies up with distracting strikes (reload with fists) and kicks, you can throw grenades, and you can deploy derps using the derp 555/derp 556 commands. deactivating the blursphere manually gives you a few seconds where you can fire any weapon while still technically invisible. firing a bronto will trigger a slow decloak instead of an instant one due to the damage you take from the recoil.

using more items from incap

anything that is activated instantly from inventory such as radsuits, shieldcores, summoning talismans, or IED kits can be bound to a key for immediate access even when incapped. robot commands are also fully functional.

wall jumping

press jump with your back to a wall
if you aren't particularly light you won't really get any vertical benefit out of it, but in certain situations you can use it to climb even higher than normal
i tend to find it primarily useful for getting a horizontal boost near the end of a fall to roll the landing and take less fall damage

7. Ballistic data on all calibers

Insurgency (2007-2018) - MP-only PvP & PvE

Insurgency is a series of multiplayer tactical shooters focused on team-based and realistic combat, while still retaining a more fast-paced "fun" pacing compared to others. It started as a free Source mod titled Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat (2007) from a team led by an original Red Orchestra dev. It was followed by commercial stand-alone release Insurgency (2014) and its sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm (2018), as well as WW2 spin-off, Day of Infamy (2017). Multiplayer-only, has both PvP and co-op modes, can be played solo with bots


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Insurgency 2014 and/or Sandstorm:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

2. Insurgency (2014) mods:

Visit Insurgency (2014)'s Steam Workshop page.

Collection of Insurgency: MIC 2007 maps ported to Insurgency 2014

SOCOM-like third-person mods

3. Insurgency: Sandstorm (2018) mods:

Visit Insurgency: Sandstorm's community mods website.

Collection of Insurgency 2014 maps ported to Sandstorm

Post Scriptum (2018) - MP-only PvP

Post Scriptum is a multiplayer-only tactical first-person shooter set during World War II (specifically during the Battle of France, Operation Overlord and Operation Market Garden). It was developed by Periscope Games and was initially developed as a mod for Squad. The game features several playable factions, these being the US, UK, France and Germany, with each faction having multiple different playable units. Multiplayer-only


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1. Purchase Post Scriptum:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

Project I.G.I. (2000-2003) - SP-only

Project I.G.I. (I'm Going In) is a 2000 single-player tactical/stealth first-person shooter where you play as a lone-wolf SAS operator infiltrating large enemy bases, notable for its lack of game saves. Followed by a 2003 sequel, Covert Strike. A new sequel is currently in development.


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1. Download Project I.G.I.:

Download Project I.G.I. 1 via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download Project I.G.I. 1 via MyAbandonware

Download Project I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike via GOG

Rainbow Six 1 & 2 (1998-2001) - SP & MP PvE (free!)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a pioneering tactical shooter developped by Red Storm Entertainment, based on Tom Clancy's 1998 novel. Players control a fictional international counter-terrorist unit called "Rainbow". Before each mission is a planning stage, during which the player is given a briefing, and then chooses the operatives to be involved in the mission, their weapons, equipment, and uniform/camouflage. During this step, the player pre-establishes orders and waypoints. The planning stage determines elements such as the path the AI-controlled squads follow during the mission and where they will deploy equipment such as flashbangs or door breaching charges. Successful missions often last just minutes, but may require dozens of repetitions and planning changes to account for failures, new plans, and simply faster or more streamlined completion. During gameplay, the player controls only one team member directly, and can see stats for that member and all units on the heads-up display. Teams not under player control follow the orders given to them in the planning stage. The player can take control of any living operative at will, making them the leader. All in-game characters can be wounded or killed in just fractions of a second with only one or two bullets, and any casualties that occur during a mission are permanent.

R6 2 BO Modded

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1. Download & install:

Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0 is a complete stand-alone mod which includes Rainbow Six 1's campaign ported to Rainbow Six 2's engine + Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear, as well as all their expansions (Eagle Watch, Urban Operations, Covert Ops, Black Thorn, and the exclusive Missions in Korea never released outside of Korea), various bug fixes and improvements, improved modern support, third-person cam, etc. all in a single package.

Download Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0 via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0 via ModDB (slow)

The original version of Rainbow Six 1 for vanilla purists, since the fan-made ports for Rogue Spear/Black Ops 2.0 have some slight differences.

Download Rainbow Six 1 Vanilla via GOG

2. Online co-op:

The Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0 mod has an official Discord server where weekly online events are organized.

Download MP Extra Mods files via ModDB needed for these online events (includes 120+ custom maps).

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (2003) - SP and MP PvE (free!)

Play Rainbow Six 3 heavily modded and/or online co-op for free!

R6 RvS Modded

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download & install:

Download Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield Gold (main game + its 2 add-ons: Athena Sword & Iron Wrath) via /&tg/ repo

Once installed, go in game folder, right-click on Ravenshield.exe, properties, tick Run As Admin and set compatibility to Windows XP SP3 (can help if you encounter issues).

2. Singe-player mod pack:

Jugulator's mod pack is a complete modern overhaul for Raven Shield single-player, which combines dozens of other mods and includes bug fixes, enhanced team and enemy AI behavior, aim-down sights and optics, new weapons packs, unlocking multi-player maps in custom missions mode, immersive features like goggles overlay and snake cam, improved ragdolls and particle effects, modern resolution support, high-res textures, skyboxes & sounds, etc.

Download Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield SP Mod Pack via ModDB.

Follow install instructions via ModDB..

If you plan on playing both MP & modded SP, make a copy of your game folder, suffix it "- Modded" and install your SP mods in it. Create 2 different shortcuts.

3. Mega Map Pack for SP (includes custom maps from R6 1-2, etc.):

Grab this .torrent file via ModDB

Download via qBittorent or another torrent client

4. Enabling online play + fixes:

OpenRVS 1.5 enables custom servers multiplayer, since official online has been shut down forever. Requires a few additional steps & fixes.

  1. Download OpenRVS 1.5 via ModDB.
    Copy OpenRVS.u, R6ClassDefines.ini, openrvs.ini, and Servers.list to Ravenshield/System folder.
  1. Download Sound Fix Update via ModDB.
    Copy/merge/overwrite Sounds folder.
  1. Download Optimization Patch via ModDB.
    Copy Mods and System folders.
  1. Go in game options, set connection speed to T3. Go to Multiplayer > Internet (not LAN).

5. Multiplayer mods:

Servers run their own mods that automatically work when you join them. Joining servers will automatically download their full maplist, but at slow speeds and you won't be able to play until all maps have finished downloading. These will help pre-load server maps:

Download server map pack 1

Download server map pack 2

Merge both to game folder. Then delete the (outdated) R6RUSS files and Coastline_T files in /Textures folder.

6. Community resources, mods & online:

Track online players via Servers list.
Find other co-op players via Community Discord.
Finds mods & multiplayer events via Community Forum.

Ready Or Not (2021) - SP & MP PvE

Ready Or Not is a tactical shooter and spiritual follow-up to SWAT 4, focused on less-lethal & CQB tactics and co-op coordination. Both single-player campaign with friendly AI & multiplayer online co-op. Still in early access/getting updates.

Ready Or Not

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Ready or Not:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

2. Ready Or Not mods:

Visit Ready Or Not Nexus page.

To install mods/maps, simply unzip the file and put the .PAK file in your ReadyOrNot/Content/Paks folder.

The custom maps page includes some nice maps, such as remakes from SWAT 4 or the Bin Laden raid. (sort by endorsements)

Jugulator, author of the best Rainbow Six 3 mod pack, is also working on a Ready Or Not mod pack.

Receiver 2 (2020) - SP-only

Receiver is a single-player-only first-person shooter by Wolfire Games. The game attempts to portray realistic gun mechanics through a unique reloading system, where each step of reloading is assigned a different button. The player scavenges items and audio tapes which reveal the story in a procedurally generated world. If a player dies, they lose all progress and the game is reset with a new randomly-generated level layout, spawn position, and inventory. A core element of the game is how the player fires and reloads the handgun. The gun has to be used in a semi-realistic fashion, meaning that all aspects of reloading the gun have to be enacted individually with different key presses. Rather than finding magazines as seen in most shooters, the player finds cartridges which must be individually loaded into the revolver chambers or pistol magazines. In-game actions mapped to individual key presses include, but are not limited to: removing the magazine from the pistol, inserting a cartridge into a magazine, inserting a magazine into the pistol, pulling back the slide, cocking the hammer, toggling the safety, inspecting the chamber, releasing the slide stop, and spinning the cylinder of the revolver. To emphasize understanding of the firearm, the player's handgun starts in a random condition; the magazine or chamber may be loaded or empty, the slide may be locked or unlocked, and the safety may be on or off. While the game is meant to be played as a traditional FPS with regular keyboard and mouse, there's also a WIP release-candidate beta branch for VR headsets. optional VR beta

Receiver 2

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Receiver 2:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

2. Receiver 2 mods:

See Receiver 2 modding guide (BepInEx mods, FOV & custom guns) via YouTube

Squad (2020) - MP-only PvP

Squad is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed by Offworld Industries. Designed to encourage teamwork and communication, it is a spiritual successor to the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. Matches take place on extremely large realistic battlefields, facilitating the use of a wide variety of vehicles such as main-battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, transport trucks and helicopters. Multiplayer-only. Still getting updates.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Squad:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.

2. Squad mods:

Visit Squad's Steam Workshop page.

Download Dynamic Direction (Squad Rebalancing Mod) (Video)

Download SATCOM (RTS+FPS hybrid Mod) (Video)

SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (1999) - SP-only

SWAT 3 is a tactical shooter developed by Sierra Northwest and published by Sierra, the seventh installment of the Police Quest series and the first game in the series to be played from the first-person perspective. The player controls a five-man Police SWAT element, with emphasis on less than lethal and CQB tactics, proper room clearance, ordering compliance and arresting enemies rather than shooting on sight, and differentiating between authorized and unauthorized use of lethal force. The game has a total of 27 missions that include hostage rescue, armed standoffs and bomb disposal. Differences with SWAT 4 include a 10-man career mode, manual choice between stealth or dynamic mode, having to manually report if a suspect is secured, killed or neutralized and being penalized for wrong reports.

SWAT 3 Modded

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download SWAT 3: GOTY Edition:

Download SWAT 3: GOTY Edition via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download SWAT 3: GOTY Edition via GOG

2. Modern hardware performances fix:

Download latest stable dgVoodoo2

Install by following these instructions

3: SWAT 3 Last Resort mod

Adds modern resolutions support, mods launcher and various QoL improvements, etc.:

Download Last Resort (latest beta version) via their forum

Make sure you have launched vanilla SWAT 3 at least once.
Double-click to install the .exe. Click yes when prompted to increase draw distance & replace videos with outdated codecs.
Launch "Last Resort Launcher" interface. Make sure it's switched "on".

4. SWAT 3 BlueLight mod

Adds higher-res weapons models, various effects, textures & sounds, AI tweaks, etc.

Download BlueLight mod from ModDB

Open zip and modify config.dat following the "fix repeating dialogues" instructions in comments.
Put zip files in swat3\mods folder.
Launch Last Resort, go in Mod Manager tab and tick all mods boxes (except "Commander", "td_weapon", included in BlueLight).

If you want to enable first-person weapon view, go in Other Settings tab, tick "Use Command line arguments" and type: -handsup

5. SWAT 3 Mega Map Mack (optional):

Download SWAT 3 Mega Map Pack via ModDB

Move maps zips to SWAT3\Missions folder.

Additional issues? Check the PC Gaming Wiki page.

SWAT 4 + SWAT Elite Force & First Responders (2005) - SP & MP PvE + PVP (free!)

Come play modded SWAT 4 online for free with us! Both single-player campaign with friendly AI & multiplayer co-op. FR mod is still getting updates.

SWAT 4 FR Modded

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. SWAT 4 Gold (main game + "The Stetchkov Syndicate" add-on)

Download SWAT 4 Gold via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download SWAT 4 Gold via GOG

2. SWAT 4 Elite Force mod, AKA "SEF":

SEF combines main game+add-on into a single game, adds cut content and extra missions, iron sights, improved AI, new equipment, new modes and QoL features, bug fixes, higher res/FOV support, recognized voice commands, etc. (beginner-friendly mod)

Download SWAT 4 SEF 7.0 via ModDB

Open SEFV7.rar and drag the SEF folder to your SWAT 4 directory. You can launch SEF by clicking LaunchSEF.bat

Note: do not download the additional 7.1 update (or put it in its own separate "SEF 7.1" folder) if you want to play SEF online, as most servers are currently remaining on 7.0

3. SWAT 4 SEF: First Responders mod, AKA "FR":

FR is an even more tacticool overhaul mod, includes most SEF features + adds: shield, medic system, move while leaning, partial door opening, weapons optics, low-ready. (less rec'd for beginners: optiwand cannot look under doors, more aggressive suspects)

Download SWAT 4 SEF: FR via ModDB

Open your .rar folder and drag SEF_FR folder to your SWAT 4 directory. 3. You can launch SEF FR by clicking LaunchSEF.bat

Vanilla, SEF and FR can be played independently via their own shortcuts so don't worry about overwriting anything. You do not need to install SEF if you just want to play FR.

4. Enabling server browser for online multiplayer:

This is required to play online.

  1. Follow this Github link.
  2. Scroll down to "How to install this patch for SWAT 4 Gold Edition".
  3. Download both links for Content\System and ContentExpansion\System and put both Engine.dll's in their respective folders, overwriting previous.
  4. Go in-game and in the server browser select "Internet", you should see the servers now and which of these 3 game versions they are running.

5. SWAT 4 Mega Map Pack (optional):

Can be needed for some servers running custom maps. Or for new custom solo campaigns.

Download SWAT 4 Mega Map Pack via ModDB

Unpack & merge with Content or ContentExpension folders.

6. Finding online players:

  1. Check active servers via GameTracker (bookmark it!)
  2. Want to play? Announce your game and ask for players in /vg/ /&tg/
  3. SWAT 4 FR mod Discord also has an active community, also useful to check in on dev updates and ask for players to join online.

Vietcong (2003-2005) - SP-only

Vietcong is a 2003 tactical first-person shooter developed by Pterodon and Illusion Softworks (known for Mafia and Hidden & Dangerous). Vietcong aims for a high level of authenticity and realism. AI characters make frequent use of cover, weapons' aim sights can be used to increase aim but a sway is present which simulates a shooter's shaking hands which can be reduced by entering a crouching or prone stance, the player uses bandages which briefly exposes him instead of health packs. The player can issue orders to AI controlled squadmates who serve specific roles, eg. the point man can safely lead the team towards the objective, avoiding any traps and warning the player of enemies in advance, while a combat engineer carries an supply of ammo for the player.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Vietcong:

Download Vietcong 1 via IGG Games

Download Vietcong 2 via IGG Games

Zero Hour (2020) - SP & MP PvE + PVP

Zero Hour is a cooperative, CQB-focused, squad-based game similar to SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six set in Bangladesh. Players take the role of operators of a tactical police unit specializing in threat neutralization, hostage extraction and bomb defusal. The game features competitive PvP modes and PvE scenarios that can be played either solo or co-op. In true tactical shooter fashion, Zero Hour is slow-paced, players are actively discouraged from running and gunning due to the lethality of combat and unpredictability of AI combatants. Multiplayer online co-op-focused but has a single-player campaign, friendly AI is pending. Still in early access/getting updates.

Zero Hour

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Purchase Zero Hour:

Use a game prices comparison site such as a DLCompare or IsThereAnyDeal to find the sweetest deals (listed keys resellers are safe & legit). You can create wishlists, compare historical prices, receive notifications, etc. And other individual sites.

If you prefer buying on Steam directly, wait for the next Steam sales.


Chameleon (2005)

Chameleon is a PC exclusive 2005 FPS/TPS stealth action game created by Silver Wish Games, the Slovak division of Illusion Softworks (aka 2K Czech, makers of Mafia, Hidden & Dangerous and Vietcong series). It runs on the same engine and had the same development director as Mafia 1. Despite being dubbed in English by professional actors, the game never secured a release outside Eastern Europe. You play as a disgraced CIA agent investigating your parents assassinations. Levels include Ireland IRA farmhouse, Albanian airport, train in Moldavia, police station in Baltimore, Colombian prison Argentinian submarine, Lebanon in the middle of a conflict with Israeli forces, Cuba, Afghanistan... Plenty of cool little features, like being able to holster weapons, and if caught without a gun by the enemy they will try to arrest you instead of blindly opening fire. Typical stealth gadgets (night vision, silencer, lockpick, door camera, etc). Surprisingly decent hybrid Splinter Cell/Hitman clone.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Chameleon:

Download Chameleon via /&tg/ repo (faster)

Download Chameleon via MyAbandonware

2. English translation patch v1.1:

Note: the above installers may already be pre-patched. But just in case:

Download English translation patch v1.1 via ModDB

Move ALL files (including audio) to install folder.

Conflict (2002-2005)

Conflict is a series of tactical shooters developed by Pivotal Games. Conflict: Desert Storm (2002) is set during the Persian Gulf War, and was followed by Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad (2003). The player can either play as the British Armed Forces 22 SAS Regiment or the United States Army Delta Force. Conflict: Vietnam (2004) is set during the Vietnam War. Conflict: Global Terror (2005) is set during modern day and reunites the characters from Desert Storm. The games play primarily in third-person perspective. The player directly controls one member of the team but can issue commands to teammates, and can also swap direct control between any of the four characters on the fly to allow tactical play to emerge. To complete each mission successfully, the player must utilize the skills of each squad member, such as using their demolitions expert to destroy bridges, their heavy weapons specialist to destroy tanks, etc.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Conflict series games:

Download Conflict: Desert Storm 1 via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download Conflict: Desert Storm 1 via GOG

Download Conflict: Desert Storm 2 via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download Conflict: Desert Storm 2 via MyAbandonware

Download Conflict: Vietnam via MyAbandonware

Download Conflict: Global Terror via MyAbandonware

2. Modern hardware fixes:

Conflict: DS1 widescreen resolution infos on PC Gaming Wiki. You'll need to edit some values in your registry. In my experience, only the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pivotal Games\Conflict Desert Storm\Device Settings path changes are taken into account, and the ResolutionIndex values posted on the Wiki didn't work; instead try setting ResolutionIndex at 1, launch the game and see what resolution it's on, set ResolutionIndex at 2 or 3, etc. and keep increasing by 1 until you find your resolution. I got it to run in 1920x1080 with ResolutionIndex set at 10, while 11 worked best for another anon. You may also increase draw distance by setting its registry value to 1, although this will also affect enemies being able to spot you from further away.

Conflict: DS1 high framerate bug fix on PC Gaming Wiki. There's a bug tied to high framerate where your character gets stuck floating in the air. You'll need to download and install Guru3D RTSS, add DesertStorm.exe to it, disable "On-screen display support" and put "Framerate limit" to 60

Similar fix needed for the sequels.

Death to Spies (2007-2009)

Death to Spies is a series of third-person stealth games set during WW2. You play as a Soviet spy infiltrating German bases to assassinate targets, steal documents or sabotage objectives. The games are low-budget Hitman clones where you can use Nazi disguises, chloroform, garrote and poison to accomplish your missions stealthily, but also feature larger maps and usable vehicles.

Death to Spies

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Death to Spies titles:

Download Death to Spies via GOG

Download Death to Spies 2: Moment of Truth via GOG

Full Spectrum Warrior (2004-2006)

Full Spectrum Warrior is a 2004 real-time tactics video game developed by Pandemic Studio, followed by 2006 sequel Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers. Full Spectrum Warrior is a squad-based game in which the player issues commands to two fireteams, Alpha and Bravo. Each fireteam has a Team Leader equipped with an M4 carbine. The Team Leaders also carry a GPS receiver, which can be used to locate mission objectives and enemy locations, and a radio for communication with headquarters. The second team member is the Automatic Rifleman, equipped with an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, used to lay suppressive fire on the enemy and assigned to take command if the team leader is shot. The third team member is the Grenadier, equipped with an M4 with an M203 grenade launcher attachment. The last team member is the Rifleman, equipped with an M4 carbine.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Full Spectrum Warrior:

Download Full Spectrum Warrior 1 via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download Full Spectrum Warrior 1 via GOG

Download Full Spectrum Warrior 2: Ten Hammers via GOG

Hitman (2000-2022)

Set mainly in a third-person perspective, the core objective in each level of the games is to kill the assigned target (usually there are additional targets as an optional bonus). In most cases, Hitman allows the player different options to accomplish this task. Players can perform precise assassinations or slaughter indiscriminately in order to achieve the mission goals; however, the games reward a subtle approach by awarding special weapons or cash bonuses if players earn a favourable rank (usually achievable by eliminating only the assigned target, and without raising the alarm doing so). 47 can wear a variety of disguises (such as repairmen, police officers and waiters) to fool enemies and gain access to restricted areas. The focus of Hitman is not hiding in the shadows from the enemy, but rather blending in amongst them. It is up to the player to initiate violence, since guards do not usually open fire unless provoked.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download classic Hitman titles:

Download Hitman 1: Codename 47 via GOG

Download Hitman 2: Silent Assassin via GOG

Download Hitman 3: Contracts via GOG

Download Hitman 4: Blood Money via GOG

2. nu-HITMAN:

Some tools for modding nu-HITMAN titles:

Download The Peacock Project: server emulator to bypass the always-online server checks and play online-only content offline.

Download Simple Mod Framework: required to run any of the Nexus custom mods... Such as:

Also worth mentioning that all the content and DLCs from the nu-trilogy can be played from within nu-Hitman 3. Follow this guide.

Metal Gear (1987-2015)

Metal Gear is a series of techno-thriller stealth games created by Hideo Kojima, developed and published by Konami. The player often takes control of a special forces operative (Solid Snake or Big Boss), assigned the task of finding the titular superweapon "Metal Gear", a bipedal walking tank with the ability to launch nuclear weapons, and must move undetected through a hostile, enemy-filled environment. "Tactical Espionage Action."


Watch YouTube gameplay

Download Metal Gear titles:

Best way to play the whole series on PC today:

Download Metal Gear titles via CDRomance

There may be issues with emulation that require extra per-game fixes available on emulators Wiki pages.
See PS2 emulation guide, Emulation Wiki or RPCS3 Wiki for more help.

SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs PS2 titles (2002-2006)

SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs is a series of third-person tactical shooters for PS2 (and PSP + PS3) by Zipper Interactive. The player typically leads a four-man team completing operations throughout the world. Typical missions consist of killing terrorists, rescuing hostages, retrieving intelligence, or destroying terrorist bases.


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download SOCOM PS2 ROMs:

Download SOCOM 1 via CDRomance

Download SOCOM 2 via CDRomance

Download SOCOM 3 via CDRomance

Download SOCOM 4: Combined Assault via CDRomance

2. Setup PS2 emulation:

Download and install PCSX2 latest nightly build

Make sure you're using +v1.7, which includes a user-friendly interface.

Download PS2 BIOS file

Install by copying them to your PCSX2\bios folder.

Go in Settings, select a functional BIOS. Load up your PS2 ROMs folder, your games should show as a library. Setup your gamepad and graphics settings. Settings ... Graphics ... Display tab... select Vulkan as your Renderer ... then go to Rendering tab ... you can upscale Internal Resolution.

Search per-game on the PCSX2 wiki and check if there are known issues and available workarounds, Go back to PCSX2 and your library interface, right-click select your game ... Properties ... and modify per-game custom settings according to the wiki information.

Online co-op may be emulated by following following these guides.

Note: There are also other PSP spin-offs that can be emulated via PPSSPP. Tactical Strike looks like it has more focus on ordering your squad instead of shooting. Unrelated but perhaps also worth mentioning: there's also a PSP top-down SWAT game!

Splinter Cell (2002-2013) - SP & MP PvP + PvE (free!)

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a series of third-person stealth games. Playing as protagonist Sam Fisher, a highly trained agent of a fictional black-ops sub-division within the NSA, dubbed "Third Echelon", the player is encouraged to move through the shadows for concealment whenever possible. The game displays a "light meter" that reflects how visible the player character is to enemies, and night vision and thermal vision goggles to help the player navigate in darkness or smoke/fog, respectively. The light meter functions even when night vision goggles is activated, and it is possible to destroy lights, thus reducing the chances of exposure significantly.

Splinter  Cell

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Splinter Cell titles:

Download Splinter Cell 1 via GOG

Download Splinter Cell 2: Pandora Tomorrow via OVA Games

Download Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory via OVA Games

Download Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent (PS2/Xbox/NGC-gen) via CDRomance

There are 2 different versions of Double Agent: PC/PS3/Xbox 360-gen vs PS2/Xbox/NGC-gen.

Despite sharing the same story overall, the two versions have some different levels and plot twists. The PS3/Xbox 360-gen version, also available on PC, comes with shinier graphics but more action-oriented gameplay, whereas the PS2/Xbox/NGC-gen version runs on the original engine, was developed by the original Ubi Montreal team, and also includes a co-op storyline. It can be emulated via NGC (Dolphin) (generally more stable) or PS2 (PCSX2).

There's also a PSP spin-off.

2. Improvement guides (SP + MP):

Complete improvement guides for both single-player and multiplayer modes:

Visit Splinter Cell 1 Improvement Guide by Joshua includes: DLC missions, PS3 HD textures, custom resolutions, etc.

Visit Splinter Cell 2: Pandora Tomorrow Improvement Guide by Joshua includes: PS3 HD texture, widescreen fix, lighting fix, etc.

Visit Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory Improvement Guide by Joshua includes: skip intros, fix for AMD GPUs, custom resolutions, FOV, Xbox controllers support, etc.
Visit Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory troubleshooting via PC Gaming Wiki
Visit Spies Vs. Mercs guide (outdated?) - Co-op guide - Controller support & co-op guide - YouTube SvM 2022 guide - YouTube SvM review

Visit Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent (PC version) Improvement Guide by Joshua includes: update patch, crash fix, improved lighting, FOV, restored Spies Vs Mercs mode, etc.

3. Single-player mods:

Download optional first-person mod for Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory SP (videos)

4. Online multiplayer modes

Splinter Cell online/multiplayer has two major PvP and PvE modes:

  • Spies vs. Mercs - Asymmetric 2-vs.-2 PvP: 2 stealth-oriented Spies (in third-person) vs 2 action-oriented Mercenaries (in first-person) face each other in objective-based matches and must best each other to win the round. Available in:
    • Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
    • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    • Splinter Cell: Double Agent (both versions?)
    • Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • Co-op storylines - 2-man co-op PvE: 2 players play together through a story-driven campaign (different from the Sam Fisher single-player campaign). Available in:
    • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    • Splinter Cell: Double Agent (PS2/Xbox/NGC-gen version-only)
    • Splinter Cell: Conviction
    • Splinter Cell: Blacklist

5. Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory - Online Co-op mode:

  1. Make sure you have a fresh, unmodified install of the game. (Download)
  2. Go in game install folder > system folder, open SplinterCell3Settings.ini, search for "BiasCut" and change all the values to 0.0. to disable mouse acceleration. Repeat for 10 or so entries.
  3. Download Splinter Cell Widescreen fix and extract .rar content to your game install > system folder where .exe is located.
  4. Download and install Radmin VPN. Very easy, no signup required. Turn it on, click on Network tab, Join an Existing Network, gaming tab, type "Splinter" and the game should appear, select it.
  5. Create a private network.
  6. Give your friend the infos and create a lobby under "LAN" in-game.
  7. In case of desync or disconnection issues, make sure both players have identical settings for FOV or widescreen in INI files. Restoring those settings to default might help resolve those issues.
  8. Found conflicting info... FOV values are in C: > ProgramData (hidden Windows folder) > Ubisoft > Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory folder, open SplinterCell3User.ini, find "[Engine.PlayerController]", values for "Desired" and "Default" FOV can be set from default 75.0 to 91.31 (16:9) or 85.28 (16:10). However, some recommend not to edit these values if using the 13AG widescreen fix.

6. Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory - Online Spies Vs. Mercs:

I. Joshua's Spies Vs. Mercs-only portable versions:

  1. Extract content of Versus.7z. This is a portable executable which you can place anywhere and doesn't require install.
  2. Open Versus folder > System and launch SCCT_Versus.exe to start the game.
  3. To customize resolution: Go in SCCT Versus folder, System, open Default.ini, and edit these two values under: [WinDrv.WindowsClient], FullscreenViewportX= and FullscreenViewportY=
  4. Download and install Radmin VPN. Very easy, no signup required. Turn it on, click on Network tab, Join an Existing Network, gaming tab, type "Splinter" and the game should appear, select it.
  5. Create a private network.
  6. Give your friend the infos and create a lobby under "LAN" in-game.

II. Separate map packs:

III. Framerate unlocker:

  1. The versus mode for Chaos Theory, by default, is locked at 30 frames per second.
  2. When hosting a game session: do not use the editor. Playing above 30 FPS will cause major issues for the clients.
  3. When joining a game session: you can play at any frames per second you wish.
  4. Launch framer.exe which should already be in your SCCT Versus folder.
  5. If not, download SC:CT framerate editor

7. Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent (PC version) - Online Spies Vs. Mercs mode:

  1. Joshua's Spies Vs. Mercs-only portable versions:
  1. Extract content of SCDA-Online.7z. This is a portable executable which you can place anywhere and doesn't require install.
  2. Open SCDA_Online folder > System and launch SCDA_Online.exe to start the game.
  3. To customize resolution: Game folder, SCDA-Online, System, open Default.ini, and edit these two values under: [WinDrv.WindowsClient], FullscreenViewportX= and FullscreenViewportY=
  4. If experiencing any issues, make sure to run the DirectX and PhysX setup files located in SCDA-Online folder > Installers.

8. Community & finding online players:

There are still a few (originals and Conviction/Blacklist) online-playing communities, such as Splinter Cell Community Discord or Splinter Cell Spies Vs. Mercs Discord.

RTT (real-time tactics)

One of the big distinctions between RTT and RTS and is that in RTT you do no base building (or at the very least, very little base building), in contrast to RTS. For example, you could make an argument that the first W40K Dawn of War is an RTS (there's light base building), but Dawn of War 2 is an RTT (the base building was removed entirely).

7.62 High Calibre (2007)

7.62 High Calibre is a Russian tactical-action game and sequel to Brigade E5. Similarly to Jagged Alliance, the game is about running a mercenary band in an unstable tropical nation. Everything is completely real-time, with a twist. You can set events at which moment the game can pause, zoom in on the event, show a shortcut and have a popup. Because one or two seconds can literally mean life or death, it's quite handy to be able to hand out orders on the millisecond. Should you for some reason need to do a part of the battle without pausing, the game allows a "Smart Pause Mode", time compression ranging from -7.5x to +7.5x. Real-time tactics with pause

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download 7.62 High Calibre:

Download 7.62 High Calibre via /&tg/ repo (faster)
Download 7.62 High Calibre via GOG

Alternatively, Steam regularly has the game on sale for less than $2, with the first game (Brigade E5) and a full overhaul mod titled Hard Life. Furthermore, the Steam version comes with the Blue Sun Mod and other fixes pre-applied to save you the headache of mods install (right-click on the game in your library, properties, go to Beta branch tab and enable "Community Patch").

2. Mods recap

Vanilla 7.62 High Calibre can be buggy but it has a dedicated community still trying to fix and improve it.

There are a lot of mods for it, naming schemes are a bit confusing but to recap:
For newcomers: 7.62 High Calibre + Blue Sun Mod 2.1 (BSM) + Mercapocalypse 2
For veterans: 7.62 Hard Life (HLA) + Give Everybody Guns (GEG)

3. 7.62 High Calibre + Blue Sun Mod 2.1 + Mercapocalypse 2 beginners-friendly essentials mods

7.62 High Calibre is the original game. It's recommended for new players to first install the Blue Sun mod, and then the Mercapocalypse V2.0 mod on top of it. For bug fixes and more customization.

  • Blue Sun Mod (BSM): fixes a lot of bugs present in vanilla, adds 47 new missions, a lot of new weapons, items, enemies and vehicles, better textures, improved gameplay and UI options, borrows enhancements from Hard Life (HLA), etc. just improves vanilla in every way, consider this the baseline to play the game today.

    Download Blue Sun Mod 2.1 already packaged in Steam version

      1. Install 7.62 in a new folder, like C:\games\7.62. Do not install the game in the default folder like "Program Files" or "User".
      1. Mount or burn the bsm_2.1.iso image.
      1. Run the setup.exe and choose your installation options (installer includes the Unofficial Patch 1.06 and media.pack files, remember to check the right options).
      1. Run BlueSunMod.exe to start the game.
        Alternatively, the Steam version comes with the Blue Sun Mod and other fixes pre-applied to save you the headache of mods install (right-click on the game in your library, properties, go to Beta branch tab and enable "Community Patch").
  • Mercapocalypse V2.0 mod: Mercapocalypse is a weapons autism mod for Blue Sun Mod (BSM 2.1 required), adds hundreds of new weapons, with high quality models, detailed descriptions, more customization options, etc.

    Download Mercapocalypse V2.0 not present in Steam version

      1. First install vanilla 7.62, then BSM 2.1 (required), then Mercapocalypse 2.0.
      1. Delete the BMP folder from your clean install folder. Refer to readme for more infos.
      1. Extract Mercapocalypse v2.0 zip content to the main game folder and overwrite when asked.
      1. You may also download this unofficial Mercapocalypse V3.0 patch for more bug fixes and equipment (follow the various posts by the thread's OP; to verify it got properly installed, check the car trunk in the intro area and make sure a K413 grenade has been placed in it).
      1. You should get a new splash screen with the new Mercapocalypse image saying at the lower right Version 2.0 (or 3.0) when you open the game.
      1. You can read and edit your INI folder/BlueSunMod.ini file to change certain game options, it's heavily customizable.

4. 7.62 Hard Life (HLA) + Give Everybody Guns (GEG) challenging overhaul mod for veteran players

In the original 7.62 High Calibre, the story was streamlined to ease the player into the game and introduce the mechanics and features. You start in a small town and slowly increase your team and abilities to perform increasingly difficult quests. 7.62 Hard Life is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of starting in the town and having the ability to freely sculpt your playthrough and affiliations, it starts you off with the guerrillas deep into the jungle. You don’t even access the Russian criminal quest (the main objective of the game) until much later on. Instead, they obfuscate your task and give your character amnesia, with the story being that you were attacked, your unit was destroyed, you lost all your equipment and money, and you barely survived. Where you start in Hard Life is around 1/3rd of the story in High Calibre with the difficulty spiked right at the start and no handholding. The fact that they strip you of your equipment and money makes things even harder, as you have to equip yourself with whatever is laying around from the dead bodies in the starting sectors and you don’t have enough to hire any mercs to help you out.

  • 7.62 Hard Life: 7.62 Hard Life (HLA) is a fan-made overhaul mod released in 2015 with new story, missions, locations, NPCs, more options and bug fixes... Consider it an unofficial sequel to avoid confusion. Steam offers it as a different game entirely. Advice: play the original for a bit before trying HL. You don't need to do a full playthrough if you don't want to, but at least a dozen hours or so until you get the hang of it. Stand-alone game, you do not need to have High Calibre installed.

Download 7.62 Hard Life via /&tg/ repo (faster) already packaged in Steam version
Download 7.62 Hard Life via GOG already packaged in Steam version

- 1. Follow instructions.

Alternatively, the Steam version of 7.62 High Calibre regularly on sale for less than $2 offers 7.62 Hard Life as a separate game install.

5. Beginners resources

Guide: A helpful .PDF walkthrough guide (for High Calibre + BlueSunMod) to help you get started with the game's basic mechanisms and objectives...

Other games from the same devs and running on the same engine include the prequel, Brigade E5, as well as Marauder: Man of Prey, set in a dystopian Soviet setting similar to STALKER.

Blitzkrieg, Sudden Strike & Stalingrad (2000-2017)

Blitzkrieg and Sudden Strike are two series of real-time tactics video games set during World War II developed by Russian devs Fireglow, using the same engine and similar gameplay. The player selects a faction (e.g. Soviets, Germans, or Allied forces) and gains control of many varied units such as infantry, tanks and artillery. The games focus primarily on tactics, eschewing traditional real-time strategy resource gathering and base development. Stalingrad is another similar game. Real-time tactics

Sudden Strike

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Blitzkrieg titles:

Download Blitzkrieg 1 via GOG

Download Blitzkrieg 2 via GOG
Download Blitzkrieg 2 Liberation via GOG
Download Blitzkrieg 2 Fall of the Reich via GOG

2. Download Sudden Strike titles:

Download Sudden Strike 1 Gold edition via GOG

Download Sudden Strike 2 Gold edition via GOG

Download Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory via GOG
Download Sudden Strike 3 The Last Stand via GOG

Download Sudden Strike 4 Gold edition via GOG

3. Download Stalingrad:

Download Stalingrad via IGG Games + HD res fix

Commandos (1998-2003)

Commandos is a stealth-oriented real-time tactics video game series. The games are all set during World War II and follow the adventures of a fictional Allied commando unit. You lead a team of complementary specialists. Each mission is loosely based on historical events during World War II to carry the plot. The series was developed by Spanish developer Pyro Studios. Real-time tactics


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Commandos:

Commandos 1: Beyond The Call Of Duty is a stand-alone expansion pack for C1, including 8 new missions.

Download Commandos 1: Behind Enemy Lines via GOG

Download Commandos 1 stand-alone expansion: Beyond The Call Of Duty via GOG

Commandos 2: Commandos 2 was remastered in 2020, but the remaster made some controversial changes, it notably censored all Nazi imagery so you might prefer vanilla version.

Download Commandos 2: Men of Courage (vanilla) via GOG

Download Commandos 2: Men of Courage (HD Remaster) via GOG

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Download Commandos 3: Destination Berlin via GOG

2. Modern resolution & widescreen support:

Commandos 1:

Commandos 1 Resolution Fix

Commandos 1 widescreen resolution infos on PCGamingWiki

Commandos 2:

Commandos 2 widescreen resolution infos on PCGamingWiki

Commandos 2 possible fix on the community forum

Commandos 3:

Commandos 3 Resolution Fix

Commandos 3 widescreen resolution infos on PCGamingWiki

3. Mods:

Commandos 2: Destination Paris is a modification of Commandos 2 that makes the game more challenging.

Download Commandos 2: Destination Paris mod via ModDB

4. Community resources & mods:

Community website

Note: There's a 2006 FPS spin-off, Commandos: Strike Force.

Desperados (2001-2020)

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive is a 2001 real-time tactics video game developed by Spellbound Entertainment. Commandos clone with a wild west setting, more varied team members and stealth elements. After 2 underwhelming 3D sequels, Desperados III by Shadow Tactics devs Mimimi Productions was released in 2020. Real-time tactics


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive:

Download Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive via GOG

Door Kickers (2014-2020)

In Door Kickers 1, the player controls an elite squad of SWAT operatives who are pitted against several varieties of criminals and terrorists, while Door Kickers 2 is set in the fictional Middle Eastern country, and features improved weapon variety, equipment, AI, and various new gameplay features in a 3D environment, as well as a level editor. The game is very similar to Rainbow Six's planning phase, though with the added ability of being able to play real time. Meaning, you can either make up a whole plan, press play, and not intervene as your team members do everything in one go - or you can go in with little to no pre-planned route and micro their movements by pausing and unpausing. Good modding scene for it. Real-time tactics with pause

Door Kickers 2

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Door Kickers titles:

Download Door Kickers 1 via GOG

2. Door Kickers 2 FPS/freecam mode:

How to use first-person/freecam mode and dev options in DK2.

Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 (2007)

Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 is based on real-life events that took place from May 12 to 28, 1942. During a vicious German counterattack three Soviet Armies were surrounded and were forced to fighting in what has become known as the “meat grinder.” Real-time tactics

Steel Fury

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Steel Tank Add-on (STA)

Download 3.4.7

2. IOM mod

Download Link from anon

put mods in the mod folder found inside your steam steel fury folder. delete \Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942\data/k42\loc_rus\sound. then activate the mods in the order provided by the pic using the JSGME.exe. then use the 4gb patch on the starter.exe in the steel fury folder. then start the game, select common-local server, and use english otherwise the game will crash

SWAT 2 (1998)

Police Quest: SWAT 2 is a 1998 real-time tactics and police simulation game. The sixth entry in the Police Quest series, it uses an isometric projection camera view, somewhat similar to the squad-level real-time tactics video game in the mold of X-COM or Jagged Alliance games. Police Quest: SWAT 2's gameplay takes place in real-time, with the player issuing orders to individual avatars from a static isometric view of the level. The game features two separate campaigns, one in which the player controls SWAT and another in which the player takes the role of a lieutenant in the Five Eyes terrorist organization. Real-time tactics


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download SWAT 2:

Download SWAT 2 via /&tg/ repo

Note: There's another isometric SWAT spin-off game on PSP titled SWAT: Target Liberty which can be emulated via PPSSPP.

TBT (turn-based tactics)

Fallout Tactics (2001)

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is a spin-off of the Fallout series of CRPGs. Combat in Fallout Tactics is more complicated than in the previous two CRPG Fallout games. Unlike those, which featured an individual turn-based system, players can choose between real-time and turn-based play via three modes of combat: Continuous Turn-Based (CTB), Individual Turn-Based (ITB), and Squad Turn-Based (STB). In CTB, everyone can act at the same time. ITB is the system used in the original games. STB is a variation of that, where each turn is given to a squad. Other changes include the ability to change stance, modifiers for height, and setting sentry modes, which let characters shoot automatically in CTB upon encountering an enemy. Turn-based + real time tactics

Fallout Tactics

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Fallout Tactics:

Download Fallout Tactics via /&tg/ repo

Jagged Alliance 2 (1999)

Jagged Alliance 2 is a 1999 tactical role-playing game by Tribsoft. The third entry in the JA series, it was followed by the expansion Unfinished Business in 2000 and the commercial mod Wildfire in 2004. The game takes place in the fictional country of Arulco, which has been ruled by the ruthless monarch Deidranna for several years. The player is put in control of hired mercenaries and with aid of local citizens and militia must reclaim Arulco's cities and ultimately defeat Deidranna. The game uses a strategic map screen of Arulco where the player may issue high level strategic orders for their troops, such as travelling or prolonged training. Combat and individual location exploration takes place in tactical screen, where the player can issue individual direct commands to their mercenaries, such as run, shoot, talk and so on. Turn-based tactics

Jagged Alliance 2

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Jagged Alliance 2 Gold

Gold version includes Unfinished Business and Wildfire expansions, and adds improvements from Unfinished Business to base game. Gold introduces notable changes to the difficulty setting. The player choosing an advanced difficulty level may decide to make the player turns timed and whether to disallow saving during combat, as opposed to the original Jagged Alliance 2, which set these settings automatically.

Download Jagged Alliance 2 Gold via /&tg/ repo
Download Jagged Alliance 2 Gold via IGG Games

You may also download the games and expansions separately.

Download Jagged Alliance 2 vanilla via GOG

Download Jagged Alliance 2 expansion Unfinished Business via GOG

2. Mods

Stracciatella mod is recommended for beginners. It adds modern QoL features, high resolution, cross-platform support, improves stability, fixes bugs and provides a stable platform for other mods. beginners-friendly

Download Stracciatella mod

Wildfire mod: More or less JA2 with a few more mercs, a few enhancements, and the difficulty cranked up. The maps are different from normal JA2, the miners won't just agree to turn over the income to you, you will need higher leadership and town loyalty, and there are a few more enemies on the maps. On the upside, you can have increased resolution, and a max team size of 10 instead of 6. Fan-made mod that later received an official commercial release. Compatible with Stracciatella.

Download Jagged Alliance 2 mod/expansion Wildfire via GOG

Another mod is 1.13 which adds a lot of stuff but changes the game a bunch, which might be undesirable for a first time. JA2 1.13 is really more of an upgrade to the base game engine than a total conversion. So while we've added new resolutions, improved AI, weather effects and new items, we have left the original maps and quests intact. 1.13 has been structured in such a way that it can be used as a baseline for creating new mods.

Download JA2 1.13 mod

3 Beginners resources:

Beginners tips: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - Guides: #1 - #2

Silent Storm (2003-2005)

Silent Storm is a 2003 turn-based tactics video game developed by Nival Interactive. The game is set in a fictionalized World War II Europe with science fiction elements. The player commands a team of up to six elite soldiers on the Axis or Allied side, undertaking a variety of missions. Each character has a role such as medic, sniper, scout, grenadier, soldier or engineer, with different advantages and liabilities in battle. The game features a remarkably advanced physics model. Nearly all structures are completely destructible. This has many tactical effects in the combat. For instance, if a character hears an enemy moving in an adjacent room, they can simply fire through the wall to attack them. A sequel/spin-off titled Hammer & Sickle was released in 2005. Turn-based tactics

Silent Storm

Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download Silent Storm titles:

Silent Storm Gold edition includes the Silent Storm: Sentinels expansion.

Download Silent Storm Gold edition via GOG

Download spin-off Hammer & Sickle via IGG Games

2. Mods:

Widescreen resolution support for SS1

Unofficial patch for bugged last mission + widescreen resolution support for SS1

X-COM: UFO Defense (1994)

OpenXcom is an open-source clone of X-Com: UFO Defense, also known as UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe (1994) and its sequel X-COM: Terror from the Deep (1995), a genre-defining strategy franchise combining Micromanagement and Turn-Based tactical strategy, featuring an elite international organization tasked with countering alien invasions of Earth. Turn-based tactics


Watch YouTube gameplay

1. Download X-COM + OpenXcom:

Download original X-COM files required to run OpenXcom via /&tg/ repo

Download OpenXcom Extended (enhanced fork, more info here)
Alternatively, download OpenXcom installer via project website (base version of the project, might be outdated)

More information about OpenXcom on OpenXcom wiki

2. OpenXcom mods:

Various OpenXcom Extended mods suggested:

  • Final Modpack (Vanilla+ basically, adds new maps and creatures)
  • X-COM Files (longer campaign)
  • XPiratez (mutant pirate babes vs. aliens)
  • ROSIGMA (Ultimate Warhammer 40k mod)
  • Counter Terrorist Operations (no aliens, just operators vs. terrorists)
  • UNEXCOM (Cold War era XCOM)
  • Reach: The Fall (Halo XCOM)...

3. Beginners resources:

Consult pic-related for tactical UI. Go through options menus to customize your game. Commonly recommended ones are changing the scale to something you like, turning on Path preview for battlescape with time units, Custom initial base. Start on Beginner, have fun.

Other games infodump

Click on game name for some YouTube gameplay footage.

FPS: &tactical-adjacent

Other FPS games that include &tactical operator-flavor but may lack the depth, features or relevance of other entries in the genre:

[REDACTED 3] + RTT/CQB mods: While the game belongs on another general, it's worth mentioning there are single-player mods that can turn it into a hybrid FPS/RTT experience or closer to classic Rainbow 6 with focus on squad-based commands, waypoints and map planning, CQB room clearing, etc. C2 Command & Control mod features: Full Spectrum Warrior-like 3D environmental HUD, radial menu, map planning, Door Kickers-style Go-codes, etc. Since it doesn't seem to get updated anymore, there are also alternative similar-purposes mods, such as DCE mod and AI1CM. For CQB focus, see this SWAT mod, this breach & wedge mod, etc. For retro enthusiasts, you may also try the classic first games: OpFlashpoint and REDACTED 1.

Brothers in Arms: Squad-based, WW2 Download

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes: There is a somewhat obscure single-player campaign spin-off for Counter-Strike, that Valve initially commissioned but never fully finished, and released as "Deleted Scenes". It's a series of 18 unconnected scripted missions, consisting mostly of linear shooting but also with occasional stealth segments, puzzles and boss fights. While team mates or squad members are occasionally present, most of the game is played as a lone wolf in various anti-terrorists scenarios such as bomb disposal or hostage rescue. Equipment for some missions includes NVG, tactical shield, snake cam, etc.

Escape from Tarkov: While the base game is multiplayer-only, perhaps also worth mentioning that there are mods attempting to turn the game into a single-player experience, such as SPT AKI, although it seems to be currently limited to replicating the online modes with tweaked AI bots. See their mods page for further enhancements, such as Fin's AI Tweaks (FAIT).

SAS: Secure Tomorrow: This is a one-hour long tactically-flavored linear FPS developed by budget shovelware specialists City Interactive, where you play as a SAS operator followed by 2 squad mates. What's notable about it is it's using the same engine as FEAR designed for very dynamic gunplay, also reusing its slow-motion bullet-time feature for flashbang entries. Only worth experiencing if you are curious and have one hour to waste. Download (links in description)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six series: While we have sections for the original classics, also worth mentioning that these series have many sequels/spin-offs/differences between PC & console releases/console exclusives, etc. that, while diluting the core gameplay to appeal to wider audiences, may still be deemed more-or-less tactical-flavored and worth checking out... Worth mentioning: A first-person mod for Wildlands.

Other games mentioned:

Close Combat: First to Fight: Rainbow Six rip-off, spin-off of a wargame/RTT series (Video)
G.B.R. Fast Response Group: Russian Rainbow Six rip-off
The Regiment (Terror Strike): British Rainbow Six rip-off, published by Konami
FunLabs' Secret Service, Shadow Force, U.S. Most Wanted...: Eastern-European Rainbow Six or Delta Force rip-offs, published by Activision

Multiplayer (dead):
BF2 Forgotten Hope 2: multiplayer-only (~dead)
INFiltration (Unreal mod): multiplayer-only (dead)
NeoTokyo (Source mod): cyberpunk setting, multiplayer-only (dead)
Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror (Unreal mod): SP & multiplayer (dead)
True Combat Elite (idTech 3 mod): multiplayer-only (dead)
Resistance and Liberation (Source mod): WW2, multiplayer-only (dead)
Vanguard: Normandy 1944: WW2, multiplayer-only (dead)

FPS: tactical-horror-scifi-etc. hybrids

Some games worth mentioning that can be deemed tactical or tactical-adjacent, but with hybrid gameplay and/or horror/sci-fi/etc. themes/settings (a subgenre popular for some /&tg/ posters).

Ashes 2063: As mentioned in the Hideous Destructor section, Ashes 2063 is an immersive and atmospheric post-apocalyptic stand-alone full conversion mod for DOOM, in the style of STALKER, Fallout and Metro 2033, with side-quests, NPCs, non-linear hubs, etc. and an 80's John Carpenter-inspired soundtrack. It can also be used as a mapset (but not to play the main story modes) in Hideous Destructor. (Review)

Download Ashes 2063 via ModDB stand-alone link, you don't need any DOOM files

Brigand: Oaxaca: Brigand: Oaxaca is a highly difficult post-apocalyptic RPG/FPS set in Mexico. Emphasis is on challenge, a branching story with multiple endings, and total freedom of action (kill friendly characters, rob stores, jump across roofs, etc.). The world of Brigand: Oaxaca by Brian Lancaster, is a unique one. It’s a post-apocalyptic world filled with ghouls, demons, ninjas and diseased animals. And on top of that, there are rival human factions skirmishing over control of the land. What makes the world feel even stronger is the immersive sim aspect of the game. Similar to games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, a roughly 20-hour RPG with guns, it features a solid, intrigue-filled narrative involving the various factions. You can increase or decrease your standing with factions depending on whether you take hostile actions towards them or not. Killing NPCs, stealing and quest-related decisions affect faction standing. This affects your ability to trade with or talk to certain NPCs. If you eventually became hostile toward a faction, they’ll shoot you on site. (Review)

Hunt: Showdown: Multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Crytek. Set in Louisiana in 1895, it is a co-operative game combining PvE and PvP elements. The player assumes the role of a bounty hunter who must kill a mythical monster in order to claim the bounty and survive long enough to reach an extraction point. In "Bounty Hunt" mode, the player hunts down one or two of the game's 4 bosses to claim a bounty. Players can work on their own or with up to two other players to find clues about the monster's location in the three maps. Each map functions as a medium-sized open world filled with other environmental dangers and enemies. As the player collects more clues, the location of the monster's lair is narrowed down. Old guns porn. Multiplayer-only but you can play PvP mode solo

No More Room In Hell: Co-op-oriented zombie survival FPS made on the Source engine. Free on Steam. Multiplayer PvE co-op

Download No More Room In Hell

SCP: Pandemic: Co-op-oriented tactical shooter in the SCP Foundation setting. Multiplayer co-op. Early access

STALKER: Single-player FPS trilogy with hybrid RPG elements and a post-apocalyptic setting, with military factions, realistic gun porn, tense gunfights, complex world systems, etc. There's also free stand-alone mod Anomaly which combines the maps from the three main games and adds a lot more content and realism-oriented features. Recommended that you do not play Anomaly if you haven't played the original trilogy first.

Download STALKER Anomaly Stand-alone mod, you do not need to own vanilla STALKER trilogy

Optional: an additional pack of add-ons, G.A.M.M.A. for Anomaly, which combines +200 add-ons for Anomaly you can easily enable/disable:

Download STALKER Anomaly: G.A.M.M.A.

While there is no online co-op for STALKER/Anomaly, there is this small online chat mod that enables in-game conversations between online Anomaly players through PDA, displays other players events, allows players to send each other money, etc.

Underhell: Free Source mod made by a dev who later joined the Insurgency team. You play as a SWAT officer leading a team into a hostage-rescue situation. But the story turns into zombie outbreak and spooky house exploration.

Download Underhell via ModDB Source SDK BASE 2007 required

RTT (real-time tactics)

One of the big distinctions between RTT and RTS and is that in RTT you do no base building (or at the very least, very little base building), in contrast to RTS. None of the games featured in the list are RTS to my knowledge. For example, you could make an argument that the first W40K Dawn of War is an RTS (there's light base building), but Dawn of War 2 is an RTT (the base building was removed entirely).

"With pause" here means to "game can be controlled while paused, orders can be issued, etc." Of course (almost) any game can be paused, but this refers to the ability to issue commands while in paused state until you unpause.

7.62 High Calibre: This is what's called "Real time with pause" (or "RTT/wP"). There's nothing turn-based about the game, because it uses actual seconds and miliseconds as the time unit. If you want to fetch something from your pockets, that's X amount of seconds. You can pause the game at any time, you can slow-down (or speed up) time, and you can configure the game to pause on certain key moments so you don't have to catch everything yourself (for example, you can make it so the game auto-pauses when an enemy is spotted). The game itself is about running a mercenary band in an unstable tropical nation. see more about 7.62 High Calibre here RTT

Blitzkrieg: see download section RTT

Brigade E5: New Jagged Union: Earlier title to 7.62 High Calibre, same concepts should apply. The name is a clue that the devs really wanted to make a Jagged Alliance game. Big difference is it had a multiplayer mode. However you can play the multiplayer scenarios offline with bots. They took the offline with bots approach and used that for an Russian-only expansion to 7,62 High Calibre called 7,62 Reloaded. Missions there are static and there is no open world, didn't sell well but the maps were ported from it to the major 7,62 mods like Blue Sun Mod or Hard Life. RTT

Brigador: Real-time tactics. You can pilot mechs, power suits, tanks, bikes, agravs, etc and wreck havoc. Premise is you're on a backwater colony world whose dictator has just been assassinated, and a corporate invasion force wants to land and take over. However, there are orbital guns defending the planet, and they would make the invasion very costly. So they hire dissidents planet-side that are willing to backstab their former countrymen in exchange for a big fat paycheck. You're one of those traitors that take the contract. There's 3 factions - Loyalists (former dictator's semi-professional army), Corvids (rebels who opposed the dictator), and Spacers (highly technologically advanced third party that conducts business with the colony but otherwise lives in spess). One very important thing to note here is that you should change the controls when you first boot up the game. In the current version, they default to emulate a "twin stick shooter" style (Absolute), but the game absolutely wants you to use tank controls "Relative" because there's directional damage. RTT

Call to Arms: Real time tactics, though it's important to make a distinction. CtA is the base game, and apparently is kind of arcadey unless modded (Warfighter), so what people often mean when they talk about it is its DLC, Gates of Hell. That one is set in WW2 and is much more fleshed out and similar to the Men of War series. RTT

Close Combat: A decades-old series of wargames with real-time tactics elements; mostly WW2 settings but some of the games were designed as military training tools for US Marines. Download Close Combat titles via GOG RTT

Commandos: see download section RTT

Desperados: see download section RTT, western setting

Door Kickers: see download section RTT

Ground Control: Real-time tactics, futuristic sci-fi/space setting. RTT

Gunner HEAT PC!: Real-time tactics with tanks. RTT

Joint Task Force: Real-time tactics. RTT

Marauder, also known as Man of Prey: Real-time tactics. Same devs and same engine as Brigade E5 and 7.62 High Calibre, but in a dystopian Soviet setting similar to STALKER. RTT

MechCommander: 1998 RTT set in the Battletech universe. Has a 2001 sequel. RTT

Mechwarrior series: Real-time tactics. You pilot the mechs from the BATTLETECH tabletop setting. They're usually played from a first person perspective but aren't quite FPS. You're actually pilots/grunts here that you control from above in HBS' Battletech game in an earlier post. The skill difference between them varies a lot, and they're piloting ludicrously expensive machines of war so comparing them to some conscript grunt infantryman in a colony is probably not fair. They have a lot of nuance to how mechs are piloted, with controls bordering on sim territory but still being accessible. RTT

Men of War: Real-time tactics. It also has pause. Takes place in WW2, and it has a big modding scene that can turn it into many different settings. RTT

No Plan B: Similar to Door Kickers 2, difference is there is no direct control once the mission starts. Here the only playstyle is single plan. You draw up your moves, then your guys execute. This is a weird one to categorize. Maybe RTT? But it's """real time""". RTT

Partisans 1941: Real-time tactics in WW2. RTT

Project Zomboid: Zombie survival sim, similar to/inspired by Cataclysm, but with real-time action. Can be fairly tactical with mods that add gear, etc. so kinda RTT-ish? RTT, zombie/horror survival

Running with Rifles: RTT, uses voxels. RTT

Shadow Tactics: Real-time tactics. Commandos/Desperados clone set in feudal Japan with stealth elements and samurai/ninja characters. RTT

Soldiers of Anarchy: Real-time tactics. RTT

Star Trek: Bridge Commander: Real-time tactics. RTT

Starship Troopers: Terran Command: Real-time tactics. RTT

Sudden Strike: see download section RTT

SWAT 2: see download section RTT

Syrian Warfare: Vatnik Real-time tactics? Unsure if RTT or RTS. RTT

Thunder Tier One: Real-time tactics, squad-based. You play as a team of elite operators in the 90's after the fall of the USSR. You can play solo but best experienced in co-op multiplayer. RTT

WARNO: Sequel to Wargame series RTT

War Mongrels: Real-time tactics. WW2 setting, squad-based, inspired by the Commandos series RTT

Wargame series: Real-time tactics. RTT

World in Conflict: Real-time tactics. RTT

TBT (turn-based tactics)

Alfa Antiterror: Purely a turn-based tactics game. Has a "replay turn" feature where you can watch the events that happened in the previous turn in real time, similar to Frozen Synapse. TBT

Battle Brothers: Turn-based tactics game where you manage a mercenary company in a dark fantasy world. A little bit of real-time with pause on the overworld as you move around the map, but it's minor (think like Mount & Blade overworld). TBT

Battletech: Turn-based tactics game set in the tabletop universe of BATTLETECH with big (and little) stompy robots. Similarly to nuCOM (when people say nuCOM or FiraxisCOM, they're talking about the reboot series from Firaxis), you have a strategy layer back at your ship. Good mods support. TBT

Breach & Clear: Turn-based tactics. TBT

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead: This is a free open-source turn-based roguelike, but can be lumped in with TBT since it's also tactical. Website TBT, zombie/horror survival

Frozen Synapse: Very interesting approach on turn-based tactics. The turns are simultaneous, and you get to test your plan against what you think your enemy is going to do by moving their units for them and previewing the results. There is no RNG involved, the rules for combat are deterministic. The sequel, which took a lot of inspiration from X-COM Apocalypse, flopped hard because of a rushed release. TBT

Hard West: Turn-based tactics, takes inspirations from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Wild west setting but with supernatural elements,. Includes themes such as bank robberies, lynching and the gold rush but also creatures such as demons, ghosts and undead gunslinger. Sequel released in 2022. TBT, wild west setting

Into the Breach: Turn-based tactics. TBT

Invisible Inc: Turn-based tactics, inspired by X-COM, with a big focus on stealth and espionage. You're directing agents to infiltrate corporations. TBT

Jagged Alliance 2: Turn-based tactics. You control a mercenary band in an unstable tropical country. Heavily recommend using Stracciatella mod. It adds cross-platform, improves stability, fixes bugs and provides a stable platform for mods. Another mod is 1.13 which adds a lot of stuff but changes the game a bunch, which might be undesirable for a first time. see more about Jagged Alliance 2 here TBT

MegaMek: MegaMek is a free TBT in the Battletech universe, includes all the tabletop rules. The MegaMek suite of programs allow you to play out tactical turn-based battles and military campaigns in the BattleTech Universe, with tanks, infantry, battle armor, aerospace fighters, WarShips, and most importantly, the mighty BattleMech. The programs provide a modern, computerized version of the BattleTech tabletop game, as well as a variety of features for running campaigns and customizing units. Website TBT

Mobius Front '83: Turn-based tactics, by Zachtronics who usually does puzzle games. TBT

Phantom Doctrine: Turn based tactics. Set in 1983, Phantom Doctrine takes place in an alternative Cold War and is inspired by classic spy films and conspiracy theories. The game is divided between global strategy management elements, intelligence analysis, and tactical missions. TBT

Phoenix Point: Turn-based tactics, lead designer was Julian Gollop who co-designed the original X-COM. Unfortunately PP kinda sucked. TBT

Silent Storm: see download section TBT

Tactical Breach Wizards: Turn-based tactics, has similarities with Frozen Synapse in the "preview turn" mechanic. TBT

Troubleshooter: Turn-based tactics. Korean XCOM TBT

XCOM series: Turn-based tactics. see X-COM: UFO Defense here TBT

Xenonauts: Turn-based tactics, inspired by the original XCOM. TBT

RTT/TBT hybrids & others

DEFCON: It seems we DO have an RTS here, in a loose sense. It's a game about nuclear annihilation. The tagline is "Everybody Dies". The idea is you pick a block of nations, you hand place key buildings like radars, silos, hangars, etc. in your territory, and then you wait as the DEFCON level slowly raises... The game has pause. It's a good little game, with amazing soundscapes, and extremely depressing. Download via GOG RTS?

Fallout Tactics: see download section RTT + TBT hybrid

Foxhole: Tricky to categorize. It's a massively-multiplayer game, where you only control your character. Wiki classifies it as real time strategy, but the base building that takes place is done by players. RTS/RTT

Phantom Brigade: Hybrid of turn-based and real-time tactics with mechs. TBT + RTT

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Games made by /agdg/ - Amateur Game Dev General devs, worth a mention:

Tiny Combat Arena

Unconventional Warfare

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