Oasis Vacation: Selania, The Hellhound

Hey there! Injecting a quick note up here since it's the start of a new part. We'll be taking some time off from the regular routine that we've been going through here in the Oasis District now that we've clocked five solid encounters. I want to explore the setting more, as well as introduce new kinds of adventures and encounters alongside more worldbuilding. Basically just having more fun outside the whorehouse instacoom framework. I kicked this off with no real specific goal in mind, and Selania was dropped into my lap by the AI after less than four actions spent out exploring the city. It seemed like a waste to just scrub her out so I could spend more time aimlessly wandering, so I decided to see where she took me.
She'll be my main companion for most of this arc, from what I can tell, so hopefully you guys enjoy her as much as I do. I realize this is a pretty big tone shift, especially with two back-to-back entries for the same encounter, but I could really use the change of pace. The beach episode entry is where we get back to a more balanced focus, so if you're not up for two whole entries of Hellhound lite-smut and weird doses of food play, just skip to that one.

You wake up feeling much better. Rolling out of bed, the darkness outside your window tells you that it's night time. You're not sure what you should do first, but the decision is quickly made for you as your stomach rumbles quite loudly. You can't remember the last time you ate.
You change into a nice pair of dress pants and a simple polo, before fixing your hair in the bathroom mirror. You don't want to head out into your first night out on The Delta looking like you just rolled out of bed. Satisfied with your freshened-up appearance, you head out of your room and towards the lobby.
You pass by the front desk, where Vaughn is sat down as usual. He notices you passing by, and pipes up.
"Hey! If you're going out, don't forget to collect your pay!" He says as he lobs a coin pouch into your arms.
You take a moment to open it up, revealing a startling amount of money inside. It's easily several platinum coins, with quite a few gold coins in change as well.
With a low whistle, you look up at Vaughn. "God damn. At least getting my bones broken pays well."

"You're right about that!" Vaughn hollers with a chuckle as he waves you on. "Now go out and enjoy the city some. You've earned it."
You nod, and start to leave. You don't really have any plans in mind, but you know that you should probably go out and enjoy the city. The Oasis District is a popular tourist destination, with plenty to do day and night.
After a few minutes of aimless wandering, you find yourself at the docks. The sun is setting, and the streets are packed with people out enjoying themselves. You find a spot at the docks to sit down at, and watch as the sun slowly disappears beyond the horizon.
The stars slowly begin to appear, one by one, until the sky is filled with them. The bright, white moon soon follows, and with no clouds in the sky, the night is lit up almost as well as day.
You lean back on your hands and watch the night sky for a bit. It's been a while since you just sort of relaxed like this. The ambience of the nightlife on the coastline mixes with the sounds of the oceans to create an ambience that's very comfortable. You close your eyes and just listen to the sound of waves lapping against the docks. This is one of the few places in the city where you can actually hear the sound of water instead of the constant din of the streets.

You open your eyes as you feel something warm brush against your leg. You look down and see a large, black, furry paw with sharp claws in your lap. You slowly look up and see a massive black werewolf sitting beside you.
"Hello there, cutie," the werewolf says in a sultry tone as she leans over you. You look up at her face and see her burning orange eyes focused on her long, wet tongue. She slowly licks her lips as she stares down at you. "You look like you could use some company."
"Oh... Uh... Good evening." You say, a little surprised that a stranger has shown up beside you. It's obvious from appearances that she's a Hellhound, but you've never actually seen one in person before. They're fairly reclusive, after all.
"Mind if I join you?" She asks, already sitting down on your other side. You smell the scent of smoke and brimstone emanating from her as she moves in close.
"Uh... By all means," you answer a little nervously.
She puts her clawed arm around you, pressing her large, warm breasts against your arm as she smiles at you.
You do your best to ignore the strange intimacy of her pressing you against her. "H-hi. I'm Ryan. You're awfully close."
"Hi, I'm Selania." she says with a giggle. "You're awfully cute."

"Thanks?" You say, not sure how to respond.
"Do you come here often?" She asks, pressing her claw against your chest.
"Uh... No. This is my first time."
She frowns slightly. "Awww. Why not?"
"I'm just not really one to go out much."
"Well, now that I'm here, you have someone to go out with!" She says cheerfully.
"That's... Great," you say, not really sure how to respond.
She puts her claw against your cheek and rubs it slowly. "I can tell we're going to be great friends."
You sigh deeply and wince as she traces her claws across your chest.
"So where do you want to go?" She asks. "I heard the Sandsea has a lot of fun stuff going on right now."

"I uh... I don't know. I'm a little hungry. Do you know any good places to eat around here?" You say, trying to think of a way to get out of this situation.
"There's a great diner just up the beach!" She says. "I know the owner, he'll let us in."
You look at her and see nothing but eagerness to go on this date. You don't really have a choice but to follow through with it.
"Uh... Okay then. Let's go."
"Yay!" She says, hugging you tightly and kissing you on the cheek.
She gets up quickly and grabs your hand, dragging you off the dock. You walk along the beach for a little while until you arrive at a large wooden deck. A large neon sign saying "Seb's Sea Cabin" in purple letters on the front of the building.
"Come on!" She says, eagerly leading you inside.
You walk in and are immediately assaulted by the strong smell of fish. You look around and see that the entire inside of the building is covered with wooden planks and nets, giving it a very nautical theme. You're led to a table where Selania grabs two menus from a stack and hands one to you.

"Why don't you pick out what you want, and I'll order for us!" She says, before quickly skimming over the menu.
You look at the menu and see that it's mostly seafood. You've never been a big fan of seafood, but you're not too keen on letting Selania order for you either. You spot something that catches your eye.
"I'll have the Fried Shrimp," You say.
Selania smiles at you. "I'll have a proper slab of smoked salmon!"
You sit in silence for a bit as you wait for your food. You look around and see that you're the only human in the diner. Everyone else is talking and laughing with each other, completely ignoring you. You feel like you've entered some sort of strange new world. Back in the Commercial District, humans are easily half of the population, if not the majority. Here, you're like an odd man out.
"Here's your food!" Selania says, breaking you from your thoughts as she sets a heaping plate of fried shrimp in front of you. She sets a plate of smoked salmon in front of her and digs in.

You pick up your shrimp and tuck into it with similar enthusiasm. You're staving, and the shrimp is actually pretty good. Despite how hungry you are, Selania seems to be working on her salmon with even more ferocity. It's a little terrifying how efficiently she rips it apart and devours it with her claws and teeth.
"So... Do you come here often?" You ask, trying to spur a bit of conversation.
Selania quickly snaps up the piece of salmon that's in her mouth before answering you.
"I suppose I do!" She says, a cheerful tone in her voice.
You take another bite of your shrimp. It's pretty good, but you're not a huge fan of how greasy it is. You're not quite sure what to say next, so you continue eating.
"So... What's your story?" She asks.
"Oh, well... Uh..." You're a little nervous to reveal your occupation to her, but there's no real alternative. "I work at the Riptide Retreat. I'm an escort for monstergirls."
"Oh! So you're a whore!"

You laugh with a slight smile. "Yep. A monstergirl manwhore, through and through."
"I see. Well, I'm not judging you."
You finish off the shrimp and set down your fork. "Is it ok if I ask you a personal question?"
"How come you're so open and nice? I've been to the Oasis District before, and the people here aren't exactly the friendliest."
Selania lets out a small chuckle. "It's because I'm not actually from the Oasis District."
"Oh, really?"
"Yeah. I'm originally from the Volcanic Reaches."
"I've never heard of the place..."
"It's far to the west, past the Highlands District and a big magical rift. It's not exactly well known in places like this."
"So what brought you here?"

"Well... Let's just say I had a falling out with the people there. I'm not really welcome back."
"I see... I can't imagine the people of the Volcanic Reaches are too friendly either, then. So why pick me up at the docks and take me to dinner?" You ask with a raised eyebrow.
Selania laughs, eyes burning brighter as she leans against the table with a smirk. "I'm a sucker for a pretty face and a nice ass."
You're a bit taken aback by her forwardness, but you laugh as well. "Well, I guess you've got a type then."
"You're also human. It's been a while since I've spoken to one without wanting to kill them. Even better, a human male." She says with a wiggle of her eyebrows.
"So, you're into humans?"
"I'm into you." She says with a wink.
"Well... Uhm... Thanks." You say, stuttering under the pressure of her forwardness.
"You're blushing." She says, her grin widening.
You let out a sigh and give her a smile. "I suppose I am. This is all a little much for me."

Selania sits back in her chair and folds her arms under her ample chest, which rises slightly as she takes a deep breath. "I suppose I should give you some time to think about this."
"Think about what?" You ask.
You blink in confusion. "What do you mean?"
Selania lets out a sigh and begins to stroke her thick fingers through her furry hair. "I... Look, I know how all this comes off. I'm basically throwing myself at you, and that's not usually how I do things. Normally I have to work a lot harder to get a guy to pay attention to me. But here you are, and you're perfect."
"You're a human male. I haven't been able to get with a human male in a long time. The last one... God, he was so boring."
You raise an eyebrow. "How do you know I'm not boring?"
Selania laughs. "Trust me, you're not. I can tell."
"I'm still not sure how this involves thinking about you. Or rather, thinking about us."

"Well, I want you to think about us. About me."
You laugh. "Alright then, what is it that you want to do with me?"
She smiles slyly. "Anything you'll let me."
"Well... I'm not going to let you do much. I just started taking some time off from my from job tonight. I'm spent from all the... work... I've been putting in lately. Hellhounds have a reputation for being pelvis breakers, and I want nothing to do with that right now." You say with a weary laugh.
Selania laughs. "I don't mean sex! Though I'm not ruling that out..."
"What then?"
"I want you to come to my house for dinner."
You blink in surprise. "Dinner?"

"Yes, you come to my home, I'll cook you dinner, we'll talk, and if you like what you see... Well, we can talk about that."
You look around the diner.
"Didn't we just finish dinner here?" You ask in an amused voice.
"Hey, I want to make a good impression on you. That means no eating at some dive. I'll make you dessert!"
"I don't know..."
"Oh come on, we're going to my place. You can leave whenever you want after we eat. We'll have lava cake."
You pause to think it over.
"Well... Okay then."

Selania smiles and takes your hand, pulling you out of your seat. She tosses a few gold coins onto the table to pay for your meal, before leading you out of the diner.
The two of you don't say much as you walk through the streets. She's holding your hand tight, and it feels like electricity is flowing between you. You feel nervous, and you don't know why. It’s not like this is a romantic date, it's a dinner with some stranger you met!
Then again... You don't really know what to think. You're just following along, doing what she wants.
Eventually, you arrive at a small house just outside the denser area of the city. It's got the same coastal and desert design fusion as the rest of the city’s architecture, with smooth sandstone walls and red ceramic tiles for detailing.
"I'll admit, I was a bit surprised when you agreed to come here."
"Well, I didn't want to disappoint."
"Oh you won't. Come on in."

You enter the house and find it surprisingly well furnished. The interior is much nicer than you expected, decorated in a sort of dark gothic style that emphasizes deep reds and glossy blacks.
"Wow, this is some nice furniture." You say, touching one of the ebony dressers.
"Thanks, I made it myself." She says, leading you into the kitchen.
The kitchen is well stocked with cooking supplies and has two large ovens along a wall. There's plenty of other cooking equipment neatly arranged across the kitchen, and a set of stairs leading up from the kitchen, presumably to a bedroom.
"So, would you like to start by making the cake or by getting undressed?"
You cough with surprise, almost losing your footing with how startled you are at her comment. "Excuse me?"
"Well, you did come here for the cake and me. I can't give you both at the same time, so you're going to have to choose."
"You're giving me a choice?"
Selania smiles and nods.

"Well... I suppose I could go for some lava cake."
"Great!" She says, grabbing your hand and dragging you to a standing mixer. "I've got all the ingredients on hand, so we can get started right away!"
"Uh... Okay?" You say, as she grabs your hand and starts leading you to the ovens. She grabs a metal bowl, pouring in eggs, butter, sugar and cocoa powder before placing it in your hands. "Start whisking, I need to get the oven ready."
You begin whisking the ingredients together as Selania turns on one of the ovens and works on applying butter to a few ramekins.
While you keep mixing the dry and wet ingredients, Selania moves to start melting chocolate in bowl placed on top of a saucepan. You both work silently for a few minutes, until Selania turns her attention over to you. "Alright, bring that bowl over here."
You do as she asks, and Selania proceeds to pour and mix the chocolate together with your bowl of ingredients quite swiftly. She's remarkably skilled at it, bringing the two mixtures together into an even and appetizing batter after just a few moments of mixing.

Once she seems satisfied with her work, Selania stops mixing the batter together and dips a finger in it, before extending it out to you.
"Try it." She says with a sly grin. She wants you to lick it off her finger.
You lick her finger clean of the chocolate, as she giggles. "Well? How is it?"
"It's good." You say honestly.
"Try the batter itself." She says, scooping a bit of batter out with her fingers and holding it to your lips. You open your mouth and let her feed you the batter, which you happily consume.
"Yep. It's perfect." You say with a smile.
"Good! Now we can let them bake! It barely takes ten minutes." She says.
Selania turns to pour the batter evenly across the four ramekins, before putting them into the oven. She closes it, checks the temperature, and then turns back around to face you.

"So, tell me about yourself. What do you like to do in your spare time?" She asks.
You think for a moment, before replying with, "I like to go on long walks, usually. Explore interesting spots around the city, find nice places to eat or drink, that sort of thing. I don't do it as much anymore, since work is so demanding lately."
"I see. You're a busy man, then."
You nod in response.
"What about family? You married?" She asks.
"No, I'm not. Never found the right girl, I suppose." You reply.
"Well, there's always time." She says with a shrug. "I was engaged once. To a manticore. Those sorts of relationships never really work out, for obvious reasons."
"It's been a long time since I've even heard about a Manticore, let alone seen one. They have males every so often, right?" You ask.

Selania nods her head. "Yep. They're fine specimens too. Strong creatures. Just a little too hotheaded."
"I can imagine. The reputation for just the females is scary enough. They're some of the only monstergirls more widely feared than you Hellhounds." You say.
"Bah! You humans fear everything. I'm not even scary to you right now." She pouts, crossing her arms.
"You're not?" You ask with surprise.
"No! You're not scared of me right now, are you?"
"Well... no. I mean, you're cute. A little intimidating, but..."
Selania's angry expression suddenly gives way to a grin. "You're saying I'm cute?"
You blush as she gives you a big smile.

The oven dings, and Selania opens it once more to pull out the ramekins. She sets them on the counter and digs out a spoon from the drawer beneath her. With a soft scoop, the crunchy exterior of the lava cake gives way to a fluffy, gooey center.
"Mmmh... Perfect." Selania muses as she admires her work. She looks up at you with a pleased smile, before bringing the spoonful of lava cake to your lips. "Here. Try it."
Your mouth is watering at how delicious it looks, so you eagerly accept her offer. The taste is mind-blowingly good, the richness and warmth of the chocolate beyond description. It spreads across your tastebuds like a wave of sweet goodness, and you can't help but let out a low whistle.
"Holy shit... That tastes amazing." You say.
Selania wastes no time getting another spoonful and bringing it up to your mouth. Before you know it, she's tenderly feeding you the entire serving of lava cake with an incredibly pleased look in her eyes.
"Is this how you get all your humans to behave?" You ask, chuckling.
Selania gives you a cheeky grin. "Only the cute ones."
As she continues feeding you, you can't help but notice how happy she looks while doing this. She seems to enjoy looking after people, and that's a quality you can respect.
You've never been with a Hellhound before, but you're starting to think that you might just be willing to give it a try.

As she moves to feed you the last bit of lava cake, her spoon slips slightly, and it spills onto your chest. The thick fudge splatters against your skin and through your shirt, while the sponge cake stains the fabric.
"Oh no..." Selania says with a devilish smile. "It looks like I got you a little dirty. We'll have to clean that up."
She leans forward and begins to lick the fudge from your chest. Her rough tongue runs across your skin, as she works to clean off what she spilled. The feeling of her wet tongue on your body is oddly thrilling, and you can feel yourself shiver a bit.
"There we go." She says with a smile. "All clean."
Selania leans in and kisses you on the cheek.
"Th-thanks..." You sputter.
"Ah, what are you thanking me for?" She asks. "I should be thanking you. Now that I've fed and cleaned you, I've got all the excuse I need to spend more time with you."

You blush slightly, unsure how to respond. Selania doesn't seem to mind though, giving you another sly grin before she grabs a fresh ramekin of lava cake to finally try some for herself. She lets out a small whimper as the taste hits her tongue. "Oh! That's fucking perfect! The chocolate is just right on this one!"
You nod your head. "Pretty good, right? You did fine work on these."
"I should be thanking you too, then!" She says. "These are fucking delicious."
You chuckle a bit and shake your head.
Selania smiles and begins to eat another piece of cake. You watch her for a moment, as she seems to enjoy the food a lot more than you do. You're too busy watching her lips and tongue as she eats.
You blush as she catches you staring, but she just laughs it off and continues eating.
"So..." You say, trying to start up a bit of conversation. "What do you do for work?"
"Me? I'm a mercenary." She says.
"Really? What's that like?" You ask.

"Boring, in a place like this." She replies with a chuckle. "I mostly just paid to pull random dirtbags off the street, or a little bit of guard duty for different businesses or events. Nice change from the commissioned slaughter jobs we used to pull in the Reaches though."
You stare back at her with a slightly confused look on your face. Of all the things you were expecting her to do, mercenary work wasn't it. "That sounds like a hell of a job. Glad it's quieter these days."
"It's nice. Now I get to spend my free nights spoon-feeding lava cake to cute little humans." She says with a broad grin.
You blush again as she says that. You weren't really expecting her to say something like that. It's a bit of a surprise, but in a good way.
Selania picks up another warm ramekin of lava cake, before gesturing to you with her spoon. "You don't mind if I..."
"Spoon-feed me again? Sure. It'd be almost cruel to tell you no after seeing how much you enjoyed it the first time." You say with a smile.
She grins and dunks her spoon into the lava cake, before feeding it to you. You enjoy the taste as it fills your mouth, and you close your eyes.

"Mm! That's good." You say with a smile.
Selania smiles back at you, leaning in a little closer. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."
The pair of you lean in, your faces moving closer together as the moments pass.
She slides another spoonful of lava cake past your lips, staring deep into your eyes as she observes your delighted expression.
You close your lips around her spoon, gently sucking to get every bit of the sweet treat. Your lips make a little popping sound as you release the spoon, and Selania lets out a satisfied growl.
"Mmmh... You look like you're enjoying that quite a lot." Selania says in a sultry voice.
"I am." You say, looking up at her.
"You know..." She says, leaning in closer to you and whispering into your ear. "You've still got some chocolate on you. You could use a bath."
"Oh, I'm not sure about that. I think I'm clean enough." You reply with a chuckle.
Not missing a beat, Selania takes the rest of the lava cake in the ramekin she's holding and brings it close, tilting it so that the hot chocolate fudge spills across your neck. You gasp as the warmth of it hits your skin and soaks into your shirt.

Selania lets out a playful growl, as you feel the warmth of the fudge. "Oops. Now you're all filthy."
You're about to speak up, when Selania leans in and licks across the width of your neck to taste the chocolate cooling on your skin. "Mm... Delicious. Now you definitely need a bath. All covered in chocolate and slobber..."
Selania lets out a little playful growl, and you feel your heart start to race as she shifts forward, moving the tray out of the way so that she can wrap her arms around you and pull you into an embrace. Her forearms are resting on your shoulders, with her hands going down your back. She pulls you into an embrace, and you're so close you can feel her breath on your face.
"Alright... I think I could use a bath..." You concede, voice trembling with excitement from how close she is.
"Oh, you deserve it. You've been such a good boy." She says, standing up and pulling you up with her.
You feel your heart racing as she pulls you to your feet. She's looking into your eyes with a fiery gaze, and you can practically feel the heat of her breath on your face as she leans in.

Your lips part, and you find yourself leaning forward as well. Your lips meet, and you find yourself in an embrace with the Hellhound as your arms go around her. You find the taste of the chocolate on her lips as her tongue darts into your mouth, still warm and gooey with the richness of the fudge she licked off you. You part your lips and feel the thick sweetness on her tongue separate from yours.
You pull away, and she looks into your eyes once more, with burning passion in her gaze. "I think we should get you out of these clothes..." She purrs, licking her lips.
"Yeah... I think you're right." You say, nodding.
"Follow me." Selania says with a glimmer in her eye.
She takes you by the arm and wastes no time leading you up the staircase at the back of the kitchen. It leads to a small hallway with a few doors, where Selania picks one and opens it. You're greeted by the sight of a spacious and fascinating bathroom.
The entire room keeps with the style across the rest of Selania's home, with the bathtub and countertops made of what appears to be black granite. Dark blends of wood mix with crimson fabrics and matte finished metal accents to give the entire room a strangely dark atmosphere. It's like an evil lair, or a torture chamber, but for cleanliness.

The lighting only reinforces this fact, with the room's illumination primarily coming from glowing orange crystals mounted to the walls in a fashion that imitates torch braziers.
"Woah... This is a nice bathroom." You remark.
"Thank you. I'm glad you like it. Now, come with me." Selania says.
Selania walks over to the countertops and pulls a small black vial out of one of the drawers. She pops the cork off of the top and pours some of the contents of the vial into her hands, which you see is some sort of oil. She rubs her hands together, warming up the oil as she turns to look at you.
You stare at her hands with a concerned expression. "Mind telling me what's on your hands there?"
"This is a special kind of oil. It'll help with your skin, and it has... other uses." She says.
Selania walks forward, putting her hands on your shoulders and rubbing the oil into your neck. Despite how large her paws are, she slips them beneath your shirt with remarkable dexterity. She takes a moment to rub your body beneath your shirt, covering it in the slick oil. Her claws trace along the contours of your muscles with a fascinated hunger, as she slowly surveys your fitness with her sense of touch.

"This is some nice work here. You must keep in shape." She says.
"I try to keep myself healthy." You say.
She pours a bit more oil into her hands and begins rubbing it onto your thighs, her fingers slipping beneath your pants to stroke the flesh of your legs. Her claws trace along your skin, coming dangerously close to your more tender areas, but not quite getting there.
"Mm. You're a strong one, aren't you?" She asks.
"Strong is how I'm built. It's not all that interesting." You respond.
"You wouldn't be saying that if you knew how much fun I was having right now."
Selania slips her hand under your pants and underwear, grabbing your ass with her large, powerful hand.
You maintain a remarkable amount of composure, looking up at Selania with a slight smile. "Easy there, killer. We've got time."
"You know what they say about the Oasis District. All the time in the world isn't enough." She says, her voice taking on a sultry tone.

She presses her face against your neck and takes a deep breath, inhaling your scent.
"Mm... You smell delicious. I think I'll take a bite." She says, her voice taking on a lower, almost animalistic tone.
You feel her teeth gently sink into your neck. They're sharp enough to break the skin, drawing a trickle of blood that drips down your neck. The pain mixes with the pleasure as she licks the blood off your skin, her rough tongue feeling like sandpaper.
"I love the taste of fresh blood on my tongue." She says, her voice still taking on that lower tone.
She continues licking at your neck, tracing the wound with her tongue and sucking gently.
Selania continues this for a moment, licking and sucking on your neck, until you hear her let out a frustrated growl. "You're supposed to be panicking."
You simply laugh under your breath. "You have no idea the kinds of things that have bitten my neck. Puppy teeth don't come close."
She tries to not to show it, but you notice Selania's body quiver deeply at your words. "Mmmh... Is that so?" She asks in her predatory tone.
"I'm afraid it is." You reply with a coy smile.

"Well then, I'm going to have to put a little more work into softening you up then, aren't I?" She says, claws moving to take off your shirt.
Selania takes another rough lick at your neck, growling with satisfaction at the taste. Her fingers slowly trace along your waistline, before she abruptly yanks your shirt upwards and casts it off your body. There's barely a moment between your shirt coming off, and Selania's paws returning to work on rubbing your skin.
Her rough paws massage your skin, as you let out a contented sigh. "Ah... I can see why you like this so much."
You feel her tongue flick against your neck in response. Her level of saliva is noticeably higher now, a thick layer of her drool casting off her tongue and resting on your skin where she licks. It's oddly wet, and warm, and feels good on your skin.
She presses her face against yours, rubbing the fur of her cheek against your skin in a rather odd display of affection. Her hands rub along your shoulders and down your arms, gently touching every part of your body.
"You're so tense." She says with a laugh. "Just relax."

Selania finally takes a moment to push you back and fully admire your upper body. It's covered in plenty of strange scars incurred by various close encounters with monstergirls, with a few very fresh claw marks left behind by your last encounter. You're a little self-conscious at first, but the sight of your war-torn body seems to be deeply arousing to Selania.
"You're so... Mmm..." She lets out a groan, resting her head against your chest and rubbing her cheek against it. "You're like a big, beautiful, wounded warrior."
"Well, my line of work does tend to make fighters out of lovers..." You say with a small laugh.
"You've had so much... experience with monstergirls, haven't you? So many... encounters."
Her words are enough to make you blush. "I've been around the block."
"You're so strong... I can tell just by looking at you. You're built like a gladiator." She rubs her hands up and down your chest. "I can tell you've weathered many a battle."
"I've had my fights, that's for sure."
"And I want to be one of them." Her words come out in a whisper, as Selania's eyes find their way to yours.
You find yourself frozen in place, as her blazing eyes stare into your soul. You feel your stomach flutter nervously, but you're not quite sure why. It's an odd feeling that you can't quite place.

"You're so beautiful..." She says, leaning in closer to you.
"I... Thanks." You say, trying to play it off like it's no big deal.
"Do you want to take a bath now? You're covered in quite a bit of my filth..." Selania says in a sultry voice, reaching for your belt.
Her words make you suddenly aware of the fact that there's a thin layer of oil and slobber on your entire upper body, mixed with chocolate residue and little bit of blood on your neck. "Yeah. I think a bath is in order."
"Good. Because I was hoping you'd say yes." She says with a coy smile.
Selania's hands work quickly to remove your belt, then they start on the button of your pants. Her long and thick fingers work deftly as she undoes your pants, slipping them off alongside your underwear in a single swift motion. It's at this point you realize, with some panic, that you're startlingly erect.
She lets out a growl of approval as she slips your pants off and sets them aside. Her hands return to your chest, gently caressing your body.
"I want you to know, I would never do this with just anyone. You're... Special." She says in a whisper, leaning in closer to you.
You find yourself entranced by her eyes, as the rest of the world melts away. It's just the two of you, alone in her bathroom. You lean in closer to her, and find her lips just a hair's breadth from your own.

"You're a very strong male." She whispers into your ear, sending a chill down your spine.
You find yourself unable to speak, so you simply nod in response.
She turns around and walks over to the bathtub, then leans over and turns on the faucet. The water begins to run, soon filling the tub. As it starts to fill, Selania greases up her paws with more oil, and returns to your frozen form. She doesn't hesitate for a moment, setting to work on rubbing your legs with strength and care as she spreads oil across them as well.
You let out a pleasured sigh as she works the knots out of your legs, before she moves up to your thighs, spending an ample amount of time on them. You feel your legs go weak as she continues to knead them, and you find yourself having great difficulty standing.
"Do you want me to help you stay up?" She asks, a sly smile on her lips.
"I'm fine...!" You whimper in protest.
"Are you sure?" She asks, her hands returning to your chest.
"I'm sure." You say, your head lulling to the side as she works her hands around your pecs and shoulders.
"I'm not done yet." She says with a chuckle, moving back down to your thighs.
You let out a groan as she continues to massage your body, working all of the kinks out of it. You didn't realize just how much tension there was in your body from the past few days of work, but now that Selania is drawing it out of you, it's heaven.

Her hands glide lower on your body, until you feel a broad stroke against your dick.
"Woah!" You cry out at the sudden sensation.
Selania growls as she licks her lips. "Don't worry, I'm just making sure there's some oil on here too. Wouldn't want to miss a spot..."
You manage to withstand her slathering more oil onto your crotch, until she finally relents. Selania seems satisfied with her work, looking over her shoulder at the bath. It's filled with gently steaming water, and Selania appears content with its condition.
"My turn." Selania says with a toothy smile as she lets go of you.
It's remarkably difficult to keep yourself standing up, even braced against the wall as you are. You manage, and Selania starts to remove her own clothing. She unzips the leather jacket restraining her curves to reveal a simplistic ribbed tank top underneath, colored in a dark black that matches her fur.
She then starts to slide out of her skin-tight pants, revealing black panties of the same material. Her panties are soon joined by the tank top, and you're left staring at her naked body.

You've serviced countless monstergirls in your time as a prostitute, but their features are always quite a spectacle. Selania's bestial nature is clear as day with her canine ears, fur, claws, and long tongue. Being a Hellhound, all of these features are even more impressive.
Her fur is thick and spiky, alternating between coal black and dark crimson depending on where the patches appear on her smooth grey skin. Her ears stand tall and proud atop a mane of fluffy black hair that clearly takes after her fur, with little tufts of lighter-tinted fur peeking out from the interior of her ears.
Her claws are as impressive as they are frightening, extending from each of her digits in sharp and powerful points. By far the most bewitching feature of Selania's form are her eyes. They're raven black, except for her pupils, which stand out against their background in a brilliant tinge of sunburnt orange. The corners of her eyes are where strange magic hellfire curls outward, flaring and churning with the beat of her emotions. Selania is an incredible sight.
She walks back over to you in a few effortless strides, before picking you up in her powerful hands and carrying you bridal style towards the bathtub. She steps into the bathtub first, still carrying you in her arms with an incredibly pleased smile on her face.

"Now for the fun part." Selania says as she lowers you towards the water.
She submerges you into the water up to your neck, and it's quite relaxing at first. Only a few peaceful moments pass however, before your entire body is consumed by a searing, aching sensation. Every muscle in your body tenses and releases as your skin pulses with need.
"Holy shit!" You cry out as the feeling assaults your body.
"This is the part where you'll need to make a lot of noise." Selania grins.
You moan and groan as your body spasms and flares with burning, throbbing aches. It's an intense experience, to say the least.
Selania watches on with glee as her pupils flare and retract with each noise you make.
"What the f-fuck!" You cry out as the barrage of internal pain continues.
"Mmhh... That's what I was coating you with. It's a water-reactive version of hellfire oil." Selania says as she licks her lips and slides into the bathtub beside you. "It burns so good, doesn't it?" She asks as her strong hands squeeze your arms.
Selania pushing against your muscles is almost orgasmic, providing sweet relief from some of the pain.

"Fuck! It's intense!" You cry out.
Selania giggles as she leans in to kiss you. Your lips meet and you find her surprisingly gentle for someone who could easily snap your neck like a twig. The kiss is broken when she pulls away to stare into your eyes. Her pupils are almost glowing with passion, the arcane fire on the edge of her eyes blazing from the strength of her emotions.
"You're very strong." She says.
Selania's hands slide down your chest, your body tensing and releasing as she touches you. She repeats her massage on your body all over again, but this time it's almost brain-meltingly pleasurable thanks to the escape her touch provides from the ravages of the hellfire oil.
"Very strong." She repeats, this time with a deep longing in her voice.
Selania's hands continue their massage, and you find yourself almost unable to stop yourself moaning. The feeling is so good it's almost agonizing. You can feel your body begin to collapse as the fire within your flesh is put out by the soothing of her hands.
"So strong..." She says once again, and you feel your body go weak as the last of the flames are extinguished.

Selania guides your body up against the wall of the bathtub, before straddling your hips and planting her mouth on your neck. Her rough tongue runs across the bite marks on your neck again, lapping up a few fresh pearls of blood brought forth by your pounding pulse and the hot water.
"Mm... You taste good... I can taste the strength in your blood..." She says.
Selania grinds her hips into yours, and you can feel the heat of her pussy on your thighs. She slides forward and back in the water, pleasuring herself as she continues to lap at your neck.
"You like that? Should I keep going?" She asks, staring into your eyes with a gaze that almost makes you think she's possessed.
"Yes..." You say weakly, struggling to keep your eyes open as the pleasure builds up in your body.
"Mmm... I will." She says.
Selania continues to slide back and forth against your body, working the knots out of your thighs with the squeezing of her own. Her hands grip your chest as she feels up your muscles, growling in a low tone as she savors the experience.

"I can feel how much you like this... Does it feel good?" She asks.
"Yeah..." You breathe weakly. "S-Selania... I'm too weak tonight... For you to go... all the way..."
"Mmmh... Don't worry… I'm enjoying myself."
You try to stifle a groan as she continues to pleasure herself on your lap, but it's impossible not to moan just a little bit.
"Ah! So strong... Almost there... Just a little bit more..."
Selania brings her mouth back to your neck and begins to suckle on the wound there, her long tongue flickering across your skin as it meets the air.
The pleasure is almost unbearable, and you can't help but groan as you feel your body begin to give out.
"Ah...!" You gasp.
"Here it comes...!"
Selania's mouth latches on to your neck as her hips buck forward, grinding her pussy into your lap as she finds her own release. Your body goes weak and you shudder in the water, feeling as if your legs have turned to jelly.

A noisy howl vibrates your neck as Selania furiously runs her tongue along your flesh, sucking and tasting you with greed as her hips quiver against your stomach. Her thighs clench around your sides with enough strength that you swear you can hear some joints pop, but the two of you are so deep into it that you can't find the strength or focus to care.
Selania's mouth suddenly releases from your neck with a sloppy pop, punctuated by a deep moan. She hugs you against her as tightly as she can, hands bracing across your back as she rests your head on her shoulder. You can hear her heavy panting as she sits there, her body still trembling with the aftershocks of her climax.
"Aahhh... aaahhh..." She sighs.
You notice that the water has gone cold, and you're feeling a little numb yourself, but you're in no condition to stand up. You just stay sitting in the tub, Selania's soft body wrapped around your own, as you try to catch your breath.
"You're so strong... You turn me on so much..." She says.
Selania finally pulls away from you, and she stands up, grabbing you by the shoulders and pulling you up as well. She leans in to kiss you, and the two of you embrace tightly. Her wet tongue enters your mouth and dances with yours, and the taste of her fills your senses.

She breaks away and looks at you with a smile.
"Let's get you dried off." She says, fetching a towel.
You don't even have time to protest as she picks you up and wraps your body in a fluffy red bath sheet, sitting down on the edge of the tub with you in her lap. She begins to pat you down with the towel, drying off your hair and face before working on the rest of your body. You don't feel self-conscious at all as she works, and instead find yourself grinning like an idiot the whole time.
Selania seems to be excessively enjoying herself as well, growling with pleasure as her fingers brace against the contours of your skin while she dries you off.
"You're so well-built... so big..." She says, licking her lips.
You feel yourself blushing again at her words. "You don't have to flatter me..." You mutter.
"I'm not, I'm serious. You humans are so... fragile, so skinny and weak. You're different. Everything is where it should be, with the marks to prove it." She says, tracing a finger along a few of the scars on your abs.
"Thank you..." You say in an awkward and hushed voice.
"You're welcome." She says, finally wrapping the towel around your lower half.

Selania gently sets you down on the edge of the tub so you can stay dry while leaning against the wall for support. She then grabs a bath sheet of her own and begins to dry herself off. It takes her a little while, especially on her patches of fur, but you don't mind at all. It's nice to just enjoy her company while you recover from the almost blinding assault of sensations her bath put you through.
Once she's sufficiently dry, Selania discards her towel and wordlessly walks back over, picking you up in her arms again and pressing you against her slightly damp and naked body. You feel your face grow warm as she holds you against her, and the heat you're feeling is not just from the temperature of her skin.
"You're so strong..." She says, running her fingers through your hair.
You find yourself getting lost in her eyes again, and you don't even realize it when she brings her face closer to yours...
The kiss is unlike anything you've ever experienced.
Selania's lips are massive and slick, completely enveloping your own. You feel the softness of her lips against your own, and the warmth of her breath. She shifts her head from side to side slowly, rubbing her lips against yours as you both slide our tongues together in an intimate dance of sloppy passion.
You feel her teeth gently graze your lips as she pulls back, breaking the kiss.
"You're so strong..." She repeats breathlessly, running her fingers through your hair.
"You're quite beautiful." You say.

"We should head to the bedroom." She says, smiling.
"I’d like that." You reply.
Selania carries you into her bedroom and lays you down on her bed. It's a gigantic and plushy expanse of crimson blankets that are almost as soft as her own fur. She stares down at you with a lusty smile, her tongue moving along her upper lip slowly. She climbs onto the bed with you, and you stare up at her as she leans in close to you.
You whisper into her ear as she draws her face against yours. "Selania... You've been so kind to me tonight. But I'm still trying to rest from how much work has taken out of me. I want you to feel me at my strongest, but I'm not there right now. I just... need a little time before we go all the way. So I can be even stronger."
Selania whimpers slightly, rubbing herself against you. "But you're right here... It's perfect... Come on..."
You take her head in your hands, staring deep into her blazing eyes. "It could be better. More perfect. To take me now, in a condition like this, would be an insult to your power. To your love. I don't want you to waste yourself on me until I'm at my most powerful, too."

She smiles, kissing you on the lips. "You're right. How could I be so foolish to not see the strength of your wisdom? I'll wait until you're ready."
"Thank you." You say.
Selania slides you down so that your face is firmly planted on her collarbone, and her chin is resting on the top of your head. "Just... Just let me hold you then. I want to feel your warmth next to me, and your heart beating. That's all I want right now."
You wrap your arms around her, holding her close as she gently ruts against you, rubbing her wet folds against your leg. Her monstrous weight is nothing to you as she holds you in her arms, and you feel her breath on your skin as she gently nuzzles into your hair.
"You're a very good human." She whispers.
"And you're a very good girl." You whisper back.
Selania lets out a slight moan at your praise, rubbing herself against you a bit harder. "I want you to be mine. I want you all to myself. You're so strong, so powerful... You could take on the world, and I want to watch you do it. I want to be at your side as you conquer everything in your path. I want to taste your strength at every step along the way."

You smile, gently kissing her on the cheek as she lets out a pleasured growl. "That sounds wonderful."
Selania draws you even deeper against her. "They can have your cock... But I want your love. I want the passion that no one else gets. I'll give you everything. I'll give you love, and passion, and protection. I'll give you the world. Will you accept my offer?"
You take a moment to think. This is a lot, but you're finding it very hard to decline in the heat of the moment. Selania's offer is at least worth a try.
Selania smiles, gently kissing you as she wraps her tongue around yours. "Perfect. You're perfect. I can feel your passion and power. I want it all, every last drop. I want you to fill me up with it."
She pulls you on top of her, and you find yourself in an ideal position for lovemaking. Her monstrous breasts are level with your head, so you take a moment to lavish them with your tongue. She lets out a pleasured growl as you suck on her nipples, gently tweaking them in your mouth.

"I can feel it... I can feel your strength. It's like fire, blazing within you. I want it. I want all of it." Selania says as she sets her weight down on top of you.
Her breasts push against your face as she continues to growl with lust and satisfaction, running her hands through your hair as she keeps you close.
"It burns bright. Bright and hot... But it's not quite there..." Selania's eyes are closed, nose twitching and fingers wiggling as she assesses your condition, deep in thought. "I can feel it. I can sense what you've told me. Your strength burns bright, but it's not burning as powerfully as it could. Oh, how powerful it could be... Let me heal you. Let me make you complete."
Selania slides down your body so that her mouth is level with your ear. Her boiling hot breath washes over your face as she licks your ear with her tongue. "Let me make you stronger... So we can taste each other's passion at its peak. Let me fill you with power."
She kisses your neck, lick by lick, each one sending a tingling sensation through your body. Your breath quickens as she gently bites your neck, then sucks on it, hard.
"I can feel it... The passion within you. It's there, burning bright. Passion fuels the flames of your strength. I will fuel your passion with my love. I will fill you with all of my love. Let me make you complete."

Her hands run across your chest and back, gently caressing the muscles of your upper body. The scent of her wet fur and overflowing arousal is all-consuming. She grabs your arms, squeezing them gently as she licks your bicep. "I can feel it... I can see it in your eyes. You're hungry for passion. Real passion. You're starving for it. Let me give that to you. Let me fill you with my love."
Selania's hands move towards your crotch. She grabs your cock, gently squeezing it as she begins to massage it. "I can feel it so close to me… I can see the passion within you. It's there, just under the surface. It's like an inferno waiting to burst. Let me quench your flames. Let me grant you mercy. Let me give you some release."
She lets go of your cock and moves her head down, gently kissing the tip. Her tongue runs across your head as she takes it in her mouth.
"The passion within you... It's right there, waiting for me. I want to fill you with my love. Let me make you complete. Let me make you whole. Let me bathe you in my passion, my love, my fire."
She moves her head further down, taking more of your cock into her mouth. Her tongue runs across it as it moves down your shaft. She begins to gently suck on your cock as you feel yourself melt under her touch. She's incredibly powerful, the inside of her mouth blazing with warmth as her sharp orange eyes focus intently on the task in front of her. Her soft fur brushes against your inner thighs as she deepens the intensity, her large hands cupping your hips to keep you locked in place as she takes you into her throat.

She begins to quicken her pace, moving your cock in and out of her throat as she hums gently. Somehow you manage to hold out as she continues her oral assault, to the point that she lets your cock out of her mouth. It releases from her lips with a sticky pop as she catches it with a finger, quickly running her tongue along it from base to tip.
"Mmmhh... I've never witnessed a male last so long inside my mouth. You truly are a loving creature, aren't you? I'm impressed. Enthralled, even. You're not even at your full strength, and yet..."
She smiles at you as she leans forward, gently kissing the tip of your cock.
"I can feel so much beneath the surface. It's holding out on me, but it's screaming to be free. I can tell you won't let me taste your power until I've proven myself worthy. And I will. I want to feel what's under that cool, calm exterior." Selania says with an expression of deep lust and longing. She's aching to taste your seed. It's written plainly on her face.
Selania smiles as she leans forward, taking your cock into her mouth once more. She begins to suck on it gently, holding it in place with a hand around the base as she keeps her lips tightly wrapped around the shaft. She begins to hum, the vibrations sending a pleasurable jolt through your body. You let out a gentle sigh as she releases your cock from her mouth, moving her head back and forth as her lips rub against it.

"You taste wonderful. There's so much power there. I can barely contain myself. I want you so much."
She holds your cock in place with a hand, tilting her head to the side and licking the shaft while he rubs her cheek against your pelvis. Her eyes flutter with pleasure, flames pulsing with satisfaction. Even her ears are twitching a little bit at how much she's enjoying herself, flicking back and forth at spastic intervals.
"I want to please you. I want you to feel good. I want you to cum for me. I want to show you that a Hellhound is the best at everything."
She holds your cock in both hands, quickly moving her head back and forth as she deep throats your dick. Her nose dents against your pubic bone between thrusts, her tongue constantly running along your shaft as saliva drips down onto your balls, wetting them as well.
"I want to taste your cum. I want you to fill my throat and leave me dripping."
She begins to suck on your cock with wild abandon, her eye flames searing with emotional intensity. Her lips are pressed tight against the base of your shaft, and you can feel the muscles in her throat massaging your cock. It's simply amazing.

You feel yourself building up, but you hold it back. You know that the longer you hold back, the more she's going to enjoy herself. Selania has framed this as her test of strength, and you want to make sure she feels like she's broken a legend.
You reach down to rub her head, and she leans into your hand, pressing it against your palm as she closes her eyes and lets out a pleasured growl. You decide to go one step further, and let your hands creep up to her fluffy black ears. She immediately responds with a deep growl of pleasure, vibrating your cock with a powerful rumble as she holds it in her throat.
"That's very good." You say with a smile and a nod.
You slowly massage her ears as she goes back to sucking on your cock. You can hear her huffing though her nose slightly as she enjoys her work, the flames in her eyes pulsing stronger as she begins to really get into it.
You're not going to last much longer.
You lean your head back and sigh, tilting it to the side as you feel a powerful pulse of heat run through your body. Your muscles tense up and your body spasms for a moment before you release a torrent of hot cum down her throat.

Selania eagerly accepts it, happy to have met her goal. She begins to suck on your cock even more eagerly, trying to drink down every drop that you offer her. You can feel her shudder in pleasure as she tastes your seed, and you can hear the growls of her desire.
She keeps up her deep, strong sucking motions until she's pulled all the aftershocks out of you. As she finishes up, she slowly releases your cock from her lips, giving it one long lick. She sits up and opens her mouth, showing you the massive pool of seed that's collected on her tongue. She then clamps her mouth shut and swallows it with a noisy lurch.
Selania slides up against you on the bed, returning to eye level as her body shivers with satisfaction. She runs a hand across her stomach with a contented whimper, before taking your head in her hands and staring deeply into your eyes.
"Your seed is even more powerful than I hoped. I can taste so much inside it... The strength... The passion... I want it in my womb very, very soon. But only when I've nursed your power back to its peak. Once you're capable of pouring the strongest seed into me." She says with a growl.
You and Selania kiss deeply as she rolls over onto you, her weight crushing against your body in the best way possible. She wraps her arms around your body and hugs you tightly, as if to draw you as deep as she can into her fluffy body.

"I am going to make you the perfect male." She whispers into your lips, before kissing you again.
Rolling onto her side, Selania braces an arm against your back to keep you tightly pressed against her, while her free hand caresses your head. Your lips part, and she looks down at you with a gentle smile.
"You need to rest now. I'll keep you warm and protected while you sleep and regain your strength. You can sleep as long as you need to, and when you wake up I'll be right here next to you. Tomorrow is when we start making you into something even better. The perfect mate for me, and any woman that claims you."
She snuggles in against your head, and you feel her thick fur brush against your bare skin.
"You're so strong and powerful... I want to see you become even more. I want to see you become the strongest, most potent love-warrior there is.” She says with a quiet giggle. "Now just rest."
"Thank you, Selania." You whisper as you plant a kiss on her neck.

She smiles and closes her eyes, snuggling in against you. Her warmth and weight feels incredible as she cradles you in her arms. You close your eyes and feel her body against yours. You feel so safe, so protected, and so loved, it's like you're melting in her embrace.
With a soothing growl and a gentle hand stroking your head, Selania lulls you to sleep in no time.

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