The next time was when she came at her desk.

It was the end of the day and there was only the boss left upstairs. James was hovering around and generally being a pest while Hannah tried to finish and send an email.

He started massaging her shoulders and she ignored it for a long while. Eventually his octopus like arms were touching her in all sorts of erogenous places. He rubbed her lower down to stroke the little gap between the hem of her shirt and the top of her butt. He roamed enough around the side to feel the side of her soft breasts, ever so delicately.

James could see the waistband of a pink thong just below her belt line. He shuggled his left hand underneath and started rubbing as low as he could. She leaned back in her seat to thwart his efforts. He kept kneading her soft skin gently. She was getting turned on, inevitably.

It was dark outside and the front door to the office was locked at this time of night. Still, the cleaner could come in with her key at any second. There was also Simon upstairs to worry about. However, he couldn't so much as stand up without loud creaking being heard through the floorboards, so James at least was reassured that there would be sufficient warning if he was to leave his desk and thunder downstairs.

At last, Hannah had sent her email and looked up at James from where she was sitting. He leaned over and their lips met for an upside down kiss. They lingered close while listening for any sounds. They kept on kissing. She was now leaning back in the chair so James had access to feel down the front of her neck and breasts, staying on top of her shirt. He wanted to feel her properly so kept on going until his fingers were grazing the top of her waistband at the front.

She made a little impish noise and half heartedly brushed her fingers over his to try and shoo him away. There was no way he was stopping now though and there was zero conviction in her attempt. He went under the pink thong waistband and travelled lower, feeling her smooth skin. His middle finger then encountered her silky slit without resistance.

She was already wet down there, she always was. James' middle digit got to work and lightly played. After a few moments he could feel her little hood and a slightly firmer spot underneath, so focused there. The effect was electrifying as she gripped his arm. His finger circled and teased. She held it tightly in place when he felt more wetness, picked up the pace and strummed her clit directly. She came in the space of only a few minutes, breathing heavily, staring at her screen.

He couldn't resist delving his finger inside at this point. She always felt utterly divine, soft, wet and luxurious in these moments. This time was no different. He tasted her silky cum on his fingers and it made him want her even more.

Suddenly they heard the front door lock. Hannah's eyes were glazed over but she managed to compose herself quickly. Luckily her top and trousers were still all buttoned up so all she had to do was sit up a bit, while James shuffled back to create at least a small gap between them. They both looked at her computer screen and simultaneously said "Hi" to the cleaner as she walked in. They'd got away with it, just! If the cleaner had arrived a moment or two earlier, she may well have interrupted mid-orgasm and that would have been interesting!

James was painfully hard down below of course. He was getting used to this and managed to hide it by either tucking under his belt or wearing tighter briefs. He was simply happy giving Hannah some seriously memorable experiences, especially when it was so forbidden. They both wanted more though.

James was desperate to get his face and ultimately his cock in her pussy. To treat her properly as to what she was missing at home. Hannah, for her part, wanted exactly that too. She was just more nervous about the latter because of the elevated risk. She knew she owed him a couple of orgasms at least and had every desire to make him cum with her next time. They just had to be patient.

How long would it be before they start doing an awful lot more, and could it stay a secret?

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