(it's not an exhaustive comprehensive list, i'll add more channels as i find them)

NEWS (live russian losses, data from oryx) ukraine happening telegram, translations of videos (this is the biggest telegram channel in Ukraine, if there is a video worth seeing they post it, lots of exclusive videos). (large news channel, publish at lot of exclusive videos) (kharkiv local channel) (mariupol local channel) (ukrainechan channel)

GROUPS (Azov Special Operations) (Azov Political party) (official telegram of Azov Battalion, ultranationalist volunteer battalion) (telegram of 'Chilli', the commander of Azov battalion in Kharkiv) (official telegram of Freikorps Org, a far right volunteer battalion based in Kharkiv) (Kastus Kalinouski Battalion, Belarussian partisans fighting in Ukraine) (telegram channel of the Ukrainian intelligence directorate. obviously has to be taken with a pinch of salt. but useful to see their press releases etc)

OTHER (videos and stuff) (sometimes posts exclusive videos from the ground) ( captured russian soldiers )

RUSSIAN CHANNELS (news/info channel closely affiliated with Wagner/Prigozhin) (telegram of Igor Strelkov, ex-FSB and former commander of all separatist forces in Donbass, does a daily analysis of the situation) (news) (telegram channel for 2ch /news/) (western reposter, has heavy pro-russian slant) (official chechen/kadyrov channel, it's 100% cheesy propaganda, good for a laugh) (war correspondence/news) (war journalism) (wagner group/russian SOF fan channel, posts zoomer edits and merch)

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