It was late when Amy and Ben returned home from the party. Amy had indulged her love of Champagne and Ben had had to steady the very giggly brunette through the front door and over to the sofa. Her tight red cocktail dress rode even further up her thighs as she writhed in giggly delight on the cream cushions. She reached over to pop Ben's shirt buttons through wild ruffled hair.

Ben could feel his heart pounding at the possibility of being release from chastity. It had been over a week since Amy had last turned the key and watching Amy in her red cocktail dress made it feel a year.

"Let's go to bed," he breathed as Amy's dangerously addictive eyes and parted lips followed his every move.

"Soon," she breathed huskily.

With Ben's shirt discarded on the floor and his muscles on show, Amy stretched for her phone and danced her fingers over the screen to unlock her new App. Her shiny lips curled into a smile as a beep confirmed that she was now in full control of Ben's metal chastity.

The belt, that encircled Ben's waist and pulled tightly between his legs, had been a birthday present from Amy to Ben. However, within seconds of it being unwrapped, Amy had locked it in place over his ever present, and always locked, Prince Albert cage.

"Oh yeah, please unlock me darling," Ben panted.


Amy ran her hand inside her dress, along her bare thigh as she watched Ben undress. Ben looked back, desperate to be freed from his two chastity devices. His body was awakening as he imagined being naked, feeling his erection and taking his beautiful woman. But first, Amy needed to type in her unique ten-digit release code which she couldn't do with her hands in her pants.

"Shall I wake him up?" she breathed.

Amy fidgeted with anticipation as she touched her phone and watched Ben stagger backwards on to the sofa and clasp his crotch. She could hear the vibrators humming inside Ben's belt, his balls and cock cage would be trembling, awakening a cock that would tingle, expand and then crush hopelessly into the end of its Prince Albert cage. Male sexuality awakened and extinguished by just the touch of her finger.

"I'm ready," Ben cried.

Amy just sat with her legs spread exploring the depths of her own body.

"Too nice," Ben cried, "Please turn me off."

Amy blinked and gaze almost innocently as Ben shook his belt with both hands, willing for the stimulation to stop. She was trembling with excitement, the pleading look in his beautiful brown eyes making her wet as he desperately tried to break into his metal pants.

"Ooh, shall I time lock you?"

'Time lock' was a way for Amy to lock herself out of the chastity App until the set time had passed. It effectively froze the belt, and therefore Ben's genitals, in time. If she set the time lock with the vibrator still on, there would be no way either of them could free him from the cruel stimulation.

Amy was turning in delight on the sofa, each turn of her hips making her dress ride up further. Her long-tanned thighs, the creases of her butt and her tight silk lingerie were now all on show to her kneeling and desperate chastised man.

"I love this belt," Amy breathed, "one press and you could be totally fucked, darling."

Ben looked up for permission to kiss her thighs. Amy waited, teasing for a few long moments before spreading her legs and using a single finger to order him in.

"You don't dare disobey me, do you?" Amy whispered huskily.

"Cock's about to explode..."

It felt calming between Amy's warm thighs, but still his lips approached the woman's damp black underwear with trepidation, he needed the stimulation to stop.


Ben drew back her panties and licked. He wanted to go fast, but she liked slow and that might cause her to time lock him. He had to be gentle and worship her, even though she was teasing his cock with the unstoppable vibrations.

Amy lay back of the sofa moaning incoherently. She held the only code that could release him from the tyranny of the vibration and right now her head was back, her eyes closed and her parted glossy lips moaning as his tongue played inside her panties.

The cries subsided leaving just Ben's frustrated moans echoing around the room. He was kneeling before her and barely registered as Amy's phone gave him his reprieve.

"Wow," Ben panted, "Feels like they're on fire."

"Sorry," Amy apologised, self-consciously pulling her cocktail dress down.

"They're glowing... feels weirdly nice."

"Want me to switch you back on?"

Ben stood up gingerly, took Amy's hand and pulled her to her feet, "Time to unlock my pants," he whispered, pinning her to the wall as they kissed.

He watched her playful smile as she brushed back her hair and picked up her phone. He then heard a strangely attractive female computerised voice from inside his belt, 'Worship mode engaged.'


"Nothing you can do darling..."

Amy's mischievous eyes smiled back with a look of complete satisfaction. There was no negotiating with either Amy or the voice in his belt and Ben now had only seconds to get on to all fours so that the front of the belt was horizonal to the ground. He kissed her again, his cock throbbing with anticipation as the electric shock hit.

"Fuck," he winced, dropping to the floor.

'Worship mode. Please obey,' the electronic voice insisted.

"Yes, I know," Ben cried, looking down between his legs to talk to the steel belt whose embrace he couldn't escape.

Amy was laughing uncontrollably.

"Wow, that almost took my balls off!" Ben gasped."

He reached up to prise Amy's phone from her hand but sighed as he read the swirling pink writing on the screen, 'Worship Mode, Deadlocked by Mistress Amy.'

"Mistress Amy?" Ben questioned.

"You're not supposed to read that," she blushed.

Ben clicked on the word 'Deadlocked', only to be greeted with the message 'Enter twelve-digit penis release code.'

"Bummer, eh?" Amy purred in her husky, inebriated lilt.

"Penis release code?" Ben repeated.

Amy giggled at the words. Ben could feel his cock tingling and then swelling as Amy snatched back her phone, lifted her dress and jealously tucked the phone inside the front of her panties.

"I suddenly feel very helpless," Ben breathed, craning his eyes up to see where the phone was now residing.

"Penis release code," Amy giggled.

Her long legs towered above him to the expensive black lingerie, his gift to her, that now held her phone.

"Phones don't like dampness, darling."

"And cocks don't like electricity," he replied.

Ben kissed the tipsy woman's feet. She often released him when he took control, when he picked her up and carried her to their bedroom, but how could he do that when she had as good as transformed him into her dog?

"If your phone can't take the steamy confine of your pants, I'm on my knees forever!" he panted.

Amy hiccupped, giggled and pushed her phone even deeper into her lingerie. Now, even two manicured hands clamped against her shiny lips couldn't stop her bursting out in laughter, "I'm sorry," she giggled, sinking happily into the sofa and offering Ben a bare foot to kiss.

She could feel herself drifting away as Ben kissed her soles. She parted her legs, the red fabric stretching as she started to sing. Ben's lips were working their way up her legs and Amy closed her eyes and bit her lip as she waited excitedly for the inevitable.

"Fuck!" Ben cried as his toned body lifted slightly from the horizonal and the electricity sunk into his balls.

"Stay down, darling."

Tipsy Amy could be even more cruel and teasing, but maybe that was why Ben had been filling her glass all evening. He loved to find new ways to delight Amy, to please her and to make her want to make love.

"Can I give you a ride to the bedroom?" he breathed.

Amy grinned at the thought. She sat up straight and pushed back her bare shoulders to extenuate her breasts. She wobbled up to her feet and sat down using Ben's back as her saddle. Balancing was tricky, until she flopped forward to hug Ben's neck.

"Where's my whip!" she giggled with a hiccup.

Ben carefully crawled on all fours with Amy's arms and thighs gripping him tightly.

As they arrived at their bedroom, Amy stretched to her feet and bounced up on to their bed. From the floor, Ben couldn't see what she was doing, but he could listen to her aroused moans.

With neither Amy nor the voice in his crotch willing to release him, Ben climbed on to the bed and quickly lay face down next to Amy as the electricity shocked his balls.

"Fuck, Amy that's turned up high!" he cried as the pain dissipated.

"Worship mode must be taken seriously," she purred, snugging up to him.

"When I get out of this Amy..." Ben growled, making Amy tremble in delight.

"Yes, but until then..."

Lying on her back, Amy worked her feet into the mattress until she had pushed herself far enough up the bed for Ben's lips to return to between her hot, parted thighs. She flung her arms back to grip the bars of the metal bedhead as she felt Ben pull her phone from her panties.

"It called worship mode for a reason, darling," she called, her hips thrusting into Ben's loving lips and her long legs interlacing around his head to lock him in place.

"I always worship you," he gasped.

Amy's thighs were constantly moving, pushing, turning and gripping him as her body awoke. Her cries were becoming higher pitched and breathy and ready for him.

"Let me worship you another way," Ben panted, placing her phone in her hand.

Ben was again consumed between her animated thighs as he felt his belt loosen. At the same time, her thighs tighten around his neck and Amy was grinning naughtily when he finally wriggled free from her mischievous legs and removed the steel belt. It had left red indentation in his skin, but it also revealed his balls and his locked Prince Albert cock cage.

"That doesn't get you far," tipsy Amy giggled.

"Oh Amy, you can't leave me here."


They shared a look as they both thought back to the previous occasion where Amy had let him on, only for her to refuse to unlock his Prince Albert cage. Surely, she wouldn't do that to him again. He gently pulled her to sitting and unzipped her from her dress, removed her bra and kissed her nipples.

"Please Amy, not tonight, you look too hot."

"I don't think either of us wants that, darling..."

Amy could feel her body reaching that special point, where her breathing and cries hastened, and she needed Ben's touch. She used Ben's hair to pull his head deep between her thighs and then crossed her legs to pin his face almost airtightly against her crotch as she performed the magic.

"You can't watch," she purred.

Ben couldn't see, hear, smell or breath, but he was happy to forego all that for the feel Amy's fingers on his cock. There was a rush of blood and an immediate erection as Ben fought for breath. Amy uncrossed her damp legs just in time, leaving her dazed lover staring at his penis.

"Oh fuck!" Ben gasped.

"Yes, please..." Amy smiled sweetly.

She was so open and dreamy as Ben eased inside and so aroused that they lasted less than a minute. Their climax was so intense that they hugged each other tightly as the room spun. They went again, they always enjoyed the second time the most, and lay together afterwards with Ben still inside her.

"Maybe I could be your chastity belt," Amy breathed, "Keep you in me all day."

"Do you have worship mode?" Ben asked.

"You know I do..."


Amy and Ben showered slowly and then Ben lay naked on the bed as he waited to be locked up. They no longer needed to discuss how and when; it was just one person taking her rightful control over another.

It was so normal, that Amy would talk about work, or their weekend plans as her naked and shower warm butt sunk down on to Ben's face. She would snuggle in tight, ensuring that she had taken his sight before slowly and lovingly relocking the Prince Albert chastity cage. She loved the idea that Ben would never see the key again, giving it a sense of mystique that would add to her power.

"Almost like magic," she smiled shyly as she lifted up to release Ben's blinking eyes.

Ben leaned over to kiss her nipples.

"And the belt, darling..." she insisted.

Ben let Amy reattach his metal pants, and then sit astride his waist as she deadlocked it with her phone. He couldn't see the screen, but he could see her flickering eyes and smiling lips as she programmed his next punishment.

"'Deadlocked' for twelve hours and tethered," she breathed, rolling off his body now that his fate was sealed.

"Where is it?" Ben asked, knowing that he now had to stay within three metres of the tracking device.

Amy smiled wickedly as she threw the small tracking device across the bedroom and out into the hallway. "Return to Mistress Amy," the electronic female voice commanded.

Ben jumped up, his powerful legs sprinting after the device just as the electricity started pulsing through his balls. Now clutching the small white device, he returned to bed and to Amy's negligee clad body and playful eyes.

"Twelve hours deadlocked and tethered with no possible way out?" he breathed.

"I don't trust myself to behave," Amy replied.

"So, I get locked up?"

Amy's hips were in perpetual motion, breathing deeply as Ben spread her thighs and ran his hand between her legs. But instead of kissing her, he pulled open the front of her panties and simply dropped the tracking unit inside.

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