Samantha Pt 10

Please go read part 1 through 9 before reading this...

Anna comes for a visit (Part 2).

Saturday morning saw a very tired, very sore women (me) awake as the sun shined into my room. I hadn't woken up next to a woman since Anna and I slept together in Nashville and not one in my bedroom since Jennifer. It was great to wake up next to a naked woman. I was already soaking wet and ready for more as I started to come back to life. Anna was still deep asleep as I cuddled in closer behind her. I slid in behind her wrapping my arm around her. I could feel her breathing as I enjoyed the sensation of her warm soft skin against mine. My body ached and my ass aching from being fucked all night, but my pussy screaming to be played with again.

I softly and slowly slid my hand deep under the covers and down to my wet pussy. I quietly and softly rubbed my clit masturbating as I watched her sleep. I brought myself to orgasm rather quickly thinking of her, of last night and of what may come today. I got out of bed quietly got dressed in an old pair of cut off sweatpants and a t-shirt and made my way onto the kitchen. I turned on the tv and started some coffee and began my usual morning "day off" routine. I was actually counting the minutes until she awoke so we could spend more time together. But I could keep my mind from thinking more deeply about Anna. About Jennifer and about Ashley. For some odd reason Ashley has been on my mind lately and I can't stop thinking about our night in the car. I have been wanting to text her so bad but I couldn't muster the courage to reach out to her and unfortunately, I hadn't heard from her either. I did hear through the grapevine that Jennifer moved to California to be with her bull dyke wife and is happily married. Me, on the other hand is still trying to come to terms with fact that I feel I like women more than men and will eventually have to come out to everyone.

About an hour later I heard Anna heading to the bathroom. She came into the kitchen a few minutes later, yawing and sleepy eyed wearing a long cotton nightshirt. Her eyes seemed drained like she hadn't slept in days. I felt so bad for her. We decided we were both hungry and headed to the nearest corner restaurant for breakfast. After returning to my house Anna said, "I want to get a boat and go out onto the ocean."

I have been around boating my whole life and there are plenty of places to rent one, including the dock area where Bobby was at, so we both jumped a quick shower together, washing each other AND YES rubbing each other off to orgasm, before we headed to the pier.

Anna met Bobby down by the water as I secured us a decent sized boat to take until late afternoon. Bobby didn't seem real interested in Anna and said he had a few more runs today for clients but would be home later evening. Anna and I headed out onto the water and spent hours driving the boat up and down the coast. We saw Dolphins swimming alongside of us as we motored along. I took her to "The Cove" an area where Bobby does a lot of his fishing expeditions. We cut the motor and both jumped into the clear blue water. It was so fun just swimming out on the bright clear water with her. After frolicking in the water, we headed back into the pier for lunch, had a bite to eat, filled up with gas and headed back out. Anna asked me, "Is there a place that's quiet and private?"

I knew of the perfect spot. There is a small barrier reef island and on the far side of it the sand dunes are high enough to anchor down. Usually there is no one there, so I let Anna drive the boat out and awhile later we pulled along the dunes. We both swam and played in the water, just enjoying the beautiful Florida winter day. After getting back into the boat, we sat back and just enjoyed the sun. We were sitting on the long bench, just holding hands when my passion for her erupted again. Anna looked stunning in her brown over white and blue patterned two-piece bikini. Her light brown skin shimmering in the sun. I leaned in for a kiss and felt the passionate desires we had for each other. Anna slid her hand up and under my teal blue bikini and started rubbing on my breast. She kissed the side of my neck just getting me more and more turned on. Anna laid me down on my back and climbed on top of me in-between my legs, she continued kissing my lips, my face, my neck and my chest while her hands slid back and forth between my tits under my top. I moaned in pleasure as she softly seduced me. I lifted my top over my head and Anna's head slid down and sucked on my nipples making them hard. My hands cupping the back of her head. Anna continued kissing her way down my stomach and past my hips until she reached my bikini bottom. She untied the strings letting it fall open and kissed her way down to my awaiting pussy. I pulled my legs up and spread them apart further as I felt her tongue hit my clit.

I laid there legs up and spread wide open as Anna sucked on my pussy. I watched her tongue swirl around me, licking up and down my lips bringing me to a pleasure I love more than anything. She used her fingers and rubbed up and down my pussy making me hotter and wetter than I already was. I moaned in pleasure, licking my lips as she ate me out. I didn't want this to end. Her loud slurping sucking sounds the only noise I heard as she licked from my asshole to my clit bringing me closer and closer to orgasm, her head shaking back and forth teasing my wet lips. Anna brought me to orgasm rather quickly. As I laid there in the sun out on the boat, I finally realized I am a lesbian. I like pussy more than dick and I want this woman forever!

Anna kept sucking on my pussy as I was cumming on her face. My nipples rock hard, my legs shaking and my ass throbbing for more. Anna was still dressed in her bikini and hadn't even got naked; she just took me first. After she brought me to my second and more intense orgasm Anna slid back up on to of me and I let my legs back down. We kissed deeply and passionately as the boat shimmied in the water. It was my turn to get her off and I wasn't going to miss this chance.

I leaned Anna back onto her knees as I got up from the bench getting onto my knees. We knelt face to face kissing and holding each other I pulled her bikini top over her head and kissed my way down to her nipples. I sucked on her tits with such vigor. My hand slid in-between her legs rubbing on her pussy over her bikini bottom. I leaned Anna down onto the bench, letting her legs straighten. I leaned further down and rubbed and caressed her pussy over her bottom, just getting her turned on. Anna's eyes were closed and her head slowly rolled back and forth as she moaned in pleasure. I bent over at the waist and kissed on top of the bikini bottom material, I slid her bikini to the side and began licking up and down her soaking wet pussy. Her taste was amazing. I covered her entire pussy with my mouth as my tongue swirled around her clit. I pulled my face from between her legs and pulled at Anna's bikini bottom. Anna lifted her hips as I slid it off. I kissed back up in-between her thighs making her wet wit anticipation. Anna lifted her legs straight up and together, just slightly apart as my face dipped back between her legs. My ass and wet pussy in the air in the opposite direction. I licked up and down her wet pussy, stopping occasionally to make sure I licked her asshole really good. I slid a finger inside her and pumped back and forth bringing her to an instant orgasm.

Anna moaned aloud, "I could do this all day."

I could too. No doubt about that. I pulled Anna's legs down and spread then wide open. I slid two fingers deep inside of her as my mouth and tongue worked on her clit. I listened to her moan and groan excessively as I finger fucked her while eating that clit. Anna started moaning in a high-pitched short wording of, "Oh yah, oh yah, oh yah."

I brought her to a second orgasm and was starting to work on number three, when we heard the sound of a boat approaching. I looked up to see there was a large Yacht heading our way. We both slid down quickly to the floor of the boat and started finding our clothing. Just as we got dressed and looked again the yacht was anchoring about 50 yards to the left of us. Good thing I heard it coming otherwise they may have had a great show.

I hugged Anna and without thought whispered in her ear, "I want you here forever."

Anna pulled from our hug with a surprised look on her face. I don't think she knew what to say, but blurted out, "I wish too."

Anna and I pulled up anchor and made our way back to the dock. Bobby's boat was gone when we got back in, so I didn't even bother to text him we were back. Anna and I went home, showered up again. And YES rubbed each other off again in the shower. We went to dinner at this great fish place having shrimp and lobster and a few stiff drinks, eventually making our way back to my house.

The whole drive home I kept thinking to myself, how do I get her to move down here and be with me? After getting back home, we decided to just sit and watch movies that night. We laid in my bed with just our panties on, eating popcorn and sipping wine. Bobby came home about 10:00 P.M. and walked in on Anna and I in the midst of fingering each other. He reeked of fish sand beer so we sent him to the shower before he joined us. After he returned to my bedroom, he watched us for a while as we kissed, touched, fingered and lick each other to orgasm several times. We both gave him a long slow soft blow job. We knelt on our knees next to each other and he just went back and forth putting his hard cock in our mouths. As Bobby came, he started in my mouth then pulled out and jammed it back into Anna's so she could taste his cum too. When he finished Anna and I kissed deeply letting bobby's cum swirl around in our mouths as we swallowed him down. Bobby left the room to go get a sandwich and he never returned. Sometime later I went out to find him and discovered he had fallen asleep on the couch with the empty plate on his chest. I covered him with a blanket and went back telling Anna, "He's passed out on the couch, looks like it's just you and I again."

Anna didn't seem to disappointed. We spent the rest of the night cuddling and talking and on occasion playing with each other more. About 6:00 A.M. we were both awoken by Anna's phone ringing. It was her ex-husband saying one of her kids was being admitted to the hospital due to asthma issues. Anna and I rushed to pack her stuff and made our way to the airport. I went in with her as she changed her flight plans and waited of the first flight out at 7:15. We sat in the waiting area just talking. I tried calming her down since was so nervous and anxious to get airborne and get home to her kid. I felt the anxiety and fear as we waited the plane to load. As her flight was boarding, we stood hugging for the better part of 5 minutes. We kissed deeply and said our goodbyes. I watched her enter the jetway and disappear out of sight. I nearly broke down in tears as I knew I'd probably never see her again.

After her plane taxied away, I left the airport and drove to the beach and sat and just watched the ocean for hours trying to figure out my life and where I was going. Who I wanted to be with and how I needed to come to terms with my sexuality more than ever before. Before Anna's plane probably even landed, I sent her a text message reading;

"I know this seems sudden and maybe a bit emotional, but I have never felt so comfortable with anyone like I have with you. I would love for you to be in my life permanently, would consider moving down here and starting a life together?"

I knew the answer was going to be no, because she had a job up north, her kids, her family and her ex in Indiana, but I had to at least put it out there.

A few hours later Anna texted me back. Her response was;

"I would love to start a life with you if I was more of a lesbian. But the man I'm in love with is here, my job is here, my family is here, my kids are here and I can't throw that away for a chance we'll make it. I have tremendous feelings for you and know I could fall in love with you, but I have to be here. Maybe we could try get together every now and then, me coming to you, or you to me, but once I get Mark back, I plan to get married build a great life with him. Please understand it's not you. I'd be there in a minute if I didn't have a life here. Love Anna.

I finally realized it was time for me to face the inevitable. I went by my parents later that morning and brought lunch with me. After eating I sat them both down and told that I was -- at minimum -- bi-sexual; but more like a lesbian who occasionally liked boys. They took the news as graciously as they could. I could tell they were confused, unhappy and somewhat shocked by my admittance. I told them all about Jennifer and Anna and that I was still very interested in Ashley and was hoping to re-connect with her. They did the best they could and over the course of the next few months, and endless conversations, grew to understand where I was in life. It goes without saying that there were some bumps in the road, but at least they knew and I could be more open about it. I also told Bobby. Him and I hung on for a bit with the arrangement I could date any woman I wanted as long as he knew, but that didn't last too long. Jealousy and lack of sex with him, killed that.

The only thing that kept me going through the whole ordeal was the fairly consistent conversations by text and phone I had with Anna. We would write lovely sexual stories and send a lot of erotic pictures to each other. I did see her once more the following summer when I drove up to Indianapolis. The sex wasn't what I had hoped for. She was back with Mark and didn't want to do too much behind his back. She did end up marrying him and on occasion I still hear from her. My life took a bizarre turn as just before Ashley and I developed an odd summer on-going sexual relationship, when I started slept with my mom's cousin's daughter. She was smoking fucking hot, young and ready to learn how to lick pussy. So, I showed her!

I'll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To Be Continued...

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