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[SP49] Crystal Creations Stuff Pack

When you click on the download button and a new tab opens - close it! That's an ad. Don't click on fake download links in that new tab.

Mirrors uploaded by Masquerade

Download and install JDownloader2. Then copy the link below and paste it in JDownloader. If you get an error about bad/unsupported captcha - open the link yourself, select some host from a dropdown menu and then click the "dlc" button. It will download a small file - open it in JDownloader, that should add download links from the host you selected.

If some DLC is missing - that's probably because this filehost has a size limit. If a new DLC is missing - it's probably because Masquerade haven't uploaded it yet.

Multiple hosts:

What to do with downloaded files

In short:

  • Windows: extract to your game installation folder, so The Sims 4 folder you selected during installation.
  • Mac: extract to The Sims 4 Packs folder - it's in the same place as your The Sims 4 app.

There are detailed instructions on my website and on CS RIN forum, just use the links at the top of this page.

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