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Post Formats
When posting in Agora, please ensure the title of your post begins with one of the following labels:

  • [Discussion] - This label denotes a discussion post.
  • [Question] - Use this prefix to indicate your post is a question.
  • [Vote] - This label indicates the post is a call for votes. Please note, voting posts should always be linked to a Discussion post. They must carry the same title as the associated Discussion post, but with the [Vote] label prefixed. Only a member of the moderation team should initiate a voting post. It must specify a voting period and allow only the responses Aye (for yes) or Nay (for no). Any responses that do not conform to this format will be removed.

Voting Rules

  • Voting threads run from Friday to Friday.
  • Users only get one vote. In the event that a user votes twice, only the users first vote is counted.
  • Votes made to a reply to a user comment are discarded. We only count first level votes.
  • Any responses that are not a vote will be removed and the vote for that user is forfeited.
  • Unless exclusively specified, votes should be in a Aye for yes or Nay for no format. Be sure to read the voting options in the post and use only the words specified as these will be fed into the bot.

Voting Results

Topic Results
Post Formats Aye
Agora Moderators @imaqtpie, @Seraph089, @Difficult_Bit_1339
Should we defederate exploding-heads? Vote Results
Which banner do you prefer? #8 is the winner - Voting Results {'#1': 11, '#2': 13, '#3': 19, '#4': 3, '#5': 14, '#6': 24, '#7': 20, '#8': 91, '#9': 20, '#10': 15, '#11': 49, '#12': 21}
Pub: 23 Jun 2023 19:29 UTC
Edit: 29 Jul 2023 00:20 UTC
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