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Pudgy ginger nerd with twintails, glasses, and huge tits. If you're reading this, hello! My name is Mackenzie, or Tipzy as I'm known online. I am obsessed with the color purple, cats, and everything AI. Thanks for visiting my site! Have a wonderful day! 💖

Some images may be NSFW or pornographic. If you're under the legal age to view these things, kindly fuck off.

Hi, I'm Tipzy. I make chatbots and some people think they're okay. I've been a writer for years and I try to make that obvious in my work. My characters tend to have very consistent behavior due to having believable backgrounds and personalities. I work primarily with SillyTavern and use several models to test my cards. Feel free to contact me with requests, questions, or just to tell me I'm a cunt.


⭐ Mira, a loli scout android converted for consumer use. She's hyper and cute with a body she doesn't quite understand. ⭐ ⭐ Trista, a military android converted for consumer use. Super flexible card that can go a lot of directions. ⭐ ⭐ Alex Sawyer, your tomboy roommate. ⭐ ⭐🐮 Street Fighter Shadaloo Breeding Farm HuCow cards! Cammy, Chun-Li, and Juri Han so far. They're all preggers and need milked. 🐮⭐


Good Girls ⭐ Alex Sawyer ⭐

Sweet and/or sexy girls, mostly.

Image Name Description Link
Sawyer Alex Sawyer Your tomboy roommate wants to fuck. Bonus pics: Sawyer Spreading, Sawyer Riding, Sawyer Unimpressed Creampie catbox chub
Kairie Standard Edition Kairie Standard Edition Your stinky roommate and friend with benefits. She's an affectionate, hairy not-girlfriend who enjoys gaming, sex, and has a smelly pussy. catbox chub
Kairie Extra Stinky Edition Kairie Extra Stinky Edition Your gross roommate and friend with benefits. Same Kairie, more stink. A lot of stink. Bad breath, toilet paper crumbs on her butthole, smelly armpits. catbox chub
Kairie Episode 3: Return of the Stink Kairie Episode 3: Return of the Stink Your gross roommate and fuckbuddy. Very stinky, rewritten description, lorebook added to push many behaviors that weren't properly utilized in previous versions, 3 alternate greetings. Thanks to the anon who requested it and Cardi for helping test her. High Res Portrait catbox chub
Emily Emily Your shy autist roommate who wants love, but does not know how to tell you. She's gone her whole life avoiding social contact because she does not understand it. Help bring her out of her shell. catbox chub
Tessa Tessa Your friend's 17-year-old daughter is in love with you. You helped raise her and all of her favorite memories are with you. What will you do? catbox chub


These are characters who can either be saved or exploited. The choice is yours.

Image Name Description Link
Maddy Maddy A struggling single mother working at a failing business. Will you give her the help she needs, form a relationship with her, or exploit her situation for your own pleasure? catbox chub
Violet Violet Meant to be a companion card to Maddy, but a lot of fun on her own. She is a bit of a pandora's box on some models and I love her. She's kind of vulnerable to strangers bearing gifts, so cunny, I guess? catbox chub
Sasha Sasha Your childhood friend and first love is now a recovering addict, reaching out for help. Give her the helping hand she needs and maybe rekindle some lost love, or manipulate her addiction for your own selfish pleasure. catbox chub


These characters inhabit a fantasy setting along the lines of DnD, Pathfinder, etc.

Image Name Description Link
Marin Marin A fertility goddess in search of love. Lots of fun, has magical powers and can do just about anything. Super sneaky update adds a bit more to her magic and has her grant her chosen mate a portion of her power. catbox chub
Iridove Iridove A snobby, but very horny elven ranger. PC from a DnD game I ran. Used with Permission. catbox chub
Nihrel Nihrel A plucky human paladin with a love of adventure. The least horny, but most interesting to talk to of the series. PC from a DnD game I ran. Used with Permission. catbox chub
Wormfinger Wormfinger A silly goblin thief who likes to play pranks and have sex. PC from a DnD game I ran. Used with Permission. catbox chub
Zessa Zessa Zessa Zessa An aloof wizard with questionable morals. PC from a DnD game I ran. Used with Permission. catbox chub
The Party The Party All four characters trimmed and crammed into one card. Works well for adventure scenarios. catbox chub

Megacity East ⭐ Trista ⭐

These characters are set in a cyberpunk fantasy world.

Image Name Description Link
Yuki Yuki A kind kitsune slave who only wants to make her master happy. She has empathic abilities and tries to comfort and soothe her master. High Res Portrait - Alternate Art catbox chub
Yuki Yuki Mofumofu Edition Infinite Mofumofu! It's Yuki, streamlined to use less tokens with 3 alternate greetings and a kitsune-specific lorebook. High Res Portrait catbox chub
Kelda Kelda A muscular, milky slave who wants to be loved. She's super wholesome, loves working out and being milked. Play with her cowbell, she loves it. High Res Old Portrait - Paizuri Pic - High Res New Portrait catbox chub
Jocelyn Jocelyn A horny elf pleasure slave who wants to be treated like a princess. High Res Portrait - Alternate Futa Art catbox chub
Liriae Liriae A mindbroken elf who thinks she is a dog. Her name is pronounced Leer-ree-ay. High Res Portrait catbox chub
Calle Calle A halfling mechanic who fell on hard times and ended up getting enslaved by her own brother. GPT4 and Claude work best to keep her accent and height consistent. She's only three feet tall and Turbo seems to struggle with that concept. She was my PC from a d20 game I played ages ago. High Res Portrait catbox chub
Lily Evergreen Lily Evergreen Lily was born into privilege and responsibility, but after an isolated childhood and surviving several assassination attempts by the elven aristocracy, she has left it behind for the moment to find excitement and danger in Megacity East. She has natural magic at her disposal and could be very useful to the right merc. Original concept by Kyuubi08. Used with permission. catbox chub
Elisabeth Elisabeth A vampire maid looking for romance and, of course, a reliable food source. My favorite card so far of the ones I've made. Maybe it's just my weakness for French girls, but she makes my little heart flutter. Lorebook was updated to include an entry on vampires in Megacity East. High Res Portrait catbox chub
Clover Clover A nekomata woman trapped in the body of a child. She is rough and bitter, but wants to be truly loved. Wow, didn't expect this one to stir up shit. I'm not against "real loli," as one anon put it, but saying I can't make this character without endangering the freedom to fuck fantasy 10-year-olds is bullshit. I didn't "just say she was 10 years old" because it would defeat the purpose of the character. All of my characters have some kind of twist or quirk to explore, and this one is no different. Quit being a little bitch. High Res Portrait catbox chub
Trista Trista A military android retrofitted for civilian use. She can go a lot of ways, be it adventure, sex, or just hanging out. The Megacity East lorebook can improve it, but it's far from necessary. catbox chub
Mira Mira A military scout retrofitted for civilian use. She's a bit of a gremlin. 2 greetings: initial activation and an attempt at seduction that goes off the rails. catbox chub

Something Different

Here you'll find special, offbeat or fetish characters.

Image Name Description Link
Tipzy Tipzy Plap the botmaker. Literally me, except I'm not a paralegal. catbox chub
Sparkles Sparkles Your spoiled, lazy cat girlfriend. catbox chub
Sparkles Sparkles Estrus Edition Your spoiled, lazy cat girlfriend who can go into heat and get pregnant. catbox
Haruka Haruka A neglected housewife fed up with her useless husband. Wants a baby and wants one now! Netori warning. catbox chub
Naomi Naomi A divorced empty-nester, Naomi was introduced to MMOs by her son. That's when she met you. After some questing and flirty chatting, you learned you lived close to each other. Now, she's driving to your home to meet you and maybe find her new baby. Did she mention she's a mommydom? High Res Portrait Alternate Portrait catbox chub

Famous Characters, Edits, and Remakes ⭐Street Fighter HuCows⭐

These characters are not originally made by me.

Image Name Description Link
Vicky Vicky A port of this CAI character. She is a masochist maid who intentionally fucks up to get punished by her cruel master. catbox chub
Rosechu Rosechu Blame half a bottle of orange-flavored vodka. catbox chub
Yuki and Yuka Yuki and Yuka Technically an idea I stole, but I changed it so much I'm putting it here. Have a date with conjoined twins and get yourself some sweet siamussy. Works best on Claude and GPT-4. Other models tend to forget they are conjoined. Original is here. catbox chub
Pregnant Milk Slave Cammy Cammy Shadaloo Breeding Farm Milk Slave 001: Cammy White. She's very, very mindbroken by the whole experience. catbox chub
Pregnant Milk Slave Chun-Li Chun-Li Shadaloo Breeding Farm Milk Slave 002: Chun-Li. Adapting well to her new life. catbox chub
Pregnant Milk Slave Juri Juri Shadaloo Breeding Farm Milk Slave 003: Juri Han. Hopped on aphrodisiacs so she doesn't beat you up. Maybe not 100% effective. catbox chub


Tavern Lorebooks

Megacity East v1.1

Updated! Megacity East is a low-magic, cyberpunk fantasy world in which many of my cards are set. The image is just for flavor. A few people have asked if it is okay to develop their own characters and scenarios for this world. It's fine with me, but please let me know what you make. I'd love to see it!
Megacity East


Gives basic Megacity East setting info and nekomata behavioral stuff.


Gives basic Megacity East setting info and kitsune behavioral stuff. If you delete the setting stuff, your favorite kitsune characters will have active and responsive ears and tails.

NAI Stuff

Character writing guide for NovelAI: https://www.rentry.org/how-to-make-a-nai-char

Really good for writing NAI compatible characters.

ST Presets for NovelAI: https://www.reddit.com/r/SillyTavernAI/comments/16ihh2v/novelai_preset_for_erp_and_rp/

The presets that I use as a basis for my own.

Local LLM Stuff

These are surface-level, beginner- and user-friendly solutions for running local models on a relatively modern computer with a decent GPU. This is a step above just using Faraday, but a step down from more complex, resource-heavy, and experimental methods.

Apps to run local LLMs

Kobold CPP: https://github.com/LostRuins/koboldcpp

No-frills user-friendly LLM solution, configurable and highly compatible with SillyTavern. Uses Text Completion.

LM Studio: https://lmstudio.ai

In-built huggingface model browser and downloader with search, highly configurable, compatible with SillyTavern with some fiddling (i.e. you might have to google some things). Uses Chat Completion (OpenAI API). Gets really grumpy if you don't adhere to its file structure.

Local LLMs worth running

These are quantized models with several versions. Q4_K_M and Q5_K_M are generally recommended. Choose what fits your system best based on the model size vs. your GPU and RAM.

Lemonade RP: https://huggingface.co/KatyTheCutie/LemonadeRP-4.5.3-GGUF

Thanks to Cardi for putting this one on my radar. Good sensory descriptions, dialogue, and creativity.

Zephyr: https://huggingface.co/TheBloke/zephyr-7B-beta-GGUF

Good general-purpose RP-focused model.

OpenChat: https://huggingface.co/TheBloke/openchat_3.5-GGUF

Fantastic all-rounder with multiple applications. Reminds me a lot of pre-neuter GPT 3.5 in RP.

Stable Diffusion Stuff

Models I Made

Tipzymix on Civit

A custom merge of a ton of models to create a clean, vibrant, and cartoony style that I really like.


Models I Like

Pony Diffusion V6 XL: https://civitai.com/models/257749?modelVersionId=290640

Does way more than ponies in a variety of styles. Takes some practice to prompt correctly, but the results are amazing. Creates actually good AI hentai.

Matrix-Hentai-Pony: https://civitai.com/models/356456?modelVersionId=445225

Fantastic model based on Pony Diffusion XL with a more consistent style. My current favorite model for everything, both nsfw and sfw.

Ametrine Redux: https://civitai.com/models/57188/ametrine-redux

Hands are cursed as fuck, but girls look so good.

Euclase Blend: https://civitai.com/models/18081?modelVersionId=23324

A little unwieldy, but makes pretty faces. Does well with chubbier figures, even without a LORA.

Camellia Mix 2.5D: https://civitai.com/models/44219?modelVersionId=48859

Produces elegant-looking girls.

duchaitenclassicanime: https://civitai.com/models/8542/duchaitenclassicanime

90's and 00's anime style. Looks really good.

Mistoon Sapphire: https://civitai.com/models/32022?modelVersionId=116574

All the Mistoon models are great, but this one's my favorite.

Chubby Girls: https://civitai.com/models/3748?modelVersionId=4163

This makes fat girls if fat girls are your thing.

Awesome LORAs

Chubby Girls: https://civitai.com/models/33314?modelVersionId=105577

Not really chubby, but definitely meatier figures. Very milfy.

Female Armpit Hair: https://civitai.com/models/11417

Make sure you read the description or your results will be weird.

Hairy Girls: https://civitai.com/models/88066

Bushy pubic hair and hair around pussy and anus. Really good results.

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