Hey, Thanks for all the feedback on my first story. I've decided to share this as my second story. I think it has a similar theme to my first story and therefore I hope it will satisfy the requests I got to share more of the same.

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As I parked my car in the little car park next to the skate park I was a mix of anticipation, excitement and just a little bit horny. I have no idea why I'd never thought to come here before. I could already see that there was a fair crowd in the skate park. I grabbed my camera from my car and headed over, it was a pleasant Friday evening, fingers crossed there would be lots of fit guys to photograph in the park.

There was a mix of kids and parents everywhere, but my attention was quickly drawn to a small group of older teenage guys. It looked like they had only just arrived, two blond lads and a dark haired lad, all with skate boards in hand, backpacks thrown in a pile, next to a couple of benches.

As I slowly approached, one of the blond lads shot off down one of the steep concrete ramps, it looked pretty terrifying to me, but he didn't show any fear at all. I hung back initially, just watching them. Clearly all three were very skilled, performing multiple tricks, often watched enviously by the younger kids.

They looked like a good opening prospect, so I moved to stand next to their gear and finished prepping my camera. Clearly I got too close, as the next thing I knew, the dark haired lad suddenly soared up the nearest ramp, to land next to me. I got the feeling he was worried I was going to steal their stuff!

I met his questioning look with my best smile. Or at least I tried to, I was a bit distracted now that he was up close, he was gorgeous!

I'd chosen the three of them because, even from a distance, it was clear they were all good looking, with slim athletic builds. And I never could resist cute teen guys, whether I'm photographing them, or sleeping with them! Of course now that I'm getting on a bit, it's getting harder to just pull guys in bars. But photography had led to more than a few cute teen guys and models, opening their legs for me.

As the dark haired lad had just presented himself squarely in front of me (I hadn't even had to chase him round the park), I took a moment to check him out in detail. He was about 5ft 9, had a thick mop of dark brown unruly tussled hair, which came down low on his forehead and half covered his ears. As I stood there his hand came up to brushed it out of his eyes. His brown eyes were warm and friendly, instantly captivating. A small cute nose drew the eyes to his warm rosy lips, that were quickly forming a cute smile, in response to my own lopsided grin.

Just in case he wasn't already cute enough, dimples appeared on his flushed cheeks, that instantly had me weak at the knees. A cute chin, high cheek bones, long graceful neck and flawless lightly tanned skin, finished off the boyish looking, young man before me.

I realised I was still staring, although in fairness, he didn't seem to mind. I introduced myself, "Hey I'm Jack, that was some pretty impressive skating there."

My quick compliment was rewarded with an even bigger, genuine grin.

"Thanks man, I'm Aaron, I wondered what you were doing?"

"Well if you don't mind I'd like to take some photos of you and your mates performing tricks on your skate boards. I'm a photographer and I take stock photos, which companies pay me for when they use them. It's not big money, but it pays the rent."

I continued to check Aaron out as we talked. And by check him out, I mean undress him with my eyes. Unfortunately he hadn't given me much to work with. Clearly when he'd got dressed this morning, displaying his young teen body had not been high on his agenda. Disappointingly, he'd opted for a pair of baggy khaki trousers, and an oversized black hoodie, that left everything to the imagination. Young guys could be so inconsiderate!

Clearly he was fit, judging from the tricks he was performing, but with his baggy clothes pretty much covering him from head to toe, I had no idea what sort of body he was hiding. My guess was skinny/lean, as most muscle guys liked to flaunt their muscles, and would never wrap themselves up, as Aaron had.

Professionally speaking, Aaron certainly looked the part, not that I had met many skateboarders to judge him by. On the plus side, one thing experience had taught me, eye candy like Aaron, always helped sell a photo.

"Oh, that's cool, yeah you can take any photos you like," replied Aaron, he combed his hand through his hair, clearly keen to look his best.

A sly grin stole across my face, before I could stop it. Any photos I like? Can I have that in writing, please... Because what I'd really like to do is lure you back to my place for a private photoshoot. It never ceases to amaze me how often a cute model can be persuaded to lose all their clothes, once they got in front of a camera.

"Great, and who knows, if your photos look good maybe we could arrange a photoshoot sometime." I was keen to plant the idea early on, in Aaron's cute head.

Over the next half hour or so, I was constantly on the move, following all three lads around the park. I got some great photo's of all three, performing various tricks. Aaron's friends were good looking in a boy next door kind of way and I got some decent shots. But with Aaron there, they looked very ordinary in comparison and it wasn't long before I found myself pretty much just tailing Aaron around the park.

For his part, I think Aaron soon realised I was paying him more attention. I'm sure he knew just how good looking he was, and while the other two lads ranged far and wide throughout the skate park, Aaron stayed reasonably close to me. He clearly thrived on the attention I was giving him, performing trick after trick, happy for my camera to follow him everywhere.

Hopefully it wasn't too obvious how much I was drooling over him. I was pretty much ignoring everyone else at this point. Maybe he thought it was my desire to get the perfect shot, that had me on him like glue?

All three were friendly and chatty. I learned that they were seniors at the local school and one of them let slip that it had been Aaron's birthday last weekend. I saw my chance and casually got Aaron to confirm the date on which he was born. After a quick bit of mental maths, I was delighted that Aaron was legal! Barely, by a week, but still legal. I think his two friends were slightly younger, but I didn't want to push my luck. There aren't exactly many legitimate reasons, why a middle aged guy would want to know a teenager's exact age! And besides, I didn't really care, Aaron had my full attention.

It was a warm evening and I was delighted when all three of them decided to strip off their tops, continuing to skate now in just their pants. Of course Aaron remained the focus of my attention, and he certainly didn't disappoint!

Aaron had a slim youthful frame, no body hair at all, with a flat stomach and what I'd guess was a 26 inch waist. He didn't have developed abs or pecs, but his six pack was still visible on his lean frame and two small pert pink nipples rested on his boyish chest. I could also just make out the faint outline of his ribs. He had slender hairless arms, with just a bit of bicep and a few visible veins. A nice v-cut tracked down into his Tommy Hilfiger underwear. He was wearing his khaki trousers low, so I was treated to a good couple of inches of his underwear at the front, with his trousers resting halfway down his lean boyish arse at the rear.

The view of Aaron's underwear and bare torso had definitely got me semi-hard, and I got a couple of great photos when he next paused to catch his breath. Aaron certainly wasn't shy, he seemed completely comfortable with the idea that I was now photographing his naked upper body, with plenty of underwear on display.

I also noticed his eyes flick down to my crotch a couple of times. I instantly regretted my choice of fitted trousers, my semi would be creating a bulge, I just hoped it wasn't too obvious. Anyway, either he didn't notice my growing excitement or didn't mind. In fact Aaron seemed to be getting bolder, growing in confidence. I thought it was particularly cute when he casually struck a couple of poses, clearly trying to look hot, without letting on that that was what he was doing.

Aaron and his mates all came across as straight, but there weren't any girls hanging around and I'd heard no mention of girlfriends. I had to wonder if Aaron might be gay... I could only imagine how hot he'd look naked in my bed, but I could hardly just ask.

Either way, Aaron's behaviour in front of my camera was really starting to intrigue me. He clearly enjoyed showing off, which made me wonder if I could nudge him into showing me a little bit more of his fit body. So when he next joined me at the top of the ramp, I thought I'd tried my luck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, or so they say.

"I'm just a bit surprised about your pants." I casually dropped into the conversation with Aaron.

Aaron looked down at his pants puzzled, "Why, what's wrong with them?"

"Nothing's wrong with them, I just thought skater boys all hung their pants really low? You have a great body, so slim and sexy. Once you'd taken your top off, I was expecting your pants to be so low, that I would literally see all your Hilfiger's."

A mischevious grin from Aaron, "Are you perving on me?"

I definitely was. But Aaron certainly didn't sound, or look upset, at the idea that my interest in him might not be strictly professional. He seemed to just be happy, that I was showing such an interest in him. The possibility that my interest might be mainly due to his sexy slim teenage body, didn't seem to worry him. He was definitely a bit of a show off. I reckon, with a bit more encouragement, he might surprise me.

"Maybe just a little," I winked at him. "You are a good looking young man, with a fantastic body. You wouldn't stop a gay guy from admiring a hot young teen's looks and body, would you?"

That seemed to go down well, judging from Aaron's beaming smile. So maybe complements, were the way to this teen's heart? Plus, I'd also managed to drop in that I was gay, and interested in him and not received any push back. Hmmm, maybe Aaron was gay? Regardless, it was looking increasingly likely that a bit of attention and plenty of complements, could be the key to removing all his clothes.

"Besides, there's no reason to be shy. I bet you wouldn't think twice about going swimming in a pair of speedos, so what's the difference if your showing a bit more of your underwear?"

Aaron laughed at my comment, before turning, jumping back on his board and skating back down the nearest ramp, performing another trick. I watched him from the corner of my eye, whilst focusing on the other guys. I could just see him in the distance, where he though he was out of my sight, and it looked like he was adjusting his belt! It looked like my luck was in, I felt my cock harden further in anticipation. I tried to rearrange myself, so that my growing hard-on wasn't quite as obvious in my pants.

I continued watching Aaron in my periphery vision, as he nonchalantly continued skating around the rest of the park. I knew it wouldn't be long before he made his way back over to me. Aaron was definitely a guy who loved to show off for a camera. I wondered how far he'd go, the idea of getting Aaron to pose for a nude photo shoot was very appealing and looking more possible all the time.

True enough, a couple minutes later Aaron finished another run, coming to rest right in front of me. Catching his board in his hand. He flashed me a grin as he completed his run, eyes glued to my face, waiting to see my reaction.

I grinned in appreciation, as I openly tracked my eyes down his half nude body. He'd clearly adjusted his belt, his khaki pants now hanging around his thighs, revealing most of his Tommy Hilfiger underwear at the front. And the best part was I could now clearly see the outline of his dick shaft through the thin material. He turned sideways to me letting me see his rear. The pants now fell below his pert teen ass, with just his underwear protecting his modesty. He was having to stand slightly wide legged to stop his pants falling down.

I whistled in appreciation, "Wow Aaron, your ass is really hot, why on earth were you hiding that away before."

Aaron laughed, clearly loving the attention, twisting to give me a full 360 shot of his body, happy for me to photograph him in little more than his underwear. He playfully ran his hand through his hair, exposing the fine down of his underarm hair, the move further elongating his athletic lean torso.

"No-one has ever commented on my ass before."

I raised my camera and started taking photos of him, making sure I got plenty of close-ups of his barely concealed dick.

"Well you look really sexy, you'll have all the girls and guys panting over you looking like that. The Hilfiger's were a good choice as well, they look so hot in these photos, they really hug your teenage butt and arse crack."

"Haha, thanks, I think!" Aaron blushed.

"Oh Aaron, your blushing already, that's adorable! And I've not even had chance to suggest you take off your pants yet!"

Aaron flashed me a wicked, sexy grin. His fingers were playing with the waist band of his underwear.

"You're seriously asking me to just drop my pants here!?!"

"Not here obviously. But what do you think about doing a photoshoot, back at my place?"

"What sort of photoshoot, in just my underwear?" Aaron giggled.

That certainly wasn't an outright rejection...

"It'd be a private shoot, so yeah, you could pose without your pants. I bet you own a pair of speedos?"

"I do have my school sports speedos." Aaron said, with a smirk on his face.

"Are they those tiny competition speedos?"

"No, I just have the normal school ones. Would I need to get a pair of the smaller ones?"

Now Aaron was biting his lower lip. God, did he have any idea how fucking hot he looked? Especially with those adorable doe like, brown eyes.

"No, the school ones would be fine. I find its best to never plan a shoot, I prefer to let it flow, see how far the model is willing to explore, those are the best shoots. Besides it wouldn't matter what speedos you wore, if they ended up round your ankles 5mins in, and we carried on with just nudes."

Of course, the photoshoots I actually classed as the best, were those that ended in my bed. Where I'd got to explore the model! I really wanted to explore Aaron with my hard cock.

"Naked! Yeah right, I know what you're after. I'm not gay."

I grinned, "Being straight doesn't stop you from being a great model for a nude shoot. You're young, slim and very good looking."

"No chance, you just want to see my cock."

Aaron puffed out his chest as he spoke, and rubbed a hand over his abs, clearly getting off on all the attention I was paying him. And I think he was more than a little excited at the idea of showing off his cock! Or was it the realisation that I wanted to see it?

"It doesn't have to be seedy," I replied. "If you're shy about having your dick showing in the photos, I could set it up so that it's always hidden, just like in those nude calendars you see."

"You mean with a bowl of fruit and stuff!" Aaron laughed at the idea.

His free hand moved to his crotch, slender fingers unconsciously tracing the length of his dick, before dropping away again.

"Yeah, something like that. Besides I don't think you can be too shy, as you're quite comfortable letting me photograph you in your underwear and from this close I can see a pretty clear outline of your cock shaft and head."

Aaron rolled his eyes at me, "That's probably a good reason why I shouldn't wear my pants this low," He replied. "It would stop gay guys like you from perving on my dick."

"That would be a shame, you've clearly got a nice dick there, nothing to be shy about."

Aaron was clearly enjoying our playful conversation and more importantly he wasn't making any attempt to prevent me looking at his cock. Even though he now knew that his cock was on display and that I was looking!

I gave Aaron a sly smile, before asking, "So, out of professional curiosity, how big are you when hard?"

Aaron flushed at the question. He didn't reply immediately and I'd played this game enough in the past to know my best option was to remain silent, my eyes locked to his face.

"Ermmmm, I don't know."

"I don't believe that for a second, I bet you've measured your hard cock plenty of times, while jacking off." I fired back at him, I wasn't letting him get off that easily!

"5 and a bit inches," came Aaron's quiet reply.

His eyes locked to mine, suddenly insecure, worried that his size would disappoint me. He shouldn't have worried, I'm a top, through and through. As such, a big cock was pretty low down on my list of priorities, when assessing a potential bed mate. Given Aaron's age I was confident that his hole would be very tight and therefore feel great wrapped around my dick. I mentally updated my internal to do list, adding 'fuck Aaron', right next to 'nude photo shoot'.

"Sounds like a decent mouthful." I reassured him.

"But everyone at school says 6 inches is average, I'm small." Said Aaron in a quiet voice, looking down.

"Aaron, trust me. I've photographed a lot of young guys and that's perfectly in proportion for a teenage boy of your age and slim build." It was true. And of course, Aaron was only just beginning to fill out, his cock would still be growing.

Aaron's face brightened with the biggest smile. Wow, he really was stunning when he smiled, his whole face lighting up, so adorable. Inside I was rejoicing, at the obvious relief Aaron was showing at gaining my approval of his manhood. That to do list was looking more and more achievable all the time!

"So you really are the perfect package, good looking, fit body and nice cock. Remind me again, when was your birthday?"

"Haha, yeah it was last weekend. But I think you're more interested in when I was born, or more importantly, how old I am! I know what your thinking, and yes I am old enough, so you wouldn't get into trouble... if you did somehow manage to get me to model naked."

Did I hear that right? I think Aaron was telling me that he hadn't ruled out a nude photoshoot. That now made two of us, who thought this was going to happen!

And intriguingly, he'd mentioned trouble and confirmed his age to me. Was it just wishful thinking on my part, or was this cute teen boy also alluding to the fact that he was now old enough that we could legally have sex too? Check two on that to do list... woah there boy... I think I'm letting myself get carried away here. I need to slow it down. Let's see if I can get him naked first, before I started fantasizing about bedding him.

"If it's getting totally nude that's worrying you, we could work around that." I suggested.

"So I could keep my underwear on?"

I liked how this was going, I felt like this fit teen boy and I were now negotiating on how far he'd go for me.

"Oh no, you're definitely losing the underwear, but I could position you so that your cock would be hidden in the photos."

Aaron frowned, "But you'd still be able to see my cock."

"The photographer always gets to see the hot model's cock, that's one of the perks of the job. But if you really insist on wearing something, then I'm sure I could find a cute little leather strap harness for your shoulders." I replied with a grin and a wink.

"That harness doesn't sound like it would offer any cover for my cock," Whined Aaron.

I ignored that. Aaron clearly wanted to do a private photoshoot, but some combination of insecurity, possibly to do with his cock size, the fact that I was gay and maybe shyness, was stopping him.

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