/hag/ Lore

The land of /hag/ has a peculiar case of woman that once they hit puberty they seem to age at a rapid rate making woman in their twenties physically similar to what other nations would consider a woman in her mid-thirties. From there the rate seems too slow down drastically and they seem to barely age at all anymore until they hit their menopause. As this rate slows down however it seems the libio of hags seems to steadily increase. They also have a higher rate of girls being born with a rate of 90% while boys are only born around 10% of the time. They also feature an above average width for hip bones in the world for ease of childbirth. Lastly the milk they produce is known for a very high nutritious value, making it very potent for breastfeeding of children. While there is no tangible proof for it, it is said a hag's hug can cure any form of mental health issue.
For hags maternity and bridal training are the backbone of /hag/ society and those that fail in the eye of the many are usually branded and shunned as roasties. Many of them resort to alcoholism and are seen as a blemish on one's personal family name.
Many women that get recognized as hags but are unable to find a man in their homeland love to venture outside the nation and find a partner for life in other nations to bring home.
For boys on the other end they are expected to support their families with all their might and in order for them to fulfill this role to the best, many of them are blessed with the guidance of mature woman in their neighborhood, that will take the time for private lessons to ensure that these young boys will not fail their task once they reach full manhood. Many of them are so thankful for this guidance that it is not uncommon for them to take one of their teachers as a future wife.
Hags are usually the ones to initiate courtship between partners. Subtly sending signals of affection towards their target, they try to show off both their breedable bodies and their skills as a potential wife and mother. It is however the man that is expected to begin the first step in starting a relationship by making the pair officially date.
Monogamy is the choice of relationship in /hag/ and it is the goal of each newlywed couple to create a big and strong family of their own with many offspring, creating families often quite large in size.

In the long past, the nation of /hag/ used to be very isolated and shunned the outside world for their own peace. A war with /uoh/, their hated enemy, led to a decline of men in the nation as they died in glorious "coombat". Fearing that the lack of men will mean that the nation will face collapse, the leader of the time who is only remembered by history as the "Abe", made the decision to open the borders and invite foreign men into the land. He also absolved men from military service and enacted a female only warrior caste. These decisions not only safeguarded the survival of the nation but lead to even higher prosperity and peaceful relations with nations all over the world. As recognition for these deeds, the Ruler of the nation was from henceforth titled as "Abe".

The warriors of the nation are usually split into two categories. The first are the Amazons that prefer light armor to make use of their nimble nature and fight with a series of hit and run tactics or long range archery. The second one are the Valkyries that prefer heavy armor and shield and fighting by creating unbreakable shield walls or unstoppable heavy cavalries. Military service is a huge honor among hags for it allows them to show off their healthy and breedable bodies to potential suitors. The average age among even the upper echelons of the army is quite low due to the common practice of resigning from military service once a hag marries.

For men, besides a good and stable job, the ability to cook has become a big badge of pride. Having studied the best way to provide for families and centuries of cultural exchanges with /ag/ has made them some of the best cooks in the world, able to provide food on the table no matter how many mouths to feed.

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