It was early, 6 am, before anyone else was in the office; Bryan had made Casey get up extra early so they could accomplish this particular fantasy of his. He was careful to guide her, knowing the black, silk blindfold around her eyes was the hindrance he had wanted it to be. She had protested the way he wanted her to dress, too, but eventually gave in; she loved being his pet, and that included dressing how he told her to, when he told her to. Her nightie was also black, and silk; with lace around the edges of the cups over her breasts and the trim of the bottom of it, which barely covered her ass. She was wearing a black, lacy thong to accompany that, as well as what her mother and aunt would consider "How much?" heels - black stilettos with rhinestones around the straps that made her feel like a slut, which she loved. Bryan had asked her to put on the most red shade of lipstick she had, and she definitely looked the part of slut, too.

Bryan led Casey through the lobby of his office, confident no one was in the building. They were on the 14th floor of the building, so he wasn't worried about anyone being able to see through the floor to ceiling windows.

For what felt like the billionth time, Casey complained, "I don't like this idea, Bryan. What if someone sees? What if we get caught? You could lose your job. We could go to jail."

"Don't worry so much, baby," Bryan crooned. "No one is here right now, and my desk is big enough no one will be able to see you under there. We'll do my thing, I'll sneak you back out before anyone gets here, and you can go back home and follow my orders for the rest of the day."

Casey had the day off, so Bryan had instructed her to spend the whole day naked, playing, but not cumming. She also had orders to send specific pictures and poses throughout the day, so she could show she wasn't disobeying.

Although she did love getting punished, so Casey thought maybe she would disobey just a little bit later tonight.

Bryan had his very own office, which is why Casey had agreed to this in the first place. She could hide out there if things went wrong.

They had arrived at his office then, and Bryan left the blindfold on as he led Casey to his giant, oak desk, then rudely shoved Casey to her knees and pushed her to crawl under it. He didn't bother closing or locking his office door, knowing that no one would trickle into the office until 7:30 at the earliest; he had been here many times just to check, every day the week before, knowing that Casey wouldn't do it unless he could provide proof that they wouldn't be caught.

As hot as Casey found the idea of being caught, of being seen being as slutty as she could get, but she was extremely terrified. It was a precarious situation.

He unbuckled his suit pants, pushed them and his underwear to his knees and sat down in his office chair, rolling it to sit at his desk. He grabbed Casey's head and brought it directly to his crotch, knowing she would recognize how to start; she was amazing at giving head, and she had been ever since they had started dating. Bryan had barely needed to provide her any pointers or advice whenever she had started sucking him off, and she had only gotten better with practice as time went on.

She immediately felt around his cock with her lips and tongue, starting off with teasing, as she always loved to do. As he loved for her to do. She shifted her lips around, mouthing all along the length of his girthy, 7 inch shaft. She ran her tongue around the head, pulling the tip into her mouth to suck lightly, before pulling back and blowing on his now wet cock.

"Fuck," Bryan hissed through his lips.

She smiled at his swear, before moving her mouth back down his dick to lick and suck at his balls, making her way to them by feel; she truly found them to be an underrated sexual body part. Were they pretty? No. But they were full of warm, yummy cum, and that was enough for her to want to worship them. She licked at them both, before pulling one into her mouth and sucking, gently kneading the other one with her hand. Once she felt she had given one enough attention, she moved her mouth to the other to give it the same treatment. She let it fall out of her mouth, and then moved her lips back to suck at the tip of the cock, popping it in and out of her mouth as she sucked as hard as she could on just the head.

"Stop teasing, slut," he demanded, one of his hands threading through Casey's hair and pulling it up to force his cock back into her mouth. "Work that cock for your treat."

Casey moaned on his cock, loving when Bryan got forceful. She loved feeling used; Bryan knew that all she wanted once they got going was to be a dirty little cum bucket for him. And he took advantage of that. He had used her mouth, and her pussy as much as he wanted to. She even let him use her ass at least once a month; she loved it, she said, she just got really sore from it, because Bryan's cock was quite thick.

And he could cum wherever he wanted; Casey absolutely adored cum anywhere and everywhere; inside her cunt or her mouth, covering her tits or creaming all over her face; there had even been occasions where Bryan had jerked off his cock to cum into a cup for Casey and they had done creative things with it; she drank it right after, she used it to dip strawberries in, she mixed it into her morning coffee. Not all the ideas were winners, but the willingness to try anything was what turned Bryan on. When he saw her try some of those things with his cum, especially if it was something that she did enjoy, he often was aroused enough to fuck her again.

Casey got to work, sucking and slurping at Bryan's cock like it was her favorite treat in the world; which, really, it was second favorite. She had always enjoyed sucking cock, mostly because it led to her first favorite treat; warm, creamy cum.

She slid her mouth down the length of his cock, forcing it into her throat, having enough practice with this cock to barely gag as she did so. She swallowed, and with his cock down in her throat, the ripples of that movement made Bryan throw his head back and groan, long and loud, and he put his other hand on her head to start fucking her throat. He gripped, and slowly drew his hips back and then fucked his cock all the way back into her mouth, using her throat like a cunt. Casey gagged a little bit at the force and speed it came back into her throat, but that only enhanced the sensation for Bryan and he fucking loved it.

He worked his cock in and out of her mouth, getting himself close to the edge using her mouth, but backed off before he could finish. He let Casey take her mouth off his cock so she could gasp in some breaths and wipe away the extra saliva that had accumulated while she had been face fucked. He took his cock in his hand and slapped it around on her face a little, mocking laughter huffing out of him as he watched her chase it with her mouth by feel, since she was still blindfolded. "You want it that bad, you little slut?" he questioned.

"Yes," Casey moaned as he rubbed his cock all over her face, reaching her tongue out to try and lick it as it got close enough to do so. "Please give it to me, sir," she begged. "I want your cock back in my mouth, your cum jetting down my throat."

"Such a pretty slut, on her knees, blindfolded, begging for my seed," Bryan crooned as he traced his cock head over Casey's lips, a trail of precum being left behind before she licked it off. "You're going to get it," he promised as he pushed his cock back into her mouth. But this time, he let her do the work, and she did so gladly, bobbing her head on his cock quickly, sucking as hard as she could as she worked her way up off the cock, licking in swirls as she worked her head down.

"Fuck yes, baby, that's it," Bryan grunted. "I'm close, I'm so close, slut, to giving you your treat. Keep going."

His hips were thrusting, slightly, but he was letting Casey do her thing, sucking and slobbering all the way down his cock.

But before he could give her his cum, he heard footsteps in the outer office. He pushed her mouth off his cock, slid his chair all the way under the desk, and froze, listening for more. His eyes darted to the clock, and it was only 7. There was no way anyone was in this office; right?

He was wrong, though, as his co-worker, Jared, poked his head in Bryan's office doorway. "Good, you're here," he said. "The meeting with China is about to start."

"The what?" Bryan stammered, his brain still trying to shift from 'just about to blow his load' mode to work mode.

"The meeting? With the branch in China? We had to schedule it this early because it was as late as they would be in the office," Jared explained. "Wait... if you didn't remember, what are you doing here?" he asked, very confused.

Bryan shook his head, clearing his thoughts finally; "No, no, I remembered," he reassured his co-worker. "My morning coffee just hasn't kicked in yet. I'll be there in the conference room in a minute."

Jared nodded at him and left the doorway, and Bryan quickly pulled up his trousers and buttoned and buckled them.

"Sorry, baby," he said quietly, scooting his chair back a bit. "You'll have to wait in here while I'm doing the meeting. Then we'll figure out a way to get you out of here afterwards, okay?"

"Bryan," Casey hissed as he stood up. "You can't just leave me in here under your desk, barely covered!"

"I don't see another choice," Bryan said helplessly, his hands spread. "Keep that blindfold on," he pointed and demanded, though.

"Bryan!" Casey hissed as quietly as she could as he walked away, but she guessed by the fact that he didn't respond he was already gone. So. She had no choice but to stay under the desk.

It wasn't but a few minutes later when she heard footsteps come into his office, though, and his door closed.

"Bryan?" she asked. She was good, though, and didn't take off the blindfold as much as she wanted to.

And apparently Bryan chose to reward her for that because she heard and felt the chair come closer to the desk, and then hands grab her hair and that familiar feeling of a dick in her face.

Casey knew she should argue more about the position she was currently in, of being so close to humiliation, but she could never resist a hard, warm cock. So she started licking, again, and mouthing this cock before her now.

It was only after she wrapped her lips around the tip of the cock, and her lips had to stretch wider than usual, that she realized something.

This cock did not belong to her boyfriend Bryan.

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