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Affiliations: /nasfaqg/, /morig/, Miyatsuko Zaibatsu
Culture: Nasfaqgian
Language(s): Kat Nol, Moriji, Holoimperial
Religion(s): Officially Unaffiliated
Type: Megacorporation, Subsidiary of the Miyatsuko Zaibatsu
Specification: Multinational Conglomerate
Current leader(s): President-General Epoch, Acting Executive Officer Isaak, Administrative Engine AXIOM
HQ location: Oppia, North-West Moriji (Global Headquarters); Solus, Northern /nasfaqg/ (/nasfaqg/ Headquarters)
Industry: Investments, Information, Banking, Shipping, Real Estate, Precision Engineering, Technology, Education, Archeology, Metallurgy, Mining, Proto-Chemical Engineering, Chuubanite Refining, Forestry, Shipbuilding, Defense, Agriculture, Professional Services.
Products: Stock Trading, Investments, Loans, Data Modelling, Information Brokering, Transportation and Logistics, Housing and Property Management, Complex Machines, Artifacts, Exotic Alloys, Specialized Materials, Refined Vitubium, Chuubanite Technology, Bulk Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Fine "Chemicals", Hardwood, Merchant Vessels, Ships of War, Private Military, Private Police, Fruits, Private Special Operations, Spices, Wine, Cryptography, Cartography, Geological Surveys.
Subsidiaries: Delta Holdings, Tiszhin Financial Ventures, Free City of Solus, Special Oppia Economic Zone, Intrepid Ind., Triangle Consulting, Remgaph Legacy Mining, Chirikov Ltd, Oppia Polytechnic, Marzhphin Shipbuilding, Risk Management Forces, Allied Fruit Co., Ka-ti Institute, Rahkik Security, and dozens more.
Wealth Level: 6

Short Summary

Tripoint Co-operative is a multinational conglomerate originating from /nasfaqg/ with company headquarters located in the Moriji city of Oppia. Its primary sectors of operation are Finances, Shipping, Precise Machines, Light and Heavy Industry, Education, Chuubanite Technology, and Engineering, although the conglomerate has businesses in nearly every sector of the economy. Typically for a /nasfaqg/ corporation, it has a private military, navy, and internal police, effectively being a mix between a city-state and a megacorporation. Its historical headquarters in Solus remains influential, acting as a private city. Despite being relatively young in origin, it is one of the biggest corporate entities in /nasfaqg/ and as follows, Vitubia.

As per /nasfaqg/ customs and domineering school of thought, the goal of Tripoint Co-operative is accumulation of wealth for the sheer sake of accumulating wealth. Some traders have claimed the conglomerate crossed the line of soulless greed which is not helped with the President-General Epoch maintaining an image of a ruthless businessman; however, in private, the softer values of /nasfaqg/ such as self-determination, dedication to one’s oshi, and the sanctity of business partnership tint the company’s external actions and internal policies. Rumors circulate that Epoch himself is connected to several shadowy plots and in his rare moments of lucidity relays bizarre and very specific orders to the subsidiaries. Regardless of the strange machinations of the President-General, the conglomerate has a reputation for being ruthlessly efficient and extremely adaptable to new markets. Tripoint’s economic theory and logistical mastery remains cutting-edge even in the impossibly competitive /nasfaqg/.

Notable Subsidiaries

Tripoint, as a multinational mega-conglomerate, has a myriad of subsidiaries scattered around the world, in part due to its aggressive investments into small companies. Below, the most notable holdings and subsidiaries are listed, with a short description given:

Delta Holdings (Investments, Banking, Real Estate)

  • Largest subsidiary of Tripoint Co-operative. A sprawling holdings company with bank, hedge fund, real estate, and financial subsidiaries. Mostly active locally on /nasfaqg/, heavily employing analytical engines produced by Intrepid Ind.

Tiszhin Financial Ventures (Shipping, Real Estate)

  • The “trading” child-conglomerate; encompasses the majority of Co-operative’s private merchant fleet, global logistics, and communication. Possesses spread-out holdings and outposts around the globe. Outposts often function as small financial centers, with Delta Holdings banks and ways to get in touch with angel investors.

Free City of Solus (Private City)

  • Tripoint’s historical headquarters that rose from a humble ragtag town on a peninsula in the northern /nasfaqg/ main island into an illustrious city – many of its subsidiaries are headquartered there, and the company’s polities are laws. A place of progress and avant-garde, money lavishly pours into ambitious, grandiose projects decorating the city-scape. In addition to being fortified and well-defended, particularly from the sea, a Black Fleet military fortress is located several kilometers away on leased land, effectively guarding the land entrance to the Solitary Star of the North.

Special Oppia Economic Zone (Semi-Private Company City)

  • As per agreement with Moriji, Oppia has been designated as a special economic zone where Tripoint gets special administrative and economic privileges. Moriji law still applies, of course, but the corporation is responsible for the infrastructure, administration, and housing, particularly in the harbor area. Ever since the agreement was signed, Tripoint headquarters have been officially relocated to the city of Oppia, and wealth has flown into it. Explosive expansion of the town has been harnessed by waves of investments, drawing onto the existing deadbeat workforce and creating specialists, managers, and engineers through the Oppia Polytechnic.

Intrepid Ind. (Precision Engineering, Technology)

  • High-precision machine manufacturer, renowned for its mechanical calculators, automatons, and analogue models. Although commercially famous for on-demand work on individual projects and pioneering the tide-predicting machine, it secretly serves a pivotal purpose for the entire Tripoint Co-operative, developing differential engines in secret. The calculating power allows for other branches of the company to thrive by the virtue of more accurate modelling and predictions. One of its main branches specializes in chuubanite technology, creating unique, often one-use artifacts.

Triangle Consulting (Information, Investments, Professional Services)

  • The first business founded by Epoch. While originally offering solely consulting services to fix complicated issues, the more complex the better, its direction changed over the past century into an information broker and prevalent angel investor, giving capital and aid to smaller, promising ventures in return for a fraction of ownership over them. It boasts an extraordinary 32% success rate on 20x initial investment returns over a seven-year holding period, and companies successfully kickstarted by it are often bought out in full and incorporated into Tripoint Co-operative as subsidiaries. Some people say it is the only business that is still being ran personally by the President-General.

Remgaph Legacy Mining (Metallurgy, Mining, Archeology)

  • A mining and ore-processing conglomerate specializing in creation of high-quality alloys, including exotic vitubium-infused ones. Notorious for ruthlessly excavating every object of interest in their zone of operations, best summarized in their unofficial “Three-X” motto: “Explore. Excavate. Exploit.”

Chirikov Ltd (Proto-Chemical Engineering, Chuubanite Refining)

  • A spin-off company founded by the chemists from the Oppia Polytechnic that grew into an extensive network of businesses and several factories. It pioneered mass synthesis of compounds such as chloral hydrate, diethyl ether, and various coal tar dyes. On a sub-industrial scale due to required precision and difficulty of handling, the company refines, combines, and mixes different types of chuubanite, having developed a method of synthesis of volatile vitubium. However, due to the impossibility of storing it, machines that would utilize it have to utilize it on the spot, instantly killing any hope of mobility or mass production.

Oppia Polytechnic (Education, Technology, Precision Engineering)

  • Entirely funded by Tripoint, Oppia Polytechnic offers bountiful scholarships to anyone displaying sufficient academic abilities provided they do an internship in the company after their studies; keeping in line with the company’s ruthless “perform or perish” mantra, it cares little for social standing, ethnicity, or wealth of its students, so long as they meet the demanding expectations of the curriculum. While operating at a net loss at a glance, the Oppia Polytechnic is a critical element of the Tripoint Co-operative, supplying the company with educated workforce required for the operations of its other branches. Outside of education, it has also been employed and equipped as a robust research facility, primarily in economy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Marzhphin Shipworks (Forestry, Shipbuilding)

  • Oppia-based shipbuilding conglomerate encompassing the entirety of the naval supply chain, from lumber through shipbuilding to training sailors and naval officers in academies. Cooperates heavily with the Black Fleet, and specializes in creating merchant sailing vessels optimized for cargo capacity rather than speed, taking advantage of Tiszhin's logistical mastery.

Risk Management Forces (Defense)

  • Tripoint generally avoids direct conflict, since it comes with many unnecessary expenses. Some ventures, however, inherently run at the risk of combat. In those cases, the company’s elite private army manages that risk. A part of RMF is designated to be hired externally as mercenaries and bodyguards.

Rahkik Security (Defense, Professional Services)

  • Company’s internal police forces. Responsible for keeping order in Solus, Oppia, and any holding large enough to require control of societal entropy. Has a particularly robust investigative sub-branch screening the conglomerate, which together with Ka-ti Institute experts are often used for cross-subsidiary audits.

Allied Fruit Co. (Defense, Professional Services, Agriculture)

  • Just a fruit company.
    Disclaimer: Any actions allegedly associated with the Allied Fruits Co. such as bribery, espionage, regional destabilization and special operations are rumors and in no way, shape, or form represent the values of Tripoint Co-operative.

Ka-ti Institute (Information, Technology, Archeology, Professional Services)

  • Ka-ti Institute, also known as the Precursor Institute, is a Solus-based research institute/think tank associating experts and scholars across a multitude of disciplines. Their services are offered externally at an added fee which funds the functioning of the Institute, but they serve a crucial role as internal consultants and advisors – miners need geologists, traders need economists, and industrialists need engineers. The Archaeology Branch is especially (in)famous for assisting with Remgaph’s aggressive excavation of historical sites and artifacts, many of which end up in private hands.

Additional Information

Tripoint Co-operative uses two logos: the detailed and simplified one, both listed above. However, while both are official, people generally only know the simplified version – the detailed logo appears solely in the offices and on documents of high-ranked executives, while the simplified version is ubiquitous, appearing on products and buildings. The significance of this escapes everyone but several few who not only know of the detailed logo, but also its meaning, undoubtedly related to the decades-long schemes of Epoch.

The company structure is highly organized, and has been deliberately created in a way would emphasize the ability of individuals employed by it; it is entirely meritocratic and rewards personal initiative. Tripoint eagerly draws from the pool of local talent, quickly adapting its new branches to the market they enter. It can be said that recruitment accepts beings from all walks of life. To those who wish to break away from societies that emphasize collective over the individual, the Co-operative gives a chance of a spectacular career if they exceed expectations – or a soul-crushing downfall if they fail to deliver results.

Tripoint’s mantra is simple: perform or perish. Not even those at the highest level of management are exempt from it, which makes the current Acting Executive Officer a complete anomaly by the company standards, earning his title by the age of twenty-seven and having kept his seat for seventeen consecutive years now. A Chumbud polymath, mnemonist and mental calculator, Isaak Arkaan, appeared at Tripoint seemingly out of nowhere in his late teens, carving his way up to the very top of the corporate ladder.

The conglomerate’s leadership is spread amongst three entities: the President-General, Epoch; the Acting Executive Officer, Isaak; and the Administrative Engine, AXIOM. The office of President-General has been made specifically to accommodate the eccentric founder of the company, intending to draw on his legendary foresight. He wields seniority over the other two positions, but effectively rarely executes it. Many rumors surround him, especially since his retirement from the public eye made fifty years ago, after which he has been presumed dead many times, leading to just as many disappointments from his detractors whenever he resurfaced in person afterwards in a random place on Vitubia for a seemingly trivial matter. The Acting Executive Officer is the de facto leader of Tripoint Co-operative, handling highest-level decisions and keeping the megacorporation’s expansion running smoothly. Finally, the Administrative Engine denotes the core analytical engine, Epoch and associates’ creation from over eighty years ago, constantly updated and maintained. While it initially began as a model of /nasfaqg/’s financial system, its complexity quickly grew, as did the amount and types of data fed to it, with some speculating it has become a ‘working model of the world’. At this point its inner workings are impossible to replicate or understand, and while definitely not sentient, its chaos-theory double pendulum modules make it appear eerily smart in its decisions. An entire company of trusted engineers is responsible for maintaining it, feeding it random data such as wind speeds, prices from faraway land, and recent public lottery numbers from /wah/. Taking a query, it evaluates it on only one parameter: whether the query is ultimately profitable, returning an arbitrary degree of profitability from -10 to 10 printed out on a punch-card. Its location and even existence is kept a secret from everyone but the highest company officials, making its +++Whoops! Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot+++ error punch-card a classic Board of Directors in-joke.


Despite being one of the youngest and most prominent megacorporations in /nasfaqg/, Tripoint Co-operative has somewhat conflicting stories about its precise origin. What can still be found in the public records and the stock market transaction history is that the megacorporation itself was created sixty years ago as a parent conglomerate from a multitude of businesses built upon the back of a single man - Epoch. Before that, the sources vary in explanations of how a man who is demonstrably still alive founded businesses with over a hundred and fifty years of collective history, but the most common rumor goes as follows:

Two centuries ago, a deadbeat of an unknown name roamed the world. Depending on the sources, he was either a trader, an explorer, a scholar, a naval officer, or a mix thereof. For reasons unknown, he retired from his former job, abandoning his previous life and settling in the Serene Republic, adopting the name of 'Epoch'. With a brilliant mind and ambition, Epoch applied his broad experience and connections to run a consultancy and information brokering firm. With an eerily accurate foresight, he would to predominantly invest in and advise companies on the brink of explosive growth, be it natural or granted by his advice, in return for partial ownership or a fixed percentage of their profits. This led to an exponential growth of the company and, in turn, Epoch's own wealth, who resumed his travels, founding ventures domestically and abroad, most notably being one of the founders of the Miyatsuko Zaibatsu. He became increasingly interested in the unknown: the prophecies, the ancient ruins, and most of all, the potential hidden in Chuubanite. Aiming to harness it, Epoch exposed himself to its refined forms, eventually permanently donning a specially modified Moriji Deathmask. From that point onwards, it was said that the moment a drought struck on the other side of the world, he would be nearby with a newly founded irrigation venture and a fleet full of grain. Epoch became a legendary trader and one of the oligarchs, long outliving an ordinary man's lifespan using unknown means.

Epoch's legendary, nearly precognitive foresight came at a cost: over time, he seemed to detach himself from reality, requiring special treatments to be 'grounded' in the present; else, his mind was left to wander throughout mindscapes Epoch alone knows. Some say it resulted from excessive inhalation of sub-frenzy amounts of Mori Chuubanite. Some say it was peering beyond the veil of the numbers themselves. Some simply blame the inherent instability and impermanence of ingenuity. The man who has always won has, at the same time, destroyed much of his mind and body, as well as his sense of reality - for him, he is walking alongside dreams, through time, next to numbers, with just brief moments of clarity allowing for him to act in reality. His associates recognized his dissociative condition, and acting upon their advice, the man collected all of his businesses into Tripoint Co-operative, yielding much of his agency to two newly created offices: a human, the Acting Executive Officer and an impossibly complex analogue computing machine, the Administrative Engine. As such, the megacorporation that is known today came into being.

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