Ship's Locker#

Список вещей#

Vacc Suit (TL8) + Eye Protection + Magnetic Grapples x4

Rescue Bubble x4

Survival Kit

  • Hatchet
  • Shovel
  • Field Medical Kit (TL6)
  • Personal Survival Kit (TL6) x4
  • Personal Field Kit (TL6) x4
  • Cold Weather Clothing (TL6) x4
  • Breather Mask x4
  • Canned Field Rations for 60 person-days (15 days for four people)
  • Bulk water storage container (5 litres) with filter x4
  • Water Purification Kit x2
  • Tent (TL7) x2

Toolkit [Mechanical]

Duct Tape x20

Описание снаряжения#

Field Medical Kit (TL6)
A backpack-sized medical kit for use by a doctor or paramedic. The kit contains drugs, surgical supplies and diagnostic materials as well as very basic tools for surgery. A field surgery kit is necessary for all but the most basic or desperate operations.

Personal Survival Kit (TL6)
A small backpack or belt pack containing personal survival equipment.

  • Small knife
  • Fire-starting equipment
  • Blanket/Poncho
  • 4 days' preserved rations
  • Water bottle
  • Compass
  • Light cord or string
  • Mirror
  • Water purification tablets
  • Survival manual

Personal Field Kit (TL6)
A basic field operations and survival kit containing a bush hat, pants, shirt and a warm jerkin, a waterproof poncho/blanket, water bottle, belt pack with fire-starting equipment and 1 day's (almost inedible) iron rations and a machete (treat as a Blade). Boots must be purchased separately. Also includes half a dozen chemical lightsticks.

Cold Weather Clothing (TL6)
A set of heavy outer garments designed to protect the wearer from extremely cold temperatures. Natural materials are used at lower techs. Higher-tech clothing is less bulky and protects the wearer better. The clothing reduces the damage from Artic conditions to 1d6/4 hours (see page 74 of the Traveller Core Rulebook), the time between damage rolls increases by 2 hours per TL above 0. The clothing is quite clumsy at low Tech Levels but usability improves with TL.

Water Purification Kit (TL5)
A basic set of filters and chemical purification tabs.

Purification Tabs (TL7)
These small, chalky white tablets are stored in waxed paper envelopes to keep them from being exposed to airborne humidity. When dropped in a container of water (one tablet per 4 litres) there is a powerful effervescent reaction, a foam forms and traps all natural impurities before rising to the top of the water, to be poured or scraped off. While these tablets will not neutralise poison or radiation, they are essential to eliminate natural bacteria and pollutants.

Duct Tape (TL6)
A strong, fabric-based, multi-purpose adhesive tape. Useful for hasty repair work as well as for restraining and gagging prisoners, among many other things.

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