Penny reached her breaking point; enough is enough; pressure has built up so much in her young nineteen-year-old body something must give. Semi-reluctantly, Penny, aka Lucky, succumbs to sexual blackmail, transforming overnight from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, spreading her new wings (and legs) in a frenzy of lust as she falls down the rabbit hole into the open arms of her well-endowed landlord.

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This ten-part series contains peanuts; if you're allergic to blackmail, force, reluctance, submission, domination, oral, incest, anal, non-consent, or sex in general, please do not go any further. All characters are eighteen or older.



"What a Wicked Thing to Do...To Make Me Dream of You"

Bubba changed out of the camouflage gear into tan khaki cargo shorts and a white t-shirt; the camo had been to let Dan think he had been in the military. Plus, the unnecessary crutches were to give the impression that with a missing right leg, he was incapable of doing menial tasks. Bubba wanted his new tenant to think he was weak and needy. In truth, he didn't need anyone to assist him; it was all an act. 

But it's Dan's wife, Penny, who is the real prize in all of this. It took blackmail to get her to fuck him, and in the process, Bubba was shocked to discover Penny is the daughter he never knew he had. He held back the strong urge to disclose their relationship; the sex was too incredible to give up. Penny's mind and body loved rough sex as much as Bubba did, maybe more. Now, his daughter would be his to use until he tired of her. He would push her in new directions with anything that came into his twisted mind, maybe even taking her to Shadybrook. Yeah, that place would test her sexual limits to the extreme.

While waiting for Penny to return with the deposit money for his suite, Bubba leisurely made sure all his spying tools were in working order. He equipped the outside and inside living quarters and basement suite with hidden cameras and microphones to capture action and conversations. All of his surveillance paraphernalia tied into his computer and cell phone, giving him the option of recording or just peeping. He often thought about posting some of his past videos online, but the risk wasn't worth the money. He reviewed the tapes he made of Penny so far; her tiny body looked good on his cock and felt even better. Yeah, he would make as many tapes as possible before his daughter came to her senses and fled.

One thing Bubba could guarantee with one hundred percent accuracy; eventually, Penny's sexuality would cause the end of her marriage. It might happen with him or another man, but it was inevitable. A beautiful young girl like her attracted males whether she wanted the attention or not; those tits of hers were like magnets for every pervert, including him. Plus, her cuckold husband liked to show her off and encouraged her to dress like a whore.

The alarm went off, Penny was back already, and the beeping sound on his phone meant she just drove through the front gate. He didn't feel guilty for this sexual game he played on women; he never did. His daughter was just the next victim in a long line of sluts he used and discarded. 

Nervously, Lucky stepped out of her car; she couldn't wait to see Bubba again. Her face lit up when she saw him waiting at the open front door; he changed clothes, and his artificial leg was back on. "Hi, daddy, miss me?"

"Only your sexy parts!" he laughed. "Have you got the rental deposit money?"

She opened her purse and handed over the cash, watching as he counted it to make sure it was all there.

"Okay, before you come in, we need to discuss your age. Your husband said you're seventeen, and you said you're nineteen. Which is it?"

"It, it was all a misunderstanding," Lucky stuttered. "When I first met Dan, I lied to him. Then, I couldn't go back. I'm the same age as my husband; I'm nineteen. Please don't tell him; I told him he was the first man to fuck me. He likes to think I'm an innocent little girl."

Bubba stared into her eyes; he could tell she wasn't lying this time. "Show me your driver's license." He wanted absolute proof to verify Penny was his daughter or not. He breathed a sigh of relief; Penny is nineteen, which means he can't be charged with statutory rape. "Do you have a picture of your mama in your purse?"

Lucky was confused about why Bubba wanted to see a photo of her mama. "I think so." She pulled out her phone and searched. "This is the best one."

Bubba stared at the photo. Fuck! It was the same 'Rosa' from his past. The mole on her right cheek confirmed it. Rosa had aged well, looking almost the same. Her big tits looked even bigger than he remembered. He handed the phone back; there was no longer any doubt. Penny was his daughter! He was fucking his daughter! He thought about ending whatever this was, but his cock didn't care if she was an alien or his daughter.

"Well, don't just stand there, come in; we need to talk about my expectations," Bubba ordered. "I have two baskets set out for you, one by the front door and one by the back door. From now on, whenever you're upstairs, I want you naked."

"Okay," she giggled, "that makes it easier for us to have sex. Right?"

"I knew you were smart!" he said, watching his words build her self-esteem. "I hope I can keep up with you!"

"Oh, daddy, you're such a tease!"

"Clothes," he said, pointing at the basket. "You might as well start getting used to your routine."

Lucky nodded; this was her new life now. Her tight shorts and yellow thong landed in the basket, followed by the flimsy white top. Once she was naked, Bubba pushed her against the wall. "DADDY!" Penny squealed in surprise. Bubba's green eyes stared down at her as his fingers twisted her hard brown nipples.

"I love your big tits; they match my big cock."

Lucky nodded, "I know! We're a perfect match!" She moaned as the pain radiated to her pussy. "I'm so horny for you!"

Bubba thought of an old saying. " Penny, penny, bring me luck before I stoop to pick you up!" He sang it to her as he hoisted her squealing body. He held her skinny ass cheeks as she wrapped her legs around him. Looking into her eyes, he thought of a new verse to go along with the old one; My Lucky Penny likes to fuck, and all her holes she opens up. When I'm done, I'll start again, so her fucking never ends.

"Wow! That was cool! Now, I'm your Lucky Penny, too!" she gushed. "Dan gave me the nickname Lucky."

He pushed a finger against his daughter's back hole. "You like anal sex, don't you? You lied about that." When Lucky nodded, he roughly pushed his finger inside her. "You keep lying to me. Why?"

She couldn't believe Bubba caught on. She wanted to ask him how, but that might make him mad. "I'm sorry." His finger pushed deeper in her dry hole. "I'm sorry! Please, daddy, I won't do it again!"

"Tell me the truth."

Lucky had to think back to what she told him; lying was easy for her. Most guys just stared at her tits; they never listened to her words. Pausing, she debated whether to tell Bubba about her uncle and all the men he made her fuck; they all liked to fuck her skinny ass. She didn't want to keep any secrets from daddy. "I like anal sex, almost as much as being fucked in my pussy."

"But you don't let your husband fuck your ass. Why not?"

"When I met Dan, I told him he was the first man to fuck me. I've been taking it slow with him. I only started sucking his small cock about a month ago."

Bubba pulled her ass cheeks apart, forcing his finger all the way in, making her squirm in his arms. "Maybe I'll fuck your ass tonight. Would you like that?"

"Oh, god, my pussy is leaking like crazy thinking about that." She rubbed her tits against his chest. "How did you know?"

"It was a guess. But now that I know how big a slut you are, I'm going to push you even harder. Just a dad and daughter exploring our wild sides, fucking each other until we can't move!"

Lucky clung to Bubba. "I want that! I want you to do things to me, nasty things that a daddy only dreams of doing to his daughter."

"Is that right?" he laughed, "I think I'm falling in lust with you, Lucky Penny!"

Bubba carried his daughter's light body to his bedroom, throwing her onto his king bed. Her legs splayed apart, exposing her juicy cunt and ass to him. Her large brown breasts came together in a loud slap. Lucky reminded him of his late wife; she was small and big-breasted as well. Intuitively, he knew his big tit fetish started with Rosa, Lucky's mom.

Staring down at Lucky brought back memories, good and bad. Bubba hadn't felt this alive in years, not since before he lost his leg in the motorcycle accident.

He was going too fast, showing off to Wendy, his wife; they were heading to a swinger's party and were running late. He could still hear the loud, ugly, nasty sound of his Harley hitting the tree. Regaining awareness, he found Wendy in a crumpled heap; her face was all cut up, and she was suffering from internal injuries. They held hands until she passed. Only then did he think of himself, shocked to see his lower leg was severed, hanging by his ripped jeans. The pain hit suddenly. He quickly used his belt to make a tourniquet then lost consciousness. When he woke, he was in a hospital, his leg was missing, he had forty stitches on his face, and his wife was dead. Life didn't seem worth living anymore.

The insurance money was more than enough to make ends meet. But, since then, no woman could measure up to his late wife. He fucked dozens and dozens of women, looking for one that would find pleasure in his depravities. Maybe his daughter would be the first. Bubba smiled at Lucky as she boldly spread her legs apart. Her wet cunt looked angry at being fucked so violently earlier today. Before she returned to her in-law's home tonight, that tight hole would look even worse.

"Do you want to fuck my ass," Lucky asked apprehensively. She was scared, she never had a cock that big in her ass, but she wanted to experience everything with Bubba.

"Yeah, maybe later." Looking down at her beautiful face and sexy body, he still couldn't believe she was his daughter, but the picture of Rosa proved it. "Hold your legs so that I can play with your tits."

Lucky turned into a fuck-pretzel with her legs bent back, framing her massive tits. Her smile couldn't be any bigger. Just looking at Bubba almost made her come. His muscular body leaned over her to suckle on a nipple. "Fuck!" she screamed when he bit down hard on her nipple.

"Did you like that?" he laughed. "Does my daughter like it rough?"

"I do!" Lucky confessed, thinking there must be something wrong with her mind and body. "I like the pain!"

"Tell me why."

Lucky was unable to meet daddy's stare. "I want to, but I'm afraid I might scare you away."

Well, this was an interesting turn, Bubba thought. "Go ahead; I'm not going anywhere."

Lucky took a deep breath before starting. "My sadistic uncle started the journey when he raped me on my eighteen birthday. He threatened to have my mama deported if I didn't do what he wanted. He treated me like a whore, a junkie whore; every day, he got rougher and rougher. Then my uncle turned me over to his friends, and they abused me too!" Lucky paused, ashamed in disclosing her history. "Even though it was wrong, I loved what they did to me," she said, lowering her eyes. "It turns me on to feel pain and pleasure at the same time."

"Yeah, your cunt agrees," he laughed as he jammed two fingers in harshly. He pulled his wet fingers out and offered them to Lucky's mouth, smiling as she greedily sucked on them. "I don't care about your past, only what you're willing to do right now.

Lucky felt like crying in relief; daddy accepted her flaws. "Anything, daddy! No matter how twisted!"

Bubba didn't feel sympathy for his daughter. Instead, he was elated at the opportunity she presented. "Time for a change," he said as his finger found her unsuspecting ass.

"Ah!" Lucky exclaimed in surprise at the unexpected intrusion. She knew he would make her suck his dirty finger.

He enjoyed the look of submission on Lucky's face. Her tight ass couldn't block his finger, and he leaned down to suck on one of her nipples again. Her body tensed in anticipation of his bite. He would be gentle for now, until her guards were down once more.

Lucky hugged his head to her breast as his finger slid in and out of her ass. Bubba's aggressive fucking style suited her; daddy brought her to a new level. Her body yearned for him to do whatever he wanted to her. She bit her bottom lip; she was his daughter now. That's what he said, and Bubba was her daddy.

The urge to fuck her tiny ass was almost too much to resist. Bubba's finger navigated easily, sliding in and out to the second knuckle. He wanted to add a second finger, but he would need some lube for that. He gave her nipple a little nip before releasing his mouth, then leaned higher, right above her face, green eyes to green eyes.

He couldn't help himself. "I can't believe I have a daughter who is so fucking beautiful!" He kissed her on the nose. "And, she loves to fuck as much as I do!" he laughed.

Lucky could see Bubba wasn't kidding; he did think she was beautiful. "I wish I had met you before my husband." She wanted to say more but didn't get a chance. When he pressed his dirty finger against her lips, she quickly opened her mouth. She was falling in love with daddy, and there was nothing she wouldn't do for him.

Bubba fucked Lucky with a taboo passion. His daughter brought out the beast in him, and he unleashed a constant stream of verbal and physical abuse on her as he violated her young body. He was sure her cunt must be aching, but she never complained, not once; her tiny body loved the size of his cock.

Lucky could barely stand; daddy fucked her nonstop with his baseball bat cock. His derogatory, aggressive, sexual dominance was jarring. And yet, she didn't want to leave; she loved every minute. Standing naked at the front door, she clung to him, not wanting to go, almost in tears. 

Bubba roughly pulled his daughter's head back by her black ponytail. "Today was just an appetizer. Are you sure you want more of this?" 

At that moment, Lucky had the same look in her eyes as when he dropped off her mama in Yuma that night so long ago. Bubba never imagined he impregnated Rosa; it was just a night of wild sex. Yeah, Lucky was his daughter. She loved his cock, and she loved fucking. Bubba didn't care if society thought this was sick. His daughter was the best fuck of his life, and he was going to enjoy every moment until it ended.

Lucky's head was spinning, her heart was bursting, and her body ached so deliciously. "Every day!" she gushed, "I can't wait for more!" She hugged him tightly, smashing her over-sized tits into his hairy chest, not wanting to leave. "I wish I could spend the night with you."

He enjoyed the tight embrace of his quivering daughter. "Once you move in, you will be. When your husband is at work, you'll be fucking me. Every night!" He pulled a loose key from his front pocket. "This is the key to the suite; what will you do to keep it?" he asked, holding it up out of her reach.

"Anything!" Lucky giggled, trying to climb his body to reach it. 

"Yeah, I think you will." He leaned down, kissing her vigorously. His hand snaked down between her legs, and he pushed the key into her hole. "Leave it in your cunt until you get home, then lick it clean," He opened the door and pushed her out, throwing her purse, shorts, and top at her. "See you tomorrow, daughter."

A hole is a hole, is a hole. That's what Bubba always professed when he fucked a girl. White, black, orange, green, he didn't care what color of skin or hair she had, as long as he could fuck her holes the way he wanted. 

When Karma brought him and his daughter together, his thoughts changed. Lucky's 'holes' were unique; she was special. The extra thrill came from the fact he was fucking his daughter, not just another hole. That extra 'mental juice' makes her unique, with a genetic sexual attraction. He wondered if Lucky would feel the same way about him when she found out he was her real dad, he couldn't imagine she would still want to fuck him.

Lucky stood naked outside daddy's front door, trying to get the world to stop spinning. The two glasses of wine, combined with all the rough sex, made everything fuzzy. The cool late evening air shot up between her legs, soothing her sore and beat up pussy. Her breasts ached from all the pinching and pulling and bitten repeatedly; daddy liked to slap her tits as he fucked her.

Leaning heavily on the stucco wall for support, she gathered her skimpy clothes. She almost knocked on the door to ask daddy for her thong. Her finger pushed the key in deeper; she couldn't lose it now. Not after all she went through to get it. She almost fell over twice as she struggled to pull on the tight shorts.

No matter how she tried, her top didn't want to cooperate. In frustration, she pulled it over her head and sore breasts. She drunkenly laughed at what Marie, the witch of a mother-in-law, would say when she walked into the house and saw her top was upside down.

The drive back to her in-law's home took longer than she wanted. She was careful to stay under the speed limit as she worried about being pulled over for drunk driving. Every part of her nineteen-year-old body was sore; she gently massaged her nipples, trying to make them feel better. The honking of a horn made her look sideways; an older man gave her a big smile and a thumbs-up before turning the corner. His smile made her feel better, and she gave her nipple an extra squeeze in appreciation of his attention.

"Fuck!" Lucky moaned as she pulled into the driveway. The front light was on; Marie was waiting for her again. It was after midnight, and this made two nights in a row, she came back late from fucking Bubba. Her shaky legs carried her to the front door, and she quietly entered, expecting the worst.

"Hey, baby-girl," Eduardo whispered from the shadows. "Looks like another late night."

"Oh!" Lucky squealed, drunkenly falling back against the closed door. "You scared me, papa!"

Eduardo could smell the sex and alcohol wafting off Lucky. Her hair and clothes were a mess; her top was inside out and upside down. His daughter-in-law fucked someone tonight, and it wasn't his son.

"Was it worth it?" he asked, stepping closer, lifting his daughter-in-law's chin to look at him.

"I, I don't know what you mean?" Lucky stuttered. Suddenly, she wished it was the 'witch' and not Eduardo grilling her.

"Dan called; he said you're moving out in the morning. Marie can't stop crying at losing her son."

"She doesn't like me; she never has," Lucky slurred, unable to keep eye contact.

"I know, baby-girl." Eduardo gathered up his courage; he knew this was his last chance to be alone with Lucky. "Show me your tits."

"What?" Lucky exclaimed in shock. Her blurry eyes tried to focus on his. "No!"

"Do it, or I'll tell my son you're fucking another man. You smell like a whore!"

Lucky panicked. "Please, papa, don't make me." The pressure of his fingers on her chin increased, and the look in his eyes showed no mercy. Her escape plan was in danger of collapsing. "You're hurting me."

He didn't want to hurt Lucky; he only wanted to see her tits before she disappeared from his life. All her teasing had led to this. "Do it."

She had no choice; she pulled her top down, wincing as the material flicked her abused nipples. "Papa, this is wrong." Lucky moaned, despite the rapid increase in her heart rate.

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