Taking his hand, she brought him to the side of the bed, gently guiding him to bend over it with his chest on the blanket and his knees on the floor. She'd never put him in this position, though had often been there herself as he spanked her ass setting her world on fire or took her deeply from behind. Having him like this, she gently stroked his cheeks, admiring his firm muscles hidden below her favorite part of him to hold and squeeze in bed. Turning momentarily, she opened their bottom bedside drawer to retrieve some playthings for them. Hiding a few of them under the pillow, she opened the bottle of lube and shyly spread a small amount on his vibrating silicone plug. Another first for her tonight - putting his plug in for him - it was something he'd always done himself, she realized. As she held his thong to the side, his tense moment of shock and following sigh of pleasure only encouraged her further to break this first. With a series of increasingly firm pushes, she felt him open to accept the toy and pull it all the way in. His gasp made her bite her lip, if only for a second, as she quickly wiped her finger clean and laid herself on his body from behind.

"You are mine, baby, you understand? I want you to ask me before you do anything tonight."

There she was again, telling him what she wanted from him. It made him throb and gasp again, a single drop of wetness escaping his tip only to be soaked up by the panties. He could only nod, feeling her weight on his back, and her legs against the backs of his. He allowed himself to be led up from his knees, onto the bed, and with his back against the headboard. She placed a pillow behind him to keep him comfortable and positioned him to sit cross legged. He silently thanked himself for practicing some basic yoga, as he wouldn't have been comfortable like this last year. As he settled into his seat, he felt the plug nestle itself against a sensitive spot below him. When he looked up at her, he saw a knowing look in her eyes as she held his face sweetly, kissing his cheek and speaking softly beside him.

"Do you feel it? That's exactly where I want it to be. This is exactly where I want you to be until I'm done with you tonight, love."

Taking both of his hands in hers, she kissed the back of each one, and moved them behind his back to hold his own elbows, pushing gently on his chest to trap them comfortably between him and the pillow. She couldn't help but hungrily eye him from head to hidden toe, so cutely dressed but so eagerly hard for her. Reluctant to obstruct the view, she mounted him, one knee on each side of him, and lowered herself against his hard shaft. The first joint moan they let out shocked them both, neither realizing just how worked up the other had become. She laughed in her sweet voice as she lowered her weight completely onto him, and watched his face change, feeling his breath catch for her. This was almost exactly what she had imagined; him below her, under her spell, hard and lost in her as she played with him.

Slowly she tangled her fingers in his hair, one hand resting on the side of his face as she pulled his lips to hers and kissed him deeply. She could feel the last of his tension and apprehension melt away as she kissed him, slowly dancing with her lips against his, holding still against him otherwise. When she felt him try to pull away, her fingers tightened ever so slightly in his hair, slipping her tongue into his mouth and keeping their long, languid kiss from ending. He gasped so sweetly into her mouth, trying to free his arms to hold her close. She kept her weight pressed firmly forward into his chest, showing him without words that he shouldn't move them, and finally parting from their kiss.

"I want you to be wetter than I am before I let your arms go, hun, and your sweet struggling is only making me want you more."

With that her lips closed around his again, kissing him lovingly as their chests pressed together, hips completely still but locked where she could feel him throb and twitch against her lips. She couldn't tell if he felt her throb and twitch for him too. Long minutes into their kiss, she could feel his throbbing slow as his body grew accustomed to her weight and her incessant kiss. Letting their lips part, she sat up to watch him and slowly ground her hips up to the tip of his hardness. His eyes went wide with pleasure and his head gently rolled back as her hips ground her clothed center down his covered shaft. She couldn't help but let out a whimper in a moment of weakness as she felt her panties soak further with her lust for him. Slowly she ground like this, all the way up and all the way down in his lap, holding his neck and his chest for support as she enjoyed the lovely show. She could tell he was slowly letting go of his resistance and letting her drive him how she pleased.

Taking another opportunity to play with his mind, she leaned back and gently guided him to look down between them. She briefly lifted her body up from him, pulling the loose leg of the shorts to the side, and brought her damp panties down onto the base of his shaft. When he tried to roll his head back, she lovingly held it down for him to watch her firm upwards grind coax out a large bead of wetness into his darkening thong, making him whimper in embarrassment and pleasure. They both observed with apt focus, him watching her wetness soak through her panties onto his along the shaft, and her watching the wet spot at the tip of his shaft grow with each of her slow, firm grinds. Finally, she could take no more and snaked her body between them to kiss him again, tilting his head back so that their chests and stomachs pressed together closely.


"I want you to clench your cheeks together for me every time I tell you to tonight, okay love?"

She spoke even softer into his ear this time, not quite whispering, but not much louder. Feeling him nod, she ground her pelvis towards the top of his shaft once again. Stopping briefly at the top, she slid her body downwards, feeling him anticipating an instruction that never arrived. On her next upward grind, she leaned down to kiss his cheek lovingly, the surprising intimacy making him whimper for her again. At the top of her stroke she slowly gyrated her hips in long smooth circles, grinding his head into her lips as they spread further underneath her slippery wet panties. Hearing him hold his breath, she moved her lips to his ear, grazing the lobe almost unnoticeably with her teeth and letting him hear the slow intake of her breath in his silence.

"Clench for me, baby, until I reach the bottom."

Her whispered words almost didn't register with him as she started her downward grind. Trying to make up for the lost early seconds, he quickly clenched hard around the plug, causing his hardness to press more firmly against her. The sweet, submissive moan leaving his lips made her knees week, putting more grinding pressure onto his throbbing hardness. He could feel his muscles shiver in blissful pleasure as she pressed hidden buttons inside him with the plug and massaged his manhood tantalizingly slow. When she stopped her grinding motion, he finally let out the rest of the breath he forgot he was holding, opening his eyes to stare into hers, lost in the sensations. Lifting off him for a moment, she brought her hips just above the tip of his shaft and kissed his opposite ear this time.

"Clench for every circle I make, my boy, I don't want you to stop until I do."

Without waiting for a reaction, she pressed her opening against the his swollen, soaking wet tip, parting her lips and pressing her panties deep into her folds as he almost entered here, stopped only by their underwear. She ground in slow circles, moaning softly into his ear, kissing it and holding onto him so tightly as she took pleasure in his hard body. With each circle of her hips, he dutifully clenched and relaxed around the plug, feeling it massage a hidden spot inside him, almost milking the wetness up through his flexing shaft and out of the tip, drop by drop. He moaned just as sweetly for her, his arms having given up for any release, but his hips thrusting upwards into her wet panties. She continued to grind like this until she noticed his moans start to break and his body begin to shake slightly. Changing her approach, she slid down his shaft and began to grind along it once again, her clit rejoicing in the renewed attention.

"I know you're close, baby, but I'm so much closer, and I want you to be good for me. Relax baby, and don't even think about cumming right now."

Grinding at the same pace, she sat up and let him watch her. In this moment, with him throbbing for her like this, and knowing that she was making him feel this good, this comfortable, this willing to let go, she felt sexy as hell. Knowing just what it will do to him, she reached for the bottom of her camisole and slowly peeled it up off her body, throwing it towards the dresser. Cupping both of her breasts the way he longed to hold them, she massaged her chest and ground into him faster, feeling his head stroke her clit and his shaft massaging her lips every time. Lost in her own world of pleasure, she made her lovely boy watch her explode for him. She rocked through her orgasm as he moaned and whimpered wordlessly, eyes wide and attentively watching her beautiful release as he clenched his plug in time with her thrusts.

When she finally slowed her motions, he was barely holding on. His eyes had closed, his head thrown back, and his fingers wrapped tightly around his elbows as he desperately held back his quickly climbing orgasm. As her hands relaxed around her breasts, she opened her eyes to find him in this state, realizing she could feel him clenching and release with each of her slowing thrusts. Quickly she lifted herself up, not remotely ready for this surprising exploration of her dominant side to be over. Holding herself up on her knees, she looked down into his barely open eyes, and lovingly stroked his cheek.

"Oh gosh, love, I came so hard all over you. You were such a good boy for me, I love you so so much, baby."

She panted heavily between her words, still coming down from the high of orgasm. Seeing him like this she realized she must not have been clear enough that he thought to clench with each thrust after she had stopped grinding circles against his head. Her lack of experience being in charge started to come crushing down on her, quickly leaving her feeling foolish for having taken on such a wild experiment. Her worry lasted a mere few seconds until she saw her man open his eyes and look up into hers. She saw his excitement, his need, his love, and his lust all at once. The idea then crossed her mind; perhaps she could take her mistake and turn in on her sweet boy regardless.

"I told you to clench every time I circled your head, baby, I didn't say anything about thrusting, did I?"

His eyes widened at her words, and she slowly brought her sensitive core back down onto his shaft. With both of their panties completely soaked, it was as if he was sliding against her lips with nothing between them at all. The touch made her insides quake in aftershocks as she moved close to his ear to whisper once again.

"I think I'm going to have to teach you how to control yourself, my boy. I'm not even half-way done."

His whimper and desperate eyes melted her heart. Every risk she had taken tonight had paid off; she could take him anywhere she liked, and he would follow her there. With that thought, she kissed him again, sliding her sultry lips against his while her body calmed down preparing herself for the sweet torture she planned to give to her man.


With a relaxed sigh, she rose from her throne atop his lap. The imaginative thought shocked her; seeing him flash in her mind's eye laying on his back as she knelt atop his lips, riding his tongue and chin while she shook in pleasure. Rarely did she imagine such vivid, fetishy thoughts. Shaking the fog from her head, she filed the idea away for a future, more risk-taking version of herself. She was thankful his eyes were still closed from their kiss, not wanting to distract him from the trace she was putting him in. Moving off of his lap, she took hold of his ankles and slowly stretched his legs out. Now spread out for her, she wondered if she looked this pliant and submissive for him when he sat her up like this. Though her hands were always free to roam, she found herself liking the idea of showing him just how lost he made her feel. Again, the memory of his tongue tasting her deepest folds and his lips suckling on her clit sent her momentarily off balance.

"I want you to imagine me sitting exactly the way you are, my love, while you touch and kiss and play with my body. Everything I do to you; imagine doing it to me."

That would level the playing field, alright. She recalled the time he had cum in his trunks just from eating her out. He loved her body and showed her bliss she could never show herself, so much so that he had lost control himself. Crawling over between his legs, she nudged him to life his hips, slowly sliding his now drenched thong down his legs. As before, she made sure to drag the material over his head and shaft lightly, making sure his baby smooth skin felt every motion. She was sometimes ashamed to admit it, but she loved that his hairlessness made him look bigger and harder, standing proud for her. She knew he felt the same way about her soft, smooth petals, seeing as his premature release had come the night she had first shaved clean for him.

Rolling the thong off his feet, she tossed it towards their hamper, seeing no way it could be worn again. Taking her time, she kissed up his calves, grazing her lips over the sensitive backs of his knees and watching him squirm. Continuing upwards, she let her tongue slip from her mouth, licking the inside of his exposed upper thigh almost predatorially, making herself chuckle. His long, desperate moan, however, told a different story. She watched his hardness flex, his abs tighten, and his thighs spread wider for her. Did she look this slutty when she spread out for him? Did he like how provocative it looked this much? She wondered to herself as she did the same to his other thigh, once again watching and feeling his cute reaction, his head rolling back as her tongue reached the sensitive skin between his legs.

"You're so fucking sexy, hun, I almost want to keep you like this forever."

He wanted to moan her name; to tell her that he would do anything for her to do with him as she wished. His mind had been running in circles, all his older fantasies of her gentle domination rushing back as he felt her kisses up his thighs. The warm, wet lick between his legs almost crumbled his resolve, but as the words were about to leave his mouth, he just moaned and whimpered instead, wordlessly telling her everything all at once. He felt her smile below as her tongue extended again, warmly wetting him where only she had touched him while they made love. Over and over she stroked this sensitive spot with her mouth, watching his hardness twitch and feeling his muscles fight themselves, trying not to clench without permission.

"Clench for me, baby, every time I lick your perfect body. I want to watch your need roll down your shaft for me."

Moans, multiple this time, as his cheeks clamped together around the plug and his shaft hardened even more, stretching the skin thin and pulling his skin halfway over his swelling head. He deserved more, he had been listening to everything she said, even when she hadn't been clear. She moved her mouth upwards, licking upwards to focus on his balls. Gently she took one into her mouth at a time, feeling him force his muscles to relax until he felt his tongue roll over his skin inside her mouth. His obedience made her moan, surprising even her as she slid a hand down between her legs, whimpering again when she felt firsthand what she was doing to herself by taking care of her man. She really did need this, how had they gone so long without.

Letting them slip from her mouth, she kissed the base of his shaft, allowing him the start of a sensation he needed beyond comprehension. Turning her head, she slowly kissed the base of his shaft again, spreading them to suck on his skin gently, feeling his hips lower onto the bed again. When felt his weight completely on the bed, she let her tongue out between her lips, licking from side to side continuously and feeling his hips thrust slightly off the bed as he clenched his plug for her. He was being so good for her, and his sweet sounds of pleasure only fueled her need for him as she rubbed her clit through her panties.

"Don't stop, my sweet boy, you look so beautiful like this."

She didn't realize how much she meant it until she looked up at him. His chest moving with each slow breath under his crop sweater, his neck exposed under his thrown-back head, his legs stretching in front of him, innocently clad in the soft, long socks she had chosen for him. He was perfect, any way he felt comfortable in anything he wore, and he was hers; completely hers. Slowly she repeated her tonguing, teasing kisses, crawling up his shaft and making him flex into her lips to keep contact with her. The closer she got to his head, the more the skin hiding it rolled back, until finally, as if breaking free from its prison, it pushed all the way out.

"Love, this is going to feel incredible, but I want you to be good for me. Don't cum yet, okay hun? Let me keep making you feel this good... please."

With that, she slowly laid her tongue flat against the base of his shaft an began a slow, soaking wet assent to the top. She felt him clench and hold the entire time, and as her tongue reached her favorite spot just below his head, she felt him shake in ecstasy. It was too much for her to see him like this. Her hand sped up against her clit, her head tilted again, and her lips began to wetly make out with his most sensitive skin. Kissing him as if she was dancing with his tongue, she licked, lashed, and stroked his shaft with hers, moaning against him as she quickly built towards her second orgasm of the night. Hearing his moans grow higher and higher, she knew he was close to losing his control but once again she was closer.

Her lips lost their touch on his shaft as her head turned to press her cheek against his abdomen. Moaning as if he was taking her passionately, she rubbed her clit in quick circles, licking the side of his leaking hardness while she fell over her cliff into bliss. He whimpered desperately and watched her lightly lick his shaft, fighting between holding back his release and trying to cum with her just by clenching around his plug. She looked so sensual teasing him so cruelly but so lovingly while she satisfied her need. Her warm, panting breath sending shivers down his shaft and through his whole body. He could feel the drops of desperation rolling down his head and shaft onto his body. This was everything he had ever dreamed of.


They stayed like that for what felt like 15 minutes. Him, throbbing, dripping, and trying to relax his muscles around the plug that was milking him. Her, breathing warmly against his shaft, reveling in the feeling of rubbing herself to orgasm; something she hadn't done in months. If this was what dominating him felt like, she could get used to it. Slowly she lifted herself from her position, looking up at his face and seeing love, satisfaction, desperation, and trust all at once. Sliding up to cuddle against the side of his body, she draped one leg over his, and dragged her fingers up his body, over his chest and up to his face.

This was one of his quirks she had known about for years. His sense of smell was the lease sensitive of his senses, but still, the scent of her always drove him wild. She had once caught him laying on their bed, stroking his smooth hardness and holding a pair of her panties to his nose. When asked to explain, he had blabbered out his affliction with her scent and of course her taste. Many times since, she had used this to her advantage, whether it was to bring him into the mood when he needed encouragement, to instantly make him cum when she was riding him and couldn't wait any longer, or to keep him thinking of her when they had to spend nights apart.

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