I turned to look at her. She was standing there in nothing but a sheer kimono covering her amazingly fit body with a very thin bikini and sandals. She looked elegant and classy and even though she looked like she had money, thankfully not a bit gaudy. She also looked amazingly sexy. For being a late sexual bloomer, I was suddenly spending a lot of time around beautiful, sexy females, albeit I was effectively neutered and couldn't achieve an erection. But, it was still a nice change.

Mrs. Anderson spoke with grace, "I'm sorry honey, I heard some commotion and I came in. I didn't mean to invade your privacy, but it does look like you are a bit upset... and could use some help."

I stood in the middle of my girlfriend's room wearing nothing but her panties having her incredibly sexy mother offer me help. For whatever reason, her presence was calming and I felt no compulsion to hide or cover up. Her gentle look and speech made me feel comfortable as I stood there exposed and hurt.

"Jenna says..." I somehow managed to get out. "That I'm supposed to go with you."

"That's right honey," Mrs. Anderson said sweetly.

"Well uh... what are we going to do?" I asked with my head swimming in uncertainty and confusion.

"I thought it would be nice to show you around your new home," she said patiently. "Would you like that?"

With my head hung, I nodded a bit. She reached out her hand. I paused a bit before walking over to it.

I grasped it and it felt safe. "I like your panties," she said smiling. "I think that might be your fit!"

I smiled as she said this and the mood lightened. I held her hand as we left the room and started down the hallway. Right at the top of the foyer was the pylons. I remembered them. Another piece of last night came into focus. That was the place where Mr. Anderson and I were locked for several hours. Mrs. Anderson walked past them without mentioning them.

"I thought we might also talk a bit," she said releasing my hand but speaking calmly. "How would that be sweetie?"

I nodded in agreement.

"Firstly, I think you are doing fabulously," she said. "Jenna has always been a strong girl and I know how challenging that can be for some guys. Can you believe that in this day and age some men can't handle such a thing? A strong woman? Pathetic." This talk clearly was not a discussion. I felt compelled to only speak when required. Mrs. Anderson was also a strong woman, that was clear. She was in charge and I was smart to listen. "Of course there were always strong women, just as there always were supportive men. But society has a way of presenting only what it wants to at any given time. Reality be damned." She stopped and looked me in the face. "Am I right?"

"Yes Mrs. Anderson," I agreed with her.

She patted my hand as we walked. "That's why I like you honey, you are so smart." She continued, "Before, strong women were in a tough place. They only had two choices, deny who they were, which was personally unacceptable, or be openly strong, which was socially unacceptable." She seemed to be lost in thought a bit. "And yet they existed..."

We came to the end of the hallway and entered into a beautiful two-story room with vaulted ceilings. The were huge windows everywhere that showed of the impressive acreage of the estate. The furniture as everything else in this house looked incredibly expensive. Mr. Anderson must make a ton of money.

She indicated to a hand carved mahogany table with elegant design. On top were a vase of beautifully arranged flowers. "See these flowers?" She pointed with interest. "They are called cloche bleue grivellea, and they are very rare. Do you like them?"

I nodded that I did.

"They are Mr. Anderson's and my favorites, we discovered them on our travels." She said smiling. "The thing is, they shouldn't be rare. They are quite healthy throughout their lives. With proper attention they produce very well and will stay bloomed for days, even weeks when cared for."

"They are very nice Mrs. Anderson," I agreed.

"The reason that they are rare my dear," she continued, "Is simply due to a silly hangup us humans have. Never quite cultivated like they should have been. You see those beautiful blossoms? They are all the females. They are the plants that stand strong and proud and give off that beautiful glow."

"I didn't even know plants..."

"Remember how I said that strong women were socially unacceptable?" she interrupted. "Well as horrible as it is, so were supportive males. For so long supportive males were seen as useless to society. Ineffectual. See those smaller plants next to the bloomers? The ones giving them support? Those my dear are the males. Without those males at the bottom, our beautiful daughters here would have no chance to shine..."

She looked at me to see if I was comprehending what she was explaining. "Mr. Anderson and I know our daughter will shine. But she can't do it alone sweetie..."

As she said this she walked toward the huge spiral staircase leading to the landing below. I couldn't help but watch her amazing ass through the sheer kimono as I thought about what she had said. "Follow me..."

She continued to show me the various rooms in the labyrinthine network of beautiful rooms. We stopped in a small alcove with a nice window to the pool. It had a crescent shaped sofa against the wall. "Let's stop here for a moment. There is more that I have to tell you."

She crossed her fit legs and held out her beautiful sandaled foot. "Take my sandals off sweetie," she said calmly.

"Uh... Why?" I asked sounding confused.

"Your question is an imposition," she said. "I have been very kind to you here. Now, you wouldn't want to impose upon me after I have given you so much? After all, I have given you my daughter."

That argument worked for me. I leaned over and started to take them off. "No no no," she said without sounding annoyed but also a bit disappointed, "When you remove a lady's footware you don't gracelessly bend over like a thug." She pointed down to the ground near her feet was able to convey her message with just a glance and the gesture.

I sat on my knees at her feet. Her strong legs were revealed behind her dangling top. She held out her sandal and I slid it off and placed it gently next to her. We repeated the act with the second. She seemed pleased and told me as much, "My aren't you a quick learner. I think you just might do."

She placed her perfectly pedicured foot squarely on my tied cocklet. All that separated them were my panties. Well, my girlfriend's panties. I felt a jolt of sexual energy shoot to my caged penis, but the trap held. She leaned back and got comfortable as she grinned down at her pantied quarry. She looked amazing and I would have given anything to have had her there. But, she was clearly in charge of the situation.

"Do you know what a hierarchy is honey?" she asked coolly.

I nodded affirmative, "Yes, we learned about them..."

"Mr. Anderson and I are firm believers in them," she interrupted. "The powerful are at the top as they deserve to be. We need strong leaders to guide us. We need those who can command respect to have the most power. Otherwise there is complete chaos." She continued to look down at me, "Don't you agree?"

I lowered my gaze a bit and nodded.

"But, don't get me wrong," she elaborated, "We need those at the bottom also. Remember the story of the flowers? Supporters are of some value also. They deserve some respect as well, different from the leaders of course, but some respect nonetheless." Her confidence was more than I had seen from someone, maybe ever. "Mr. Anderson and I had Jenna when we were both very young. This was before I found out that he was not a leader. During this time, we fought often. I would get upset with his ineffectualness and I was too young to express it properly. He was too weak to dominate me. This made him uneasy and he would often yell as a result." She seemed very relaxed relating all of this personal information as her beautiful foot remained squarely on my tied penis.

"Normally, new couples would relieve the stress with wicked bouts of sex, but Mr. Anderson is lacking the masculinity and strength it takes to have authority over a woman like me," she ground her foot in deeper and smiled, "As well as lacking in other important areas." She seemed to be lost a bit in thought before she continued. "You know, you remind me a lot of him. Trying to be strong, in control, but not cut out for it. Trying to be both a supportive male and a dominant lover. Confused about your masculinity and how you even got a girl like Jenna in the fist place. Am I hitting the mark sweetie?"

I lowered my eyes and looked down at her beautiful foot holding my crotch and by extension my body in check. "Well I don't..."

"You yelled at my daughter boy," she said somewhat sternly. "You raised your voice to her. You were confused and frightened and you lashed out at the one person who loves you most in this world. Good leaders don't need to yell. Ever. They have the strength and the power to have people follow them. You failed on both counts."

She raised her foot up and placed her extended toes on my lips, "You boy, are a beta support. You always have been and you will always be. Trying to be otherwise is how you got so upset. We can't have much more of that." She placed her foot back to its original position. "I don't expect your acceptance to be instantaneous, you will take some training as Mr. Anderson did, but if you want to be with my daughter, it will happen. As soon as you embrace your true self, you will find your struggles will be over." I felt a different sexual energy this time as she placed her foot. It wasn't the normal energy, it was similar to that which I had experienced earlier with Jenna in her room. Beta energy? Is that thing?

"Lucky for Mr. Anderson and myself," she said perking up a bit, "Our destiny wasn't down that horrible path of divorce or a life-time of frustrating resentment. We met a real leader, a real man. Mr. Johnson whipped my frustrated hubby into shape and taught us both that it was ok for him to be the supportive beta that he was born to be, and for me to well... shine." She took her foot off of my crotch. "Now put my sandals back on so we can continue."

As I absorbed her message, I dutifully listened and attentively slid the first sandal into its place.

Mrs. Anderson continued to show me around the grounds. I got to see the beautiful pool area with its multi-level patios and gazebos, which I hadn't noticed last night. There was also apparently an exercise building with a spa adjacent to the pool area that I wasn't aware of either. All that I gathered that Mr. Anderson did professionally was something in finance, but that could be a lot of things. Regardless, they seemed absolutely loaded.

A few times I got the feeling that she was showing around a member of the family. However, more often than not, she seemed to be giving the tour to a new employee, or even pet. Given the one-sided nature of our power dynamic, I was very humble and simply follow behind her as would a new puppy.

We descended some steps from the back patio and we reentered a lower level of the house. "I think you find this next room familiar," she said calmly.

As we went through some double-doors and a large room opened up that I did recognize a bit. At first glance it was what I would call a very large and open finished basement, but I guess that's my middle class talking. There were armless sofas in somewhat random places, as in that they didn't necessarily face any particular direction. It was more like there were small areas for people to congregate but there didn't seem to be anything other than sofas, arm chairs and some end tables.

This was the room I was in last night, where I first saw my dear Jenna on her knees sucking off that guy. Now that I thought about it, I also saw Mrs. Anderson getting rammed by Mr. Johnson from behind. I couldn't help but picture both happening again as we made our way through the room.

I would love to be in this room with Jenna sucking me off like that. It had been a while for me. Looking at Mrs. Anderson she looked so damn sexy, I would love also have the same chance to do that that Mr. Johnson had. Is this why she had brought me to this room? Maybe all that stuff from before was just a set-up?

As we made our way to what could be considered the front of the room if the room were a theater was a small stage of sorts. It was a small alcove surrounded by mirrors. In the middle of the alcove was a single black table. But it wasn't just any table, it was a half-table half-doctor's bed? It was cushioned and might swivel.

"What do you think of our room?" she asked "It might look more recognizable to you like this..." And with that the room went dark except for several spotlights that came down from the ceiling illuminating only certain portions. "Of course, we can play with the lights," she said as she hit another switch. This time the room went dark except for the alcove with the table where we stood.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Uh... well yea it's nice," I sounded mystified. "Mrs. Anderson, what kind of room is this?"

"This is a very special room," she said smiling. "Where we... entertain." She looked at me with purpose for the first time since I had helped her put her sandals back on. "Take off your panties and stand against the table facing it."

Somehow I had never followed orders faster. The table was about groin high as my cock-cage was just about able to rest on it. Mrs. Anderson walked up behind me and showed me the key on her necklace. "Do you know what this is?" She asked?

Without waiting for an answer she pulled the necklace off and went to unlock my cock-cage. "I thought, that there was only one..." I murmured, "And that that guy had it."

"Oh no..." she whispered in my ear, "A mother has her secrets also." She reached down and unlocked the cage from behind like and expert. My tiny penis felt freedom for the first time that day. She gently placed the cage in front of me on the table. She reached from behind and produced a ruler. She gently lifted up my flacid penis and gave it a measurement. "One and a half..." She then had a small string and did the circumference. "By three when flaccid..." She walked away toward somewhere behind me. I began to turn to see where she was, "Oh don't move honey," she ordered, "I just need to see what we are working with. I will let you know when you can move."

I snapped back to facing forward with my now exposed, flaccid penis on the table. "Well I have good news," she said from behind me, "You don't quite qualify for micro penis status. You are close, but just a hair over." She walked up to the table and hopped up on it next to me. She crossed her sexy bare legs which were now about a foot from my penis. I felt a jolt of sexuality. She picked it up with two fingers and examined it, "Well I hope you understand why Jenna needs more right?"

"Well I don't know..." I stammered. "I mean, how big is that guy?"

"Oh? Are you interested in Jake's cock suddenly?" She said looking up into my eyes. "Is that's what's on your mind?"

"No! That's not what I meant," I said flushed, "It just, that I mean, size isn't everything right? Uh... Mrs. Anderson?"

She looked back down at it, "Well firstly, you already met his cock, but if that is something that you are concerned about, I wouldn't worry, you will most likely be getting to know it much more intimately soon." She said this with and somewhat menacing smile. "As to your second question, no of course 'size isn't everything'... But a girl, especially a strong girl like Jenna deserves something to work with."

She jumped off of the table and walked over to one of the mirrors on the wall. I couldn't help to stare at her perfect ass as I contemplated her words. She opened up a secret compartment that was one of the mirrors to reveal a wall of various curios. Dildos of every size were arranged and hung in various fashions. There were vibrators and what looked like giant plugs were available for selection. There were a number of other toys, sexual in nature I would guess that I was unfamiliar with. Mrs. Anderson simply picked up small riding crop and walked slowly back to the table.

"Tell me..." she said somewhat sensually, "What did you feel when you saw my daughter on her knees at the feet of that stronger man last night?"

I felt a slight twinge in my penis. "I'm uh..." I stammered. "I'm trying not to think about it..."

"Why?" she asked. "Didn't she look content? Didn't she look natural fellating that apex of the male species?"

"Well, it's just..."

"It's just that you wish it was you," she said understandingly. She lifted up my small penis with the riding crop. "Reality son... can be such a bitch."

She reached under the table and produced a small contraption. It was both handcuffs and an arm spreader. She walked behind me. It the state I was in I put my arms behind my back without prompting. She locked me up.

"I want to show you something," She said calmly. "I want to see how your react."

She walked over to a cabinet and came back with a computer tablet. She threw it down in front of me. "Jenna sent you a message on my phone. It's says 'For your eyes only honey!', but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if we took a look together," Mrs. Anderson went to activate the text message. It was a video message with a text title. The title read 'Hi honey! I am done shopping and I had to make a quick stop before heading home. We have a big night tonight!"

Mrs. Anderson hit play and i could suddenly see my Jenna's face. She appeared to be naked and to be in what looked like a gymnasium locker room.

Right after smiling her pretty smile into the camera, an monstrous cock came into view. Jenna lifted the snake with both hands, opened her beautiful mouth wide and as she looked into the camera took the cock in like a champ.

"What the hell?" I asked shocked.

"Oh," Mrs. Anderson said casually, "I guess she stopped to see Jake at the gym first..."

My gorgeous girlfriend was going to town on his impressive cock right on the screen in front of me and I felt another jolt to my penis.

"What is she doing?" I cried out. "Why would she send this to me?"

Mrs. Anderson pulled herself close behind me and grasped my shaven, flaccid penis in her hand. It was small enough to fit entirely into her hand. I could feel her front grazing up against my bare ass. She held me tight, "Selfish still!" She scolded. "My daughter was thoughtful enough to send this to you during her busy day and all you can think of is yourself!" She tilted my head down with her other hand. "Look at this little thing in my hands? Do you think this commands respect, a baby penis and selfishness?"

I stared down at the little guy in her cupped hand. "She went out of her way to have Jake record this video, to show you that she was thinking of you, and all you can bother to do is complain!" With that she tightened her grip on my cock. I felt another jolt. That began my erection. I could feel it start to stiffen little by little.

"Look at your beautiful girlfriend," Mrs. Anderson commanded. "Know that she took the time to do this for you!" I stared back at Jenna giving the Alpha an amazing blowjob. Mrs. Anderson jerked me as I marveled at her beauty, cock-filled mouth and all.

Mrs. Anderson could tell that I was getting excited. She pulled back and smacked my ass with the crop as she used her two fingers on my little penis. "For all your selfishness," she said firmly, "Your little erection tells the truth. You appreciate what she's done!"

With that, I was on the cusp of orgasm. Suddenly, Mrs. Anderson stopped. She stopped right before I would come. She knew exactly when to stop. My body shook in disappointment.

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