When I dampen your panties, I insist that you take them off. Do you understand?

You are mine, I have total control of you. Are you checking out all these stories in public? I don't care, if your panties moisten then they come off where ever you are, understand?

Otherwise. You will need you butt smacked, and hard.

I long to put you across my knee. Your pert little arse poked high up into the air.

You need a good smack don't you, you dirty girl.

I am first going to push your dress up, up slowly above the back of your knees and further up slowly across your thighs. Then your knickers come into my view as I continue to force your dress up over your arse and crumple it into the small of your back. Now your panties go down, down your thighs past your knees all the way down to your ankles. I feel the dampness in the crotch you must be getting so worked up with the anticipation. I push them down over your feet, one by one, they just slip right off.

Is it cold where you are at the moment? How is that with your naked arse stuck up in the cold air, sprawled across my knee just waiting for me, anticipating what is to come. I am in no hurry. I will take my time.

I pinch your bum cheek, hard between my thumb and forefinger. As I pinch your butt, I twist my hand as well. An instant reaction on the white skin of your arse as red marks appear straight away. The red contrasts so nicely.

I pinch the other cheek as well as I watch you squirm on my lap, I know what you are trying to do. Do not worry my naughty slut, I am getting hard right now just looking at and pinching your arse. With my other hand I push your dress further up your back so I can grab the back of your bra strap and I pull it up and away from your body and let it snap back with a satisfying thwack across your back.

You lay across my knee like a magical musical instrument that only I can play, naked from your chest to your feet the curves of your body mimic those of the finest violin or guitar.

I raise my hand high above my head and bring it down hard on your arse cheek. Again, again, again and again. First one cheek and then the other. Again, again, again and again.

You are such a little tart. There is only one real fix for that isn't there. I have left you too long, you need to be fucked, good and proper, don't you?

I grab the cheek or your bum and I let my little finger slide down your butt crack and into your arse hole so my thumb is on the small of your back and my pinkie is all the way up your arse and my fingers dig into your bum cheek. With that grip I lift your arse up off my knee so you have to struggle to get your feet under you.

I still have my grip on your arse and my little finger squirms inside you as I stand with you and I get my cock out with my other hand.

I push you around with my hand clamped to your arse and position you so that you are bent over the chair I have just got up out of.

I push my cock into your wet little cunt, fuck me that feels good. I pound into you as I slap my belly against the back of my hand on your arse. I feel the vibrations of my finger through the wall of your pussy on my cock.

I take my little finger out of your butt on an in stroke and replace it with my thumb on an out stroke of my cock in your pussy.

I let my other hand run up your body and push under you and into your bra so I can grab your nipple between my thumb and fingers as I fuck you deeper and deeper.

I love how my balls slap into the lips of your pussy as your gorgeous arse still points up into the cold air to meet the thrusts of my cock.

I lock my pace to the return of your hips, so we move as one. I love the guttural noises that you make, no porn star moaning or screaming, just normal, regular, everyday, real fuck noises.

It must be nice giving yourself completely to me, I have you, you are mine and mine alone.

I pull your breast out of the cup of your bra then I let my hand move down to your hip so I can grip your other arse cheek so I can hold onto you as I continue to pound into your cunt as I near my own climax.

I keep fucking you until you cum and I keep fucking you.

I cum into you deep. My cock pumps and pumps cum deep into your sweet pussy.

You have to be naughty more often.

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