Aida's Master spoke quietly, but there, in the playroom, she knew that it was a command to be obeyed. She lowered herself delicately to the concrete floor, her fingertips interlaced behind her.

She couldn't help but tremble with the thought of what he would choose to do to her. Sometimes he was slow, methodical. Sometimes he dominated her with a ferocity that brought her to tears.

His hands were almost gentle as he bound her wrists in thick leather cuffs; slipped a tight, full blindfold over her eyes.

Aida whimpered into the darkness. She hated when he took her sight, when she couldn't anticipate his movements.

She cried out when his boot connected with her naked back, kicking her forward so that her upper body landed on the floor, holding her there beneath his foot.

"What's your word, slave?"


She hiccuped, tears already beginning to flow beneath the blindfold.

"Good girl."

He brought the cane down on the backs of her thighs without warning, making her gasp for air with the sudden pain. Before she could breathe again, he struck her ten more times, each more savage than the last, until she finally let out a blood curdling scream from beneath his boot-heel.

She heard him walk away to replace the cane in it's slot on the wall, thankful for the short respite, a moment to subdue the sobs that came unbidden from her chest. Aida flinched when she felt something cold against the rising stripes that swelled across the backs of her thighs, but steadied when she realized it was his hand, rubbing in the soothing numbing cream he kept for these occasions. She almost cried in relief; he never touched an area again after he applied the cream, and she couldn't take any more of the cane.

He disappeared for a moment again, before returning to grasp her upper arm in his unyielding grip, yanking her to her feet. Aida stumbled, dizzy, but he let her adjust before walking her over to the familiar padded table in the middle of the room, unlinking her cuffed arms to position her with her ass high in the air, and her head on the mat with her arms stretched to the edge.

His hand came down roughly on her ass cheek, blazing a path of fire across her skin. He spanked her in the same spot again and again, until she jerked against her cuffs, before he moved to the other side, repeating the process. This time, he went until she no longer struggled against the blows, her body slumped into tearful acceptance.

"There...there's my girl."

He crooned, smoothing his hands gently across her damaged skin. Aida sniffled, trying to stay still, to please him. He didn't like when she fought her bonds.

"I have something new for you tonight."

His touch suddenly abandoned her, and she heard the sound of plastic packaging being ripped open, before his finger was at her asshole, unlubed, probing the entrance. Aida stiffened instantly, fear tightening her muscles. He had never played with her there.


He spoke with a warning in his voice, and she did her best, trying to allow him to examine her without clenching. She felt a cold drop of lube there, just a small amount, enough to allow his finger to slip inside. She panicked at the intrusion.

"Master, please. Please don't. I can't..."

His boots clicked quickly toward her, his hand grasping her chin roughly in his hand to turn her head upright enough for him to land a stunning slap across her face. Her head bounced off of the mat with the force of it, and she fell silent instantly, terror in her heart as she knew how badly she had angered him.

"Who owns you, slave?"

His voice was cold, and she trembled under the force of his disdain.

"You do, Master."

She spoke in a broken whisper, edging on a sob. She had failed to please him.

He went back to her asshole then, sliding his entire finger in much more roughly than before, having lost his inclination for pleasantries. She cried out each time he withdrew and re-inserted his finger, squealing when he added a second.

"Quiet that noise, slave, or I'll gag you."

He kept stretching her until he managed to insert a third finger, before withdrawing.

Mercifully, he added more lube before sliding in something metal, cold, making her whimper in pain with the force of it. Finally, the stretching stopped, and her hole closed up around the object, but she couldn't help but cry, humiliated.

"Hmmm...do you feel embarrassed, little slave?"

She nodded, even though his question was surely rhetorical. She cried harder when his fingers pressed into her pussy, her wet cunt sloshing with her juices, uncomfortable against the metal in her ass.

"You're soaking, pet. Your body clearly loves this."

He fingered her harder, faster, his thumb toying her clit. She didn't want to, overwhelmed by the pain she felt, her ass cheeks burning, but she felt the familiar sensation of tightening in her stomach.

"Please, Master...may I come?"

He didn't answer her, adding his other hand to palm her clit expertly.

"Please...please may I come, Master?"

She descending into begging, unsure if she could hold her orgasm, terrified of her punishment if she should fail.


He removed his hands so fast she ached, leaving her right at the edge, sobbing into the table beneath her.

"Consider this a lesson for your earlier transgression."

He brought his hand down on her pussy, spanking it as he had her ass earlier, ignoring her squeals and cries until she settled into acceptance, her body beginning to sag, unable to support itself.

Her cunt was a fiery red when he finally ceased, her clit sore and swollen from the repeated blows.

She was too tired to think, dazed when she felt him remove her cuffs, her eyes bleary when he finally took off the blindfold she hated so much. She flinched when he took her into his arms, carrying her, but he shushed her softly, cradling her as he took her to the bed in the corner.

"You're alright, little one. You're my good girl. My good, good girl."

He laid her down tenderly, holding her until he felt her sobs steady, her breathing begin to level.

He made love to her then, rolling on top of her to slide his cock into her sore pussy. Aida cried out again, but unlike the cries of pain from earlier, these were of pleasure, building as he stoked the fire of orgasm in her once more.

"Please, Master, please..."

He didn't make her finish her sentence.

"Come, slave."

She shattered beneath him with her climax, her body flexing and shivering with the force of it. He kept going, drawing it out, his lips soft on her neck as he spent himself within her.


He slid out of her a few moments later, caressing her body with his large hands as he held her. Aida slept almost immediately, wrapped tightly against his chest.

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