I returned to the living room and we continued to watch tv and talk as if nothing happened. Other than my nose running occasionally, there was nothing to indicate any bad behavior had occurred. We were just three friends drinking and watching basketball.

A few of Jimmy's friends came and went. By a few, I mean three or four and none of them stayed longer than an hour. It seemed as though Jimmy was less popular without Kat around. I could see why. He was a bit of an asshole. He was an acquired taste.

Although we weren't talking about it, my mind kept drifting back to tasting Jimmy...and Kevin, a few hours earlier. A few months ago I would have felt self-conscious about what had just occurred. Now I found myself empowered by it. Whether it was my maturation, the gained experience, or the cocaine, I was becoming more comfortable with my sexuality. After having only had sex with one man for the four previous years, I had now had sex with seven men in the matter of six months - not counting my ex-boyfriend. My sexuality was no longer stifled and I craved more.

To be honest, I enjoyed the attention. Sex was validation that I was desirable, popular, accepted; all things I wanted to be. I was also enjoying the sexual variety my life had been lacking before. I had listened to friends recount their various experiences; hook-ups, men, dick sizes. I had always been jealous but also comfortable with my (then) boyfriend. I could now join that conversation.

Speaking of conversation, there was plenty of it amongst Jimmy, Kevin, and myself. I found that I became quite talkative when high, not to mention unfiltered. Jimmy and Kevin didn't seem to mind. They were unfiltered themselves despite taking much fewer trips than myself to the bedroom mirror. I hadn't been back there too much, just enough to keep the high riding, but I had noticed neither of them had kept the same pace.

Kevin had gone to his room for a bit, or the bathroom, I'm not sure. I missed his company which was weird since we weren't even really friends. My mind jumped all over the place like static in my head. Was he ok? Is he sleeping? Is he masturbating his uncircumcised dick? And why did I care?

"Are you ok?"

Jimmy's question had snapped me back to reality. I assured him I was but I needed some fresh air.

I stood up and walked to the small sliding glass door which led to an equally small balcony; stepping on and over the air mattress as I did. The sun was starting to make its descent and the colors of the setting sky and fresh air calmed me a bit.

I walked back inside to find Jimmy laying on the air mattresses. I stepped over him but he grabbed my ankle, causing me to lose balance and drop to the air mattress as well. I attempted to get up but he playfully tackled me, his weight on top of me sinking us both into the air mattress.

His hands once again found my breasts. He fondled them with a smile. His hands felt good on my body and the attention was nice. I could feel him growing against my pelvis.

"I thought blow made it hard for men to get hard," I inquired.

He sat up, saying nothing, and positioned himself between but not on my legs. He unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off of me as I bent my knees up to assist. He then pulled off my panties in the same fashion.

His fingers found my vagina. Slowly sliding in two fingers.

"I thought blow made it hard for women to get wet," he quipped back, obviously a reference to how wet I had quickly become.

Jimmy took off his pants. His beautiful cock looked mostly hard but not fully. My observation was correct as he entered me with a less than a fully hard penis. This would not do.

I rolled him off of me and onto his back. I laid between his legs, taking his semi hard cock in my mouth and attempting to suck it to life. My tongue and lips worked on Jimmy's dick but not to the point of getting him fully hard.

I had been sucking Jimmy for a few minutes and took a break. My hand still held his penis as it remained right in front of my face. Jimmy may not have been my favorite person but his penis was my favorite penis. I gave it a kiss to show my appreciation.

Jimmy's hand found my head and pushed it down to resume our fun. As my head rotated down I found Jimmy rolling his legs back simultaneously. His balls and asshole were now staring me in the face.

I licked Jimmy's balls but another push of my head indicated that was not what Jimmy desired. I had never licked an asshole before and had only just recently experienced the joy of receiving a rim job.

I decided to take the plunge. I spread Jimmy's ass cheeks and licked his asshole. It was hairy. It had a scent. It was exactly what you would expect of a man's asshole. My brain was trying to register whether this was gross or erotic.

My tongue danced over and around his asshole. His hole seemed to breathe and have a life of its own. One moment it seemed to be winking at me. The next moment it seemed to be opening up, inviting my tongue inside. I had never seen an asshole up close like this before and it was a bit disturbing. I closed my eyes and licked the length of his ass crack - his hole winking at my tongue as it rode by.

I moved back and plunged my tongue into his hole, orally exploring his tunnel. His balls rubbed against my nose while he jerked himself off. I spread his ass cheeks more and pushed my face in deeper - unsure if this was even how one was supposed to toss a salad.

From my position, I looked up and could see he was fully hard now. I wanted it.

I climbed up on top of Jimmy and went to mount his hard cock but I had become dry. I tried fingering myself. Jimmy tried fingering me. The wetness had not returned.

Jimmy stood up and walked nakedly to his bedroom. He returned with a bottle of lube. "Of course he had lube," I thought to myself.

I got on all fours, my hands and knees on the floor for all intents and purposes, as the air had been slowly leaking out of the mattress.

I felt the coldness of lube as Jimmy rubbed a handful of it onto my pussy. He pushed into me, his big dick filling my vaginal cavity. There was no warm up. We had to strike while the vagina was still lubed and the dick still hard. Jimmy was pounding hard and fast. His big dick causing me to moan loudly as it stretched areas previously untouched. It was a welcome, good pain.

I then felt another sensation of coolness. This time Jimmy had squirt some of the lube directly onto my asshole. I froze, knowing what was about to happen but allowing the event unfold like a spectator, rather than the participant I was.

I had tried anal sex before with my ex boyfriend. The first time was horrible but the second time somewhat pleasurable. He was only 5" long though. Jimmy was 8" and much thicker. I was scared and went to mutter an objection but none came out.

His cock head pressed against my hole. My ass was tight, nervously tensing. He pushed forward regardless. I felt his thick head enter me first. He did not thrust in hastily as my ex had. Instead he slowly pushed his thick cock into my ass despite by hole's natural reaction to tighten up and block all entry. He had broken the barrier. His thick cock was now in my ass and he held it there.

"Ow, ow, owwww," I cried

My body was calibrating this new feeling. It hurt so bad and we still hadn't begun the actually fucking. He pulled all but an inch of his dick out slowly. I could feel my ass muscle gripping Jimmy's cock for dear life - the exact opposite of what it should have been doing. I put my face in my hands and cried and he pushed his dick back into my ass. He was way too long and thick for this I told myself, yet didn't mutter anything other than cries and gasps.

Then, as if a switch was flipped, my anus relaxed. The muscle loosened and Jimmy could feel it. He began to pump, his dick stretching my ass. My stretched ass now welcoming it. The lube was doing its job as he smoothly slid it and out of my ass. It still hurt but it was transitioning to a pain/pleasure dynamic, if there is such a thing.

He pumped harder and harder as I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. I could feel a wave coming within the depths of my body and it crashed with what I'd call the most intense orgasm I had experienced. I was crying - half pain, half orgasmic release. My body and brain were in a blender of sexual stimulation.

Jimmy continued fucking my ass. He was lasting a long time and the pleasure had begun reverting back to pain. He was pumping hard and fast, attempting to bust through the cum damn which was built up by the cocaine and alcohol.

He then stopped and pulled out of me. I could feel my ass was still open and I now I could feel his cum dripping out of it. I rolled over onto my back - my asshole still open and hurting. I wondered anxiously whether he had damaged it.

"Holy shit," Jimmy said, "no one has ever let me fuck their ass before."

"Lucky me," I whispered to myself.

I walked gingerly to the bathroom, in pain with each step. I sat on the toilet and let more cum drip out of me.

A watch sitting on the vanity showed 5:30pm.

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