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It was still early to go to the airport when they finished the meal but it was getting towards the evening and there was not enough time to go sightseeing either. Vikas suggested that they pick up the luggage from the hotel which will take some time and then go to the airport.

"We can pass some time at the airport if we get there early." Vikas said "It's always better to be early than late. I personally love airports."

They went to the hotel and took out all the suitcases from the storage room. They collected them in the lobby. The parcels that were going to be sent by couriers were left in Vikas' room.

"I don't think there's any point in all of us going to the courier service, waste of time and money," Vikas said "so, all of you go to the airport from here. I will take the parcels to the courier then come to the airport."

"Why do you need to do that?" Amisha said "Prakash or Hemant Bhaiya can go to the courier."

"Because," Vikas said "if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself. I won't trust this job to anyone except myself."

"I will go with you." Shriya said.

Kajal stepped forward "I will stay with you as well, Patidev."

"You don't trust me with your husband, do you?" Shriya said to Kajal.

"Bhabhi!" Kajal said.

"Nobody is staying with me." Vikas said "Kaju, you have the cards, they will need those at check-in, so you need to go. Shriya, you don't need to go with me, I can manage it."

"Well, tough luck I am staying." Shriya pursed her lips.

Vikas rolled his eyes "O...kay."

Sonali said "Prakash, Guddu and Hemant will go with you and help you."

"You can't leave all the men here, you need someone to help with the bags, Sasu Maa." Vikas said "Take Guddu with you. Prakash and Hemant can stay with me."

Nobody noticed that Shriya's expression changed.

"Shriya, you take my key and go to the room," Vikas said "we will see them off then we will be back."

But, after seeing the rest of family off in a big taxi, Vikas said "Hold on, guys. Stay here."

Prakash and Hemant stayed in the lobby and watched Vikas go and talk to the girl behind the reception counter. She looked towards them and nodded to Vikas.

Vikas came back to them. "Look, I know you hate me right now but I have done something which you would like. "

"We don't hate you..." Hemant started.

"Shut up." Vikas said "Go with that girl, the one who has just come out to the reception. She will take you to the hotel spa. You can have your last massage in Thailand. Don't need to pay, she will add it to the room bill and I will pay it when I leave. You go directly to the airport when you are done."

"But..." Prakash started.

"Do not tell anything to the family. Just say you left Shriya and me at the courier company because the paperwork was going to take time and you came to the airport to help them."

"How will you manage though?" Hemant asked.

"I will manage fine. I am not going to lift those bags myself." Vikas scoffed "I don't even need Shriya but she insisted. I need to reopen and repack those parcels securely so she can help with that now that she's here. You can take her with you if you want."

"No, no, no!" Hemant raised his hands in front of him "Let her help you."

"Sure. I will probably reach there after you as I have to re-pack everything and go to the courier first. Just tell everybody you left me at the courier agency, and I will say the same.

"Great. Thanks, Vikas." Hemant said.

"Thanks Vikas." Prakash also said.

Vikas smiled "You are welcome."

Both of them went to the spa girl waiting for them. There was a spring in their step. Their last massage had been with family so they were really looking forward to a "proper massage".

Vikas shook his head with amusement as he walked towards the lift.


"Where's my husband?" Shriya said when Vikas came back.

"He's busy." Vikas grinned "Get naked."

"You sure he won't come?" She said as she started to take her clothes off.

"Oh, I am sure he will come but he will come downstairs." Vikas said grinning widely as he took his clothes off "He's getting a massage in the hotel spa."

"Mmmm, you are such a bad man." She said as she walked into his arms "I was wondering if I would have to satisfy myself with just sucking your dick in the taxi."

"In front of your husband?" Vikas said while he squeezed her gorgeous, naked body in his arms his hands roaming all over her smooth, warm skin.

"No, I was sure I could manage to get in a taxi alone with you." She said, her lips brushing his jaw line "Though I do have a fantasy about that."

"Mmm, tell me." He picked her up and dumped her on the bed, then got on top of her.

"Aaah!" Shriya let out a long scream as Vikas slide his rock hard cock into her tight pussy without any preamble "God, that feels so good to be back on your cock again."

"Tell me your slutty fantasy, Shriya." He kissed her neck and started to fuck her in and out, keeping his strokes deep but slow so she could talk.

"It's a weekly game of cards between you, my husband, Prakash and mummy ji." Shriya said, moving her hips under him, helping him fuck her deep.

"Why Sasu maa?" Vikas asked, his strokes continued smoothly deep, his massive cock conquering her expertly.

"You needed a fourth, and I didn't want to play." Shriya said, her breath was a little heavy as her body quite got hotter under his expert fucking.

"Mmhmm, go on."

"Hemant loses his money to you, and in order to win his money back he puts me on the stake." Shriya said, her voice getting breathy as her arousal rose with the combination of the fantasy in her head and Vikas' throbbing dick in her cunt.

"Some husband." Vikas drilled her wet, hot cunt smoothly in and out.

"Yes, he's desperate and he thinks he has a good hand. Ah, may I cum, please, Vikas?"

"Not yet, baby." Vikas kissed her lips softly "Keep talking."

"But, oh...ok, Vikas." Shriya held on to her building orgasm and continued telling the fantasy "He loses again but doesn't want to give me to you. He appeals to mummy ji, but she says he must honour his debt. So he...ah, Vikas...please let me cum."

He bit her neck just below her ear "No, you belong to me now, I have won you and you are my bitch. You will cum when I tell you to."

"Oh God, Vikas, that makes me so hot. Oh god!" Shriya moaned but when he didn't relent she continued, while closing her eyes to control her pussy "You make me kneel under the table and suck your dick while you play the next hand. You let him make another bet, if he loses he will have to watch you fuck me. He agrees."

"Go on." Vikas didn't slow down his strokes at all and Shriya's body was jerking so hard she was going to erupt any moment.

"I can't! Baby, please let me cum." She begged pushing her ass up to take his cock deep into her hungry cunt "Please! Please! Have mercy on your bitch. Please!"

"Okay, you may cum." Vikas said and speeded up his strokes, slamming her ass into the bedsheet with hard, powerful thrusts.

"Ah, god, yes, baby, thank you!" Shriya's body thrashed on the bed as she came so hard and that her whole body felt like it was on fire. She clung to Vikas with both arms and continued to fuck herself wildly on his cock. He jammed his cock deep and hard into her cunt, making her scream with each thrust.

"God, I don't know how you do it, Vikas, but I have never had orgasms like this in my life." She panted in his ear "You know you own me now. There's nothing I won't do on your command."

"Continue with your story." He told her, kissing her cheek, sucking her neck as he fucked her cunt slowly now again.

"Mmm, you win the next hand, too. And this time Hemant really doesn't want to pay up." Shriya said, feeling Vikas' cock reaching deep in her cunt and making her body feel warm and nice again "Mummy ji clears the table and says 'Bahu, bend over here and spread your legs. In this family, we pay our debts. Damad ji will take what belongs to him."

"She is a fair woman" Vikas said, smoothly drilling Shriya's cunt, his strokes getting faster now.

"Oh god, I am...there is something about my traditional, old-fashioned mother-in-law turning me into a whore for you that makes me explode. I am ready to cum again, Vikas. Please?"

"No, not yet, you need to finish the story this time."

"Ah, god, baby!" Shriya cried out as her body started to feel that same build-up of high-voltage currents.

"Go on." Vikas prompted her.

"You fuck me on the table and mummy ji encourages you to fuck me harder, she keeps telling me to submit like a good whore."

"She calls you a whore?" Vikas pressed down so his chest crushed her soft, firm tits.

"Mmmhmmm, yes, but I don't know why. It turns me on a lot."

"Then what?"

"You fuck me hard and long, my husband is sweating as he watches this." Shriya continued breathlessly, her words more of a whimper with her need "Mummy ji encourages me saying 'Damad ji owns us now, learn your place, bahu. You are his whore now.'"

"Fucking hot!" Vikas bit her earlobe "Then?"

"When you are ready to cum in me, Hemant becomes crazy, he tells me to get up. I start getting up but mummy ji grabs my neck and pushes me down, she tells you 'Mark your whore, Damad ji, she is your property now."

"Mmmm, seems fair." Vikas kept his lips on her neck and said "What then?"

"Nothing more, Vikas. I can never get past that scene, where you are fucking me in front of my husband and my mother-in-law is helping me in becoming your whore. Please let me cum, Vikas. I really need to cum, baby."

"You may cum, honey." He sucked her neck as he made his strokes so hard and forceful that the whole bed shook with his rhythm.

Shriya screamed loudly as she came all over his cock and Vikas came in her right after that. Her yelps grew louder as her pussy gushed over his cock and he pumped his hot, searing load into her womb. The feeling of being completely vulnerable under him and being marked by his cock was really erotic for Shriya and her strong, tingling orgasm lasted a long time.

When he pulled out of her cunt, she quickly got up on her knees without needing any prompting from him. He lay down and she licked his cock clean, eating his delicious cum happily.

"Vikas, do you have any fantasies?" Shriya said still licking and sucking his dick after he was fully clean "I mean about me?"

"Tell me where is your husband right now?" Vikas said.

"In the spa having fun with some Thai whore." Shriya said.

"And where is his wife?"

"Sucking your dick."

"That's what gets me hot." Vikas smiled "He is playing with some cheap whore while I am making his wife my personal whore right that same moment."

"Mmmm, the way you say it, now it makes me hot too."

"Up for another session?" Vikas said.

"Of course, Vikas." Shriya said "I don't know when I will get to have you in me again after today. I want you to break me thoroughly, ruin me so completely that I am sore for days and think about you every minute."

"That's what I do best." Vikas grabbed her by the hair and pushed her on to all fours "Spread wide."

He got behind her and pushed his cock into her cunt with a quick, smooth stroke. It sank deep into her wet pussy. Shriya screamed as the thick beast stretched her and invaded her so deep that her breath got stuck in her throat. After a few strokes when his cock was fully soaked in her cunt juices, Vikas pulled it out and placed the cockhead on her ass hole. He started to rub his cockhead on her puckered ass hole, lubricating her with her pussy juices.

"Ah, it won't fit, Vikas." Shriya said with panic "It's too big."

"It will fit, darling." He rubbed her bare back and continued to slowly press his cockhead on her ass hole "Just relax. You want me to break you, don't you?"

"Yes, mmm." Shriya's heart was beating fast with fear and excitement.

Vikas grabbed her hips and pushed once, hard. His cockhead popped into her ass. Shriya screamed as the thick beast stretched open her sphincter so helplessly wide. She took shallow breaths and tried to calm her heart. Vikas moved his hips in a circle and pushed again.

"Oh mumma!" This time Shriya's scream was louder. She could feel her rectum being penetrated by Vikas' hard cock his cockhead ready to enter her anal canal. Her breath was heavy and loud.

Using in and out strokes, he slowly invaded her ass deeper and deeper until his throbbing beast was fucking her anal canal and Shriya was becoming helplessly hot and excited. She kept her breath slow and tried to relax her ass as much as possible. Soon he was drilling her tight ass with a slow but smooth rhythm. Shriya was feeling incredibly hot as his cockhead penetrated her anal canal and marked her as his property.

"Please, may I cum, baby?" She panted "Please, Sir. I need to cum."

To her relief, Vikas gave permission immediately and Shriya let go. Her body jerked hard as she came and almost collapsed on the bed. She was emitting loud, primal, non-verbal noises with each stroke of his hips. Her pussy was gushing with cunt juices and Shriya was just trying to hold on while the raw orgasm went through her body.

After her orgasm subsided, his thick cock felt even better in her ass. Now, she did not feel any pain from his fucking and his cock stirring her bowels was actually incredibly hot. So hot, in fact, that Shriya could already feel her next orgasm building up in her centre like dark clouds gathering to create a huge storm. She was moaning continuously as she took her Vikas' cock in her ass and submitted to it completely.

Vikas reached down and took her tits in his hands. Her screams got louder as he kneaded her tits in his strong hands while drilling her ass so deep that he was taking her breath away with each thrust. Shriya came again quickly and hard. This time, her elbows did give way and she collapsed on the pillow. Vikas continued to claim her ass, his thick, long cock driving so deep into her ass that she could clearly feel him in her anal canal, stretching it, fucking it, owning it.

Shriya thought about her husband in the hotel spa downstairs, fucking some Thai whore while she was submitting her married body to her brother-in-law. Her pussy squirted again and a loud, animalistic noise came out of Shriya's throat. Vikas gripped her by the neck and pressed her face into the pillow as he really started to plough her ass. Shriya knew he was going to cum in her and the anticipation increased her own body temperature quickly.

When Vikas' cock erupted in her with a hot, liquid explosion, Shriya felt the heat of his load in her anal canal. She could feel it how it travelled down into her bowels as he kept drilling her and dumping his cum into her ass. She was yelping with this hard, powerful fucking, but she screamed even louder as she came again. His cock pumping his cum into her ass as she came was a highly erotic feeling for Shriya.

Vikas fucked her with a few more strokes then slowly pulled out a minute later. She felt cold air rushing into her gaping ass and it made her gasp. She knew he would mould her to his cock with every fucking.

"Let me clean you Vikas, then I want to take a shower." Shriya said as he let her up.

"No." Vikas turned her over and got on top of her chest "you will not take a shower."

He placed his cock between her tits and grabbed her hot, bare tits in his hands. He squeezed his cock with her fleshy, pliable tits and moved back and forth, fucking them with his hardening cock. His cock smeared the inside of her tits with his cum. Shriya knew that smell very well. She had had smelled it on Kajal's chest earlier. Her pussy throbbed as she realised that Vikas was marking her with his cum and now she would have to travel to India, with the family, keeping his cum on her skin.

"You told me, you are my whore, didn't you?" Vikas looked into her eyes, still fucking her tits, smearing them all around with his cum.

Shriya nodded even though she had not exactly said that "I am, Vikas. I will do everything you say. I will travel like this only with your cum on my skin."

"Good whore." He said and moved up. He pushed his dick into her mouth and Shriya started to suck it clean, just like a good whore.


By the time Vikas and Shriya got to the airport the whole family was there. Hemant winked as Vikas walked in. Vikas smiled and nodded. If anybody noticed that Shriya looked like the cat that had licked the cream, nobody made any comments.

They had already checked in so there was nothing to do but have coffee and wait.


Vikas and Kajal was standing by one of the big pillars at Suvarnabhoomi Airport and talking in low voices. They were standing very close to each other and Vikas was gently touching Kajal on the arm or the neck casually. He brushed her hair from her cheek as they talked in low murmurs. The rest of the family was standing a little distance away.

"In the plane someone might see us, baby." Vikas was saying "If we go to the toilet together somebody in the family will notice."

"Well, how about here on the airport?" She suggested "The toilets are bigger her as well."

"You really want my dick in you right now after the pounding you got this afternoon?"

"Baby, I will take your cock, anytime you want, anywhere you give me." Kajal smiled "You know I am always hungry for..." She stopped as Rhea walked up.

"Hi jiju!" Rhea hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Kajal said.

"Nothing." Rhea said "Can't I kiss my jiju?"

"For no reason?" Kajal asked.

"Yes, why do I need a reason to kiss my own jiju?" Rhea said "I am not running away with him, relax. Though, jiju," she turned to Vikas "if you want, just let me know where to meet you. I will bring my jewellery."

"Hey!" Kajal said "I am right here."

Vikas said "I just got this brand new wife, baby. At least let me get some mileage out of her first."

"You will never let her go, jiju." Rhea said "I can see it in your eyes. My best chance is to share with her. I am going to talk to her. Can you give us some privacy, please, jiju?"

"Sure, let me know what you two decide." He walked away with a smile.


Hemant sighed "Ah, I will miss this place. It was a fun trip."

"Yes, me too." Prakash agreed "Too bad we can't come here every year."

The three guys were talking in a corner by themselves as they all waited for their flight.

"Hi guys!" Vikas joined them "Why do you look like somebody kidnapped your only daughter?"

"We were just talking about how much we loved this place." Hemant said.

"Yes, it was a nice little trip." Vikas agreed.

"Thank you so much Vikas for that spa thing." Hemant said. Prakash echoed his sentiment.

"No problem." Vikas said "I am glad you enjoyed it."

"Oh, that we did." Hemant said.

"Jiju, can we come here every year?" Guddu said.

"Not sure, man, I think we'll all get bored with just one place every time."

Guddu said "Not me. I loved it."

"But you don't need to come so far just for a Thai massage. There are massage parlours in Bombay too."

"Not like this." Prakash said.

"Very much like this, from what I have heard." Vikas said "They are just more expensive. They are calls spas."

"I don't know any place like this." Hemant said.

"Well, after we get back, I will find one for you and we can maybe plan an outing from time to time."

Guddu said "Wow, that would be awesome!"

The other two agreed with him.

"Ok, I will find out and let you know." Vikas said.

[End of Part 28]

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