It was around 8 when I got a message from Julie on my phone.

"You busy hun, I'm a bit pissed and a lot randy...J xx."

I replied that I wasn't busy and I was on my way over...

When I arrived Julie was in the garden with her friend Pam. "Hi," I said, "I didn't realise you had company."

"This is Pam," said Julie, "we've been having an afternoon of sun and prosecco, and I was looking for a bit of fun, and the batteries are flat in my rabbit!"

I looked at the scene, it was carnage - 5 empty bottles of prosecco and 2 empty glasses, and a full ashtray. I looked at Pam, she was around Julie's age, bottle-blond hair, curvy with a good size pair of tits on show under her vest top and leggings on.

"Shall I get some batteries for you?" I asked

"No, I had a better idea," said Julie, standing up and walking towards me. She was wearing a boob tube style dress and of course a pair of heels and looked great as always. The dress showed off her 34d tits as well as her cute backside (It also showed a bit of mummy tummy which had appeared over the summer)

She greeted me with a kiss which tasted of Prosecco but also tasted very hot!

"Don't mind me," mumbled Pam "I'll get on with my book, maybe you two should get a room?"

Pam was also clearly drunk but looked good too in her vest top and silky overshirt and black leggings

"That's the plan," said Julie as she took my hand and led me into the house.

"You're steaming," I said as I let my hand drop to Julie's arse, "How much have you had?"

"Oh just those bottles, and a few gin and tonics beforehand," she replied, tottering a bit as we went into the back kitchen.

I'd been the recipient of a Julie G & t before. Roughly 50% gin! Lethal.

"Christ, it's amazing you're standing, let alone randy!!"

"You know me, party central," she said, stopping in front of me and kissing me again. As she took a break from lashing her tongue around my mouth, she mumbled "And I'm definitely RANDY!!'.

With that she reached down and gave my cock a rub, "And I'm not the only one am I???"

"You look hot as fuck Julie, and you know I'm turned on when your pissed," I said as I pulled her close and squeezed her close to me, my hands slowly began rubbing her neck.

"Mmmm, you've learned what I like, haven't you? Do you like my new dress? It's an easy access number..." As she spoke, she pulled the top down to reveal her gorgeous tanned tits. "You can get your hands on these much easier..."

I took up the invitation, squeezing them and caressing them.

"Come on, to the bedroom, big boy,"

Julie tottered ahead of me and I took in the sight, she had put on a few summer pounds and this showed in not just her mummy tummy but also in her legs a bit, but she was very randy and still very fuckable.

She fell onto the bed and pulled up her dress.

"I took my knickers off earlier to save time," she said as she pulled me onto the bed and then pushed my head down towards her cunt, specifically, her clit.

She reached over to the bedside drawer and lit a cigarette and took a long drag.

"There's one for you when you surface," she giggled as she pulled my head into her.

I poked my tongue out and gave her cunt a lick

"Mmmm, oh yes," she gasped as she blew out more smoke.

I pulled my tongue away. "Better than the rabbit, I mean I can go and get some batteries if you'd like".

"Yes, better than my rabbit, you're better than that".

I took another taste.

"Ohhhhh, Mmmmm," she murmured

I pulled away again, "Are you sure?" I asked teasing her,

"YES, now come on, you know what I want, get to work with your magic tongue and make me cum," she responded.

I gave another lick, and this time left my tongue on her cunt lips for a bit longer, but then pulled away again.

"Hey, quit fucking around, I need to cum baby... I didn't get you up here to tease me, for fuck sake, get on with it will you?"

I leaned forward again and this time found her clit with my tongue and began circling motions. I knew Julie liked it slow to start with (she would come too soon if it was too fast!).

" Oh. That. Is. It. Mmm" As she said this she drank from the glass of prosecco which somehow I hadn't noticed when I went into the room.

I continued on my slow, circling motions, and Julie continued to guzzle the prosecco and smoke her cigarette.

"Yes, baby, yes."

I continued on and reached up and began to rub her belly with my hands as I licked.

"Hey, no need to remind me, I need to eat a bit less don't I?"

"Julie, your perfect, just perfect as you are," I lied

"Bit quicker now with that tongue," she said spurred on by my false compliment.

"OK bossy boots," I said as I quickened the pace.

My tongue now circled her clit at pace and also gave little flicks and pulled away from time to time.

"Ooooh, someone's learned some new tricks," Julie gasped between moans.

I got faster and faster and Julie got louder and louder with her gasps and moans and her filthy talk.

"Yes baby, suck my clit,

Make me squirt on you,

Lick that clit,

Faster baby,




Yes, baby,

Suck it,

Eat it,

Make meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


As she screamed that last command Julie began bucking on the bed, I slowed off the pace but kept my tongue pressed onto her clit.

She bucked and writhed and thumped the bed as she came with an almighty orgasm.

It took her a full minute to regain herself.

"Fuck, prosecco oral is THE BEST, and you, you sexy thing, you are the best at giving it", she said in a way too loud voice.

As she spoke she leaned up on the bed and pulled my head up to hers. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and began frantically kissing me. She tasted of nicotine and Prosecco, she tasted of Julie and I loved it. I began rubbing her tits as we kissed. She had great tits!

"Fuck me, now please," she said. "Fuck me, jump on top and fuck my drunken cunt with your hot cock"

I positioned myself on top of her and stuck my cock into her dripping cunthole.

"Mmmmnnnggghhh," she said as I stuck it in,

I removed it and slammed it in again,

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, it's going to come out of your mouth, you drunken milf" I said,

"Promises, promised" she replied and pulled me down on top of her and we kissed again as I thrust myself into her

"Oooooffftt, oh yes baby," she moaned,

"Aggghhhhh," she groaned.

I continued with these exaggerated thrusts and Julie moaned afresh on each one. Slowly I began to pick up the pace, sliding my cock in and out and kissing Julie's neck, ears, and tits as I did.

Suddenly she gave me a slap on the arse and shouted "Get up, quick, get up!"

I did and pulled my cock out. "What's up, someone come home??"

"No, I think I'm going to chuck up with you on top," she said and let out a large belch.

"Charming," I said, "that'll be the fizz I expect."

"Give me a minute, I'll be fine" she whispered.

I lit a cigarette whilst Julie regained the bit of composure she could. She reached across and took a swig of the Prosecco from the bottle by the bed and announced that she was ready to go again.

"Why don't you do me doggy?" she muttered, whilst stroking my cock, "Sorry about stopping earlier, that was a bit unfair of me"

"Hey better than you throwing up, you sure you're OK now?"

"You'd better believe I am, now, get that cock back in me," she commanded as she turned over and wiggled her arse at me.

"With pleasure," I said as I leaned over the back of her and slid my cock back in.

"Mmmmm, Hello again!" she said, as I thrust my cock in. "That is so much easier on my gassy belly, and it means I can have a fag" she said lighting up again.

"Feels good for me too," I said as I thrust in again.

"Mmmmm, very nice"

I slowly picked up my rhythm again, and as I did Julie pulled my hand forward and placed it on her clit.

"Frig me off, whilst you fuck me" she whispered," "I am so fucking randy tonight, I need to cum again".

I began massaging her clit and fucking her with more pace, she was clearly enjoying it as she moaned and groaned ever louder and began barking her commands again.

"Keep rubbing me,"

"Fuck me harder",

"Rub me quicker and harder baby,"

"Fuck, me fast and hard"

"Make me cum on your rock hard cock, you filthy bastard",

"That's it, close..."

I thrust in, rubbed, and pulled her hair back with my other hand

"Ride my fucking cock you drunken filthy slut, you know you want to"

"Yesssss" she screamed as she pushed back harder, yes, yes.

Without warning, the door opened and Pam walked in, holding her prosecco glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

"My book got boring, and this sounded entertaining," she said as she staggered over to me and began kissing me, "I thought I'd come and see the fun". She continued to kiss me and rub her hand on my balls.


Pam kissed me harder and rubbed my balls as I continued to pound into Julie who by now was quivering and shaking with her orgasm.

"Slow down baby, give us a minute," she said, but that wasn't possible.

"Fuck her raw," whispered Pam as she licked my ear, "Fuck her until she begging you to stop, fuck her until the bitch can't walk," she said all the time rubbing my balls.

I had no choice, I was about to come and I was hammering Julie harder than I've done before.

"Baby, stop, stop, fuck, stop"

"I'm ...


To... cum, you fucking horny bitch, I'm about to cum."

I hammered four more strokes and then my seed flew into Julie.





Bitch," I gasped as spunked into her.

"Wow," said Pam as she looked at Julie quivering on the bed, I think you've broken her.

Julie lay gasping, panting for breath, and then flipped over and smiled.

"Wow," she gasped, "Prosecco and your cock - beautiful"

Pam took her hand away, "Any chance you could, you know, fuck me?" she said, taking my hand and rubbing her tit with it through her vest top.

"I'm 53, I've not done it twice in a week for ages, let alone twice in an hour",

"Well' I can wait, and I think I can make you hard again," she whispered, taking a swig of prosecco and then kissing me and swapping it into my mouth.

"I bet you can," I said, "I bet you can," I smiled. Julie lit another cigarette and passed it to me, "Here, have a rest and we'll see what we can do!!"

To be continued...

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