Samantha Pt 13

Please go read part 1 through 12 before reading this...

I awoke in my second bedroom, next to Kaitlynn Sunday mid-morning. She was cuddled in a small little ball wrapped up in the sheet, naked and deep in dream. I did not wake her, softly and slowly climbing out of bed. I quietly shut the door behind me. I didn't know when she was going to get up, but I was starving feeling my stomach rumbling. I needed food. I went back to my room, putting on a clean pair of panties and my knee length silky robe, freshened up in the bathroom and headed to the kitchen to start making breakfast.

I whipped up some eggs, bacon and toast for two eating my portion, leaving her a plate of food when she finally awakes. I started some chores and was just refilling my coffee cup about an hour later when I heard her bedroom door open. Kaitlynn came walking out wearing her tight little cotton panties, topless with her hair all messed up. She smiled at me as she made her way to the bathroom. I was actually quite shocked she came walking out with her tits hanging out, but was kind of happy to see the morning view. A while later Kaitlynn exited the bathroom, walking towards me in the kitchen. She came up and slid her arm around my waist, leaning forward placing a soft kiss on my lips.

"Good Morning," she whispered.

Quite shocked and surprised by this I mumbled back, "Good Morning."

Kaitlynn said, "I smell food, what did you make?"

"Eggs." I replied; still stunned that she was walking around topless and kissing me good morning. Believe me I wasn't complaining, but was surely surprised how free and open she was being this morning. Kaitlynn wolfed down her food and lit a cigarette. We stood there talking a few minutes and I could not stop starring at her tits. I was trying to play it cool, but I was so turned on just watching her casual topless laze-a-fair attitude. Her tits were so plump and ample, especially with her thin body and her young age. We talked for a while when suddenly Kaitlynn edged in closer to me. She wrapped her arms around me, telling me how much fun she had last night and how comfortable she was. She was definitely flirting with me and I think she was still horny. I leaned in for what I had planned to be a small light kiss on her lips, but within seconds our tongues were swirling around each other's mouths. My hands almost instantly started rubbing and caressing her tits as our heads rocked back and forth kissing deeply.

The more entrenched we got, the hornier I became. I untied my robe, letting it fall open as Katlynn's hands started caressing around my stomach and hips. I lifted her onto the island nook. Her arms wrapped around my neck as my body leaned in closer. I nibbled my way down her neck, placing my lips onto her hard nipples. I sucked on her tits rotating back and forth between them both, as her hands caressed the top of my head and neck. I slipped out of my robe and slid my panties down. I guided her hand downwards, almost pulling her too far forward, to my soft warm pussy. Her touch sending tingling sensations throughout my entire body. I pulled at her panties as Kaitlynn lifted her hips letting me slide them right off. I leaned forward and down, pushing her torso back and started to softly kiss, lick and caress her clit. Just like years before with Jennifer, I had my face buried deep in a someone's pussy on my breakfast nook. Kaitlynn leaned back further and spread her legs apart, as I licked up and down her tight pussy lips. She got wetter and wetter with every pass, as I used my fingers to rub my own clit.

I leaned Kaitlynn down flat on the nook island and climbed my way on top. I knelt between her legs and went right back to eating her out. I watched as she pulled and tugged on her tits and nipples while my tongue swirled all up and down and around her pussy. Kaitlynn came fairly quickly, moaning out in pleasure. I picked myself up and cautiously swung around, placing my pussy right on top of her chest. I waddled my way back until my hot wet dripping pussy was right over her face. I felt Kaitlynn's arms pulls my legs further down, until I felt her hot little tongue hit my pussy lips.

Kaitlynn started eating my pussy as my head was still upright, enjoying feeling her working me towards orgasm. I moaned in pleasure as I let her enjoy being the bottom of her first 69. After a few minutes of her pleasuring me, as I softly and seductively rubbed, teased and caressed her pussy with my hand. I leaned my head down and placed my lips all over her hot sticky wet pussy. I licked up and down as I felt her tongue swirling around every inch of my dripping wet lips. I pulled my face away and moaned out, "Slide your fingers in me."

Kaitlynn responded by sliding her thumb inside my pussy pumping me back and forth, as I felt her hot breath along the inner sides of my thighs. I moaned aloud, as my mouth kept working her pussy bringing her to her second orgasm. When she withdrew her thumb, replacing it with her finger, her mouth wrapped right back around my clit, making loud giant sucking sounds as her tongue swirled around, pleasuring me as her fingers slid deep in and out of me, making me desire more pleasure.

Just as I was about to explode, Kaitlynn's phone, which was at the end of the counter started ringing. The display read, "SHARON." Her mom!

I almost jumped off of her in panic that her mom was calling her. I moaned out aloud, "Kaitlynn, it's your mom calling."

Kaitlynn replied, "Fuck that bitch, she can wait."

Her mouth going right back to sucking my clit. My head dipped back down after the phone stopped ringing as we continued eating each other out, to another orgasm.

But the panic set in. I couldn't focus any further with the fearful thoughts of what if her mom and my mom where on their way over? How horrible would it be if they showed up and found Kaitlynn and I, in a 69 on my breakfast nook, naked as jay birds having lesbian sex?

As much as I wanted to continue, I broke away from Kaitlynn saying, "I'm worried about them stopping by, so maybe we should stop this and get dressed."

I climbed down off of her and off the nook. Kaitlynn looked disappointed, but as she sat and through about it, she agreed and climbed off of the nook herself.

I grabbed my robe and panties from the kitchen floor and started towards my bedroom. I found some clothes to wear and jumped in the shower. I no sooner go into the shower, feeling the warm water caressing my body when I heard my bathroom door open. As it closed, I saw Kaitlynn standing there naked. She reached for the curtain, pulling it back far enough for her to climb in.

"What are you doing." I asked?

Kaitlynn smiled and replied, "I called my mom back, they are not on their way over. My mom told me that were expected for dinner at 5:30, so we got all afternoon."

My heart leapt and relief set in! We both leaned into each other instantly and started kissing again. I grabbed the luffa and poured my soap all over it, turning Kaitlynn around, with her back towards me. We washed each other thoroughly, enjoying our first shower together. It was a great experience to have again, since the last person I showered with was Anna.

As we got out, we helped each other dry off and it was erotic spending every minute rubbing her body with the towel. I led Kaitlynn from the bathroom to my bedroom. We stood naked at the end of my bed as we kissed deeper than ever before. Our arms wrapped around each other as our heads swirled back and forth. Our bodies pinned tight as our tits pressed against each other's, while our hands softly and sexually caressed our naked bodies. I was dripping wet and wanted her more than ever. I sat down on the edge of my bed with my feet still on the floor pulling Kaitlynn on top of me. I laid flat guiding her completely on top of me. After some balancing and climbing on issues, Kaitlynn's wet pussy was straddled right over my face. I used my tongue to swirl around her clit and wet lips. My nose and eyes the only thing sticking out from in-between her legs as I sucked her pussy. I watched the pleasure in her eyes, as she cupped, squeezed and pulled on her breasts. Her moans got heavier and heavier and turned to light staggered whimpers as I stuck my tongue as far up in her pussy as I could. As I licked her clit she moaned and gasped out loud and her legs locked up as she started cumming all over my face. My hands (pinned under her body) cupping her ass, as she screamed out, "Sam, I am fucking cumming."

Her body quivering as her orgasm continued, while my lips, mouth and tongue kept swirling around her tight little pussy. I wanted her to beg me to stop. My pussy was dripping wet and throbbing as I tasted every bit of her juices. Kaitlynn climbed off of me slowly, her legs shaking, leaning down kissing me softly licking herself off of my lips. Kaitlynn continued sliding down onto her knees at the base of my bed, softly kissing her way up my inner thighs. I felt her tongue hit my wide-open lips, as her tongue softly entered into my opening. I moaned in pleasure as she continued licking up and down my pussy working and flicking her tongue on my clit. I rested ion my elbows looking down watching this young, hot, sex girl start enjoying eating pussy and pleasuring another woman. The more she got into it, the less nervous she was and the better she was getting. She, like me was now beginning to enjoy lesbian sex and discovering how incredible it is to eat out pussy, just as I had years ago. There was no doubt I was falling for her and I wanted her to fuck me like this all the time. I was hoping she was feeling the same way!

"Play with my ass," I moaned out.

I opened my legs up further lifting them off of the ground falling back onto my back. I felt Kaitlynn's thin little fingers start rubbing up and down and around my asshole as her mouth continued sucking my pussy. She rubbed up and down my asshole as her tongue swirled around me. I cupped and grasped my tits, dying for her to ram fingers into both my ass and my pussy.

"Finger me," I moaned out.

Kaitlynn slid her hand away from my ass and slid two fingers deep inside me. I screamed in pleasure as her fingers filled my soaking wet pussy. She fingered me to an orgasm rather quickly as my legs shook. "OMG Kaitlynn," I moaned out. "Finger fuck me."

Kaitlynn didn't stop at all, bringing me to a second and more intense orgasm. I could hear the squishing sound of her fingers diving in and out of my pussy as I was coming down from cumming all over her fingers. I wanted her to ram her tongue up my ass, but I didn't think she was ready for that. I leaned upwards, grabbing her by her head and face and pulled her up on top of me. I kissed her as deeply as I could, show her how much love, passion and enjoyment I had for her and the sex we were having. We laid around for a while talking and spending time together talking about "girl things" before finally getting dressed and heading out for the day.

We made it to my mom's for dinner on time and we both ate like we hadn't eaten in days. Both Sharon and my mom commented on how much we ate. Sharon even commented that we both must be working too hard, since we were both so hungry. But Kaitlynn and I knew it wasn't work that made us so hungry, it was all the sex we had. Her and I kept very quiet throughout dinner, but often stared deeply into each other's eyes, just longing to be together again. Knowing what we had done earlier today and how much we longed for more. I was wet the whole time and wanted her to rip my pants down, bend me over the dining room table and ram a dildo deep in my ass. Ass fucking me to orgasm after orgasm. I wanted to climb under the table and eat her out right there, while my mom and Sharon were in the front room being social, only to have her cum on my face time and time again, trying to keep quiet... But, alas we couldn't

Usually on Sunday nights Kaitlynn's goes back to my mom's for the week, but tonight I took her back home with me. When we got back home, we fucked again. I fingered myself in my ass that night as I ate her out, bringing myself to multiple orgasms, as my tongue brought her to her multiple orgasms. We fell asleep naked in each other's arms waking up in just enough time for me to drive her to work.

I didn't see her much that week, but the next time we were together the following weekend we tried anal play and I used my dildo on her for the first time. She Loved It!!! And so, did I.

I'll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To Be Continued...

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