My wife caught my cheating when I left my phone on the charger while I took a shower. She knew my password from watching me, I had never hidden it. When I got out of the shower, she was already crying, and then the screaming started. I don't know why I wanted to fuck another woman, I just did it because she was hot and sexy and I could make it happen. But I love my wife and I don't want to lose her. I would choose her over any other woman. I could only say I'm sorry, over and over. She ran out to the car and peeled out. I found out later she went to her parents.

I texted her that evening but got no response. I texted her again before bedtime and said I love you I'm so sorry and please don't tell your parents if you have any hope that we can be together again. No response.

I called in the morning and she answered. She hadn't told her parents any details yet. But she didn't want to come home yet.

"Baby please just come over and talk to me. I love you so much, I have no idea what I was trying to prove.."

"I don't know if I can ever trust you again. You don't know how much it hurt to find out you've been fucking around. I've been betrayed."

"I know how you feel-"

"Do you??" She yelled. "I don't want to talk anymore, I need some time alone to figure this out."

"So you're not coming home tonight?"

"Maybe, maybe not" she responded. It was still only 9 am.

I looked around my empty house. The words "time alone" chilled me. I knew what she was going to do. She was going out with her friends to act like the bar slut she used to be, to dance and have guys buy her drinks. Right up until the time I met her, she was taking same-night dick from guys on Tinder and bringing randoms home from the club for unprotected sex at least weekly. She told me stories about them after we were engaged, and actually cried to me that they just fucked her and immediately left to buy smokes. I didn't get mad at her then but I was quietly upset that she needed to share that with me. She told me so many stories that I didn't ask to hear, until finally I had a clear picture of who my new wife was: a total slut, and proud of it.

My wife and I had shared location on our iPhones, and I had her blue dot on the map. At 4:00 I saw her at the mall for about an hour. Getting a new dress and shoes? Then over to her best friend's house. No movement for hours. Finally at 10:30 pm the dot is on the move. Probably taking a Uber, and just as I suspected she arrived at the Wildcat. I toyed with the idea of going there, but there is no way I would not be spotted inside, and she would make a fucking scene. I am drinking and watching the dot on the map all night. I imagine her friends leaving the bar with other guys while she is too drunk to notice. I wonder if she has found a friend. I find a hard-on in my pants and pull them off. I'm stroking my cock now. I can't take it anymore, it's 1:45 am. I text her.

Are you still up baby? Please come home. I love you

Amazingly, I see the three dots, she is reading it. Maybe typing..

You hurt me

I know. I'm so sorry.

You don't know what it's like.

Baby please come home I will prove that I love you

How could you do that?

I'll do anything


Yes baby just please some home


My heart raced. She was going to come home all drunk and horny and emotional, and we would have make-up sex and save our relationship. It took forever but finally the Prius pulled up in the street. I looked through the front window. It seemed the Uber driver was helping my wife out of the car, but then the car drove off and the two figures continued toward the front door. What the fuck? My wife spoke to the man and he stayed out on the the porch while she opened the front door and closed it behind her. I stepped out of the hallway.

"Baby, what's going on?"

"You stupid asshole," she whispered to me, "I was so good to you. You hurt me so bad!"

"Baby please, I'm s-"

"Shut UP!" she hissed. "So many guys were looking at me tonight. They all wanted to fuck me. I met someone tonight, he's hot, he totally wants to fuck, and he's outside. If you want to stay married to me at all, you are going to go sit in the spare room and listen while I cheat on you. If you do that, I will stay the night."

My head was spinning. I could barely believe this. She was so drunk, she was only doing this out of hurt, and maybe she wanted me to stop her, to stand up for myself. But I couldn't take that chance. I would do anything to keep her, and this was it.

"Okay baby, anything. I'm so sorry."

"Get out of here, I'm going to let him in. And don't fucking interrupt me or I will never talk to you again."

I walked right into the spare bedroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed and waited. For a few minutes the sound of talking and drinks being poured was all I heard. Then a strange silence. Then a few squeals of laughter, and they moved into the bedroom. My bedroom. I could hear perfectly now, the walls were so thin. I heard kissing and grunting. I thought I heard clothes being thrown. And then I heard her sucking his cock. The smacking and slurping came right through the drywall. I stripped off my pants and stroked my raging hardon. Oh yeah, fuck yeah, I heard a younger voice say. She choked and gagged a little. Then more. It sounded like a struggle, then gasping and spitting. He was holding her head down on his cock like a thug, and she hated that. I waited for my wife to object or cry out, but nothing. She just went back to sucking his cock, only now she was moaning as loud as he was. Sucking another man's cock was really turning her on, or maybe he had his fingers in her.

"I love your big dick" I heard as clear as day. My spine tingled cold. I held my pulsating cock, almost ejaculating at the words. She had scored a fat one, and I realized right at that moment that as much as I hated this, I was sexually excited for her to get rammed by a big cock.

After some movement on the other side of the wall, I heard a weak cry and a grunt from the man. "Oh god it's so big! Take it slow!" My wife was saying this directly to me, I could tell by her voice. Thanks, babe. I love you too. The screaming started and didn't let up for 30 whole minutes. I heard the merciless slapping of stomach to ass, and her squealing almost nonstop, much more noise than she had ever made with me.

"Oh god yes fuck me like that it feels so fuckinggood."


"Oh my god I'm going to cum on your big dick you are such a fucking stud, fuck me harder don't stop."

And I shot my load all over my stomach. I laid there while it turned watery and ran down my sides. By the time I heard him leave it was dry. I walked out to the bedroom door and saw my wife asleep on her side of the bed. I crawled in bed beside her, the sheets felt and smelled dirty. I was already naked and hard again.

"Baby, can we talk?"

"I don't want to talk" was her sleepy reply. "But you can fuck me, put it in."

The command seemed strange, but I did not argue. I inched closer and arched my back to get my penis to her. She stuck her ass out just bit until I was able to rub my cock on her slit. I was wondering if it would be wet, but instead it was flooded with slime, his cum. The feeling was intense, so slick and wet and wrong. I plunged my cock deep into her and felt the cum smack my balls. She let out the faintest chuckle.

"Oh shit, I can barely feel that."

I remained silent, slowly pumping my cock in and out of her motionless body. I took only 10 full stokes before I shot my load into her. She chuckled again. I silently bucked my hips until every last drop was out. I remained in my wife for a minute, until she squeezed her pussy and shot my shrinking dick out along with a teaspoon of sperm. Mercifully, I fell asleep. When I awoke my wife was dressed, standing next to the bed.

"You are so fucking pathetic. A real man would have kicked that guy's ass and claimed his wife. Do you even love me? Well I don't think I can love you now. I need a man with a big fat cock like that one that fucked me last night."

She stared at me, enjoying seeing the pain in my eyes.

"I thought you wanted to come back," I said.

"Actually I just wanted to fuck that dude and I couldn't take him to my parents' house. Then I let you have sloppy seconds because I was full of cum anyway, and it's kind of funny that you did that. Anyway, we were over the second I found out you were cheating. I'm coming back this afternoon to get my stuff, so can you be gone for a while then?"

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