When your owner asked what your New Year's Resolution was, you had a ready answer: "exercise more". It's the same resolution you have every year. Usually you go to the gym for a few weeks, then life gets busy and you forget about it.

This year will be different. This year, you have a dominant.

He informs you that he will be helping you with your New Year's Resolution. He also tells you that his New Year's resolution is to keep you in orgasm denial more of the time. That doesn't seem quite fair to you. New Year's Resolutions are supposed to be all about self improvement, right?

He assures you that this year will be all about your self improvement.

Normally you just start the new year with a vague goal. Your owner doesn't let you get away with that this time. He discusses with you to make specific plans, to arrange details such as what exercises you can do on what date.

And just how your orgasms will be restricted.

Normally he makes you ask for permission to orgasm, but lets you orgasm several times a week. But now that's all changing.

You are no longer allowed to cum, except under very specific conditions. He's defined a special plan for you.

You will exercise hard five days a week. You will masturbate just before you exercise, teasing your horny little pussy up to the edge of orgasm... and then stopping. Every time you exercise, your pussy is wet and demanding attention.

If that isn't bad enough, once you finish working out, sweaty and tired, he immediately grabs you, pulls you over to a sturdy wooden chair, and straps you in. He buckles straps tightly around your ankles, above and below your knees, above and below your tits, around your neck, your forehead, your wrists, forearms and upper arms. You are held quite securely. You can barely wiggle.

The chair is turned towards a TV, which plays clips of pretty girls doing slutty workouts. Girls doing yoga, stretching their legs with ridiculous flexibility, straining against their tight yoga pants. Girls doing full splits. Girls dancing, shaking their butts to the camera. Girls pole dancing.

The chair has another special feature. A high powered magic wand style vibrator is embedded in the seat of the chair. When you are strapped in, the head of the vibrator is pressed firmly against your pussy.

While you watch the videos - you couldn't turn your head away, even if you wanted to - your owner turns the vibrator on. And off. Over and over again. He makes sure to get you worked up, but not to let you cum. Exhausted, you beg and tug at the straps. Eventually he turns off the vibrator.

You know the rules. Any time you exercise, you edge before, and are strapped down and teased after. Why would you want to exercise, under those conditions? Well, part of the reason is that you love the attention. You're a greedy little attention whore, and you love to feel his strong hands on you. You love it when he makes you helpless, when he controls your body and when he decides how much pleasure you will or won't receive. And you love to make him happy.

But there's another reason, too. A very important reason.

You only cum if you work out five times in a week.

The fifth time you will edge, work out, get strapped down, teased with the vibrator... but that time he doesn't turn it on or off. He leaves it on a program that constantly runs, shifting among various power levels, but runs most of the time at the highest level.

It runs until you cum.

Then it keeps running, and you cum again.

And again.

And again.

By that point you barely have the energy to beg for it to stop, before your body is wracked with another orgasm.

You have no idea how many times he makes you cum as you strain against the restraints. By the end, you're too exhausted to have any idea what's going on. You feel like you've cummed your brains out.

Then he releases the straps and cuddles you, strokes your hair and tells you what a good, good girl you are.

You've been working out a LOT lately.

Unsurprisingly, you've never felt so motivated. You aren't about to let ANYTHING get in the way of your workouts.

You find yourself getting hornier and more perverted, week by week, month by month. Soon enough, your owner has convinced you to switch from using a treadmill to a combination of yoga, belly dancing and pole dancing.

You love getting flexible for him and the bondage he puts you in. You love dancing for him, gyrating your body, looking sexy and slutty for him.

Now when you are strapped to the chair and teased as you are forced to watch girls work out, you notice some of the clips are of YOU. You, in a yoga downward dog position. You, legs spread, bending down as low as you can. You, in your sheer little belly dancing costume. You, twirling on the pole.

And all the while, the vibrator teases you.

Then your owner informs you that on your orgasm days, ALL the clips will be of you. That you are going to cum over and over, forced to watch yourself sweat and dance for his pleasure on the TV.

Last year, you would have been uncomfortable with that. But now, you just like to make him happy.

You're his happy, fit little slut doll. You can't wait to see what New Year's Resolution he picks for you next year.

Pub: Jan 07 2021 09:36 UTC
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