It had been a few days after my birthday and Candy and I were lying in bed. Her head was on my chest and she was making little circles around my nipples. I was playing with her hair and looking out her window at the stars. We were lying there for a while in silence and I think we were both thinking of the same thing we just didn't want to be the first to bring it up. We both asked the other about our thoughts but we both said nothing. I finally decided to bring it up. I told her that I really enjoyed my birthday gift from her and she smiled with me and kissed my chest.

"I just wanted to make you happy." She replied. I told her that she made me happy but I could tell that there was something else on her mind that was starting to trouble her. I told her that she could tell me anything and everything and only honesty could keep us together.

Candy told me that in asking for a threesome she felt like she wasn't enough for me and that I was interested in other women and asked if I would leave her for someone else. I understood her fears but I asked her if she felt like that then why even go through with it. She figured if she gave in once that I would be satisfied and that would be the end of it. However she didn't really expect to enjoy the experience that much. She talked to me about how erotic and sexual she felt having her pussy licked and sucked in a way she always wanted while having my dick in her mouth. Something about the way Kristy was touching her awoke something inside her and she was conflicted about it. I told her if she felt that way she should tackle the issue head on which meant maybe repeating the action and seeing how it felt a second time. Candy moved her head and put her chin on my chest and looked me in the eye.

"You'd love that wouldn't you." She sternly said.

"Love what?" I asked her confused as to where she was going with this.

"You'd love to fuck Kristy again in front of me." she snapped.

"You grabbed my dick and pulled me into her. Would you rather I fuck her when you're not around? I would never do that to you. I'd much rather have sex with another woman with you rather than without you." She looked at me and I could tell that she was mad but not enough to pursue the matter. I was also a little angry myself because it reminded me of why I wanted to break up with her in first place, I can't stand an insecure woman. It's either you know your importance and value to me while you are with me or stop needing me to validate your own feelings. I never told her this but she knew my way of thinking.

We both stayed silent for a while and finally I broke the silence again by apologizing. "What do you want to do then? Do you want to have a one on one with Kristy and see where that leads you?"

"No, I feel like that would be cheating on you even though you know. You can be there." She replied.

A few days later as I was leaving work to go home. Candy called me to come over to her place. I honestly wasn't going because things had been a little strained since the last time I was there but I didn't want to upset her so I went. When I got there, surprise surprise Kristy was there. We greeted each other and talked a little before Candy asked us both to come to the living room. We all sat together and before anything could be said Kristy spoke her mind.

"Jeremy, Candy before any of you speak let me just say that as much as I throughly enjoyed the other night you all need to know that I don't want to come between you two. I think you both have a great thing together and I would hate to break that up." She turned to Candy and held her hands and looking into her eyes she told her.

"Candy, I haven't known you as long as Jeremy but I really do appreciate you as a person and a friend and I know that you were and are trying to make Jeremy happy. The only reason I agreed to the other night is because it was always something I wanted to experience as a woman. I figured it would be more fun doing it with people I know and trust and I hope you know that I never want to come between you two. If you ever want to continue where we left off I would be willing but not if it's going to cause any trouble."

I sat looking at them and looked carefully at both their faces as the words were spoken. Kristy continued saying.

"Candy, I know that Jeremy loves you and you love him. I know that both of you may one day get married and have kids and I want you both to have that but I am not interested in any of those things. I have never been in a committed relationship because I don't want to be tied down to anyone. I love my freedom and even marriage is not something I am interested in. Maybe later in my life that might change but right now, I'm not in that place. You and Jeremy have something special and it would be horrible to lose that. Jeremy himself has turned me down on numerous occasions because of you. He doesn't love me like he does you. I don't think you will ever have to worry about losing him to me or anyone else. I will always be here to your fuck buddy but please don't expect more from me. I can't give anymore than that." I was shocked to hear this. Candy looked as though whatever doubts or questions she had were being answered and she looked a little more settled. She looked over to me and I nodded in agreement with Kristy's words. Her eyes welled with tears and she smiled a little.

Candy came over to me and sat on my legs and just hugged me and apologized. I looked over at Kristy and she was smiling in a very sly way (I didn't pay attention to it then but I should have.) Honestly I was all for it. If you ever had a threesome you know how much it spoils you, it's hard to go back from that especially as a man. Candy still hugging my neck let go and I wiped the tears from her eyes and gave her little kisses on her lips. She held my face and kissed me again. Kristy slithered up and began to kiss Candy's neck and ran her tongue up and down her neck. Candy turned to her and they both started kissing. Kristy pulled Candy off my leg and ran her fingers through Candy's hair while kissing her.

Kristy looked at me and gave me a wink and I laughed silently. Candy was wearing a little black house dress and Kristy pulled the dress up to expose her butt. She slid her hands under the waist of Candy's underwear and pushed it down to expose her bare ass. She grabbed Candy's butt hard and forcefully and then softly and slowly grabbed the rest of her dress and lifted it over Candy's head. Candy wasn't wearing a bra so as she stood there naked. Kristy lowered her head to Candy's breast and kissed them. As she fondled, massaged and kissed Candy's breasts. She flickered her tongue on Candy's nipples and I admired her technique. As Kristy continued her sexual stimulation of Candy's body she started to undress herself which didn't take very long. Kristy was not wearing anything under her own form fitting dress. She lifted her own breast to Candy's mouth and now it was Candy's turn to lick and suck on Kristy's breasts and nipples. Kristy reached her hand down to rub Candy's clit. I figured out quickly that Candy must be have been doing a great job or that Kristy was really horny because it didn't take long for moans of pleasure to fill the room.

Kristy started to back up and Candy followed her. Candy eventually pushed Kristy down on the couch and knelt in front of her. She spread Kristy's legs and started to lick her pussy. Kristy closed her eyes and grabbed Candy's head and played with her hair. She opened her eyes and looked at me and mouthed,

"She's so good." I just smiled. Kristy then pulled Candy up to kiss her lips and in so doing she pulled Candy up on the couch with her. She made Candy kneel on the couch and she slid down between Candy's legs onto the ground so she could lick Candy's cunt. She ran her hands all over Candy's ass as she licked and sucked her pussy. I looked at the beautiful sight of my girlfriend kneeling on her couch while another woman sucked her pussy. Kristy's hips were gyrating and her legs kept opening and closing. I think she was trying to send me a message. When I did nothing, she took her hands away from Candy's body and rubbed her own pussy and called me over. I walked up and licked her pussy.

Kristy was so wet and I loved how in touch she was with her sexual side. She knew what she wanted and was unashamed of it. With my tongue and fingers sliding in and out of Kristy's vagina, Kristy returned her hands to Candy's body and started to finger her. Candy was really horny now, she came off the couch. I pulled away and sat back in my chair and watched as Candy held up one of Kristy's legs, she lowered her pussy onto Kristy's and then started to rub their clits together. I watched my girlfriend discover something new about her own sexuality and prowess and I looked them both get lost in the moment. I don't know how much time had passed but eventually they both started to grind into each other so hard their voices got louder. Their breaths were quickening and sweat started forming on their bodies.

"Fuck me harder bitch" Kristy shouted at Candy. They both increased their intensity and speed and then they both let out screams and moans as Candy collapsed onto Kristy. Kristy's hands grabbed Candy's butt and she spread it exposing Candy's drenched pussy.

"That pussy needs a cock." She told me. I dropped my pants and lowered myself as Kristy grabbed my cock and guided it into Candy's pussy. Candy could have multiple orgasms. The second one usually entailed going fast and deep which I was more than happy to do. As I rammed my cock balls deep into Candy's pussy, Kristy was tickling my balls, she was looking at me and smiling,

"Fuck that pussy with your rock hard cock." She snapped at me."

"Make her cum all over my pussy again. Fuck her harder with your cock." I put my leg up on the couch and this time harder than I ever had before, really rammed Candy. I was so violent with my thrusts that I was moving both Candy and Kristy. Her breasts we're now dangling in front of Kristy's face and she grabbed both and sucked them hard. Candy's body stiffened again and she screamed out loud as her body got a second orgasmic wave through her body. She rolled off of Kristy and kept her eyes closed tight and just tried to catch her breath. Kristy leapt forward and swallowed my cock while stroking my shaft and pulling and tugging on my balls.

I grabbed a handful of her hair with both hands and thrusted my cock deeper into her mouth. I pushed her up on the couch with her head against the backrest and with the same force I was using on Candy's pussy, I was now applying to Kristy's mouth. She continued to pull and tug on my balls and I felt like I couldn't go on anymore. My cum exploded at the back of her throat and I felt her swallow it. I hadn't done much but I had used up more energy than I thought. I fell off to the other side of the couch as my orgasm high kicked it. Slumped down in the couch as much as I could Candy had now recovered from her orgasm and she pulled Kristy to her and stuck her tongue in her mouth. Kristy started laughing and told Candy,

"If you want more of your boyfriend's don't need to get it from my mouth. He's right there you can just suck it all out from his dick."

Candy came over to me and cuddled up next to me as Kristy made room for her between us. As Candy snuggled up under my arm and curled herself into a ball. Kristy licked my face and then licked Candy.

"I've marked my territory, you bitches are mine now." I really had no idea what Candy and I were getting ourself into but we wouldn't have to wait long to find out either.

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