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It was Danni's duty to perform regular maintenance checks on the androids, but he was also a part-time employee in the office. Thanks to him, Emily could eat and drink her fill -- he was the one bringing her meals every night, so she never starved.

She rubbed her throat, which felt sore from constant abuse and cock warming at the hands of Marcus, her owner in the office. Danni saw her discomfort and smirked, but continued cleaning the other androids.

How many times does someone need to cum in a day? She rubbed her knees, which were tender from kneeling for the past three days to satisfy Marcus. "Can't you bring me something better?" She asked the man, who stifled a gag from the noxious smell of liquids he drained from a blue-haired android with big, round breasts.

"Cum and piss not enough for you?" He said, replacing the saturated rag with another.

Emily ignored the question and looked at her cheeseburger. "I just mean, I'd rather stick to the healthier stuff you bring."

Danni ignored her, moving onto another android.

"Do you enjoy this?" Emily took a small bite out of the burger.

"Oh yeah," he said, panting as he scrubbed the android's face thoroughly. "Best job in the world."

Emily watched as he drained sperm and other fluids from the machines and carefully wiped them down. "Why do you do it then?"

"Someone has to," he grunted as he lifted two buckets full of lust and waste. He carefully shuffled to the storage room's exit and left Emily alone.

She knew he was heading to the toilets to pour the liquids down the toilet to flush. The storage room smelled like a toilet, and Emily felt ashamed by the fact she had managed to adjust to such conditions. When Danni returned, Emily had finished her cheeseburger. "I was wondering..."

"Yeah?" Danni asked, continuing his duties.

"Since it's just you and me here now, couldn't you turn a few of the cameras off in the office? I'd appreciate it, you know. I'd love to be able to walk around outside this filthy room..." Before she had even finished speaking, Danni was shaking his head.

"Nope. Because then people would ask questions. The fewer questions these pencil pushers ask about me, and about you, the better. We need them to believe you're just another one of these things." He tapped the cheek of a red-haired android with the back of his hand. "And I put in a lot of effort to keep this room clean, so show a little respect."

It was difficult for Emily to show appreciation when 80% of her diet consisted of sperm and urine. Danni was not directly at fault, but he worked for that despicable organisation, and he was benefiting from her misery just as much as the rest of them.

"Phew," Danni let out an exasperated sigh, causing Emily to snap her attention to him. "Finally finished. Do you need to wash?"

Emily nodded.

Danni stood outside while Emily cleaned herself. Her long, silky black hair was stained with cum and sweat. The jizz had dried up in her bangs, which clung to her forehead. At least he let me use warm water, Emily thought, scrubbing her body down with a sponge. Next, she brushed her teeth and rinsed with mouth wash. There was no way she would be able to sleep with the taste of Marcus' cum and piss in her mouth.

Several minutes later, Emily called out: "Hey, I'm finished."

Danni put his suitcase down, and retrieved a towel for her, which she dried herself off with. "Alright, well... I'll see you tomorrow then," he said, once she handed the towel back to him.

"Wait... Can you tell me about them? The black market you work for?"

Danni paused for a second, then dismissed the question. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Yeah... I didn't think so. It was not long after Danni left that Emily's fatigue took over, and she fell asleep.

The next morning, Danni knocked on the door.

"Why do you always knock? It's not like they're up to no good in there..." Marcus said.

"Eh, just a habit I guess," Danni said.

"Don't interrupt me, Marcus," Dahn scolded.

"Sorry, sir," Marcus said meekly.

"Anyway," Dahn continued, "after that I had to get my tooth removed. It's horrible, so trust me, Danni, get that shit taken care of as soon as you can." Dahn said, approaching the centre of the storage room.

"Will do, Sir," Danni said, waiting by the door.

Emily stood adjacent to the androids. Thanks to Danni's signal every morning, she never gets caught sleeping like a human being.

"Attention!" Dahn called out to the row of beautiful cum drainers. Simultaneously, the androids opened their eyes. Starting from Emily, continuing down the line, the company boss groped each of their breasts. It was a ritual he performed every morning. The first time he touched Emily like this, it caught her off guard, but she was used to it now. "Good morning, cock sleeves!" Dahn said. "Are you ready for another day of service?"

"Yes, Mister Garceu," they all said in unison.

Mister Garceu is such a pig, Emily thought, as the perverted grey-haired man caressed an android's pussy lips with his index finger. I hate that men like him have power... and I'm stuck in a shitty situation like this.

Emily's thoughts were interrupted when Marcus stood before her. "Morning, slut-guts!" He said, giving both of her breasts a rough squeeze.

"Good morning, Master," She said, passively. Emily did what Marcus expected of her every morning. She got down on her knees and followed along behind him like a dog until she reached his desk. She crawled under it.

It was not long before other employees filled the office, and androids assumed their positions under desks like Emily.

"Yo, Marky," a young worker approached Marcus, who was seated and about to unzip his pants.

"Uh, yeah?" He asked, displeased with the interruption.

"Hey, Marcus -- Sorry to interrupt, but it's your toy's turn to make coffee."

Emily perked at the thought.

Marcus slid his seat back, "Go on then, fuckface. But hurry up!"

Emily hid the excitement inside as she crawled out from under the desk. Making coffee is the only human thing I get to do here... It felt wonderful, walking around the office and delivering coffee to each employee. It was certainly a much better alternative to sucking dick. Her turn to make coffee only comes once a week, due to the number of employees with their own androids.

When she finished, Emily returned to Marcus who scowled at her.

"What the hell took you so long?" Marcus pulled his chair out again, "Are you a defect or something? I swear you take longer than the others do. Whatever, just hurry up," he ordered, gesturing to the space under his desk.

Emily obediently moved back into her 'home'.

Marcus unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, then waited for Emily to get to work.

Every day, it's the same thing, Emily thought as Marcus' musk filled the small space. The scent intensified once Emily wrapped her hand around the thick shaft and began jerking it softly. She felt a slight pulse come from the man's dick.

"Come on. I'm sick of telling you; suck it. My wife gives me handjobs; I don't need you doing that shit too, for fuck sake." Marcus heard someone chuckle behind him, then the two casually spoke about their activities planned for the weekend.

He's having a casual conversation while I'm under his desk, tending to his needs. What the hell is wrong with these people? I mean, I know the other women under the desks are androids, and they think I am, too, but how is this okay? Emily closed her lips around Marcus' thick, bright red crown and gently massaged the underside with long, slow strokes of her tongue. Another pulse tickled her tongue, and she heard Marcus' voice rise in pitch slightly. When the length of Marcus' cock suddenly thrust in her mouth, though, accompanied by a lewd, but casual 'Mmmmm,' from above, she knew Marcus was not in the mood for a slow build-up. Precum leaked on her tongue, and Emily imagined Marcus' wife playing with his dick, but not finishing him off. A spiteful part of the fake-android hoped that was the case, and she wished nothing but suffering on Marcus.

"You know, ever since this thing started blowing me, my wife reckons my dick is a lot cleaner." Marcus cooed as he eased his head back, enjoying the android's mouth.

"Oh my god, right? My wife said the same thing. She said she wishes I could bring this android home, she'd love to watch," Timothy laughed.

"Honestly, though," Marcus spoke a lot more quietly now, which only seemed to attract more attention. "My wife can't suck half as well as this thing can." A few workers laughed, and a couple even agreed. "So if she just wants to give me handjobs, that's fine. Cum-guts here can do all the sucking!"

I could bite your dick off right now... Emily thought, as she carefully worshipped the man's cock with her mouth and tongue.

"Alright," Marcus said, turning his attention back to his computer. "Quit stalling; your face should be in my lap by now."

"Unnnngggghhhh," Emily heard a groan come from one of the nearby workers, and she assumed he just climaxed."You're such a good girl..."

Emily thought it was sweet that at least someone treated their android with respect. Minimal respect, but it was something at least. How is it that I have the worst luck? How could the only human in a batch of androids be paired with a piece of shit like Marcus? Maintenance could repair an android's damaged throat, but Emily knew she could suffer irreversible damage to her esophagus if Marcus decided to get extremely rough with her. I need to do my best to make sure he doesn't go overboard. With a dick his size, he could ruin me... It was like psychological torture to the girl, knowing that if he wasn't satisfied with how she blew him, he might just ravage her throat. At least if she was facefucking herself on his length, she could do it at her own pace.

A tablespoon's worth of precum oozed from Marcus' dick into Emily's mouth as she took him deeper. The saltiness was potent, but she dutifully swallowed it down. She forced another two inches of the still-hardening cock in her mouth, and the sensation of her tongue massaging the shaft caused Marcus to reward her with another big helping.

The thickening crown suddenly jabbed hard into the entrance of Emily's throat when Marcus thrust his hips upwards. A quiet bang, a result of Emily's head smacking into the underside of the desk.

"If I feel those teeth on me," Marcus sentence was cut off by a light groan. "Well, you know better than that, I guess. Actually, why do you even have teeth?" A throb from his cock distracted Marcus from that train of thought. "Uuunngggh, n-no, nevermind. It's a hot thought, but you'd be ugly as fuck without those pearly whites."

Did that idea turn you on, you sick fuck? Thoughts of revenge dominated Emily's mind. When I pay my debt, I'm going to destroy you. Her anger aside, Emily did not want to provoke any ideas from the man. She parted her lips as much as she could to accommodate the size of the swelling cock. Another inch of the huge dick moved down her throat, and Emily bet that if she had not undergone all that throat and gag reflex training, she would be vomiting all over Marcus' dick right now.

As her discomfort intensified, drool leaked from her mouth in long, wet, warm trickles. The spit either dripped onto Emily's tits and thighs or clung to Marcus' meat until it gathered around his nutsack.

Marcus stopped typing and reached down for his toy's head with his left hand. After taking a nice grip of her hair, he bucked his hips forward and pulled the girl's head down. The sensation of her throat tightening and convulsing around his dick was mind-numbingly amazing. He tilted his head back and moved the android's head up and down on his crotch, ignorant to the sound of Emily's head bashing against the underside of his desk.

The increased pace and wild face fucking was like a welcome sign to Emily. Marcus was about to cum, and the throbbing monster made it all the more apparent. "Sssshhhrrssh, Sssshhhhrrrsseeewwch, sshhhhrrssshwchp," the wet sound was accompanied by a chorus from beneath other desks. It was as if Marcus' impending orgasm and lust frenzied some of the other employees who all felt the urge to dump a quick load down their attendants.

Cum blasted down Emily's throat, and the black-haired 'android' could only close her eyes as the thick, chunky semen filled her up. Several thick strands rocketed down and hit the back of her throat. Cum spilled from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin in thick rivulets. Emily's nostrils stung as jizz bubbled out of them before popping, and eventually spilling onto her thighs.

Marcus took a minute to enjoy the afterglow of his climax while taking deep, satisfying breaths, then pushed the android off his cock with his foot. "Clean me up," he ordered in a firm tone.

Emily controlled her breathing and fought the urge to cough up cum. When the sticky white, thick fluid tried to rise in her stomach, she forcibly swallowed it back down. Her gulping sounded loud in the confines under the desk, but no one seemed to notice or care.

Marcus had Emily gently worship his cock and balls for the next two hours. "Just uh... Keep kissing my dick and balls." His cock got hard again on multiple occasions, but he just wanted the android to build him up. After another ten minutes, Marcus said, "Work my dick with your tits," and answered the phone ringing on his desk. "You've reached Garceu's Computer Repair; this is Marcus."

As Emily listened to her owner guide a customer through the process of installing anti-virus protection, she enveloped the fat, girthy dick resting on her face between her breasts. She squeezed her tits together, then moved her melons back and forth, watching the man's urethra wink at her and occasionally leak fat globulets of prenut. The fake-android moved her tits around in slow, drawn-out rotations, earning the occasional quiet moan from the man above.

"Slow down for a minute," Marcus ordered, and Emily heard him speaking with with someone. She recognised the voice as Mister Garceu's.

Marcus has a good relationship with the boss... Emily stored that information away.

As another bead of prenut oozed from Marcus' cock, Emily licked it up and began quietly sucking the fluid from the crown.

Marcus' conversation with the boss continued.

Emily heard a cup placed on the desk; then she saw an android return to its position a few stations away. She gulped another pulsing wave of precum, then took Marcus' cock deeper in her mouth while continuing to massage the length of his shaft with her fat, pillowy breasts.

When Mister Garceu walked away, Marcus began typing again and ordered: "Faster, make me cum with your tits."

It was a whisper, but still an order. Emily kept the man in her mouth and moved her tits back and forth more actively. She squeezed them together tighter than before, and soon the excess fat of her tits was rubbing between Marcus' thighs. Sometimes, Emily felt one of her nipples lightly bumping into the man's nutsack, which was hanging off the chair like a pair of overripe oranges.

Thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak, thwak! Flesh slapping flesh continued until Emily felt Marcus' cock pulse with a need to explode. Cum erupted in her mouth, and on instinct, or more likely muscle memory, she gulped it down. Marcus' orgasm wasn't as voluminous this time, but it was just as powerful. When the climax showed signs of stopping, Emily kept the last few tablespoon-sized ropes of cum in her mouth.

After her minute of relaxation, the man looked down when he heard a strange but familiar noise. He had to pull his chair out slightly to get a view of Emily with her head tilted back and gargling his cum. The sight made him chuckle; then he returned to his work. Before that, though, he rewarded the android slut with an affectionate, but hard cockslap to the cheek.


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