I had been seeking a secret sexual partner, who would exist outside of my marriage - someone with whom to share latent passion. A thousand profiles later, I met someone. We had had a chat in person. She had green eyes and a narrow chin; her sexual confidence lay incendiary, and revealed itself at times - flames licked up at the inside corners of her green eyes nearly each time she laughed.

We exchanged seedy sex meeting scenarios, some porn and had text conversations about birth control, our marriages, our families, our age gap, fucking. Hooking up was inevitable.

Days later, we met at my workplace, because I had offered to help her with a document she wished to have copied. It was not unusual for my car to be parked in its assigned spot, as I often worked on weekends. I led her in, holding the stack of pages in front of me. I wanted the security cameras to clearly identify my business there.

We both knew something important was going to happen. Our conversation was clipped and whispered. She turned to me inside of the office (which I share with two other men), after I closed the door. Without another word, both of my arms darted around her - hands behind her feeling fully her round ass through her tightly fitting jeans. I wanted to pry my fingers down under her jeans. I didn't - just kneaded, rubbed, held and traced the waistline of them while our lips locked and tongues searched. And our breath quickened.

She tasted like coffee with cream and sweet chewing gum. And maybe cigarettes. Her long hair fell against my face. We remained - me grinding my hard cock into her, pulling her ass in tightly, making out, until she unbuttoned the button at the front of her jeans, and pulled down her zipper.

The thought of having to pull away from her quickly at an unanticipated visitor at the door was one thing, but while she was undressed? Lying would be futile. I turned and shoved one of the work desks a few inches, so that the leg of it stood in the way of the office door swinging open. A few seconds' time before any interloper would be able to enter, I hoped. I turned back to reference my action, hoping not to present it awkwardly but she understood, and had been peeling back her pants, exposing her deep red panties while she leaned back and half-sat on the desk behind her.

Her panties were small. Tiny. Her mound more than filled the triangular shaped fabric wedged between her legs. It struck me as full, and beautiful of course, and for a second I imagined a red plum - the kind which are ripe and skin thin and taught and concealing its impossibly sweet natural juices.

Finally there was room for my hands to grip onto her bare, soft ass. More kissing. Her neck, cheek, ears and lips. I pulled down her loose top and cupped her breasts one after the other, before exposing her nipples and letting my lips and suction reflex take over.

Jeans and panties down. Mine down too. Moving her to the office chair: I knelt in front, pulled on the chair's hydraulic post handle to lower it, spread her legs and plunged my tongue in between her swollen labia to start to lick her thirstily as if I was emerging from some kind of sexual drought. A deep insertion, then up to her clit, suck, back down and a thick tongue forward and back up to breathe her in and work her pussy and my face into a wet sex-mess.

'You know what you're doing down there...' She said to me quietly, her gaze unceasing as I gripped the sides of the chair she was sitting on, and pulled it toward me until the dripping, bulging head of my bare cock met her soaking pussy lips. Then I pulled more, and pushed into her, while I watched her green eyes flare and widen, and then roll back with my insertion, until I was fully buried in her. We fucked. I fed my cock in and out of her, slowly at first, and then faster crescendoing to a furious burst of moaning, gripping, rippling and pumping of what seemed like too much semen pounding at her cervix. We left a pool on the seat of the chair. We were out of breath.

I dressed, moved the desk, opened the door carefully and approached our photocopier with a stack of paper. She dressed, watched behind me, and waited. On our way out the door we met a colleague of mine - she had been in to water her plants. We smiled, and breezed by her in the doorway leading out.

My colleague would never mention what she may or may not have heard, or thought, and I would continue to make love to this beautiful woman, my arrangement, and maybe even fall in love throughout the weeks and months from that time forward.

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