All characters depicted in this story are in their twenties or older

Sabrina stopped outside the door marked, "Mr Cane, Deputy Head". She undid a couple of buttons on her blouse, which was quite tight fitting. She had deliberately chosen it for today's intentions. Taking out her phone, she activated the voice recorder. Then, taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

Inside, Mr Cane looked up. From the moment Sabrina had stepped through the door for her job interview, he had been dreaming of fondling those big soft tits and licking that tight juicy pussy; she was by far the hottest teacher in the whole school. With curves in all the right places, she was a welcome change from the frumpy old battle-axes, or size 6 twenty year old supply teachers that made up most of the staff at the school. He wanted a woman, not a girl and she was most certainly all woman!

"Come in," he said. She entered the office and Mr Cane felt himself getting hard as he saw how tight her blouse was, barely containing her breast, a fact accentuated by the fact she had undone some buttons. Forcing himself to tear his gaze away from her gorgeous cleavage, he cleared his throat. "Ah, Sabrina. I've been expecting you. I hear you've been breaking the school's rules again. You've been warned about this before." In reality, it was actually a very minor transgression, hardly anything at all really but he would've made up any excuse to finally get her all to himself...

"Yes, Mr Cane," she replied. She knew that he'd been abusing his power and had been sleeping with practically every young female teacher in the school; she meant to teach him a lesson. Besides, she was very short on cash and had an idea how to make him stop his inappropriate behaviour while also hopefully solving her cash-flow issues at the same time.

"Call me Sir! Bend over," he barked.

"Excuse me????" she snapped back. She turned and made to leave the office, calling his bluff.

"I said bend over... if you want to keep your job, that is! One word from me to the Headmaster and you'll never work here again." It was common knowledge how close Mr Cane and the Headmaster were; this must have been how he had his wicked way with those staff members who had the temerity to refuse his advances. Gotcha, she thought to herself and obeyed, bracing herself for the pain that was surely on its way; it seemed clear that he also had a kinky side to him. With one brisk stroke, she felt her skirt being pulled down and now he began squeezing her full round bum, rubbing her pussy through her lacy panties, which were beginning to moisten to his touch. There was no backing out now. Despite her mission, the increasing wetness between her legs was telling her that there wouldn't be any harm having some hot fun with him first - he was a good looking and well built guy; definitely her type. One or two of the girls she'd spoken to had said he was the best fuck they'd ever had but she wasn't here for them, they were sluts who couldn't keep their knickers on anyway; she was here for the majority who he had coerced into having sex with him; he had even blackmailed one of the younger and less confident teachers, saying that they would lose their job if they didn't do as he said. That was a line he shouldn't have crossed and he definitely needed to be taken down a peg or two. Still...

Thoughts flashed through her mind - a ruler? Perhaps his name was very apt. A paddle? Or even worse...a whip?? Presently, she felt her bum being spanked by something hard but it wasn't the sting of a ruler or lash of a whip. She reached behind her to feel and her hand closed around something warm, throbbing, fleshy.

"Oooh Sir," she purred as and began rubbing it back and forth; fuck he was huge! It hardened even more and lightly tugging at her hair with one hand, he strummed her clit with the other as her hand glided back and forth along his cock which was getting slippery with precum. "Ohhh," she sighed and continued rubbing his hard shaft; with her other hand, she slipped a couple of fingers inside her, gasping with pleasure as her fingers probed her juicy wet sex opening and his fingers expertly teased her clit. He certainly knew how to touch a woman and she began to enjoy herself. She was a bit of a size queen and wasn't going to pass up the chance to enjoy his huge, meaty shaft; given the juicy evidence she intended to leave his office with, it would probably be her last chance.

Her pussy was beginning to yearn to be filled up, to engulf his throbbing hardness in her juicy pleasure sanctuary. Taking hold of his cock even more firmly, she began rubbing it against her juicy furry pussy and with one thrust, he slammed his cock into her welcoming sex tunnel.

" you are so fucking tight! I've wanted to do this ever since you first sat across from me at your interview; your tits were bursting out of your top then as well!" Mr Cane felt her warmth, wetness, tightness gripping his hard, throbbing cock - this had been worth the wait and then some. Fucking hell, she felt amazing.

"Ohhh sir, you are so big, I have been such a naughty girl; punish me with that hot rod of yours; fuck me harder!" He didn't need asking twice and aftter bending her over the desk, he grabbed two great big handfuls of her big juicy tits, thrusting into her with increasing force. "Uuurrgghhaaaahhhh!" She let out the sexiest most horny raw and dirty sound he'd ever heard as her body bucked back against him, driving his cock even further into the warm depths of her pussy and she came so hard that her entire body trembled!

He fondled her tits with one hand and circled her clit with the thumb of the other as he continued pounding into her. "Aaaahhhhh!!" she screamed as her pussy tightened around his hardness and it wasn't long before she came again with even more intensity than before!

He slid his cock out of her, watching as it sprang free, absolutely coated in her sweet nectar and told her to sit on the desk. With a sexy glint in her eye, she sensually and slowly licked her lips and spread her legs wide. She beckoned him over. "Come and get it big boy," she purred, holding her sumptuous pussy lips open so he could see how wet and syrupy she was for him; he didn't need asking twice!

He eased his shaft back where it belonged, enjoying the sight of her hungry pussy lips sucking him into her and leant back pulling him down onto her as her legs locked around his back. They kissed deeply; his sighs became animalistic growls as his cock pulsates deep inside her..."Uuuuugggggghhhh," He released string after string of hot love juice into her ravenous pussy but he wasn't done with her yet. Kneeling down between her legs with one suck he took her entire pussy, lips, clit - everything, into his mouth. This sudden attack on her juicy sex sent shudders of sexually charged electricity through her entire body and the third explosion eclipsed the first two! Wow! Not only was he one of the best fucks she'd ever had, he was also an expert pussy licker. Seemed almost a shame that it would be a one-off.

They both collapsed onto the desk and he just about managed to gasp, "let that be a lesson to you!" In reply, she stood up while fingering her dripping wetness; he loved the squelching sounds that made. She slid her pussy juice coated fingers into his mouth, feeding him her sweet sex juices! With a seductive lick of her fingers and a swish of her hair, she pulled her skirt back up.

"What about your panties," he asked. Turning to him, she tossed her soaked panties over to him in reply and he inhaled deeply, her intoxicating scent making his head spin. Sensually licking her lips, she gave him a sexy wink. He slapped her firmly on her bum as she headed towards the exit, her pussy; her entire body tingled with sexual pleasure. Without any doubt, he was one incredible fuck but great sex wasn't going to pay her bills. It was time to complete her mission.

"Oh, Mr Cane?" She glanced back at him, taking her phone out. Swiping the recording to halfway through, she pressed play and the sounds of their hot, illicit and very much against the rules fuckfest filled the office.

"What the hell..." he spluttered. Then he remembered how he had threatened her job right at the beginning of their meeting. Oh shit.

"I'll be in touch; I'm sure we can come to some sort of...ahem... financial arrangement", she replied, looking him directly in the eyes, brandishing her phone. "It would be a shame if this found its way to the Headmaster."

"You fucking bitch," he growled but knew that there was absolutely nothing he could do except wait and see how much this "arrangement" would cost him.

"Now, there's no need for that sort of language is there," she teased. "Be seeing you!" She slipped out of the office. He slammed the door behind her and sat at his desk, stony faced with his fists tightly clenched. She had reeled him in and he had fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

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