I notice her the first time I decide to spend the day at Arno's, the neighbourhood upscale café. I manage to grab myself a table against the back wall, with a view of the whole place so I can relax as I write, drink artisanal coffee, and nibble on home-baked goods. I have been writing for about an hour when she breezes in and her energy grabs all of my attention.

She goes up to the counter and orders tea and one of the moreish cakes. As she chats with the girl behind the counter, she treats me to the sound of her laughter that starts as a giggle and rises to a deep belly laugh. I missed the joke, my hearing impairment means that even with my hearing aids in, I rarely can understand a quiet conversation at a distance but her laughter is almost raucous. I grin in response and feel my cunt begin to lubricate.

She takes a seat at the table slightly to the right and in front of mine so I can take my time looking at her without seeming to stare. The sunlight on her burnished skin highlights the deep golden brown tones. Her features are delicate, defined and her lips look plump and delicious. I can't help but nibble my own lip as I imagine feasting on hers.

After some time, she gets up and walks by me as she goes to the loo. She meets my gaze and smiles as she passes. My blush rises from my toes to the top of my head and I imagine it going from pink through to candy apple red. As she passes by, I pick up her scent—a top note of cinnamon, mid notes of grass and cloves, a base note of musk, labdanum, and leather that I am sure is her own scent, not whatever perfume she has on.

I almost groan aloud.

"Breathe," I remind myself. "Breathe and then focus on the work you are here to do." I inhale and exhale slowly then refocus on the script I am writing for the show that weekend. I am so distracted that my coffee goes cold. I walk past her as I go to the counter to grab another drink. My name is called and I am so preoccupied as I go to pick it up that I don't see the briefcase until I trip over it. I try to catch my balance but it is too late and I end up on my ass on the floor.

"Oh for fuck's sake," I shout and she bursts out into that deep wonderful belly laughter behind me.

"I'm so sorry for laughing," she chokes out as she continues, peals of laughter ringing out. By this time, I have begun to laugh as well. "Do you need help?" she asks as she reaches out a hand to me to help me get up.

"My name is Ari," she says as she pulls me to my feet.

"I'm Leah. Nice to meet you." I reply. I walk up to the counter and grab my iced mocha and proceed to put sugar substitute in until it tastes exactly how I want it—no trace of bitterness left but not overly sweet. I put the mocha down on her table, walk to mine and grab my gear and then sit down opposite her. "Do you come here often?" I say with a hint of laughter as I voice the cliché.

She giggles. "Actually, I do. I like to read and study here. It gives me a change of scenery. I try to come here a few times a week. What about you?" she asks.

"This is only my first time. I like to write at cafés and coffee shops a few times a week. The change of scenery helps my flow and I love to people watch as well." I reply.

Our conversation flows like the tide. We come in close and then ebb out, moving farther apart. We discuss what she is studying (medicine), what I am writing (erotica, a self-help book on recovery from gaslighting, and a sort of encyclopedia about sex). We are both transplants to the area and talk about where we had grown up and how we ended up in Southern California. I am not sure when it happens but at some point in the conversation, we begin to hold hands.

The energy between us crackles as we move between deep vulnerable conversation and flirting. The blush deepens on my cheeks until I'm sure it is a steady crimson. Her hand is soft, strong and the skin so smooth. I get lost in the texture of her skin and her heat. We brush fingertips and move to stroking each other's palms—using the pads of the fingertips, the nails, and then varying pressures. We begin to breathe in tandem as we continue to arouse each other solely through our hands and eye gazing. Her pupils eclipse the rest of her eyes and I think I will fall into them. I have no idea how long we have been sitting here like this but when we finally come back into the room, the sun is beginning its descent into the sea.

"Are you hungry?" I ask.

"A bit peckish," she replies.

"Would you like to get a meal with me?" I ask.

"Yes, I would enjoy that."

I take her to my favourite Chinese restaurant, within blocks of my flat. The energy between us continues to build throughout the meal. By the time we finish, my panties are soaked and I wish I had gone commando. We linger over the meal and stay until the restaurant manager begins to make noises about closing time and eventually shoos us out.

"Would you like to come up to my place for dessert and a nightcap?" I ask. "I am only a few blocks from here."

She smiles, leans forward, and pulls me in for a kiss. She tastes of the sea. Her lips such soft pillows. I want to crush her to me and devour her right there on the street.

We begin to undress almost as soon as we walk into my flat. We kiss as we are undressing, exploring mouths. I run my tongue over her teeth, suck gently on her tongue, pull her lower lip between my teeth and she moans into my mouth. I bury my hands in her thick, soft curls. She strokes my straight fine hair, gathering some of it into a ponytail, and gently pulls. The sensation at the base of my skull as she tugs causes me to moan and lean even further into her. She giggles with surprise when she feels my tongue piercing, playing with it, sucking on it, biting on it. When we are down to our panties, we move into the bedroom and I push her down onto the bed and encourage her to relax and just allow me to pleasure her.

Ari licks her lips. I am transfixed as I watch her tongue glide over her polished white teeth. Her mouth tastes of coffee and cake frosting.

Our tongues battle as we kiss, a playful fight for control. She grips my small pale pink nipples and rolls them between her fingers, bending her head to my breast to the tongue and suck on one. I shiver as her teeth rake across the sensitive skin. As she sucks my nipple into her hot soft mouth, I moan and bury my hands in her hair, pushing it further inside.

I gently push Ari back onto the bed and move to taste her breast, her nipples. Her soft tits are heavy in my hands. Her teat quickly hardens as I pull it deeply into my mouth. Rolling my tongue and piercing over the sensitive head, I listen for her moans. Her dark chocolate nipples contrast with the milk chocolate skin of her mounds. I love looking at where our bodies meet—the contrasting colours, the complementing textures.

I can smell her musk more strongly and I press my hand down to her mound and stroke through her ultra-tight curly pubes. I slide my finger over her clitoris and drag a moan from her. She is already slick, her nectar clings to my fingers. I slide a finger between her folds and into her soaked cunt. She groans as I begin to fuck her, plunging two fingers into her enveloping wet warmth.

Her orgasm catches us both by surprise, her cunt clenching around my fingers. The intense pulsing of her pussy pushes me towards my own peak. My moans incite Ari and soon she is screaming as she reaches her second orgasm.

She rests in my arms as the sweat dries on our bodies.

"I'm hungry," Ari says after a while.

"I'll get us a snack," I reply and start to get off the bed.

She touches my arm and smiles slyly. "You are all the snack I need."

I sink back onto the bed and let her lower me down. She kisses and nibbles on the underside of my breasts, suddenly sucking hard as she licks.

"Ooo fuck," I moan and she grins.

"That is going to leave a lovely mark."

I shiver. I love marks—layered bruises from sucking and biting that last for days, turning colours as they age from purple, red, blue to yellow, green; scratches from my lovers' nails as she loses control when the fucking is that good.

Ari moves lower, licking and sucking down my belly. She curls her tongue to harden it and stabs it into my belly button, fucking my belly. I try to squirm away and she holds me down.

"Relax, Leah. Let me explore," Ari says.

"I am self-conscious about my belly," I reply.

She ignores me and continues to fuck my belly button with her tongue. It tickles and arouses at the same time. Soon I am no longer able to be self-conscious, all I can focus on is her tongue, teeth, lips, fingers on my skin. The heat travels with her touch until my whole body ignites, the flames turning me into a pool of molten lava.

Ari's tongue finds my clitoris and I shudder as she begins to feast. She pushes the point of her tongue under my clitoral hood drawing a scream of pleasure from me. She sucks my clit into her mouth and rolls her tongue around it. She blows on my clitoris and I feel how close I am to orgasm. The flames rise through my body. I hear a voice—disembodied, begging please please please Ari don't stop. She continues to suck on me, then flattens her tongue and presses hard. She slides two fingers into my cunt and curls them, stroking the back wall of the vault. She presses a third finger into me, pushing in deeper. I thrust up to take her in deeper. I feel so full—I love the press of her fingers at the back of my cunt.

Ari spreads her fingers inside me, filling me and stretching me, fucking me as I rock onto her digits, trying to take them deeper. She slowly slides a fourth finger into me. Gasping, I bear down, opening further. She uses her thumb to rub my clit as she uses the rest of the hand to fuck me. She bends her head to my mons and replaces her thumb with her tongue, licking, sucking my clitoris as she fucks me until she tips me over the edge. My orgasm traps her fingers inside me, the contractions are so strong. As my breathing finally slows, she gently withdraws her fingers and brings them to my lips for me to lick clean. My juice is thick and salty-sweet. We take turns sucking and licking her fingers and hand clean.

I padded naked into the kitchen to grab us a snack, preparing a plate of satsumas, fresh figs, dates, cheese, and crackers. I grab mugs of warm mulled wine, put it all on a tray, and bring it back into the bedroom. Ari remains naked on top of the covers. Her long legs are spread and she is lazily rubbing her clitoris as she watches me approach. I set the tray carefully down next to the bed.

I watch as Ari continues to rub herself. Her eyes are now hooded, a bead

of sweat runs from her forehead over her cheek and drips onto her chest.

I want to lick the sweat from her brow but I know we need sustenance. I break off a section of satsuma and feed it to her. As she bites into it, the juice runs onto her chin. I lick up the juice and sigh. I feed her another section and as she savours it, she pulls me in for a kiss. She shares the segment with me. The satsuma is delightfully sweet and juicy.

I continue to feed Ari and she nibbles at everything I give her, sometimes using her tongue to feed me pieces of the food as well. We savour the cheese, delight in the fruit, and get sticky as we eat the dates. Ari drops a date onto my stomach and retrieves it with her mouth. She kisses a sticky line down my stomach to my mons. She sits up briefly and tells me to lie still. Ari decorates my mons with pieces of satsuma, figs, and dates. She drizzles the mulled wine down to my clitoris. The fruit is cold and the wine warm. I love the temperature differences and wonder what she is going to do next.

Ari slowly begins to eat the fruit from my body and lick up the mulled wine. She nibbles, sucks, slurps, and licks, and all the while I moan as my arousal rises higher and higher. I gasp as she gets closer to my clitoris.

She licks and sucks the date honey from my pussy lips as I groan. My hands are tangled in her hair, trying to pull her head closer and to rub my clitoris against her face until I manage to come. I feel as though she takes forever before she finally sucks and licks my clitoris in earnest. I come quickly, bathing her face in my juices. She slides up my body and begins to ride my thigh, her dripping pussy grinding back and forth over my flesh until she begins to moan. We rock together, energy building higher, both of us moving rapidly towards another orgasm.

Ari sinks her teeth into my neck, setting off my explosion and she comes in response to my moans. We collapse together, our bodies sweat-slicked, both of us panting. It takes some time before my breathing returns to some semblance of normal. I shiver with cold as the sweat cools on our bodies.

"I need a shower and some more food," Ari whispers as she kisses the top of my head.

"Me too," I reply. "Do you want to share the shower?" I ask.

As Ari is about to answer, her phone rings. She waves me towards the bathroom.

I love a good shower. I love it hot but not scalding. I opt not to wait for Ari and turn the water on. Stepping into the heat, I groan. My muscles begin to relax as soon as the water hits them. The smell of the spicy shower gel fills the room. It is luscious with a honey base that is thick and foamy on my skin. I enjoy the feeling of the sponge, scraping the dead cells away and leaving smooth soft scented skin behind. After a long soak, I exit the shower and dry off with the warm fluffy bath sheet. I head back into the bedroom, still wrapped in the towel.

Ari hangs up the phone. "Sorry, I have to leave—family emergency."

"Don't you have time for a wash?" I ask. "Or won't it matter if you come in smelling of sex?"

Ari laughs and heads into the bathroom for a quick shower. I sneak into the steam-filled room after a few moments and open the glass door.

I slip my arms around Ari feeling her soap slippery body. She moans as I grab her nipples.

"I need to leave," she complains as she presses her body against mine.

I slide my hand in between us, teasing her luscious lips and moving my fingers to play with the crack of her ass. She moans and leans to support herself on the tiled wall.

My index finger runs small circles around her asshole. Hearing Ari's breath catch, I press the tip of my finger into her anus. I apply light pressure and slide slowly in.

"Oooh. Ahhh. Yes, more."

I begin to slowly fuck her ass with one finger, then two, finally three fingers piston in and out of her ass as she moans and pushes down onto them. Her hand moves to her clitoris as she strokes in time with my strokes into her ass. She comes in a matter of moments leaving both of us satiated.

"You better wash quickly. You are going to be late." I say and I leave her to clean up.

I'm lounging in bed when Ari emerges from the bathroom and hurriedly dresses. I lazily stroke my clitoris as I watch her, enjoying the play of light over her curves, the smell of her still clinging to my sheets. The deep scarlet blush of my cheeks gives me away.

"Aren't you finished yet?" she chides.

I shake my head and rub myself faster. She sits on the bed next to me and replaces my hand with hers, stroking me quickly until I moan and cover her fingers in fresh nectar. Ari slowly sucks my juices off her fingers then kisses me deeply and heads for the door.

"See you at Arno's," I say.

"Not if I see you first." Ari laughs, that raucous laugh that first made me salivate

"I hope I will see you before then... like maybe later tonight?" she says as she leaves.

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