This story follows straight on from Stacey Tries Out Bondage Ch. 07. I hope you enjoy, and sorry about the wait.

"So, there are some good ones here, and I'm sure it's obvious I've chosen a couple of special requests. I will start with the first 5 in order."

  1. Picture of your ass and pussy.
  2. Picture of you fucking your pussy with your fingers.
  3. Picture of you fully naked from the front.
  4. Picture of you naked holding a note saying, I did this for Rebecca Truman.
  5. Picture of you with cum on your body.

"Here are my two choices."

1 Picture of you fully naked stood out by the noticeboard where the note was left.

2 picture of you with a plug in your ass, dildo in your pussy and cock in your mouth.

"I haven't had an email from the picture and note you left. Where did you leave it?"

"I left it in a cupboard in the canteen, with the note just n the first table."

"When will someone go back in there?"

"I would think soon, normally there's a few cleaning staff in about 7pm for an hour."

"That's good then we should get that request back while your doing the first set of requests, how do you feel about doing them?"

"Honestly, although I'm a bit nervous about doing them especially the noticeboard picture, I am really turned on."

"That's good, I think we should start at number 1 and work our way through them. Get yourself upstairs and wait by the 3rd bedroom, it's time for you to see in there."

I walked up to the room and kneeled by the door waiting for Master, it wasn't long until he arrived with the camera and a bag of toys. He stood next to me, opened the door up and walked past without saying a word.

After a minute or so when he had finished setting up the camera I heard him call me in.

"Slut enter.a" Master Demanded.

I walked in and inside it was similar to a room at the hotel we met at. There were hooks on the walls, floor and ceiling, a bed with hooks on it and a few other contraptions that looked interesting if not a little scary too.

"Welcome to what we will now call the play room." Master said.

"This is where we will not do most of our punishments and play in the house, it's taken a bit of time to sort out this last few weeks, but I think you will agree it was worth it." Master continued.

"It looks very good, it reminders me of the hotel." I replied.

"So I've set up the camera so let's make a start."

I walked over to where the camera was and carried on to the back wall.

"Right picture one. I think you in the doggy position so I can see your ass and pussy."

"Yes Master."

I got into position, arched by back and stuck out my ass so my holes were in the perfect position for a picture. I could hear the pictures being taken and could feel myself getting wet.

"Perfect, it's like you have been a whore your whole life. Now for the next one, on your back with your knees bent and open wide, here put this on to cover your face." Master said while throwing me a mask that covered from my eye to my top lip.

I rolled onto my back put my legs up into position and then put the mask on. With everything that was going on I had forgotten what the next few tasks where so Master has to remind me.

"This one is you fucking your pussy with your fingers, I think we should put at least 3 in there, get to work."

I was not going to make him ask again. I got straight to work and eased one then two fingers in. I had to work them in and out a few times to open my pussy up before it would welcome a third, and it didn't take long before I could put a third finger in. I was working in and out while Master was talking the pictures.

"Ok that will do, onto the next. This one's nice and easy, keep the mask on and stand up straight."

Again I did what Master had asked, once I had stood up he took a few pictures before he handed me a piece of paper with the words "I did this for Rebecca Truman" written on it. He then took another few pictures.

"Ok, before we take a picture of you with cum on your body, we will do the picture of you with a plug in your ass, dildo in your pussy and cock in your mouth so I can put the cum on your body. Take these and get them into your holes." Master said while giving me a medium sized butt plug and a pretty big pink dildo.

There's no lying, it didn't take me 2 minutes to get the plug and dildo into position. While I watched Master get undressed ready to enter my mouth.

"That didn't take you long, someone's obviously enjoying herself. Let's get you on the bed, head by the foot of the bed and I'll tie your legs to the ceiling to hold them up towards your chest."

I got onto the bed with my head not quite over the edge and waited while Master put my ankles into restraint and tied them up. Once they were up he moved the camera into a different and better position to capture the picture. Once everything was ready without saying a word Master put his cock by my mouth and I opened up to accept it.

I was sucking him off for a few minutes before he removed his cock and I thought he was going to cum. But no, instead he decided he wanted to play with me a bit first.

He got onto the bed and started to move the dildo in and out slowly to begin with but progressively getting faster. Once he was thrusting me with it fast he used his other had to pull the plug back just enough to start opening my ass up and feel the pressure. He was enjoying doing that for a little while before pulling the plug out harshly and taking his cock out of my pussy. Again I thought he was going to cum but without warning he slammed his hard cock into my empty asshole.

"URGH." I loudly screamed I'm a mix of pain and pleasure.

"Fuck me Master, it feels so amazing but yet on the edge of pain. Fuck me like the dirty whore I am." I begged with a soft out of breath voice.

Master duly accepted the challenge and fucked me like I'd never been fucked before till he pulled out and shot his hot liquid all over my body, covering me from tits to pussy.

He picked up the camera and started taking pictures of me covered in his cum, still with the mask on that covers most of my face. Them he stuck his still mostly erect cock need my mouth again.

"Time up clean up my cock slut, suck it clean, I don't want any cum or your ass juice on me. Time for you to taste your ass filthy whore."

I took his cock back into my mouth, sucking it clean and swallowing everything that was left on it. It felt degrading having a cock in my mouth cleaning it up that was just in my ass but as I was noticing more and more, that's just another turn on for me.

"We'll that was enjoyable and I think we should get you to taste yourself much more often. Did you have fun?" Master said while releasing me from the restraints and picking up the camera.

"Yes Master, it was amazing, I just wish I was allowed to cum, but that's nothing for me to worry about not being in my control." I replied.

"Don't worry, you will get to release today but first there's more requests to do. I am also pleased you know not to worry about cuming, or not cuming and that it will happen when I say. Now have a shower and meet me downstairs when your finished."

I got myself cleaned up in the shower, dried off and walked downstairs. When I got down, Master was sat on the sofa watching some television.

"Hi Master, I'm clean and ready for whatever you have planned next." I said making my presence known while walking in front of him.

"Hi slave, why don't you sit next to me, we will send the requests off and see if we have a response from the picture you left.

I walked next to Master and sat down. He handed me the laptop and told me to log in.

"The email and password should be saved on the computer." He said.

I open up the webpage for the email and logged in. To my surprise there were about 45-55 emails on there just from today. People who had responded to the note Master left. There were 7 emails pinned to the top that were the ones to send pictures to.

Master handed me the memory card from the camera and told me to put all of the pictures in a folder on the desktop then delete them from the card. There was only one folder and it was called "Whore Evidence". Just reading it made me feel degraded again, but I couldn't argue with the title.

I put the card into the laptop and copied everything to the folder then deleted them from the card.

"Ok, now you need to pick one picture for each person. Rename it with the number of the task. I will check you have picked one I agree is worthy of sending, if you pic one that's not good enough, there will be a punishment." Explained Master.

I looked through them all, one task at a time and picked my selection. I then handed the laptop to Master to check my choices.

"I think you choose good pictures slut, now it's time to reply. Send the same email to each recipient but with the different picture. Make it sounds good, I'll be checking."

I look the laptop and started writing the email.

Hi, thanks for the request. I have done as you wished and your picture is attached. I enjoyed exposing myself to you and hope you agree I have done a good job.

Yours sexually

Dirty Bondage Whore.

Again I handed back the laptop for Master to check.

After a short while I got a response from Master.

"Very good, get them sent and then we can move on."

I sent each email off with the picture and as I finished Master asked me to look for an email for the last request. I went through a few and there it was an email with a picture, of a picture of me getting spanked.

"I have found it Master, would you like to see the request first?" I asked.

"Yes please slut." Master replied, and I passed the laptop over.

Master read it and had a big smile on his face. He then read it out to me.

"Hello Bondage Whore. I'm not really sure what to ask for as I'm not sure how far you want to go with your fetish, or what I actually want so I would like the person giving you a spanking in the picture to decide what to send and what they want to do to you. I look forward to my reply." Master read.

"So this is going to be fun. You know that means Mistress Lisa get to do whatever she wants for a picture." Master said with a grin on his face.

"I didn't expect that at all. I still remember knocking on her door by accident at the hotel and offering myself for a spanking for interrupting her session. Will we need to book into the hotel?" I asked.

"In not sure, I think it could be fun to do a session there with her, but at the same time she would nearly have unlimited choices if it was just between us. I mean she can fully do what she wants within reason as that's what's been asked. I will call the hotel and all to talk to her" Replied Master.

Master picked up the phone and called the hotel.

"Hi Amy it's Joe, I'm just trying to get in touch with Mistress Lisa?"

There was a pause while Amy was talking.

"Perfect, I can hold."

Master then looked at me "She's on switch over from sessions and should be able to talk, go make dinner while we wait."

I went into the kitchen to make sausage and mash for dinner, after a few minutes I heard Master talking on the phone to Mistress Lisa. I finished making dinner and then while we ate I was told what was said between them.

"So, Mistress Lisa is going to ask if she can use the whole hotel for a session but not pay for her time just the use of the facilities. Basically she will be able to use all areas with you and I will be there to help and watch, but it will be Mistress Lisa who takes lead."

"I'm nervous about this one, I don't know what she's really like or what else is at the hotel, only having sessions in single rooms. But no doubt I will be fine whatever happens and I will do as told. Can I ask what else is there to use?" I asked hoping for an answer that would ease my nerves.

"Sure, there's things you wouldn't find in a normal hotel and also standard hotel things but different twist on them for bondage. There's a swimming pool, sauna, small food area, a stage and then an outside area." Master explained.

"Thank you Master. Would you like me to clear the table?" I asked with just as much nerves as before.

Master nodded so I got to work. When I had finished it was dark and I saw Master with his shoes on looking like he was going out.

"Time to go out, you don't need anything just to get into the car. It's time for your last request for the day."

I then remembered I had one task still left to complete. I had to take a picture by the noticeboard at the university where I work. I followed Master as he went out the house and into the car. We sat in silence as he drove me back to work. Once we got there he parked close to the noticeboard and instructed I got out.

"Ok slut put this on and out you get, last picture of the night time." Master said throwing the mask at me again while leaving the car.

"Yes Master." I said while putting the mask on.

I followed him to the board, looking around checking if there was anyone as I walked, not that it would have mattered, Master was ahead of me with the keys to his locked car in his pocket. I wouldn't be able to get back into safety till the picture was done.

"Any position you want next to the sign. Maybe just for a little extra fun put a finger in your pussy."

I stood next to the sign with a my middle finger from my right hand in my pussy, I stood there as Master took some pictures and then called me over to head home.

"I've got a few good ones, time to go back to the car."

I followed behind him till we got to the car. But we didn't get into the car, instead Master got the laptop out of the car. I didn't even know it was in there and was shaking with worry that someone would see while he did what he was doing.

"I'm just sending the last email request off. We should do it before leaving so we don't forget." Master said while typing on the keypad. He then took the card out of the camera, and put it in the laptop to send the picture off.

What seemed like an hour but was probably just 2 minutes later he was done.

"Done, and well done. This was a big step for you and I'm pleased you could trust me that we would be safe out here, now let's go home to finish our fun for the day."

We drove home and once in the house I was told to go and wait in the main bathroom.

It was only a few moments later, Master came upstairs and stood behind me.

"Right, in there and bend over the toilet." Matter demanded.

I did as I was asked and waited there. I didn't have to wait long till I felt Masters hard cock pressing against my pussy.

"As expected your so fucking wet" Master whispered in my ear. "Good job because I'm going to fuck you hard."

He then entered my pussy with his cock and started fucking me, it was slow and soft to start with but that didn't last long. Before too long he was pounding my pussy, slowly pulling nearly all the way out then a fast hard thrust all the way in, banging against me. He did that for a while before giving me a hard fucking like never before.

I was fucked hard and fast in my pussy for a while, probably longer than normal since he had shot his load just an hour or two ago. But all of a sudden it stopped. I was empty and without any release command yet.

"I'm not done. Time for another hole." Master told me.

This time he did the same but in my asshole. He started soft and then pounded me slow but hard. Not long after it was hard fast pounding on my ass. I could feel myself getting super worked up. Then again he stopped.

"Ok time for you to get your release. Get one of your hands and finger your ass while I fuck your pussy till we both cum. Remember ask permission before cuming." Master said.

There was no way I wasn't getting a climax, in my mind it didn't matter what was done to me I was so worked up I needed to cum and climax so badly. I brought my hand over my legs, and towards my ass, I went to put a couple of fingers into my ass and at the same time Master entered my pussy again. I was there bent over a toilet with two fingers in my ass fucking myself with them as my Master buried his cock into my pussy that was dripping wet ready to send pleasure to my whole body.

I was moving in and out with a decent rhythm while Master was going hard and fast like before. Not long after I could feel myself getting close and knew it was time to ask.

"Master please may this dirty whore cum." I asked.

"Y,es cum whore, let it all out." Was the reply.

I moaned with all I had, shaking violently with one of the biggest orgasms I've ever had, but that's becoming more normal with Master.

There I was dripping and struggling to hold myself up on the toilet with my fingers in my ass and Matter still pounding my pussy. Once I was recovered enough he pulled out.

"On your knees, time to finish me off with your mouth." Master Demanded.

I turned around got to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I could feel and taste my pussy juice on his cock, and as I was sucking him off I was swallowing my own juices as well as his pre cum.

I was moving my mouth up and down his shaft while using my hand to pull his skin up and down. I could feel him getting tighter and knew he was near cuming. I started to roll my tongue over the head of his cock giving his most sensitive area a good working. He grabbed the back of my head and I knew he was going to cum. I looked him in the eye with his cock deep in my mouth and he groaned and shot his warm creamy liquid in my mouth.

"That was amazing slut. What a way to end an eventful day. Get yourself another shower or a bath if you want and then it's time for bed. You've pleased me today so tomorrow we will have the day off for you to recover."

I got up has a shower and went to bed, thinking to myself how lucky I was to find my Master. Some people would think I'm crazy but with all the things I do, for and with My Master, I finally feel satisfied. Hopefully that continues the more I get pushed.

Next time Mistress Lisa has her way and another challenge starts.

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter and it doesn't read to rushed.

Again if you have any ideas or things you would like me to try include in the story leave a comment or send a message. Thanks

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