Windows Server 2003 (NT 5.2 / 3790) guide

Build guide tested under Windows XP & Windows 7 x86, other OS's results may vary.

Preparing Environment

  • Extract source tree to a folder on a drive root, in this guide we will assume C:\NT (if you wish for your binaries to match RTM as closely as possible, use D:\srv03rtm)
  • Unset Read-only on extracted directory (including subfolders and files)
  • Copy over files from this ZIP (mirror) into source tree, overwriting existing files as necessary
  • Run the prebuild.bat inside the source folder (right click & Run as Admin if your OS uses UAC)
  • Create desktop shortcut for %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /k C:\NT\tools\razzle.cmd free offline (see below for explanation) and change Start in to C:\NT
  • Open razzle window using shortcut you created (run shortcut as admin if your OS uses UAC!)


Clean build

Performs clean rebuild of all components:

  • build /cZP

"Dirty" build

Builds only components that have changed since last clean build:

  • build /ZP


  • Mount RTM CD and execute tools\missing.cmd (optionally, perform this step for every SKU)
  • tools\postbuild.cmd (use -sku:{sku} if you want to process only specific one, expect filechk errors if you ignore this and have skipped on missing.cmd optional step)

Getting ISO files

  • Execute tools\oscdimg.cmd {sku} where {sku} is one of:
    • srv - Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
    • sbs - Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition
    • ads - Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
    • dtc - Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition
    • bla - Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
    • per - Windows XP Home Edition
    • pro - Windows XP Professional

Additions change list

  • Updates test-signing certificates with newer unexpired ones
  • Uses updated midl.exe/midlc.exe from Win2003 SP1 DDK, fixes olepro32.dll errors
  • Includes missing directui.lib from XP source tree
  • Reordered dirs file to ensure that conlibk.lib is built before it gets used
  • Adds pre-compiled ole16 files & updated ole16 build tools, as newer OS's such as Win7 have problems compiling it (pre-compiled files will be deleted by prebuild.bat if your OS can build them fine)
  • Includes prebuild.bat that can handle installing driver.pfx keys, fixing file attributes & removing pre-compiled files


  • Can be enabled or disabled by commenting or uncommenting timebomb.cmd entry in \tools\postbuildscripts\pbuild.dat
  • If enabled, time can be adjusted by editing \tools\postbuildscripts\timebomb.cmd

Different build options

You can modify your razzle shortcut (or execute command manually inside C:\NT) to include (or remove) additional argument(s):

  • free - build 'free' bits (production, ommiting it will generated checked bits)
  • CkhKernel - build 'checked' (testing) kernel/hal/ntdll when building 'free' bits
  • no_opts - disable binary optimization (useful for debugging, but will most likely fail a full build, some code can't be built without optimization)
  • verbose - enable verbose execution of the build process
  • binaries_dir <basepath> - specifies custom output directory (default is binaries, the suffix added after . is non-customizable)

Other options are not described here, see razzle.cmd /? for details.

Creating fresh postbuild

  • tools\postbuild.cmd -full
  • tools\missing.cmd
  • tools\postbuild.cmd

Use -sku:{sku} if you want to process only specific one

Building specific components

Most components can be built seperately. For example, if you wish to rebuild ntos component, perform these steps:

  • cd base\ntos (you can also use ntos alias that razzle has set up for you)
  • bcz

Generally postbuild.cmd is clever enough to include your changes properly without needing fresh build as it uses bindiff to find differences.

Generating new build number/name

Version information is stored in \public\sdk\inc\ntverp.h

You can also use nmake set_builddate set_buildnum set_buildname -f makefil0 to generate new build name quickly.

Original CD filenames

  • 5.2.3790.0.srv03_rtm.030324-2048_x86fre_server-standard_retail_en-us-NRMSFPP_EN.iso (SHA1: A600409482A5678EF6AF2B26D3576D6D9894178D)
  • 5.2.3790.0.srv03_rtm.030324-2048_x86fre_server-datacenter_retail_en-us-NRMDOEM_EN.iso (SHA1: E2B47A7CE45C6C6305594CEE4C1B64894805AAF4)
  • 5.2.3790.0.srv03_rtm.030324-2048_x86fre_server-enterpriseserver_retail_en-us-NRMEFPP_EN.iso (SHA1: 0309FFB4181BA5122C692A6E1079E9FC1D53FCE4)
  • 5.2.3790.0.srv03_rtm.030324-2048_x86fre_server-webserver_retail_en-us-NRMWFPP_EN.iso (SHA1: 46C1CCB2CFC96803E304A35BEF50CD71B2C1DE38)
  • 5.1.2600.0.xpclient.010817-1148_x86fre_client-home_retail_en-us-WXHFPP_EN.iso (SHA1: B273C8D41E3844E3E46722F52F5A4CF9F206C8D0)
  • 5.1.2600.0.xpclient.010817-1148_x86fre_client-professional_retail_en-us-WXPFPP_EN.iso (SHA1: 1400DED4402D50F3864ED3D8DCF5CC52BA79A04A)
  • sbs.iso (converted from mdf; SHA1: CDB30C80FDE314C16CA11F5CD31650ECBEC7A214)

Product keys

  • Standard Edition: M6RJ9-TBJH3-9DDXM-4VX9Q-K8M8M
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