uka's carrd commissions~! where to find me ◡̈ resources twitter crd acc referral retrospring paypal ko-fi

img guidelines: 1. do not req if you fit basic dni criteria 2. i need some material to work with when working on a commission. a basic outline, reference, or theme will do. you can also look through my portfolio and i can make you any of the carrds there even if they're deleted. 3. dont ask me to remake other people's carrds without the creator's permission 4. don't send copies out of a crd you bought or commissioned me for, it's rude and disrespectful of my work

img how to req: dm me your info on my crd acc or main acc, make sure to have atleast one open slot in your carrd acc so i can transfer it when im done. i do not need your login info, i only need your email, please remember i have every right to decline your request if i feel like it.

img pricing: i make carrds for pro standard, pro plus, and even for non-pro with a starting price of $4, from then on prices will vary on what type of carrd you want, but will never go past $15. payment to be done when im finished with your carrd but i wont transfer it until i receive the money. i take payment via paypal, gcash or ko-fi

img notes: 1. please dont req for a carrd that does not fit the carrd plan you have, for example requesting a carrd with embeds when you don't have that option 2. i also sell copies of my crds, feel free to dm me if you'd prefer that instead. 3. all of my carrds are made with pro plus unless stated otherwise, though i can remake them for pro standard with the price being $1-$5 higher depending on the carrd 4. i have a life outside of carrd so please be patient with me when requesting. 5. i try my best to optimize carrds both for mobile and desktop, though it's unavoidable that the carrd may look different on other devices 6. if you dont accept the transfer req in 2 days, i will delete it 7. when remaking or taking inspo from my carrds pls cr @xaiotng on twt

img portfolio: view here

comms are currently: open!

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