I met him on Twitter. I commented in a flirty way on one of his posts and he flirted back, immediately calling me "Princess". We continued back and forth for a bit via comments, then we moved to DM's and spoke in innuendos. Finally, he asked that we take it to our emails and that's where the "bubble" began. We started calling it that, as it was ours, separate from anything else.
In addition to the sexy emails, we did "get to know each other" as well. He was in entertainment, lived on the other coast and was married. I'm married too, and have never even considered cheating in any way, so this was just a fun little "side activity" for both of us.
In the beginning, we would just exchange naughty stories but then, as the months went on, we would have email "exchanges" while we were at work. Sometimes I would sneak off to the executive washroom and masterbate to these very hot scenarios he presented, and then describe to him what I was doing. I would lean against the wall, hike my skirt up, take off my panties and stroke my clit thinking of him and the dirty things he wrote to me. Other times, when my boss wasn't there, I would do it right at my desk.
A few weeks after we met, he let me know that they were moving to my coast, actually, very close to where I lived. During the transition, he was alone quite a lot and we were having email sex several times a week. We fantasized about meeting up, but also talked about, if we did, how "innocent" it would have to be and innocent was very far from the things we talked about in our emails. We talked about him eating my pussy until I came in his mouth, and me sucking his cock until he came down my throat. We talked about fucking on my desk at work, and in my boss' office, in front of a window so the men in the office next door could see. We talked about fucking in his car and my car and in a bathroom in a night club.
I never thought I could get so turned on by just reading but, he was a writer, and was EXCELLENT at describing, in detail, all the things he wanted to do to me. He made me feel sexy and wanted and because of that, I started to send him sexy photos. Bikini shots, bra and panty shots and one day, I sent him a shot of me in a pair of white shorts, no panties, with the zipper undone, my tan skin showing, but nothing more. Of all the photos I sent, that one was his favorite. He said that what you can't see is almost sexier than what you can.
We continued our email sex for the next few months, and finally, he asked me to meet for "coffee". He didn't really mention again how innocent our meeting would need to be, so the thought excited me and made me nervous all at once. I agreed to meet him, but definitely had more than witty banter and coffee in mind. I was extremely attracted to him even though we hadn't even talked on the phone, and from the intimate details of the things he would tell me he wanted to do to me, I was pretty sure he felt the same way.
We chose a day, time and place to meet and that whole week, I couldn't stop thinking about what would actually happen. I carefully considered what I would wear and chose a long, straight, skirt, a low cut, lace trimmed cami and a sexy bra that I hoped would make him want to get me out of it.
We decided to meet at a Starbucks near where he was staying. So many thoughts went through my mind as I drove to meet him. Would he like me, would he want me, or would he really want it to be an innocent coffee date. And, for a brief moment, I did think he could be a serial killer and that I could end up dead, in the trunk of his car, but that was a brief, fleeting thought because for whatever reason...I trusted him.
My heart was pounding as I parked the car, got out and headed inside. When we were first emailing, I had managed to get him to send me a photo and he had also, at one point, told me that he was 6'3" so I knew I was looking for someone tall, dark and handsome. The Starbucks was packed, but it didn't take long to find him. Being 6'3" he stood head and shoulders above almost everyone in the place, and he had the biggest smile on his face when he saw me. We hugged tight and long and I was so nervous, I almost tipped over when he let me go, but he caught me and steadied me on my feet. I really wanted to kiss him but, I had to wait to see if we were really "just having coffee".
He asked if I wanted something to drink, and even though that's what we were supposed to be there for, I was too nervous to get anything. It was crowded and loud in the Starbucks so we decided to take a walk. We made small talk as we walked for a bit and then...he asked if he could touch me (so I guess we weren't "just having coffee".) Looking him in the eye I said yes and he slid his hand inside the waist of my skirt. (Oh, did I mention, I wasn't wearing any panties?) He moaned as he touched my bare skin and said, "I think I might cum right here." Heat went straight between my legs and I was instantly soaked. I looked down, shyly, and he asked if I wanted to go to his place. I smiled and nodded and we walked to his car. He leaned against the door with so much swagger, I wanted to fuck him right then and there. I pressed my hips against his thigh, and slowly brought my face to his. One hand went in my hair, tilting my head back, and the other dropped to, once again, run inside the waist of my skirt to grip my ass. I moaned as he angled my head to fit his mouth against mine, tongue diving inside, dueling with mine. I pulled away first because I knew if we kept kissing the way we were, we'd end up fucking right there against his car.
He was staying at a friend's place right down the street from the Starbucks, so he got in his car and headed there. I drove myself, and he was waiting outside so he could direct me where to park. It was a quirky little apartment and his friends were out of town so we had the place to ourselves. He lead me to the couch, and we started making out. As we kissed, I straddled him and took my cami and bra off. I felt his cock jump against me as we continued to kiss. He whispered, "Do you want to go upstairs?" I smiled and nodded and moved off his lap.
He lead me to the bedroom and gently pushed me on the bed, "Lay back, Princess." He pushed my skirt up and I reflexively parted my legs, letting his face between them. He slowly ran his tongue along my clit. Top to bottom and back again. My back arched and I began to grind against his mouth. He pressed against my knees, pushing my legs further apart and his tongue slid inside. In and out he fucked me with his tongue and I writhed as my orgasm built. He moved his tongue back to my clit, slipped a finger inside and I thought I would lose my mind. With just a few stokes I was close and the next thing I knew I was calling out his name and cumming in his mouth.
He moved next to me on the bed and kissed me, gently, letting me taste myself on his lips. I unbuttoned his shirt and pants and pulled my skirt off, leaving me naked next to him. I pressed myself against him, slid my hand down to his cock and began to stroke him...feeling him getting harder in my hand. We continued to kiss and he devoured my mouth, his tongue searching for mine, his hands running over my body. I continued to stroke him...moaning as I brought him close. I pulled away and smiled as we locked eyes and I moved down to take him in my mouth. I dragged my tongue along the shaft, from base to crown, and closed my mouth over the tip. I slid it slowly in and out, not taking my eyes off his. He moaned as he thrust his hips, fucking my mouth as his orgasm built. I took him as deep as I could and when his cock hit the back of my throat, he was done and I felt his warm cum coast down my throat.
We layed in bed, talking and touching and then began to make out again. He slid his hand between my legs and slipped a finger inside. He stroked my clit with his thumb and over and over brought me close and stopped, teasing me again and again until he finally said, "You have to ask me for it, Princess." I'd never "asked" for an orgasm...ever...but it totally turned me on to have him in control. "God, please...PLEASE let me cum." And with that he kissed me, and stroked one last time and I came against his hand.
We continued making out and he made me cum with his fingers and his mouth many more times as the night went on. Finally, he moved over me and as we kissed, he whispered, "Flip over on your hands and knees, Princess." My brows furrowed because we never really talked about how far we would go and therefore, never talked about protection. He asked, "Do you trust me?" Strangely, I did, so I nodded and obediently did as he asked. He pulled my ass towards him and my breath drew in as he ran his hand through my wetness. I gasped and, as I felt his cock against my opening, moved away from him. He whispered, "It's ok, Princess. Do you still trust me?" I nodded, and pushed my ass towards him. Again, he pressed his cock against me, sliding it back and forth through my wetness and it felt so good. We both moaned as I rocked against him and squeezed my thighs together. He pulled away and pushed me on my back, gently parting my legs with his knee. He kissed me and whispered, "I want to be inside you so bad." I smiled, kissed him and guided him inside me. He pushed in, pulled almost all the out and back in again, and almost immediately had to pull out to cum on my belly. "Jesus, Princess. I haven't cum that quickly in a very long time." I loved that he was that turned on, and felt a bit smug that I made him cum so quickly.
He was leaving for a month's vacation the next day, and it was late, so I got dressed and he walked me to my car. We kissed and he said, "Text me when you get home. Oh, and let me know that you've kissed "him" with that mouth that swallowed my cum." My mouth fell open and as twisty as that was, it sent heat straight between my legs. He said, "That turned you on didn't it?" Looking down, I blushed and nodded. He tipped my chin up, kissed me deeply, one last time, and sent me on my way.
As I drove home, I replayed the events of the evening in my head smiling to myself, but also realizing, we just went way beyond, "just having coffee"."

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