"Stop twerking, Lily, I'm trying to study," Liban Qasim said, shaking his head. The six-foot-tall, lean and athletic young Somali Muslim gentleman sat at his computer, and completed the LSAT exercises. The prestigious Saint Thomas School of Law demanded top scores from applicants, and even though Liban graduated with honors from the criminology program at the University of Minnesota, he would have a hard time getting in. Seriously, the competition was fierce. A brother has to study hard and have his game on point. Just another day in the Twin Cities.

Getting into law school is far from the easiest endeavor that Liban Qasim has ever undertaken. There's a lot riding on Liban's shoulders. With his father Abdulkadir Qasim estranged from the family, Liban has had to step up, and then some. So much for a brother having his own life and doing his own thing after university, for real. Somali families always put a lot of pressure on their sons, and Liban was shouldering that burden as best he could.

Liban's mother Farhiyo Qasim hasn't been the same since she split from his father Abdulkadir. When she wasn't running Q's Place, the laundromat which she once co-owned with her former husband Abdulkadir, Farhiyo was either at the house, watching TV, or hanging out at the local Islamic community center. Liban worried for his mother's mental health, for she seemed depressed, and he checked up on her regularly. Liban's older sister Yasmin lived in Duluth, Minnesota, with her husband Malik. Everything rested on Liban's shoulders. That being said, the brother had his own life to lead, and his own ambitions to pursue.

"Hmm, you're no fun," Lily Dejiang said, shaking her head, her feisty voice snatching Liban out of his studying and darksome musings. Liban turned to look at Lily, and flashed what he hoped was a reassuring smile. Five foot nine inches tall, curvy and sexy, with light bronze skin and long, curly dark hair, Lily is quite lovely and damn well knows it. From the moment Liban first laid eyes on Lily, one fine day at the University of Minnesota, he knew that the Chinese gal with the ghetto booty was trouble, but he approached her and introduced himself anyways. Fast forward four and a half years, and they're engaged and living together...

A lot of people at the University of Minneapolis were initially surprised to see the tall, traditionally attired Somali brother with the curvy, flashy Asian bombshell, to say the least. Liban seems quite conservative on the outside. He was after all president of the Muslim Scholars Association. Lily on Dejiang on the other hand was the wild Asian gal who rebelled against her parents and culture. She liked Rap and Hip Hop, dressed like a video vixen and hung out with a wild crowd. Somehow, though, Lily always aced her engineering classes and graduated with honors.

"Sorry, babe, it's the damn LSAT," Liban said, and as Lily drew near, he took her hand and brought it to his lips. Lily giggled and wrapped her arms around Liban, and she nuzzled him on the neck. Just like that, Liban decided to take a break from his studying and make love to his woman. For some reason, snow days seemed to make Lily horny, and when she gets like that, her needs must be tended to or she gets irate. An irate Lily is something that Liban prefers to avoid...

"Hmm, I bet I can take your mind off of that," Lily said as Liban got up and pulled her into his arms. They tried to go to the bedroom but didn't quite make it. Liban laid Lily on the carpeted floor, and began to explore her. Lily has always been quite bodacious but lately, with her frequent workouts, the curvy gal went from hot to sinfully sexy. Liban pulled down Lily's gray sweatpants, and grinned upon realizing that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Hmm, hey mamas," Liban said, and Lily grinned as her lover inhaled her scent, and then went to work. Any man worth his salt knows that eating pussy is an art form, and Liban is one of the best. Lily shuddered as Liban sucked on her clit, and then slid two fingers into her wet pussy. The brother was in her sweet spot and he was just getting started. As Liban added a third finger, Lily let out a happy squeal. She closed her eyes, relaxed and enjoyed what her man was doing to her.

After Liban coaxed an orgasm or two out of Lily with his fingering and tongue action, the freaky Asian gal was hornier than ever. She grabbed Liban's dick and stroked him none too gently before taking him into her mouth. Liban exhaled sharply as Lily fingered his ass while sucking his dick. She knew what he liked and wasn't afraid to deliver. After getting Liban hard as a rock, Lily climbed on top of him, ready to ride his fuck stick like a rodeo queen defending her damned title...

"Fuck me hard," Lily demanded, as she straddled Liban, grinning as she felt his hard dick poking against her crotch. Liban nodded and Lily took his member and inserted it into her pussy. Just like that, the two lovebirds were at last one. Liban bucked his hips and slammed his dick into Lily's pussy. Resting her hands on her lover's shoulders, her big breasts swaying as her curvy body shook, Lily began riding Liban for all he was worth. She's a passionate dame, but he is more than ready to keep up with her...

"I love your ass," Liban told Lily as he put her on all fours, smacked her big butt while fucking her from behind. Lily squealed, and began grinding her big ass against Liban's groin, giving as good as she got. Liban gripped Lily's hips and fucked her with gusto. The two of them fucked and sucked the morning away, and then hit the showers. Afterwards, Liban resumed studying while Lily did some work on her laptop as well. As a recruiter for Rowan Engineering, one of the fastest-growing companies in the Twin Cities, Lily is a busy gal.

"Liban, you do too much, but I got your back," Lily hollered at him from her corner, and Liban flashed her a wry grin and nodded. Liban Qasim, first generation Somali-American Muslim, University of Minnesota alumnus and aspiring law student, is a master of hiding his true feelings. Liban can fool everyone but himself, and his darling fiancée Lily Dejiang of course. The brother is struggling with something, and it's got nothing to do with his legal career and personal ambitions...

"My son, I didn't choose to be bisexual, I simply am, your mother could not accept it, that's why we split," said Abdulkadir as he and Liban dined inside Pimento's, a Jamaican restaurant located near the Qasim family home. It served some of the best food in the Twin Cities. Liban looked at his father Abdulkadir, a tall, dark-skinned, strongly built Somali Muslim man with silver hair. The resemblance between father and son was so great that the two could have been clones of each other, if not for the age gap, of course.

"Abo ( father ), you know that I love and support you, but why do this now?" Liban wondered. Like any young man living in modern-day America, Liban was aware of LGBT culture. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are everywhere. Liban wasn't homophobic in the least but he thought of gayness, bisexuality and lesbianism as something involving white folks and some other races, but not his fellow Somalis. In Somali culture, men marry women and start families. End of story.

"Liban, I loved your mother, my dearest Farhiyo, and felt attracted to her when we met, but I've always been attracted to both women and men, I couldn't be a bisexual man in Mogadishu where I was born, but I can live my life my way here in Minnesota," Abdulkadir said firmly. Liban nodded in what he hoped was an understanding manner. He was having trouble reconciling his image of his father as a strong, masculine black man, with what he knew of American LGBT culture, which he saw as lily-white, strange, and effeminate.

Liban's father Abdulkadir had a booming voice and carried himself like Samuel L. Jackson, he wouldn't fit in with the giggling, effeminate, out there elements of the community he claimed to be a part of. Liban had discussed his parents split, and his father's bisexuality, with his fiancée Lily, and Lily told him to support his father and reserve judgement. Liban, a rather religious man, had been ready to condemn his father for going to the other side, but he chose to listen to Lily on this, as he did most things.

"Well, Abo, I don't claim to fully understand this but you've always supported me, so I support you in this," Liban said firmly, and Abdulkadir smiled proudly at his son. Father and son finished their meal, which consisted of rice, goat meat and orange juice. Afterwards, they went for a walk around downtown, and talked things over. Liban brought up his upcoming nuptials with Lily, and his hopes for getting into the prestigious Saint Thomas School of Law.

"My son, Lily is a fine woman, and you're a great scholar, you will accomplish your goals, I have prayed for you," Abdulkadir said, and Liban nodded. The young Somali American put his arm around his father's broad shoulders as they reached City Hall. A trio of young Latin women walked by, and Liban checked them out, and he was pleasantly surprised that his father checked them out as well. Liban remembered asking his father for advice on women when he was younger, and Abdulkadir definitely understood the ladies, and always provided his son with sage advice.

"Well, Abo, I know Hooyo ( mother ) won't like this, but you are invited to our wedding, and you can bring anyone, female or male, as your guest," Liban heard himself say. Abdulkadir grinned and clapped his son on the back while fighting back tears. On their way back, father and son ran into a trio of young men jogging, and Liban noticed that his father's gaze lingered on them. Apparently, bisexual men want to eat the whole buffet when it comes to sex, but hey, Liban isn't the type to judge. He's just trying to be a good son.

"Son, I still feel out of place among the local queer scene, they're mostly white, and while some are friendly, others are creepy and prone to stalking and downright racist, I find them odd, I am still clinging to my faith and community, I am still a Somali man, being a bisexual person doesn't change that," Abdulkadir said firmly. Liban nodded, and thanked his father for meeting with him. The two of them exchanged a hug and promised to keep in touch. Liban took an Uber and headed home. The aspiring lawyer never learned to drive, though he was fixing to change that...

"What's on your mind?" Lily chimed in, snatching Liban out of his little trip down memory lane. The young Somali American Muslim scholar turned to look at his darling fiancée. Lily licked her lips and looked at Liban, who grinned as he realized that he was not going to do much studying for the LSAT that day. Perhaps that was fine, as the exam was two months away. Liban got up and went to Lily, and gently kissed her on the forehead.

"I was thinking about my father, and his situation, and our upcoming wedding, and how I want both of my parents there," Liban said, earnest. Lily nodded and looked up at him. From the moment Lily and Liban met, sparks had flown between them and she knew that he was the one for her. The conservative Somali dude and the Asian gal whom fellow university students felt dressed like a harlot. Against all odds, the two of them made it, and that was that...

"Family is everything, my love," Lily said, and she took Liban's hands and pressed them against her belly. Liban looked at her, uncomprehending. Lily smiled at him and nodded firmly until he got it. The Qasim/Dejiang clan was about to expand, like it or not. Liban got on his knees and praised the Most High before embracing his fiancée. Lily hugged Liban back. Yeah, their whole world was about to change, and that's okay, because life is about change. True families stick together, and don't let racial, religious, cultural or sexual identity differences get in the way. At the end of the day, family is indeed everything.

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